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May I, igia,

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"Dad," which Mr. Cyril Maude presented here at * Oying matinee on January 15lh last, i* be-ing given this week for the eecond lime locally by Miss D. Fellowcs Robinson, who is to be con gratulated on bavin* seenred much an excellent Company.
i of the supgestiveness which many of their pieces pomaam
Mr. Charles Esdale undertakes the name-part of Sir Joseph Lerrimer with esceptiepal akill. Mr. Olaf ilylton's Richard lleaufort is another . succcssful impersonation, and ho is most natural in n very difficult part.
Excellent also la tho po-.trayal of Sam Car-bury contributed by Mr. Lennox Rashlcigb, while Mr. Charles J. Barber'* interpretation of Parson GryUs is a gem of characterisation; the stage management is also vested in this gentleman
Local Amusements-
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Sergeant Brennan expkita (he wonderful pesa A mtimng tale of the wilds of America, enacted hililw of dlabolo, hlw fed* king remarkably amidst magmSeent scmery, was The Uirl De-j puty." The manner in which tho fchenfls fiance.
• a : and clever, and tho audience followed her cctcx*

the Swaneo River, ' The Last Rose of Summer, and "The Bolls."
An amusing ball-room skit is provided by Ocho i Martinck. This piece is very entertaining.
Mignonetto Kokin, the Original Turkey Wop J Girl, appear* in the lateat sensation of two conf | nent*. She *l*o sings sweetly, and ia wry auccr*s ful with " You know thsttJ am Married." |
A character comcdiennc, with merit abovo tho1 ordinary, Gertie Rex, is very dainty in an early Victorian costume. IIer localiam ia one of her many atrong points.
James Dixon, the Lancashire baritone vocalist, makes a fine impression in 'Come Back to Me" and "The Trumpeter." Les Zelovas are also well received in their acrobatic cquilibristic turn.
On Wednesday next a special matinee will be given in aid of tho Mayor * Titanic Relief Fund. An augmented programme promise** an excellent entertainment, and will, no doubt, bo the means of obtaining a good amount for tho fund.
Tho promenade concert season commenced on Sunday evening, when tho Police Band, under tho direction of Mr. A. H. Muddiman, played a aplcndid programme of music, including Chopin's "March Funebre" and the hymns • "Eternal father' and "Nearer my God to Thee." P C. Cross received an cnthuamatic enco v for hla well-played comet eolo "The ikylark." Xext Sunday, the 5th Hants Band will appear under tho direction of their new bandmaster, Mr. T. Gentle.
A number of skilful lightning cartoons formed the principal internet of Tweedledum's expcriencea in competition. Tho antics of Tweedledum also provided plenty of amusement.
"Strictly Watched" was a domestic comedy of a high order.
There will be the usual change of programme to-morrow night.
Information has reached mo that Workmen's Hall and tho Southampton Labour Club will each be represented nexi *ea*on by a second team in the League, tho same aa the Gladstone Libe ftl Club baa been for several years, while several clubs at premcnt ouMde the League are talking of joining.
Should It happen that, six or eight clubs inako application to join. It I* thought that it would bo wise on tho part of the League to atart a third division, rather than to run two large divi-aiom, beemuM* wversl dubs In the past season found it diKcult to pet their team* to Aniah their fixtures, and that with only ten home and a like number of away matches.
The League now in a very flourishing con. dition, having i----1 — »4..» j:o,culty would be experi-
d division shield. . JACK O' SPADES.
Tl.r Bntt ***,„ of tho Southampton »»d JW 1
Prior to the presentation a match was played./ between tho champions and tho "Pick of the fj League."
The Haroourt players could hardly be expected to ! win thia match, as they had to meet the beat of other clubs, but at the end of five game* they were < only 26 points behind their formidable opponent*. , '
Mr. Polls made the highest break of tho evon- J ing, and his effort only amounted to 25, possibly " < tho excitement inseparable from such an occasion i affected the players, but nevertheless some good shots were brought off.
The Captain of tho Harcourte, Mr Hatcher, won / his game against Mr. Newman, of the Labour | Club, by 110 to 80 points, and Mr. Woods, of tha Harcourt, defeated Mr. Lawler by 110 to 53. J
This was tho moat severe defeat sustained by any of the "Pick," and reflocts gmat credit on Mr. / Woods, having regard to Mr. Lawless well-known ability. These were the only two games which tho champions won.
The other gamea provided tho following re- a. suits. Mr. Young (Harcourt) lost to Mr. Rivera g (GUwkWne) by 79 to 110: Mr. Whalley (HareouA) g lest to Mr. Callaghan (5th Hants) by 70 to UOti&S and Mr. Eeerton (Harcourtl lost to Mr. Pell* H (Hamilton House) by 68 to 110. Members of the*** Workmen's Hall and the Northam Con«erv*tivav"H Club did not take part in the match, not having . « been drawn.
The presentation of the Shield to the winner* -1
A charming: young actress, who will be seen in Southampton next
Ml* Fyfe Alexander"* Gecrgina Cardcw w Jightful in each of its many phases. Miss Lilian Perrctt ia good as Jennifer Trcgellis, and Miss Dorothy Wilmer skilfully Alls the part «»f Mr*. Mellish.
"Dad" I* preceded by an entertaining little comedy "Decree Nisi," in which a divorccd married couple both turn up at. a bedroom a London Hal. and eventually agree to live happy ever alter. It was well received, and capitally
There will bo the usual matinee on Saturday
Neat week Mr. Louim Meyer's Company wUl present "Iho Glad Eye. ' the enonuously ful farcical comedy winch is nightly plmying to crowded home* at the Apollo Iheatre, London.

