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This little volume owes its origin to a suggestion made by Lord Montagu of Beaulieu in the course of conversation after the opening of the Exhibition on September 12th. His Lordship thought that the permanent value of the Exhibition would be greatly increased if Mr. Portal's interesting lecture, to which he had just listened, together with the other lectures to be delivered during the week could be published in book form.
The financial success of the Exhibition, which, during the week of its existence, was visited by some 7,500 persons in all, has encouraged the Committee to carry out Lord Montagu's proposal, and they have decided to publish the volume at a low price, in the hope that it may have a wide circulation.
The opportunity has been taken to make a few corrections in the Catalogue, which had had to be very hastily put together in the days preceding the Exhibition. One or two additions also have been made, of which the most important are the notes on the Stone Heart Coffin from Beaulieu (p. 52), and on the Memorial Cross from St. Mary's (p. 53). For both these valuable notes thanks are due to Mr. F. J. Baigent, of Winchester, whose deep antiquarian learning is well known to all students of Hampshire History.
The task of reproducing the speeches and some of the lectures has been greatly lightened by the kindness of Messrs. Jacob and Johnson, of Winchester, proprietors of the " Hampshire Chronicle," who have very generously placed at the Editor's disposal the full and excellent reports which were made for their paper by their skilful representative, Mr. J. W. Maggs. For the remainder of
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