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September 2j, 1912.

mm Outdoor Recreations.
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/Qosslp from fh«\ V Pl&ylnj Fields. /
After & weii-conte*ted first half, Swindon fairly and squarely outplayed Southamptcn in the ma'ch at the railway town, and finished up with a tic-tory by five goals In nil.
The aaint* «Bd iheir beet work in the 6n*t half, and it was only a few minute* before the interval that. Burkin.It must bo confessed that the Southampton defence has performed indifforontly 00 far, having conceded 14 goal* in five Southern League matches. I believe that Saturday's defeat is the heaviest the Saints have ever sustained on the Swindon ground. The trouble is«4fee old one of "marking" opposing forwards. Some of the Southampton de-fenders want to adopt one conme, and other* an-other, and the result l« chaos.
Its Southampton forwa*d play. too. warn dimap-nointing, though Bkke played well enough to justify another trial on tho right wing, and Taylor played a smart game. Both Andrews and Prince miflsed chances.
Portsmouth had a big gate for the visit of Ply-mouth Argyle. and after a fast and entertaining game honours were easy with a blank *core sheet. Both seta of forwards were in fault in front of goal. Jooea missing tho easiest chance of the day for Portsmouth late in the second half. A. R. Knight played a sound game *t back for the home club.
country have been swarmed wi:h them.
Wednesday afternoon is the favourite time, and it is then that the chief rush takes place. No doubt the Shop Hours Act ham a lot to do wilh it.
One ha» not to go very fa* oul^f Southampton to be in beautiful country, which is looking at its best just now.
Betweon^Bamett and Chandler's Ford—to mention only one stretch—there is a magnificent scenic
Among a small wood of birch trees may be seen the purple of the heather mixed with the brghl yellow of the bracken, which has a charming
Hie Avenue, too. is looking, lovely just now. and to the lover of tho beautiful it is well wocth while to ride up to the top cf the Common ami free-wheel slowly down, noticing thg variegated hues of the elms and beechrt», which are very
The only drawback is the kxwmem of the roads in the country districts, which plav havoc wilh
It »*o{ interest to note that at- a conference of the Manchester centres of the O.T.C. ahd N.C.U., a member proposed that cyclists should time motorists and instigate proceedings against them if they em-ceded the speed limit*
Should the members of the two organisations approve of the scheme. it win he put into operation.
The action is said to be due to " the criminally negligent driving of materia'* around Manchester."
club's range. The visitors suffered defi prom being: Eastleigh. 767: Bishops Waltham. 727 plus 15; a difference of 25 pom:*. —
In order to encourage riflo shots and "miniature" men to go to Bisley, it is proposed to hold a one-day prize meeting on October 5th. Sines most of the small bore ' shots " have access to 23 and 50 vards ranges, it is not proposed to have squadded competitions at these distances, but to confine the small bore events to 100 and 200 nards. squadded and unlimited.
The entries are far in excess of what wa« anticipated, and are still rolling in. Ladies have been cordially invited to enter, and it Is evident that the sport has "caught on" with the fair sex by the number that have accepted—in fact, (he first, entry to be forwarded was from a
Tho innovation is receiving the support it deserve*. Many traders have offered to provide facilities for " miniature" men, which will enable them to compete in the " full charge" events.
Hampshire markswomsa have succeeded where their brothei* failed A few weeks ago marksmen dofeaUd most decisively a team from Hants, but in a match fired recently between a team from the Sussex Ladies' Rifle Association and a team of ladies from Hampshire clubs, the Sussex markswomen were defeated by 45 points.
The popular Polytechnic Harrier, who the pe* , vioum week succeeded in making a fresh record , for 200 yardr, went, all out to do tho nunc at 890 yards, having aa pacemakers such woll-known men as W. A. Stewart. of Australia, and V. H. D'Arcy, both of whom were in roccipt of several
Making the pace hot from the start, Applegarth had to put in all ho know to catch them, which he did before the but fifty yards had been entered on, and finahing with a magnificent burst, ha breasted tho tape in 21 4-5secs., which equal* O. Is. Wood's British record.
