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of Inspeximus and Confirmation of the Charter of Powers, Franchises and privileges, dated at Westminster by Henry the Fourth, on the 4th of January, in the 14th year of his reign, in favour of his Consort Queen Joan of Navarre.
1 Henry VI.—Indenture of the Agreement, made in the 1st year of Henry the Sixth,between Joan Queen of England (wife of Henry IV.)of the one part, and William Nichole, Mayor of the Town of Suthampton, and the Community of the said town, of the other part.
(16) 4 Henry VI.—Letters Patent of Inspeximus and
Confirmation, dated by Henry the Sixth, on the 24th of October, in the 4th year of his reign, to the Burgesses of the Town of Suthampton.
(17) 11 Henry VI.—Letters Patent of the Grant of the License for holding Trinity Fair, to the Mayor and Community of the Town of Suthampton.
(18) 11 Henry VI.—Precept from the King to the Sheriff of Suthampton, for the Proclamation within his bailiwick of certain statutes made in the last Parliament at Westminster.
(19) 15 Henry VI.—Letters Patent of a General Pardon to William Nicolle of Suthampton, Merchant dated by Henry the Sixth, on the 10th of June in the 15th year of his reign.
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