__the fight they had given the "Pick." lie <§
thought they would probably win the trophy jC three times in succession And gain it outright if they maintained their present form. *>g
Tho speaker's pralaa of the work done by My. ? McGovern in promoting the league received general £. approval, and all agreed that tho fascinating game , ^f billiards had been greatly furthered by th# ihtsrest sroused in the league.
The Captain of the Harcourt Club, on receivingjj the shield, testified to the success of the league, y and hoped many new clubs would join next *ea» 3
Mr. Stevans, who helped materially fn making .jj the league so successful, and through his firm, / Messrs. Borrougha and Watts, provided the Chan^Cd pionship Shield, was accorded thanks, on tho pro.«v poiilTdb of Mr. Pells, seconded by Mr. Harper. .3}
Mrs Stevens was also thanked for her work in ! connection with (ho arrangements for the match .'j that evening. It was .mentioned that to Mr,-., Dacre belonged the honour of compiling the "* highest break (61) in the league game*.
Capt. Harvey's men, of the s.y. " Venetia," visited Colchester on Saturday, and gathered 2d- towards the Wivcnhoe Fund, to bo
remitted to the Mayor of Southampton.

Tonight (Wednesday)

4—4^ or _ . I 1™ » P blaaLTN
greater |
"Gertie Oltana, the star that ahinc," and Dutoh Daly, with his tho bright particular stars the Hippodrom* this week aay whether it Is aa raconteur that the la
aucfesa. ^
Ucrtio (iitaua »oour«i a personal triumph ut I ud>4rti^
— »
Lil Sprightly scores »itb » catolHr Iitt!.-»oiiff "I want 4o lay good-bye to London I own and I .
should say so ; and Charles Dac:o was very y generously have tho proprietors of the successful with a stirring nautical, song Stand ; ^^xamdra Picture Palace contributed
;1 there will bv the Tcm|icranee Hand. Dane-ing wiU a!w uk« plsc on Wednesday evenings. May 8th^ 15th. and^Mnd. Full parncvlmrs are

