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Our Weekly Illustrated Feature.
No. 1
It *m not till 1890 that tha pmmont quartan of the R.G.A. w«% opened By the Socrotary for War, the Hon. B, gtanhopo. Duri
those year* officers mod men were sn^gcd
that cowUnt application to duty •
explanation of present tfBc-encj. Il good fortune of the Hampshire gunners to be alway* woll officered in it* a^nior, am well am Ma Junior rank*. There baa fciways been continuity, and alway* progree*. Indeed, there bay a only been throe colonels ootnmand'n* in ita hiatory— Col. banco, who retired in 189C, and who had been through oveqr rank from **aner. Ool. MacLauchlan, who carried it on tin 10M. and Uh» present commandant Col. Harrison Hoggo, with whom roata the credit for the complete sueeesa whioh attended tho fundamental change in tha funotkvna of * the cittin army, when tha Volunteer* teamed to eiist, and the Territorial
arduous in ite relation to the II.Q.A. The oid regime, which had alway* been suooeaaful aa far ae local unit* were concerned, demanded of tho member* of the Artillery Volunteer* 15 drille annually, and attendance at camp. Aa a Territorial each man waa required to work out J
20 'drills, and camp for a week or fortnight, but
oven mo il only worked out at three month, and aa Col. Harriaon Hoggo put H In explaining tho eoheme to the regiment, any miu who regarded throe drills a month aa exemaiv* waa not wanted.
Ip addition to thia there were otharjgWtlM
improvement*, all making fbr greater fbr example, promotion fc> the rank of eergeanS
which proviouWy mvolved pasdmg am tion only, neoemmllated mnrfco for a limited period
with a regular unit. But a sergeant under tbo
mohome rooalvrd the pay of his rank while in oainp, and other ranka wero paid In ratio, but they wore expected to do the work of their rank.
R a-
point be me that each member of the CJorpe bmd an individual responsibility which ha wa*
Beted to lire up to. In *alWpa*loo that anta Artillerymen would fully realise thia new responaibillty, they ware constituted an in-tegral part of th* Southern Coast defsncas, which havo their headquarter* at Portsmouth. Sueh in brief wa* the fundamental change whioh took plaoo a year or two baok, which Col. Harrison llogga inaugurated.
[ DtUnham fir Smilk
Commanding Hants R.G.A
A young officcr of tbo Ifonu, R.G.A. waa kod by tho writer, upon taking ,* h,a com-—on, why ho had elecl.d to bwmo a gunner, i hia Mfly, given quite modeaUy, indicated it it warn hcoauso bu liked hard work. The Jtudo waa ma typical of the man am of tbo rpm, for it tm hard work on tho part of every, o, from the ookmel down'to tbo drummer boy, Kh made the oM lat Hani, R.G.A. Volunteer, a o of. tho beat gunner unit* i„ auxiliary -woo, and which ham serurrd for the .{Corp* in now capacity aa the Hani* R.GJL (T.), a nticn no lea* eminent in Ike Territorial Army. ,t only are tho re*onaibiliti,* *hich rost upon wj local gunner Corp* mom one row: than thorn wWkh fall upo: other gunner rrgimcnta, but their record la aa brilliant aa any.
Tho Hant* ItXJ.A., tho second senior Artillery Volunteer Corp* In Great Britain, and during *ha yearn which hkvo elaped mine* it became an in-'ogral part of tho citizen army, it ha* emerged victorious from the moat strenuoua teata which can bo laid upon an Artillery Corp*.
That thS* is not mere flattery, is ahown by I ho foot that tho R.G.A. Volunteers won the Queen's prixo at Bhooburynema, and the gcottiah Cup in a mingle year (1877); that it waa tho first Volunteer Corp* to go into drfensire forta (1888); that one of it* commanding officers waa tho first to receive tho V.D.; that it hma alway* been noar the top in tho competition* of tha National Artillery Amucmtion at Ghoeburyneas yd elae-wbere; and, finally, that ithaa been , deemed worthy to be charged with the defence of South-ampton Water, tho first and moat important channel estuary, in the event of war.
The growth of tho Hanta R.G.A. baa boon a vuvy gradual proems, indeed, it* actual origin in a matter of *omo doubt. There ia a muster roll dated 1800, when tho headquarter* of tho unit, whatever it* name may havo been, were at HiUerne. Tbo records are silent to tho doing* o/ tho Artillery arm between that date and tho THE REGIMENTAL TROPHI
fi'. Gitrtt j
- [ Dtbtnhat
Major J. E. DAWE.
Commanding Left Half.
In tho ae von ties the regiment nearly came an end upon tha retirement of Capt. Hill, but that disaster was averted, though the headquarters wero changed to Southampton, and Sorgt. Banco became lieutenant and commanding officer of a Corps numbering 69 men. In 1874, the year after tha change from* Bittern*, tho runs of tho Corps ware handed over to the Corporation, and constituted tho bsttery on tho platform, tho Corps being auj plied with ooa-verted 32-pounders. A few yean, later tha armament comprised 40-pounder guna— and Armstrong guns at that. In 1881 the Garrison Artillery calabluhed another praredent, though it arose out of an incident whidi wa* almost a tragedy. While practising at Hambl* a gun, an old 24-poonder, burnt, causing seriou* m-luriea to a non-commissioned officer, who, in con-sequence, waa incapacitated. A* th* result of action taken by the commanding officer, tha injured man ws* awarded a pension, being the ^ Volunteer to be so dealt with Tha ngbt cf itecr to a pension following miury under oumatanoe* had not up to that time been xl by the War Office, though H i* i "•n in regulation*.
U -Col. W. O. SHICL. V.D.
Second in Command.
[ Dtbnkmm & Smith
(DthnMam 6• Smith
Major F. H. CHAPLIN.
Commanding Heavy Battery.
Ther* wa*, It ia true, no great ruth to th* ooloum when the K G .A. (T.) cam* Into baing, but TMroiUng has ba*a a&aady si no*, *ad t&day ■) Corps I* 648 strong, numbering 28 bfficera and
. .w v,wi luucwi nsusr oousso. for exoallaot a* tbo drill hall In St. Mary's road wa* under the old condition*, U ha* beeo greatly improved since, and tfa? quartans of officers, a * commissioned officers, snd tho rank and 81a fro -^twmwIioiM and ss up-to-date as any In
The Hants RX).A. ha* received support and ~w.l S«r«UrW of SUU kuo tk*
Btmaoa, M P , and I^rd Lucari lbs preasnt no*.
vakv. i,
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