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Q^eaf^er J^oijecasf, 1897c

THE NEW YEAR enters with seasonable weather, snow on the -1th and 6th ; 7th to I '2th raw air ; 18th to 16th milder, fair on the whole ; 17th to 19th, frosty, snow in places ; 20th to 23rd, downfall, fog ; 24th, fairer ; 25th to I 28th, raw air; 29th, unsettled ; 80th and 81st, frosty. Storm periods: 5th or 6th, 22nd, 28th or 29th. Meteors seen on the 6th and 15th.
FEBRUARY enters rainy and mild ; 2nd, colder, snow in the north ; 3rd and 4th, gusty, variable; 5th, fairer; 6th, breezy; 7th to 12th, fair for the season; 18th, breezy, unsettled; 14th, fairer; 15th and 16th, raw air, snow in places ; 17th to 19th, wintry ; 20tli to 25th, fairer and milder ; 26th to 28th, fair on the whole. Storm periods : 1st, 6th, 18th or 19th, 26th. Magnetic currents strong on the 1st. Meteors seen on the 6th. 18th and 23rd.
MARCH opens breezy and fair; 3rd, raw air ; 4th, breezy ; 5th and 6th, unsettled ;. 7th and 8th, rainy; 9th, fairer ; 10th, stormy, 11th to 13th fairer and milder ; 14th, showery; 15th to 18th, fine and mild ; 19th to 22nd, cold air, snow in places; 23rd to 25th, fairer and milder; 26th, breezy, variable; 27th, unsettled; 28th, gusty; 29th to 31st, fair. Storm Periods: 4th, 10th, 18th or 19th, 28th. Magnetic currents strong on the 3rd. Meteors seen on the 1st, 11th, and 28th._
APRIL enters with variable, breezy weather ; 3rd and ,4th, cold, down-fail; 5th, fairer; 6th and 7th, rainy; 8th and 9th, fair; 10th, line, warm ; 11th, fair; 1.2th, breezy ; 13th, fair; 14th, unsettled; 1.5 th to 17 th, fair ; 18th and 19th, rainy; 20th to 23rd, fine and warm; 24th to 27th, fair; 28th, rainy; 29th and 30th, unsettled, fine intervals. Storm Periods: 1st or 2nd, 28th or 29th. Meteors seen on the 10th, 20th and 29th.
MAY opens with showery and cool weather; 3rd, fair; 4th, showery; 5th, fair and warm ; 6th, fair; 7th and 8th, fine; 9th and 10th, unsettled and cool; 11th, fairer; 12th to 14th, unsettled, cold wind ; 15th and 16th, fair ; 17th to 19th, stormy and cold ; 20th to 24th, fine, heat; 25th. cool, unsettled ; 26th to 28th, fine ; 29th, cool and unsettled ; 30th and 81st, fair. Storm Periods : 13th 18th, 21st.
JUNE enters with stormy weather; and, breezy, variable; 3rd and 4th, lair; 5th, breezy, unsettled; 6th to 9th, line; 10th, breezy, unsettled; 11th to 13th, fair ; 14th to 17th, unsettled, thunder ; 18th to 20th, fair ; 21st and 22nd, variable, cool; 23rd and 24th, fair ; 25th, showery ; 26th to 28th, fine, heat ; 29th, unsettled, thunder ; 30th, fair. Storm Periods : 1st, 5th, 29th.
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