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(16) 1595-6 A.D.—The Roll of the moneys collected for the relief of the Poor in the Town of Southampton ; for a single year.
(17) 1604-1680 A.D.—Three Bundles of Private
Nomination Rolls, 1604-20 1639-59 and 1660-80 A.D.
(18) 1606 A.D.—Copy of the Ninety-six Ordinances made during the Mayoralty of Thomas Owerey, (temp. Henry VII), or in later time; with the order made in 1606 A.D., by the Mayor and others, for the Confirmation of the same Ordinances, and for the good Government of the Town.
(19) 1616-1617 A.D.—Depositions of Witnesses in the cause in the Court of Star Chamber, between Thomas Elliott, Pltf, and Thomas Bedford and others Dfdts.
(20) 1622-1634 A.D.—Leather Sellers' Accounts.
(21) 1626 A.D.—Smith's Charity: Papers touching the same.
(22) Temp. Charles I.—Copy on Paper, of the Charter of Franchises and Privileges, dated by Charles I, in the 16th year of his reign, to the Mayor, Bailiffs, and Burgesses of Southampton.
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