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(44) 12 Elizabeth.—Letters Patent of a Commission to Bow]ancle Iiaywarde and William Allen, Aldermen of London ; and to John Crolce and William Staveley, Aldermen of Sutliampton ; to enquire and take order respecting four ships laden with Malveseys and other Sweet Wines, whose owners purpose to land the at the Port of London, in contravention of an Act of Parliament of 5 Elizabeth, which ordained that all such Wines brought into England should be landed only at the Port of Southampton.
(45) 13 Elizabeth.—LettersPatent of the Exemplification of a certain Writ directed to Francis Spelman, Clerk of Parliaments ; and also of a certain Act of Parliament of 13 Elizabeth, touching the Sweet Wines Grant to the Mayor, Bailiffs, and Burgesses of Suthampton.
(46) 17 Elizabeth.—Grant of Arms, &c., by Claren-cieux, King of Arms, for the South East and West Parts of England, to the Town of Southampton .
(47) 40 Elizabeth.—Commission of Reprisals by the Lord High Admiral to Laurence Prows3 of Southampton, gentleman :—To seize ships &c., of the King of Spain, or of the said King's subjects.
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