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September 18, 19:2.
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Outdoor Recreations.
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Obtain Programme of COOK'S Excursions to the MIDLANDS, NORTH OF ENGLAND, and SCOTLAND. BELFAST, DUBLIN, and ISLE OF MAN, by direct route via Cheltenham ; Excursion Bookings to Scotland and North-Eastern Towns via London, also Programme of Excursions from St. Pancras, London, to the PROVINCES and all parts from :—
On SATURDAY, SEPT. 21«t, Cook's trip will leave Southampton Dock 10.5 a.m., West 10.12 a.m., Romsey 9.43 a.m., for
Tickets and particulars ot—
THG9. COOK & SON, 32, Oxford Street, SOUTHAMPTON.
The Australians end South Africans finished their cricket tourm in England on Saturday, the former with a defeat, ana the latter with a victory. Our visitors, although beaten by the mother-country in the Temt matches, have proved good mportamen. am was expected, and Uiey will depart with pleasant recollections of their tours, except for the weather, which could scarcely have been
It is an ill-wind that blow; no one any good, however, and the unpropitious weather has had the effect of arouming public interemt In the present football season much earlier than is usually the
rule, it is not until Optober (hat the
pastime am long am possible, but this year, with all the conditions favouring football, the opening League games have attracted enormous attend-
The meaaon, of courme, im too young yet to aBbrd any definite idea am to form, but Southern League happeningm have been full of interemt.
One of Saturday's most significant results was the defeat of Reading at home by Millwall. Follow-ing their victory over Southampton, thim remult suggests that Millwall have got together a team which will take a prominent place in the Southern League thim memaon. Reading, however, do net appear to be particularly mtrong, for they ware beaten by Brentford.
Swindon hardly appear so strong as last year Fleming, perhaps, being mimmed, and they encoun-tered a decidedly better side than themselves in the Argyle at Home Park, Plymouth. It is worthy of not* that both Norwich $nd Plymouth, who appear to be above the average of Southern League sides, have been beaten by last peamon'm champions,
?ueen'm Park Rangerm, a hopwul augury for the
ark Royal club.
After being two goals down at the interval, the Saints very nearly lost at home to Bristol Rovers for the thud game in muceesmkm, but they Anally drew the match through a splendid second half
The homo team did nearly all the pressing in the Armt half, and yet were two goalm down. The Bristol forwards did not often get going, but whenever they did they required a lot of stopping.
However, Kimpton succeeded in scoring early in the second half, while Andrews equalised with a brilliant long range drive ten minutes from the
The forward line, however, failed to reproduce the form they showed at Northampton. Taylor warn the bemt of the quintette, and Andrews mhaoed well at outside left. The backs were fairly good, but the defence, on the whole, was by no means convincing against a fast attack.
The Saints' Reserves beat Bournemouth by 4 goals to 1, and Woolston made no mistake in their first County League match at Cowem.
Cowes are no weaker than last year, but iho great improvement" in the Woolston ranks proved too much for them.
September, after a bad opening, has made amends to a certain extent, and anglers last week had the most favourable time for fishing they Java eqwrieneed thim season.
On most days fly fishermen rejoiced to see a good batch of blue winged olives, gold witch, snd the pale watery olives, all of which have proved very effective for grayling and trouL
Coarse fishing has improved considerably, and some good sized roach, chub, perch, and pike hate been reported.
•a? parties off Net ley landed some big fiih.
One angler caught some very nice whiting off Net ley last week, some weighing over a pound.
Baas are taking better now than they did a week or two back; while mullet are not infrequently captured.
All fly-fishers f
learnt with sorrow the death __
bam, the inventor of the famoms " Wickham's Fancy," a fly which has probably killed more trout and grayling than any other, with the exception, perhaps, of the May fly.
There is a variety of opinion as to the merits of the various baits umdd for grey mullet, which are just now at their best.
On the authority of Mr. John Bickerdyke, common flour paste is not a good bait, ordinary soaked bread being far better.
Very small portions should be used, not much larger than a pea. unless the fish run large.
Boiled and unboiled shrimps and prawns, peeled, are useful baits when the angler has enough small shrimps to use broken up for, ground bait.
Pounded crab is good as a general ground "ait, while pilchard guts are usually effective. This refers, of course, to Ashing oS tne boWoXh.
