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May i, 1912.


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Outdoor Recreations.

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The Saints finished up fourth from the bottom of the Southern League table Thus for the second year in succession they have had a narrow cficape It will not do to tempt fate too often.
At the moment of writing seven of the old players have been resigned; they are Knight. Ireland, Lee. Den by, Kimpton, Prince, and Blake. I expect M'Alpine will be invited to stay, and that will complete the list.
Numerous applications from- players wanting to join the club are under consideration, while Mr. Mclntyre, the new trainer, is also busy collecting useful information.
The Reserves replay Cowes, in the Hants Senior Cup final, at Fratton Park, next Saturday. I am told that on the last occasion the team* met the spectators were very prejudiced against the Saints. I wonder why?
A gentleman who should know says that between five and six hundred people are likely to accompany the Owes team to Portsmouth. Our lads won't hare a dozen supporters.
George Carter should have a strong side on duty. Now that the first team programme is finished he is able to command the services of Small, Prince, and Blake. Cecil Christmas is also anxious to play.
Jack Goodchild came home on Monday from Manchester. He has re-signed for the City on teims with which he is fully satisfied. During the last few weeks two Southamptonians have been keeping goal for the Manchester First League | clubs—Moger for the United and Goodchild for ,
Goodchild has brought news of Frank Thorpe, ' Jack Johnston, and Martin Dunne. The firs'- j named has dropped out of football, but the other two have been playing for Stalybridge Celtic.
I hear that the prospects of having a strong Second Division of the Southern League are disappointing. Much harm has been done by the agitation that has been carried on during the past month.
There was some straight talking at the recent mooting of the League, and one club, which we know well, came in for severe censure.
The proposal to change the name of Bitterne Ouild to Woolston will, no doubt, meet with general favour on the eastern side of the lichen "Why not go the whole hog, and get a ground in the centre of the district?
I know of very few secretaries as astute, energetic. and whole hearted than Mr. G.' J. Eden, the Bitterne Guild "pilot." He now thinks he Is entitled to a rest, but Woolston footballers ■cannot afford to allow him to retire.

#cmmon a progrmi ^ in the Hants League h
Southampton Reserves have won the champion whip both of the County League and of the Booth Division; Raaingmtoke have gained the premier honour of the North Division, while in the WcThe value of having a good goal-average is amply evidenced by trie results in the Hants "League. as three of the four championships ha*m been decided by goal record.
Southampton Reserves are to be congratulated on their mccemm. and they only remain to win the Hants Senior Cup to finish off a remarkably good season.
Should they win this oovcted trophy they will have carried off all the leading honours in the county.
The interest in the Hants League competition has been sustained un to the final match, the championship of the County League and the Sd"uth Division only being settled on Monday.
Eastleigh Athletic have had an cxtrmo:din*ry spell of bad luck lately, and they were no match for the Junior Saimts, who defeated them by seven goals to one.
Cowam had very strong claims for the loader-ship of the South Division, but their hope were blamted by Hittema Gui&L They required only a single point to gain the honour, but the Guild, in a hard game, just beat them.
The Hants F A. Council are strongly adverse to allowing a team to play what should have been a "home" fixture on the ground of opponents. Pokcsdown infringed this rule, and. in consequence, have been fined £1.
The Council point out that no charity match can be played without consent having been ob-tained. Two matches were plmyid in Soutbmuip-tou on Good Friday without tho permission ol the Council, but the nam** of tho responsible parties have not been ascertained.
In the circumstances the Council could do nothing, but they desire to warn promote s of such matches that they an- breaking tho rules, and future offenders will be dealt with severely.
The team of Rpulb Afnraddf to take part in the Olympic Games, at Stockholm, in July, arrived at Southampton on Saturday, on board the Armadale Castle.
The team comprises R. Lewis, cyclitt: K. K. Mac Art bur, marathon runner; G. H. Patching, sprinter; J. A. Victor, mile runner; L. W. Richardson and G. W. Gibson, distance runners.
