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(a) Edward II.—"The Oak Boob" of the Laws and
Ordinances of Southampton.—Placed in the Box of Choice Writings.
(b) Edward III, to Richard II.—Calendar of Letters
Patent, dated in the reigns of the said Kings.
(c) Richard II, to Elizabeth.—The " Black Book " of
the Town of Southampton : a Register of enrolments of Deeds, Wills containing Legacies to pious and charitable uses, and other writings.
(cl) 15tli Century.—Treatise in English Verse on the Philosopher's Stone and Aurum Potabile; in twelve chapters, with a Preface and concluding Recapitulacio.—Placed with the Choice Writings.
(e) Port Books.—Books of Accounts of Water-Bailiffs, and Receivers of Petty Customs of the Port of Southampton.
Temp. Henry VI Sixteen Books 16
,, Edward IV Three Books 3
„ Henry VII Eive Books 5
„ Henry VIII Fifteen Books 15
„ Edward VI Four Books 4
„ Mary Four Books 4
„ Elizabeth Thirty-Seven Books 37
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