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Adams and Dyer. Printers Axton & Co., Iron and Metal Merchants Bates & Co., Shipping and Export Druggists, Oxford Street Beeston, J. H., Tailor, 77, Above Bar, Mariand Place Burrell & Co., Sanitary Engineers, Oxford Street, London Borrow, E., Boot Stores, Above Bar..
Candy, E., Boot Maker, St. Mary St.
colson, Bill Poster, Clifton Terrace .. .. .. .. xxxiv.
Curtis & Sons, Carriers, &c., Queen's Terrace .. xii., xl„ Bach cover
Farmer's Direct Milk Supply Company, Dorset Street .. lxxxviii.
Hammon, Miss S. B., Private Home for Medical and Surgical Cases,
Carlton Crescent ...
Henniker & HoGGE, Shipping Agents, Queen's Terrace ..
hill & Son, Cutlers. Mechanical Contrivance Manufacturers,
market, London, S.W.
India Rubber & Waterproof Co., Bridge Street Information, Index to
Jenvey, W., Wine and Spirit Merchant, 22, Bridge Street
xxxv. xxxiii.
, 4, Hay-iv., v.,
, Vll.
xliv. . .xv., xvii. xxxvi., xxxvii. Front Cover, xlv.
Line, S. J., Photographer, 16, Bernard Street Murray, C., Consulting Engineer, Oriental Place Randall & Sloper, Mineral Water Manufacturers, Castle Lane Reilly & Co., Hammerless Gun and Rifle Manufacturers, 227, Oxford
St., W., and 16, New Oxford Street, London, W.C.
Richards, J. H., Bootmaker, &c., 74, East Street ROBSON, C., Mineral Water Manufacturer, Vincent Walk SANBY & Co...Agents for the Incandescent Gas Burner, Bridge St. Shields & Gear, Bill Posters, Upper Portland Street Smith, R., Job Master, &c., Orchard Lane " Southampton Times " Publishing Co.
The New Club Hair Cutting Saloon, Bernard Street Trades' Directory Tubbs, T., Furniture Warehouse vandyke, W., Artistic Photographer, East Street Verge, j. T,, Builder, Plasterer, and Decorator, Bridge Road Wilson & Co., Lithographer, &c.. East Street Wiseman's Fine Art Gallery, 59, Above Bar ..
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Alliance Temperance Hotel, Oxford Street .. .. 20
Applin, H., Hosier, Glover, &c., 17, St. Mary Street .. .. 108
Avington Park Dairy Co., Oxford Street .. .. .. 36
Bailey, F., Nurseryman, Sc., 12. Above Bar .. .. .. 28
Barton & Soar, Athletic Outfitters, London Road .. ,. 164
Bate, A. J., Carpet & Linoleum Warehouseman .. .. 106
Baker, F., House Furnisher, Northam Road .. .. .. 4
Bishop, W. J., Hatter and Hosier, 44, High Street .. .. 100
Bodman and Cheetham, Cycle Makers, 4, New Road .. .. 182
Brazier, A. H., Jeweller and Silversmith, Upper Canal Walk .. 80
Brazier, C. & Son, Sanitary and General Plumbers. 23, Canal Walk SO
Broadbere. k. J., Practical Bookbinder, Hanover Buildings .. 170
Brown & Son, Butchers and Pork Dealers, 17 & 36, Above Bar .. 54
Buckle, G-, Fruit and Potatoe Merchant, St. Michael Sduare .. 164
Carter, John J., Practical Steam Dyer and Bleacher, Upper East St. 94
City of Corr Shipping Company. Offices, 94, High Street .. 82
Clarkson's Universal Embrocation, Surrey House, West Cowes, I.W. 172
Clarrson's Embrocation, The Greatest Medicine on Earth .. 174
Clarkson's Horse & Cattle Liniment, Surrey House, West Cowes, I.W. 176
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