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9th Month, I 1897. J
SEPTEMBER—30 days.
Ffrsf Qwarkr ...... 3rd, ____
Full Moon ........ 11th, ....
Zwd Qwarkr........ 19 th, ....
New Moon ........ 26th, ____
13 min. i>ast 11 afternoon. 12 mln. past 2 morning. 51 min. past 2 morning. 40 min. past 1 afternoon.
1 W
2 Th
3 P
4 S
5 3>
6 M
7 Tn
8 W
9 Th
10 F
11 S
12 &
13 M
14 Ta 15!w
16 Tlx
17 F
M Tu
29 W 30,Th
ParfrW^g 5%ooM%^ Zwgdn*.—#. Giks. Great Fire of London, 1606.
Oliver Cromwell died, 1658.
French Republic proclaimed, 1870.
12tlj ^utttirajj aft. ©rarity.
Lord Bathnrst died, 1775.
Queen Elizabeth bom, 1583.
" fYfgmdg are (Ag mgm-ggt rgZ^f fong." John Brand, antiquary, died, 1806. Battle of Pinkie, 1547.
James IL of England died, 1701.
IStlj aft. ®rht'itir.
Titus, Roman Emperor, died, 81 A.D. Duke of Wellington died, 1852.
** Dope Dart a* (7*gy ore bred."
Lonls XIV. of France bom, 1638. Waller Savage Landor, poet, d., 1864. Dr. Bamnel Johnson bom, 1709.
14tlj jsfottirajr aft. Crnutjr.
Battle of the Alma, 1854.
Sir Walter Scott died, 1832.
Theodore Hook, novelist, died, 1788.
" JEwry aw Zot*8 to Agar Mmggy Bray." Dean Milman died, 1868.
Siege of Paris commenced, 1870.
15tlj js>untraw aft. Ei'rititg.
2%g ygor (Ag JgwfgA jpra oommmicgg. Thomas Day, author, died, 1789. <5%. AHdkwZ—AHcAaeZmpa Day.
"Owwckncg cfHMtof be compgZZgd."
SUN llisee &Sets Moon Rises &Ser.s 1 0) <
5 13i "Sets P.M. 4
G 44 s 8 21 0
fl 16r 9 3 5
6 39s 10 0 7
5 19r 11 12 8
6 303 Morn. 9
0 23r 0 34 10
0 30s 1 07 11
0 26r 3 19 12
620a 438 13
0 29r p'u. O
6 21s 6 21 10
0 32r 6 36 16
6 16s 6 53 17
0 301' 7 14 18
6 12s 7 41 19
5 39r 8 18 20
6 7s 9 0 21
0 42r 10 4 6 2a 11 12 23
0 4or Morn. 24
0 08s 0 26 20
0 4Sr 143 26
0 03s 3 3 27
0 olr 424 28
0 49s Sets P.M. a
0 00r 6 34 i
0 44s 0 00 2
0 oSr 6 24 3
5 40s 7 2 4
IT is a good thing to loam caution by the misfortunes of others.
WHERE there Is much pretension, much lias been borrowed. Nature never pretends.
WE seldom And people ungrateful as long as we nro In a condition to render them services.
Soarn men, like pictures, are utter for a comer than a full light.
'Ton may depend upon It that he is a good man whose intimate friends are all good.
BETTER be good than great. 1 on II have less competition. The latter business is over-
#6 (Aaf foggg icgaMA Zoggg mtw*; Ag Zoggg /rfgnda lows mo *; fig Mot foggg Ms gpir#g Zoggg a g.
r, patron saint of beggars Is
St. Giles, who was born at Athens, and moved to France In f 15. hnvln* first distributed his patrimony to the poor. He Is one of the saints In the Church of England calendar, and the church of St. Giles at Cripplegato, London, is dedicated to him.
6.—Lord Bmthnrst (father of the Chancellor), until within a month of his death.atthegrentageof nlnetv-one, constantly rode on horseback two hours before dinner, nnd as regularly took his bottle of claret or madeira after.
On having some friends at his sent at Cirencester, ho was vory loth to part with them one evening, when his son objected to their sitting; up any longer, saying, that health and long ]|fe were best secured by regularity." He was therefore permitted to retire; but as soon as he had departed, tho chcerful father said:
" Come, my good friends, now Mg OT.n GENTLEMAN &Og gOMO to Zwf, / f AM; teg may tgafwg fo crock awofAor bofffg."
16.—It is said that Louis XIV., the most haughty and magnificent monarch of modem times, used to lift his hat evon to the female servants of bis court.
If so, no man need think that ho derogates from his dignity hy keeping his hat off in a respectable shop whon he Is served by a woman.
Even in business intercourse politeness need not bo banisbod. In this country, for Instaure, cheques aro marked "Pay to." In France they aro worded, "Venillez payer"—"Please to pay," "Kindly pay," etc.
22^A tombstone in the island of Jamaica bos the following inscription
"*Here lleth tho body of Lewis Galdy, Esq., who died on the Mod of September, 1787, aged 8d Ho was bom at Montpeller, in France, which place he left for his religion, and settled on this island, where, In the great eirthquake, 1073, he was swallowed up, and by the wonderful providence of God, by a second shock was thrown out into the sea, where he continued swimming until he was taken up by a boat, nnd thus miraculously pro-served. He afterwards lived in great reputation, and died universally lamented."
24.—Dean Milman was buried in Bt. Paul's Cathedral, and a monument to his memory was erected by public subscription In the south alslo of the choir. Mllman was highly esteemed in society, and his Intlmatofrlends included Macaulay, Hallam. Sydney Smith, nnd Lock-hart. His Intellect lacked originality, but he was a plonoer in the study of Sanscrit pootry and In tho application of criticism to Jewish history.
28.—Thomas Day, tho author of "Sandford and Morton," a book
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