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Storm Warning Signals—Day
Are hoisted at the Coast Guard Stations, and Principal Ports of the Kingdom, on receipt of Telegrams from the Meteorological Department of the Board of Trade, London. These are only shown until dusk of the day upon which the telegram is issued, unless otherwise directed, and advert to winds during part of the next following two or three days.
r.—Ga/c 2.—Gak
#6/)' /row; /rom Mr sm/f/f-
3.—0 way ga:-
4.—5.— ^ /row; Aw
Storm Warning Signals Night.
As the above or ordinary Storm Signals could not be seen at night unless illuminated, Lights in Triangle or Square, to represent the Cone and Drum respectively can be used. These Signals may be made with any lanterns showing either White or any colour, but alike.. Red is most eligible. Oil lamps are preferable to candles. The lanterns should be hung at least three feet apart.
Caution respecting the Storm Warning Signals.
1.—TheSe cautionary Signals advert to winds during some part of the next night and two or three days, therefore due vigilance should prevail (until the weather is again settled), without deferring departure or any operations unnecessarily.
2.—It should be remembered that only the greater and more general disturbances of the atmosphere can be made known by this method, not merely local or sudden changes which are not felt at a certain distance, and do not therefore affect other localities. Local changes may be indicated to observers at such places by their own instruments, by signs of the weather, and by due consideration of the Weather reports for a few previous days.
The most dangerous shift of wind and the heaviest northerly gales happen after the mercury first rises from a very low point.
A rapid rise of the barometer shows unsettled weather. A slow rise, or steadiness with dryness, shows fair weather and probable continuance. Alternate rising and falling of the mercury shows very unsettled weather. A sudden fall, with a W. wind, is sometimes followed by a violent storm from N.W. or N. In winter the mercury will fall considerably before snow.
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