It transpired afterwards that Apple garth burst his shoe in the Inst hundred, which caused him -
Cowos Denmark Road Council School (Clrls).
Cowes Denmark Road Council School (Boyf).
MR. A. A. FRY,
The first captain of Southampton St. Mary's F.C., and now headmaster of Foundry Lane Elementary School, Southampton. (See History of the Southampton Club, Page q.)
Mills-all retained their position at the head of the Southern League by beating Norwich City at New Cro**, hut they only managed to scrape home by a goal, moored by Davis.
Queen'* Park Banger* also gained a narrow v#o-tory in their match with Northampton at Park Royal. At ono &hne the visitors led by two *o one, but Andrews equalised, and with almost the last kick of the match Browning won the game for the Rangers Freeman got both goals for Northampton.
Beading gained their Arst, suecem of the season at Bristol, afler being s goal down at tho In-terval, and the meeting of Coventry City and Btoke at Coventry produced plenty of exciting in-cidenta and soven goals, Ave of which were claimed by Coventry.
Uke the senior eleven, Southampton Reserves had five goals registered against them, but they were able to respond once. Portsmouth scored four goals during tho first half, and only on* in the second, although they had many fine oppor-tunities of further increasing their lead.
Ite Reserves were beaten by a cleverer *ide Their forwards never seemed to get going, and the halve* were the best Una, McFoat putting in a lot of hard but unavailing work.
Reading from top row (left to right) : F. Woods and H. Wyatt; Joe Mulcock, John Mulcock (holder of Hoys',Championship, and W. Green; E. Spidy.
Standing (left to right) : F. 1'innick, J. Hunt, and M. Eltringham. (Sitting) : O. Butchers.
TTicro was a good entry for the Stoneham •' "ninthly medal competition on Saturday, ths fiat 1 division producing a tie between Mean. B. F. Rayford (87-8-79) and D. C. J. Thorn** (91-1*- '
)n the second division Mr. A. Ackroyd was the winner with a net score of 78 on a handicap of 15. Mr. J. Thornhill was second from 14, with a net score of 79, while Mr. H Hamblyn and the Rev. I. M. Joins were 80 net, their handicaps be-ing 13 and 22 respectively.
Th* handy little guide to the Stoneham course, noticed in this column last week, explains the . n«ont change* in ths course in deUil.
Members, of course, know them well, but th* info-mat ion may be liandy to visitors.
The 14th is now pllyed from tho ok! 14th tee to the 15th green, tho change being made on the recommendation of Taylor. v
The 15th waa formerly the 18th hole, and the 18ih is tho old 14th, while the 17th is played from or near the old 15th tee. which lengthens th* hole.
The green, vide the guide, is considered absolutely unique. Tho main stream rung under U for a distance of 85 yards, being covered in lOfk wide with split oak trees .over which is a perfect
The 18th hole is thus brightly mentioned: " From the lowist to tho hi chest part of the ooureo many a player wishes no could reverse it (in which there i< a profound if rather obvious truth). Still, with the olub-hcuse in sight, he slogs his way home, carefully keeping the ' out of bounds' well to his right, and Anally rods Into his comfortable armchair, etc., looking out on a glorious view from the club-house verandah, forgetting divots, stiimics, and all, other horrors."
The et cetera is very neat.

Marine Superintendents, Master Mariners,
The Safest, Quickest, Cheapest, and Lightesj known. Daily demonstrations.
indoor miniature range, on which to keep his hand and eye in during the "rest" season. Local rifle-men who follow the sport during the winter months are especially well catered for by the Southampton and DiMrict League. At the annual mooting of this combination, held last week—the fifth, by the way—there was an abundance or ovidonce of the popularity of riAe shooting In artificial light.
We are promised something more than extra during the forthcoming season, tho old clubs, with but ono exception, together with additional teams from Notlcy, L. and BW R. Mechanical Engineers (Bastleigh), and the Southampton Municipal OBI cere' Guild, will comprise tho two divisions of the
There ha* been a drastic revision of the rules and conditions of shooting. The five bull decimal target will be in use, and also the definer when occasion demand* the definition of a doubtful shot value. Marking will take place at the conclusion of a, dctaif, which should, in most cases, obviate tho considerable waste of time which has been experienced in the past.