H. D Heartland - u in charge, and. with the aasiatance of R. Walker, who won the sprint at the last Olympic game*, will act as coach .
All the above are credited with some wonder-ful performances, and if Patching has anything of the pace of Walker he should get near to win-
It speaks well for the generosity of their supporters that they can afford to send a team from the Cape at least three months before 'he event
With a view of getting the best available talent to represent Great Britain in the Games, preliminary trails are being held divisionally all over the Country, and a race, regarded am the most important Marathon event ever held in the West of England, took plaoe on Saturday.
Promoted by the Bristol A C., the cream of distance-runners in tho Western counties were in-, vited to compete, and the winner will be entared in the A A A. Olympic Marathon trial, on May 18th, from Windsor Castle to Stamford Bridge, after which race tho Committee will select the Bristol team for Stockholm.
The route was on the main road from Bristol to Weston-super-Mare, wheru there was a short detour, the return being back along the same road; total distance, 21 miloa.
A. J. Ingram, of Salisbury, led the first eleven miles, and then P. W. Webber, of Bournemouth, took up the running, and kept in front until four miles trom home, when H. Lewis, of Gloucester, passed him and won comfortably.
C. P. Harris, of Salisbury, was third, and A. J. Ingram, of the same club, fourth, which shows how improved l ho memberm of the Willahire Club are ; and tho ' llampahin*" wHI have to look to their laurels at tho next inter-club race.
The winner", time warn 2 hrm. 20 mins. 37 seca, gcod tnno :f the dimtmnce can be relied on; but ** * rule, the distances of long racea on the xoad are approximate only.
Hampshire is to have vet another golf club, ! the centre of which im to be Hmrton on-Sea, | where there is a line eighteen-hole course already !
Most of the prominent residents of (he Hamp shire "Riviera" are associated in the venture, which, having regaid to the situation of the course, and the fact that there is no other very near, should recruit pretty strongly.
There are to I*: month!) and bogey competi-tions, and an attempt ia to be made to anange an annual "meeting" in the autumn.
Southern Hampshire has a glorious variety of course, when you think of it, any county. The sealioard is dotted with them from I layling Is.Vr.d to Bournemouth, each having distinctive features of its own.
There is 0 prompjroum club at I^eeon-tlie-Solent, not by any means dependent for its jucocsa upon visitors, and another near UuUey. which serves the garden land of Southern
Then thcrz is the Stoneham course, one of the finest of them, and others at Sway tilling and the Common.
Winchester has its own, and the course at Shaw ford is unique in its wealth of rolling down and frowning scarp.
The New Forest courses at Lyiidhuist, Branifthaw, Hurley, and Brockenhurst limfe delights of their own, due to their splendid situation, and all of O'hem aru popular, iri spite of their natural difficulties, with local golfet*. and finally there are the course* of the KvergTcen Valley (including Barton for the moment), which are known to a wider golfing public than most of th« Hampshire
It is a fine list, providing as great variety in golf as in scenery, to -the beauties of which golfn* are not wholly lot.
The County Amateur Championship, in connec tion with the Hants and Isle of Wight Golf Association, was played on the Royal Winchester Golf Club links, on Saturday, 36 holes, for a trophy valued 110 10s.. a prime also being awarded for the best .18 hole). The championship was won by Dr. W. II. Lamplough, of the United Se
national Golf Exhibition of 1909, and one of the three judges at the International Gofcf Exhibition, 1910. ilia son ham spent his life with h s father in his business, and is a first-class player and an excellent teacher.
The winner of the first-class handicao was Capt. R. H. Radford, Winchester, and the second Mr. W. J. Saunders, Winchester, the latter making the best scratch score. The sownd-dass handicap was won by Mr. A. U. lXjxait, North Hants,' the best scratch score being made by Oolonel Munro, Winchester.
