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3rd Month, 1 1897. J
MARCH—31 days.
New Moon........ 8rd, .... 56 mln. past 11 morning.
Ftraf Quarkr...... 11th, .... 28 mln. past 8 afternoon.
Full Moon ........ 18th, .... 28 mln. past 9 afternoon.
faaf Quarkr........25th, .... 0 mln. past 12 noon.
1 M
2 Tu
3 W
4 Tli
5 F
6 S
8 M
9 Tu
14 5
15 M
16 Tu
17 W
18 Th
19 IF
SArora ruaaday.—Earl of Mans Meld IKadTtaaday.
"^1 dry jfarcZt nater &a#a {fa bread." Tlmmes Tunnel opened, 1813. Dr. Samuel Parr died, 1825.
(WbrmMma. "
William III. of England died, 1702. William I., German Emperor, d., 1888. Prince of Wales married, 18G3.
" CMfanf Sir J. N. Talfburd, dramatist, d., 1854.
Sux Bisds &Sets
AIoox j Bises w &8ets -<
3 M Tu W
Stttf #mtlrag xn ftuitt.
C7oaapaoaow/br/raaA-icofaryiaA commamcea. 14. Humbert, King of Italy, b., 1841.
Pofrfc&'a Day.
Princess Lonise bom, 1848.
Alexander III. of Scotland killed, Earl of MansOeld died, 1793.
orir ^itntray in fJcitt.
Order of EnlghtsTemplars suppressed
".Keep conwaaZfAf/aayyZrat" Queen Elizabeth died, 1603. dwMMicWfon—Zady Day.
Duke of Cambridge bom, 1819.
John Bright died, 1889.
4tlj Hitttirajr tit %Ecnt.
28. Duke of Albany died, 1864.
" When friends meet, hearts warm." Dr. Donne, poet, died, 1631.
6 49r 6 39a 6 44r 5 43s G 40r
5 46s
6 35r 5 50s G31r 5 53s G 26r
5 57s
6 22r
G 0s G 17r G 4a 6 13r 6 7s 6 8r 6 10s 6 4r 0 14s
5 59r
6 17s
5 55r
6 2ls
5 50r
6 24a 5 4Gr G 27s 541 r
J? baa yl.j/.
G 17
Agfa P.Jf.
7 15
8 26
9 37
10 48
11 59
1 8
212 3 7
3 49
4 21
4 46
5 6 622 Itises
786 9 7
10 39
0 9 128
2 31
3 15
3 46
4 4 24 4 3 4 50
LOVE never speaks in a foreign language.
WHAT makes life dreary Is the want of motive.
Pnvsio, for the most part, is nothing else bnt the substitute of exercise and temperance.
A HEART unspotted la not easily daunted.
Ha who too mnch fears hatred is unfit to reign.
Tnic generality of men have, like plants, latent properties, which chance brings to light.
" Dow Mta a aAadoto )Has, to&am a%&-afm&ca low purawaa:
Pwrawfne MaiMo* /kaa, and
1.—The day before Shrovo Tuesday used In Old England to get the name of Odllop-Monday. It was so called from A custom all over England of dining on collops (steaks o[ salted meat) and eggs on tlmt day. The boys on that day wont about in bands, singing—
" &Arora4Z mm coma o-aAropbyy / Pray, dama, aoma(W?v, .Am oppfa or a dumpfimp, Or a piaca o/=(ruakfa c/taaaa 0/ yowr oioii Or a piaca 0/ ponco&a;"
On this day It was a regular practice of the boys at Eton lo write Latin versos; in all kinds of metres, in praise of Bacchus, and Hi them to the college doors. Perhaps this was a vestige of a supposed connection between the Christian festivals of this season with the Oentlle rejoicings and festivities of the same period of the year in honour of the god of wine.
2,—Shrove Tuesday may occur on any day between the 3nd of Feb-ruary and the 8th of March, being the day antecedent to that commencing Lent. Throughout Christian Europe, It has been customary, from early times, to preface the solemnity and sober living of the forty days of Lent with one, two, or mure days of unlimited merriment, sport, feasting, and playing of practical ]okes, as if men were anxious to season themselves for what they felt to be a period of dulness, by giving themselves the disgust of satiety with everything cheerful.
In Homo, as Is well known, this merry prologue to Lent is called the Carnival, meaning the farewell to Oesh—no such food being used during the ensuing forty days.
19.—In a dark night on the loth of March, 1385-m, Alexander III., having missed his way in riding between Burntisland and Elnghurii, fell down the cliff and was killed^ In the forty-Ufth yearof his age and the thirty-seventh of his reign. This fatal accident, being followed by the premature dentil of his grand daughter, the Maiden of Norway, was the beginning of a long period of calamity to Scotland.
20.—Lord Mansfield used to tell thu following anecdote about himself :—
He had turned off his coachman for certain acts of peculation, The fellow begged his lordship to give him a diameter.
" What kind of character can I givo you ?" said his lordship.
" Oh, my lord, any character your lordship chooses to give me I shall most thankfully receive."
Bis lordship accordingly sat down and wrote as follows:
"The bearer, Jonx-,has served
me three years in the capacity of coachman. Be is an able driver, and a very sober man. I discharged him because he cheated me.— (Signed) MAESFIELD."
John thanked his lordship, and
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