For mid-water fishing lighter tackle is required, and a float used.
Mullet also feed-on-the surface, and mav otteu bo seen in a quiet harbour nosing about the surface for food.
The following are some of the sea angling femti-valm to take place before the end of ihe season: Scarborough. Sept. 21. 23, and 24: Southend. Sept. 28, 29, and 30; BroadmLairm, Sept. 28, 29, and 30: Margate,. Oct. 5, 6. and 7: Heme hay (pier). Oct. 5. 8. and 7; Heme Bay (boatm). Or;. 26, 27, and 28; Hastings, Oct. 12. 13. and 14'; South wold. Oct. 15 to 18: Great Yarmouth, 0CYCLING.
At Heme Hill, on Saturday, there was a splendid meeting of cycling champions under the auspices of the N.C.U.
The victory of H. E. Ryan, of the Polytechnic C.C., over V. L. Johnson, hovers' C.C., inthe pre-liminary heat of the half-mile invitation scratch came am a great surprise.
Ryan, however, could only obtain third pla.v in the final, am W. J. Bailey, the world's cycling champion, won 4>y nearly three lengtns from H. T. Johnson in 67 2-5 sees.
Vic. Johnson did better in the five miles invito Lion scratch race, which he won by half a length from Liddle in 11 min. 28 2-5 sees.
In a 30 miles and one hour record attempt, C. H. Bartlett (Polytechnic C.C.). although not mic-cemsful, put in a fine piece of riding.
He covered 29 miles 140 yards in the hour. • ith F. H. Orubb (Vegetarian C.C.) hanging on: ml.
cz©-:©-:-^:c:©:c:c:©:t-:t<:t:^:c:c:c: FOOTBALL I
assiduously, and it is in a great measure (hie to I them that this, the largest, club meeting ever l.eld in the county, was a splendid success.
A record was created by the number of entries received, which exceeded 200. and one can gather, to a certain extent, the work involved in handi canning all the events.
There were, of course, some surprises. The " dark horse" was again prominent it is very rarely missing from a meeting—but on the whole the handicap was drawn up with commendable exacti
Mr. W. Stuart has proved himself to be the most consistent marksman in the club. Again winner of the championship, Mr. Stuart or " Jock," as he is better known in town and county - is in receipt of many congratulations.
The Crighton Cup. shot for on handicap lines, was again won by the hen. secretary. This success warn exceedingly popular.
The ladies' event was contested on Wednesday in bitterly cold weather, but. notwitstanding much inconvenience, some good scores were regwtered. The result was as follows: Miss Srrnes. 90 plu* 18 108: Miss Selaler. 68 plus 27 -95: Mim Matthews. 71 plus IB 89: Miss Wallis, 70 p! ,s 16
Event 1, 25 yards, was won by S. Q*. Sclgro/e. score 81 plus 25 106. Event 2. 50 v«Hs. was secured by C. O. Yokes, score 95 plus 7—102. Event 3. 100 yank, was won by P. A. Tall, mcore 94 plus 13.3 107.3. Event 4. rapid at 50 yards was won by A. Maffcy with a score of 93 plus 7.5
There arc five prises in each of the above events. Each had thirty-six entries. The highest possible off the gun in each instance was 100.
Event 5. the championship, as already state!, was won by \V. Stuart with a score of 2,030. closely followed by A. Maffev with a score of 2,008.
The team shoot, one of the o|*eti events of the meeting, wa* very popular with " the fancy."'The Southampton Club's A team won somewhat easily with a score of 581 out of a possible 600. Bittcrni-| tied with Southampton B for second position with i score of 367. and on a shoot off Bittern* won I Scores: Bit I erne. 574: Southampton B. 564.
American and White Star I.ine R.C. were third. : core 561: Sansbury. fourth. 540; E Company Sth j Hants, fifth The battalion Teanj of the 5th Hamp j shires entered, but the team was incomplete. 'Ihe | three men that fired averaged 95.1.
Don't Miss this! To-Day at 4.43.
On SATURDAY—3.30. Reserves v. Portsmouth Reserves.
