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(35) 2 Henry "VIII.—Letters Patent of Inspeximus and Confirmation, dated by Henry the Eighth on the 2nd of October, in the 2nd year of his reign, to the Mayor, Bailiffs, and Burgesses of Southampton.
(36) 2 Henry "V III.—Letters Patent of a License to the Mayor, Bailiffs, and Burgesses of Suthamp-ton, to export one hundred sacks of wool, free of customs.
(37) 6 Henry VIII.—Letters Patent of Inspeximus and Confirmation,dated to the Mayor,Bailiffs,and Burgesses of Suthampton, by Henry the Eighth, on the 23rd of November, in the 6th year of his reign.
(38) < Edward V I.—Letters Patent of Exemplification of a Record preserved amongst theRecords of the Court of Exchequer, dated by Edward the Sixth on the 7th of April, in the 7th year of his reign.
(39) / Edward VI.—LettersPatent of the Commission to the Mayor of the Town of Suthampton, Sir Thomas Elemyng, knt., Thomas Pacye, Thomas Mille, Robert Reyneger, and Thomas Godard ; to enquire and take order respecting Church goods.
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