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John Adams's Almanack. xix.
Season 1596-7.
Fancy Bordered Cards and Circulars, Wedding Cards, Club Fixture Lists, &c.
Messrs. Adams & Dyer,

printers, &c.,
10, Bernard Street, 49, Oxford Street.
yj 6 l?a\)e pleasure in submitting to your r\otice tfye following ©xi^inal Designs of Menu fafds, Ball Programmes, ^c_, §0, and Would be glad at any time to quote for any description of printing tfyaf you may fequire.
09e l?aVe added to our Sample Books many choice ar\d |4eW Desifns, ar\d up-to-date ^oUelties, and should bf pleased to ser\d books for your inspection.
w Our prices are Moderate combined with best workmanship.
09? are, yours faithfully,
John Adams & A. J. Dyer.
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