It has been a splendid fight for championship honours of the second division of the local League, and. in the aha .-nee of a donor, it is a pity that the I/ague's exchequer will not permit a shield or a challenge cup to he pur chased to as to adequately reward each season's champions. The bare medals do not seem sufficient
Well, this season's Honours have at last found a destination. Chandler's F\jrd, at the second attempt, defeating the reserves of Bitterne.
' The match took place on the Frecmantle range last week, and Chandler's Ford won afto, a very keen and exciting struggle by on: soli
The result was in the balance up to the third detail, when the BitWne man. unaccountably missed, mud the hep? of our nearer neighbours was thought to be miashed. With mix points each, and the last detail shooting, a definite conclusion was to be expected.

tho best 18

Dr. W. II. Lamplough, Utd. Service!
F Harrison Stoneham H. H. Norsworthy, Stoaeham Rev. F. N. Harvey, Royal Winchester Capt. Radford. Royal Winchester II. O. Biden, Lee on the Solent J C. L. Godfray, United Servic C. Sloano Stanley. Stoneham
Rev. A. L. Porter. Stoncham _
Gcnrl. H. A. Scott, Royal Winchester 86 83 1G9 Nichell, Lymington 83 86 169
ai S
8* 1G6;
80 1*1
'87 80 167
81 87 168
P.. Millar Stoneha ; R. F. Bridgo:, Brmmmhot Col. H. N Dumbleton, R. Wic K W. C. Gillson, Needles

The Royal Winokator Obd, im on* of tho few Royal G-ubs in Engbn&Vherm being only nineteen in *H. It was foundedln 1888, and has ms :1s patron the Duke of ConnaughL
Tho course, an ideal one, situato on the breezy Hampshire l)o»na, hw la IwlM, and ia 5.598 yards in extent. Its mcmberinip, 270 gentle inen and 100 ladies, speaks well for the popularity of the club, which iiaj recently extended its promises. Colonel 71. N. Dumbleton it the hon. secretary to the club.
Willie: Gibson, who ham recently been engaged mm profemmionmj to the olub an3 club maker, >a the son of diaries H. Gibson, the well known club maker, of Westward Ho! who was sole profemionml judge of cluh mmlring in the Inter
MR. R. ROGKRS, Bittcrne R.C.
To be dubbed the champion shot is the ambition of all riflemen shooting under the auspices of the Southampton and District League.
•There is not a keener or finer sportsman in the local League tourney than " Hob " Rogers, of the Hitternc Rifle Club, and his success this season has been most popular. We add our congratulations to those of |>is many friends. Mr. Rogers' average is 40.00, close on his heels was his club mate, Mr. S. Kendall, the lion, secretary of the League, with an average of 4H.QI, the highest possible (average) score being 50.
But Mr. Hockey s*4 about his formidable task of overhauling the Fold captain is a meat resolute fashion.
Mr. Bray, however, had pot the gr,p ol the gun, and stubbornly " held tin, black" till th" last shot, which he. too. missed. but he had obtained sufficient points to allow bin team to " Ret horn,," by the narrowest of margins.
Final arrangements f.,r the Club league were made at the committee meeting of the South ainpton cluh last week, and on n.-xt Saturday, t!ie first day of the. opening msiifm, there will dawn at lligbfield what is to be ho|#d will be the most successful memmnn in the club's career.
The captains of the six teams were ch(*en mm follows:—N'o. 1. J Harrison; No. %. W Stuart; No. 3. II M. Reed; No. 4. A.Matfey; No. 5. S. Carter; No. 6. E. Wyatt .
All members who have aign,-d on will take part in the first fortnight's smes. Tk, futures are as follows No*. 3 v. 6. 2 v. 4, and 1 v. 6.
We reproduce in another column a portrait of the champion "shot of the Southampton, and District Rific League—Mr. R. Roger*, of the Hitterne cluh. We heartily congratulate this keen riAwnan upon attain,ng what should bs the ambition of all local rifie-shots.
