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laONlDON, E.e.
President—Rt. Hon. Sir C. W. Dilke, M P COMMITTEE OF MANAGEMENT,
Chairman—Capt. W. C. Crutchley, R.N.R.
Capt, Thos. Mackenzie
I. Merchant (G. Thompson & Co.) ,, H. R. F. Plater ,, J. Monro Reid ,. J. E. Steel ,, A.'S. Thompson R. Topper
Capt. W. C. Angove, R.N.R, (P. & O. Co.)
,, D. Wilson-Barker, R.N.R.
J. Brown „ T. T. Hogg
W. E. Hutchinson, R.N.R.
E. T. Jones (U.S.S. Co.)
W. R. Jordan „ T. J. Kennedy
Hon. Counsel—Benedict W. Ginsburg, LL.D.
Hon. Medical Officer—Dr. W. Blake Marsh, M.R.C.S.L. Secretary—Capt. A. G. Froud, Lt. R.N.R.
Solicitors—Messrs. Loveless & Co.
Belfast, F. M. Moore, Esq., 102. High Street; Bristol, Captain T. Hampton, 43, Nicholas Street; Cardiff, H. T. Vellacott, Esq., Merchants' Exchange; Dublin, W. Moore, Esq. 23, Eden Quay; Southampton, John Adams, Esq., 49, Oxford Street; Shanghai, Capt! J. H. P. Parker, R.S., " Wellington " ; Robert Morrell, Esq., St. Thomas, D.W.T., etc.
Founded in the year 1876 for the mutual protection and advancement of the general interest of the Members, and, subject to the Rules, to defray legal expenses on behalf of such Members who may have to appear on an official enquiry; and to watch any proposed alteration of the law, or further enactment which would affect the interest of the Mercantile Marine.
All Gentlemen connected with the Mercantile Service, and holding Masters' or Mates Board of Trade, or Colonial Certificate of Competency, or invited to join the Society.
ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION—Honorary Members, 21/-; Master, 21/-; Master serving as Officer, 10/6; Associate Members—Mate, 2nd Mate, Only Mate, 10/6. Society's Papers, 3/- per Session.
The Society's premises are comfortably furnished ; Writing Materials, Charts Instruments, Nautical Books, also Papers and Magazines (as under) being pro' vided for the use of the Members:—
Admiralty, Royal Naval Reserve, Board of Trade. Meteorological Notices and Reports ; U.S. Monthly, Pilot Charts of North Atlantic and North Pacific, Shipping and Mercantile Gazette filed for reference. Lloyd's Weekly Shipphig Index, Times, Standard, Pall Mall Gazette, Liverpool Journal of Commerce. The Hong Kong Telegraph, Norsk Skebsforerforening Tideade, Nautical Magazine, Marine Engineer, Shipping World, Punch, Judy, Fun, &c.
Address for Telegrams—" PROUD.j LONDON."
Messages from Members abroad, which must contain Register number, are forwarded to Private Address by Post or Telegraph.
Information and advice in matters connected with the Profession, and any further
particulars, may be obtained at the office of the Society, addressed to the Secretary.
All communications'should be
N.R.—Members of Kindred Societies are invited to call.
Subscriptions and Donations will be gratefully received and acknowledged.
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