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{III) 1707 to 1709 A.D.—Letter Book of Samuel Molyneux, the son of William Molyneux, the Mathematician, and friend of John Locke.
(rnrnm) 1711 to 1747 A.D.—Register of Parochial Settlements.
(jinn) 1721 A.D.—Copy of the Testament (with Codicil) of Dorothy Lady Capell, Baroness Dowager of Tewkesbury, proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, in London, on 21 June, 1721 A.D.
<(ooo) 1723-4 A.D.—Cash Book of the Corporation of Southampton.
'(PPP) 1725 A.D.—County Stock, and County Treasurer's Accounts.
i^qqq) 1728 to 1755 A.D.—Book of Examinations and Depositions.
■(?■?•?') 1729 to 1748 A.D.—Sessions of Peace (Orders) Book.

(sss) 1734 A.D.—Southampton Chartulary ; a Book of Copies of the Charters of the Town made by order of the Recorder.
■.(ttt) 1734-1768.—Assembly Book of Orders and Minutes of Proceedings in Municipal Assemblies.
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