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' ' " '' . T September 25, 1912.
Our photograph U of Mr. Chsrles Barnci, Iakeraan-road. Woolaton, who for nearly t]
Inkennan-rosd, Woolaton, who for nearly three' year* waa a great sufferer from Rheumatic Gout and swelling, and u a consequence waa out of work all that time. There ia not a thing that Mr Bamea did not try, but all with disappointing rssulU. It ia only a few months since Mr. j Barnes started with Morrison's "68" treatment, and now he is already at work, and all who know* .him from before can hardly believe that this is he,
, tired, indifferent and lack of energy, if jour-blood is out of order, cauiing you Rashes, Piles, Boils, Itch, Varicose Veins or Ulcers, etc., *to. If your heart is weak or palpitates, tightness in the chest, difficulty in breathing, if your food i with you, do not delay, but put Mom-J8" to the test in your own case, and Jsfy youraelf that this wonderful Remedy hss t power to do the same good In your own case as it haa already done in tbouaanda of othera.
One trial packet of Morriaon'a "66" (price 2s. 9d.) is enough to convince any sufferer that this new ^-Tatment is really a genuine and positive cure at it. and a remedy which is worth the confidence those who have vainly spent time, money, and patience in trying all other things.
J. B. M0RM80N.
40, High-street.
The whole neighbourhood of Southampton in moral, and the relatives and friends of Miss N. ., of West wood road, are quite bewildered with tKe recovery of Miss Sloneage from
neuritis and swelling, of which she was a great sufferer for over four years.
Many a night Miss Btoncago warn afraid to go • bed, for fear the pain would come on more
There not a thing that Miss Stonemge did not try, but all with disappointing results.
Last March Miss Stoneago started with Morri-son's 66 treatment, and after a few day: she wrote to Mr. Morrison the gratifying wpreewon, " What a blessing to be able to sleep at nieht, after years of sleepless nights. All tho swelling
ar- ........
return of pain, fou have my consent to publmk my came for the good of other sufferers, aa the benefit I had from Morrison's 66 is more than I can possibly describe, and it la therefore highly deserving my recommendation.
Yours ever gratefully,
Hour*:—10 a.m. till 8 p.m. Telephone:—Southampton 1552.
N.B.—Tho original mjj be neon ou application.
Telegraphic Address:—" REMEDIES," Southampton.
Eldridge Pope & Co.
Porchester Brewery.
Crystal Ale
OatMalt Stout
1/- per Gallon in Small Casks.
2/6 per Doz. Pint Bottles.
The Cream of « »
78r-§^uthampton Road, Eastleigh,
Middle Street, The Avenue,
Tel. 491. Telegrams "RELIANCE."
Why not send your Motor Car Motor Cycle or
Cycle to us for repairs ?
It will pay
Plating or
Estimates for any
Noto tho Address—
WORKS Co., Ltd.,
Motor Carriages For Hire
Ready to go anywhere--at any time.
Moderate Terms. Thoroughly experienced Qhaitjjeiifs—_
To take you to and from the Railway Station—the Theatre— the Ball—the Party—Paying Calls—or into the Country for Fresh Air, the Motor Carriage is supreme. Sor-'Phone 461.
F. A. HENDY & Co., Ltd.,
East Street «
The above picture give: a good idea of the eitenmive new brick building Messrs. J. G. Fay and Co., Ltd., yachtbuilders, of Northam, have recently had erected, and which is claimed to be the- Anrst of it* nnd in any yachting yard in the United Kingdom. It contain: *ome 60 odd yacht stores, all well lighted and ventilated, and the building it*elf is absolutely Greproof. This building has taken the place of ih« wooden block of stores which are being entirely demolished. •
A gentleman, who had been refreshing himself at one of the Paris boulevard cafes, hur ritxlly re-entered the ostabliahment and asked the waiter, " Did I leave behind me on the table a small parcel tied with a string?"
" No, sir," replied the waiter.
" By Jove, then, it's unlucky I I shouldn't like the parcel to get into strange hands, for it contained some valuable—7^^
"Jewels, sir!" suggested the waiter, smiling blandly.
" Good heavens! No, man ; scorpion*—some very rare and deadly scorpions!' ___
The waiter smiled no more. On the contrary, he turned deathly pale, and, sinking into the nearest chair, gasped as he pointed to his coat pocket- "They are thereI"
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