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reputation as the greatest of English song writers ; he taught tens of thousands of youthful Britons to believe with all their hearts and all their souls that they were bound to lay down their lives for their King and beloved country ; he instilled the sentiments of humanity, generosity, mercy, hospitality, truth, and kindliness of heart; and he himself said " My songs have been considered an object of national consequence, they have been the solace of sailors in long voyages, in storms, and in battle, and have been quoted in mutinies to the restoration of order and discipline." Southampton may fairly claim that she has to her credit a son vvho was in his day and generation a benefactor to his country.
H. G. T.
The Free Library.
208 Statuette of Charles Dibdin by J. Milo Griffith.
The Mayor and Corporation.
209 Portrait of Dibdin by Kearsley.
Mr. H. G. Thorn.
210 Sketch Model by J. Milo Griffith.
211 Series of Steel Plate Portraits.
212 Autograph Manuscripts.
213 Photograph of Tomb.
214 Copy of Register of Birth in Holy Rood Church.
215 Miscellaneous Relics, including sketch of Wine Glass given to " Tom Bowling.
XIII.—Memorials of Frederick Lee Bridell.
Sketch of his Life.
Frederick Lee Bridell was born in Southampton, 1850, and died 1863. His artistic career began when a boy of nine or ten years of age. He left School when very young, working principally for house panters. At 17 years of age be gave this up and commenced his career as a portrait painter. His first portrait attracted the notice of a gentleman who aftewards made an arrangement with him that he should have the opportunity of study without financial anxiety, not only in this country but on the continent. He exhibited for the first time a small picture at the Exhibition of British Artists in Pall Mall. It was spoken of by the Press as the " Gem " of the exhibition. He afterwards exhibited at the Royal Academy, always taking a leading place in the art criticisms in the daily papers, while some of his pictures were engraved and printed in the Illustrated London News.
In the notice of his decease, which appeared in the Art Journal, his paintings were announced to be second only to Turner's.
A picture, " Woods of Sweet Chestnut above Varenna, Lake Como," hangs in the Tate Gallery with the great works of the greatest masters.
The painting, " On the Rhine," now exhibited was executed before his health failed, and is eminently representative of his special characteristics.
II. R.
Mr. Burrough Hill
216 Portrait of Bridell.
The Hartley University Colleqe.
217 Bust of Brideil, presented by his Widow.
Mr. H. Rose.
218 Portrait of Bridell, 1855.
219 Eine Oil Painting by Bridell, "On the Rhine," 1858.
220 A Sketch for a Picture done in one hour by Bridell.
221 Portrait of Mr. H. Rose done by Bridell in 1848, a very early example of his
222 Letters from Southampton Times, January 14th, 1888, giving short sketch of
Bridell's Life.
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