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Eowxaa GiaS03 wrote out his " Memoirs " nine times.
IN 1600 any one absent from church on Sunday was fined one shilling.
Two thousand two hundred trains leave London ordinarily every twenty-four hours.
Taa manufacture of steel needles was first Introduced Into England in the reign of Queen Elizabeth.
Air edition of the"Decameron" of Boccaccio, printed in Venice in 1471 by Waldarfer, was sold in 1813 for 43.300 to the Duke of Marlborough.
Tna fees in Great Britain *&— for letters-patent for titles are:—Duke, 4850; Marquis, 4300 : Earl, #50; Viscount, 4200; Baron, 4150; Baronet,
MOBTBBQUiBU, speaking of one part of his writings,
said to his friend: "You will read it in a few hours ;
but I assure you it has cost me so much labour that it has whitened my hair."
A DnAe in England, in respect of his title of nobility, is inferior in point of antiquity to many others, yet is superior to all of them In rank, his being tbe first title of nobility after the royal family.
IT has been reckoned that if the whole ocean were dried up, all the water passing away as vapour, the amount of salt remaining would be enough to cover 5,000^000 miles with a layer one mile thick.
WHAT is really very curious, men In every way so different as John Knox and Laurence Sterne died with the very same last words: "Now, It has come," tbe latter "putting up his hand as though to ward off an expected blow."
IT is not generally known that 450,000 of the money that made the Forth and Olyde Canal came from the sale of forfeited estates after the '45. The Begister House in Edinburgh was also built with money derived from the same source.
OoarzaiPLATiva men seem to be fond of amusements which accord with their habits. Tbe thoughtful game of chess, and the tranquil delight of angling, have been favourite recreations with the studious. Paley had himself painted with a rod and line in his hand — a strange characteristic for the author of " Natural Theology." Blr Henry Wotton called angling * idle time not idly spent"; we may suppose that his meditations and his amusements were carried on at the same moment. -
"Taa Mainz Book of Psalms," dated 1459, is valued at 45^000.
THE first dyeworks in England for dyeing scarlet were established at Bow in 1643.
Da. Buaaar learned French and Italian while travelling on horseback from one musical pnpll to another.
JonN BaADFoaa used to say: " I count that hour lost in which I have done no good by my pen or tongue."
Tna average life of a sovereign is, it seems, seventeen years, and of the half-sovereign eleven years,
Great, wide, beantf/id IForfd,
TF4M the toonderfwf wafer round yon citrfed, And (kg toonder/ol graee upon yoar Breoet— Wbrfd, yoa ore beaatifoZfy dree*.
27*e tconda/W air And Me ioonderfo* wind ie eAaJMnp Me tree; ft loafte on Me wafer and toMrfe Me miffe, And ta#e to iteey on Me (op qf Me AiWe. Ybn/Wend/y IfarM / Aoto/ar do yon po 1FTMM cWfee and garden*, and cfffe and YeZee, And people wpon yoa/br Moweaade q/ mifee f
Taa last Words of Keats the poet were, " Thank God, it has come."
Tna ribbon loom was invented in Germany, and was introduced into England in 1676.
A GaaMAN professor gives the following title to one of his publications —" Observations on off M&V* and several oMer tMnpe besides."
BunixsTanf, shortly before his death, was bold enough to assert that tbe great increase of women composers and executants was one of the signs of the decline in the art of music,
—@ Tna original folio edition of Shakespeare (1633), is valued at 41^00. TheBaroness Burdett-Ooutts owns a copy, for which she paid 41,000.
Ak, yon are eo great and 7am eo emafZ^ f tremble to tMnJt of yon, TForfd, at off; And yet, toAen / eafd my prayere to-day, A toMeper fneide me eeemad to euy— " Yon are more Man Me JFarM, tAongb yon
are euch a d(^ ;
Ton can Zow a?!d Mink, and Me fdrtk can *** ^ ' WaiTTiaa.
OLivaa CaonwaLL was once on board a ship bound for America, bnt he was taken back by a constable, and the result was he became one of the greatest men England ever knew.
WnaaaAB the proportion of the brain of man to the rest of his body Is about 1 to 00, the proportion in fishes is about 1 tn 3,000. Let one picture to himself the 8,000th part of a minnow, and he may conceive how minute may be the brain of a Ash.
Waaa man calls in mechanical aid to help, he can out-distance all animals in locomotion on land. Thus, on a bicycle, one mile has been covered at the rate of over 37 miles per hour, 50 miles in two hours and a half, and 000 miles at the rate of 13 48 miles per hour.
Taa origin of the dollar mark has been variously accounted for, but it is probably a modified figure 8, denoting "a piece of eighty— tnat is, eight reals, an old Spanish coin 01 the value of a dollar. 11 is said to have been in use long before the adoption of the Federal currency.
TaA plants when raised from seed produce a small crop In three years, but they take six years to come to maturity. They live to the age of forty or fifty years.
Taa Orst book with a date printed in England was ' Dlctes and Sayiuges of tbe Philosophers, emprynted by me, William Caxton, at West-mestre,the yere of onr Lord,
"M&av" is derived from the Hebrew, but it is of doubtful signification; It may mean either "tbebitterness of them," as Mary the sister of Moses was so named during the bitter Egyptian captivity, or "a drop of the sea," or even be synonymous —w with "Martha."
Oioaao boasted that his phllo-srphical studies had never mter-fc.e l with the services he owed the public, and he only devoted such hours to them as others gave to their pleasures and pastimes.
Tna title "Beverend" was, until the sixteenth century, addressed to many others besides clergymen, such as to judges and eminent writers ; but from that time Its use has been strictly confined to the clergy.
Taa word "Conservative," it appears, was first employed by Croker in an article in the Quarterly for Jan. 1830, p. 370.. In July, 1883, Macaulay ,ln his article on Mlrabeau for rhe AMnbwrgk .Rerieto, p. 557, refers to the term " Conservative" as the "new cant word."
Osa of the strangest of last speeches, considering the character of the man, was that well known one of Sir Thomas More upon tbe scaffold, who moved his beard aside as he knelt down, with the words," Pity that should be cut which has never committed treason."
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