Encumbered by a heavy debt, progress was bound to bo slow. But now, good management and enthusiastic enterprise, tempered by rigid cconomy, audi the support of a few patrons, the Treasurer (Mr. Perdval Sawyer) was able to announce that tho financial affaire of the Losgue had improved considerably, and that at the end of spa*on 1912—13 the League should be free from
The annual smoker and presentation of prises will bo held at headquarter:, Berroia Town Hotel, on Wednesday, October 30;h. Hie challenge shield and medal* will be pwnntcd to tho Eaetleigh club on that occasion.
The officials that managed the affaire of the League last season were re-elected, and a hearty vote of (hank* accorded them for their satisfacturv stewardship. ,.
Next Monday evening, at 7 30, the delegates will meet at headquarters to arrange fixtures for the forthcoming season.
Two matches under the auspices of the Saris bury and District League were find on Saturday. Southampton were visitors to Weston, and were
The conditions wore miniature, at 25 and 50 yard* ranges, decimal scoring, ton shots at each rtuigo, and the h p. 200. Miss Stillwcll and Miss Lynn each registered 193, whilst the highest score for Su«scx was 189, registered by Mrs. P. W. Nor-
With tho advent of October the cross-country season commences, and members of the Hampshire Amateur Athletic Club are looking forward to a I successful time.
' They had no cause to grumble at the previous ' one, inasmuch as they won the South of tho Thames...Championship, and the club's many road ^wuro well contested.
The prospects for the coming season are bright, although tho club will feel tho k*a of one or two | of their best men, who have left tho district.
tho improving form shown by many of th
Lieu tenant-General Sir Rob ft Baden-Po\ -slL K.C.B., K.C.V.O., LL.D., F.R.G.S., th* (M Scout, will be present at the. great Scout ra*y which is announced to take place at the Booth, ampton County Cricket Ground on Wednesday, October 2nd. The rally, which is to be held » connection with th* Hampshire Boy Scouts' As-sockation, will be attended by 2,600 HsmpWhire Souuts, for the purpose of m&ting their beloved "Chief." In addition, there wiM be a most attrao* livy programme of displays and competition* by tho various district Associations, which are'oertala to prove woO worth watching. The band of the Sbli Hants Regiment »il bo in attendunoo. Additional information a* to thi* interesting function may be obtained by referring to our advertising oJumn*.
younger i
em bore last war conduces I

One of the conditions, however, of winning the "Junior" la that th* anw team cannot compete a second time, but must, if they wish 'o enter a championship race, fly at higher game, vir.., tho Southern Counties or the 'National.
This does not preclude the junior member* of the club, but only the winning team.
It will thu.s be seen that the "Hampshin V team have a big taak before them if they wish to make even a decent show in-the senior event, and it behove* the members to attend assiduously to their training. *
The first run of the season will taki place Saturday week, starting from the Cowherd at three Q,'clock, and will be continued every Satur-day^and^Wcdnesday afternoons; the evening nu-^t-ipg ha* ken dropped for * time at leas*.
j There Is a irooo entry in the one mils open handicap a' the Territorial Military Tournament on Saturday, at the County Ground, Southampton, where a lengthv and varied programme *hould attract a big crowd. -
The track season practically dess.1 on Saturday, when the London Athletic Club held rh»-ir autumn nyeting at Stamford Bridye, where a big crowd again witnessed a brilliant bit of sprinting by W. R. Applagarth. ^
Newbury races are to be held on Friday and Saturday next, and the Ixtndon and Southwestern Railway announce a special train to the nwxeoumo ration, leaving Southampton* Dock* Skit ion at 11 22 am., and calling at local station*. Further particular* may be seen on reference to our advert i«ing columns.
An excursion will leave, on Saturday next from Southampton (Docks and Wmt Stations), Red-bridge. Lyndhuret Road, Beaulieu Road. Northern, St. Demy*. Swaythling, Bastleigh, and other I station* for three or four days to Birmingham-| Particulars are advertised.
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