It was a i*ck and neCYCLING.
At tho time these notes are being written ths sky is overcast, and there is every appearancs of rain, but the probability is that the weather will again become fine and sunny.
A night's rain would be welcomed by cyclists, as the roads are now very loose in the outlying districts, and the dust raised by passing motors is by no means pleasant to those awheel.
The Corporation are to be congratulated upon th> manner in which they have had the Avenue repaired, and at the nreesnt time thoso portions which have teen completed are in splendid condition and constitute an approach of which mny town may well be proud.
There are several other little things which might be remedied, however, the most important of which is the abolition of ths practice of tipping cart loads of flints and giavel on roads that have become uneven by constant motor traffic.
It would not be so bad if the steam roller waa put over this gravel, but in the majority of casern it h left for the traffic, including cycles, to level it down, which is not at all healthy for tyros.
Tho bottom end of Wilton avenuo is in a very bad state. It contain-! miniature gravel pits, which aro difficult to avoid. If a cyclist ia unfortunate enough to ride into one there is every likelihood of his either "coming a cropper" or breaking tho frame his machine.
Many cyclisla at this season of tho year, in order to lighten their machines, remove their mudguards, which are of no avail to keep dust from the bearing* Tho N.C.U. have arranged for its Utility Ride round London to take place on Sunday, June 23rd. in order to avoid a clash with the Woodford
The 100 kilom. road championship of France wan recently won by Lapite. These events are different from English contests, the ritlers wearing path-racing at tiro and carrying a load of " spares." bags of food, and other impedimenta.
out. One secured thnx» brace on the Tiohborne water, and another two brace and a leash on the Abbott's Barton water.
A lady angler took ons fish with a Whitdhurch dun, hut on tho whole the strong easterly winds which hav«r boon prevalent, in addition to the clear water, have not been favourable far successful angling.
Recently the Fulling Mills water was netted for grayling, and 178 were taken, about 50 of which were large (Wi up on the. s] awning reeds.
Unlfw* the nigWs get warmer fishing on the Itohon will not become genera' for a week or two. The water is still above its normal level, although no Appreciable amount of rain has fallen for four or five weeks.
Tho Test has considerably improved since last week, and with the lower water the fish are moving more freely, which fact gives promise of good sport when there is a hatch of fly.
Sovcrnl nice Ash "nave been taken, including trout of 21b. 2ot., lib, go*., lib. 4o:., and grayling about the same weight. Dace of a large site have al«^ been taken with tho fly, to whicn they rise
On the Avon sport with the rod has improved lately,^and a number of splendid salmon hivo
The inmt notable is one of 421b.. caught by Mr. L. F. Harrison on the Avon Tyrell water, which is stated to bs the Urgest caught in these riven* this sssmon. Mr. Harruton also captured a 21 pounder.
At Christchurch Mr. Carlton landed two (Wi of BNh. and 341b. rwyetlvsly, while Mr. T. W. Oomm took four fish in one day, tho largest being 291b. On the r.cxt S^a angling has be.-n Imtmfered with by the *troe% winds, but when the weather has been calm good snort ham been enjoyed.
At Rriaham pollack have keen exceptionally pient'ful, four local anglers having averaged over a iron* of fine fish each, some weighing 31b. Ths favoured time is fron. 5 to di»k.
At Eastbourne &ome nice fish, mostly codling, have been taken from rowing boats and tho foreshore. and several competitions are announced during 'aext month.
At Heme Ray Mr. Tremain larded k tops of 321b. The tone are near West Last Buoy, and «r" a fortnight earlier than last reason. Other fishing l# reported to be qnicL
Fly mouth Anglers have captured some fine mackerel by whipping not «ory far out, and pollack have alsj been plentiful.
At Weymouth excellent sport has taken place : in the harbour with Lass, pollaok, flounders, whiting, etc.
j Local anglers have caught numbers of small 1 fish, but nothing of any aire has been reported.
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