One of the best turns in tho bill la that of Gintaro, u Japanese juggler, with all ihc dextifity of the lend of the chrysanthemum, who exploii* hitherto undreamt of potbibilitics in tho art of top-apinnlng. In hia hands a top ia a thing endowed with life and intelligence.
The Almca an a roupk of quite remarkable | acrobatic equilibrists, and to see one of them Ring
k, having given permission Die Southampton Eduestioa Committer lo H tickes for any performance during the week, pting on W,4lm*day and Saturday, the pre
... ......... tummit of
pyramid of chairs is a diszy spcctaKe.
Violet Kin?, a deter entertainer at the piano, and ei. able violinist w beet; Pil%-AU«n. end his assistants in If I wo e the new Prime Minister ic pantomime with
The programme which Palace l his week ia very full of delightful turns
"Gretna Green:" a charming sketch, produced by Fred Moule Mod Co., u and the two scene* are very pretty.
The piece Is fittingly described a ^pugilistic equestrisn sketch, and It by a very talented company.
•ds to go to the Committee's Boot Fund.
This week an insight into American political den. methods, with th«-ir corruption and graft." w^a an animated picture entitled "An Antique (' An unscrupulous candidate makes a never |>.
______ jccesaful attempt to spoil him opponent'*
chanc** of clqctlon, and almost creales schism * I between man and wife. \
The hero of an extremely humorous film, "lilue Spectacles," was a very unfortunate nmn. The fact that he wsa wearing blue spectacles cansed pital • j,'un |0 be taken for a well-known anarchist, and j lie had a rough time at the hands of the revolutionaries and the police.
- "The Meeting of the Ways" was another splendid
ODDFKLLOWS' SOCIAL ULl'B Aa a wind up to the w 'liter session of the j Odd follows' S>>. ial Club,.the annual supper and presentation of prizes gained in the various i co.i>petiti«jnH took place on Thursday evening I in the Oddfellows* Hall, St. Mary's-atreet. Swuthamplmi, the chair being otoupied , by IM'.G.M .1 Purkisti (president), a company nuinl»;\ing about a hundred sitting down to the capital i pi»t provided by -Mrs. Hawkins, of Chapel-road.
After the loyal t*mst had l*een I Honoured the ' President congratulated tho members who had Ih-cii successful in the dilfeieut competitions, i.iid prrecntMl ilie prizes to the following:—
Hilluwdm: 1. Mr. A. ikiWI; 3. K. LQietUiam; consolation, Mr. II. Tapley. Flying handicap, , 1. Mr. A. Oifbell. .
Whist: 1, Messrs. H. Wither.* and H. God Knockout whist: Moears. A. Weukc and ry and WieeUiam and Curry.
oiks tournament: 1, Mr. II. Davis; 2, Mr. Brazier.
The* Glad Eye " Company.
The Southampton Club on Monday evening.- ; brought to a close a most successful season, when the President, Mr. W. C. Kenny, presented the ; -prises won in the annual competition.
The following sro particulars of the «

Shove halfpenny: 1, Mr. M A very excellent smoking concert followed poiuts. th* p:es.-ntatioii, several excellent selections being contributed by tho P«Vt office Band quartette, while admirable songs well-known and favourite local \
cnlh-ction taken for the Mayor's :cali#"d a guinea.
"CUP ' HANDICAP CtlMPPrnTIOX. g Mr. A. C. Whitcher, cup and first prize, 11* 4
and a Mr. H. It. Northover, fourth prize; Professor ^ Titanic Fund W. F. Masom, 7 points each.
subject, while during the 'alter er.d <>f the a number of other well-selected films will bt exhibited.

A feature of more than ordinary interest in | the Gaurnont Graphic record of current ev'eftls, | shown at the East-street Picture Pa'ace this week, | was the departure from Belfast Lough of the is presented i Titanic. A number of other recent item* were J also pictorially presented.
Ping-pong; it is rc ijjain, and the craze oios lair iw we »■»
Clul** are being formed in various" pi tournaments are being arranged.
Will tbo pastime prove as popular unnton as it undoubtedly was a little i i decade ago?
i coming i
TROPHY HANDICAP CDMPKTITION. Mr. A. C. Parker, trophy and first prize, 14
Mr. W. II. Chsfen, second prize, 12] points. ■"tb'"° ; " KNOCKOUT" HANDICAP COMPETITION.
Mr. F. J. II. El well, fimt prize.
'• a'"' Mr. K. T. Lawrence, second prize.
Miuth- ^ was announced that tho big match between* than Portsmouth and Southampton will be played on Saturday, May 11th, at Southampton. %
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