E. ARNF/llD, Sn.
The Southampton ulub's Annual Smoker and Presentation of Primes will take place at the Southwestern Hotel on Saturday, October 28th. Mr. P. E. Curry has kindly consented to preside. Sarisbury and District League results:— Eastleigh R.C., 781; Sarisbury B.C., 730. Eamlleigh B.C.. 780; Wemlon R.C., 727. Southampton R C., 790; Sarisbury R.O.. 761.
Now that the weather is somewhat finer the boat racing in Southampton Water is drawing to ft close. Saturday saw the last of the matches on the sailing programme of the Minima Yacht Club (Solent Division), and out of three events on the card only one produced a contest, and it was for the 18 feet open centre-board class. The elementa were far from favourable, for although it warn fine yet there was very little wind, what breeso there was just after the start falling off to a calm. Consequently the race officer (Mr. B. J. Barter) had no alternative but to stop the race when half the course had been completed. The boats had a long^siruggle against a five knot tide, and it was not until the ebb had done and the first of the flood came that they were able to get to the goal. Dr. Fenton's Sirius was the winner, independent of her time allowance (two minutes), she finishing in front of Sally, Dr. Laud__________. .......\____ „t .v.. ______i:_r
boat winning tfir greatest qumber of points in the 18 feet class, and this goes to Dr. Lauder's Sslly. Although the Minima have closed the sailing season their club-house on the Royal Pier still
The West Quay Regatta Club have matches this afternoon for the under 3 tons class, starting off the Club-house over a triangular course^
It is announced on good authority that Mr. G. Cecil Whitaker, owner of the schooner Water* witch, has commissioned Mr. O. E. Nicholson to design him a schooner for next season's racing. There it no doubt Waterwitch is a failure am ft racer, and let us hope that the new vessel by ft southern designer, and which will be built by his firm at Gosport, may prove as good a boat as the 15 metre yacht Istria has done this season.
The Burnhatn race week concluded on Saturday, snd out of the seven days' racing Captain B. T. Dixon's Jonquil heads the list, as she won four first prises in the seven matches sailed, and the other Hytho built boat, Chaero, Mr. Sefton Purdey, captured one. The Whim, which formerly belonged to Mr. O. Rivett-Carnae,' of Hytbe, "also won one, as did Oypaetos. Thus Mr. Morgan Giles has every reason to be pleased with the performances of Jonquil and Chaero. both of which he designed, during the psst season.
Beaten, under circumstances familiar to all. golfers, in the U.S. Championship, there wae a ----table expectation that Mr. Hilton would sue-
__ .1 _ I ' _____________ ___ IL. T ink.
ceed in the big tournament on the National Links at Long Island, which followed.
Getting to the semi-fink! without difficulty, Mr.
Cowes and Woolston Captains tossing for choice of ends at Northwood Park on Saturday. The Cowes skipper the rixht) is hi the act of spinning the coin. *
in the end. won the 30 miles race by 100 yards from Grubb in 1 hour 1 min. 42 2 5 sirs.
F. Osmond, of Bournemouth, was third in (lie "high" bicycle sfratch race for the "Old Timers' " Challenge Cup.
A week 3r two ago reference was made in these notes to the nuisance pedestrians, who persist in walking in the middle of ihe roads, are to cyclists.
The following interesting paragraph appears in the current issue of " Cycling." from a cutting in a Japanese newspaper:
"The Prefectural ^authorities (of Tokio, Japan) announce that the pedestrian rule will* be strictly enforced.
" Notices have been posted' in conspicuous plar»» in the city, warning the pedestrians against walk ing the mid-road wherever there arc found sid» -
"In places where there is no side-walk lW«: pedestrians must keep to the left under all cir-
The Southampton Rifle Club's fourth annual Bisley, which concluded last week, was decidedly the most successful meeting ever held on the Highfield rangea.
The hen. secretary, Mr. V. II. Gibson, the bun assist.-sec.. Mr. N. E. Evans, and the club's handi-capper and statistical officer have worked mo-.
Mr. Stuart has also won the Travers* Cup (ban dicap) with a score of 319. He was closely fol lowed by Messrs. E. Wyall and A. Maffcy.
The disc smashing time limit team shoot *a« won by a team composed of Messrs. W. Stuart, II. Mills, A Copp. and C. Clews. Itunners up: Messrs A. Maffcy. P. B. Ingoldby. J. Knox, and W. Blunden.
There was not a dull moment. Every opportunity was given the competitors for continuous shooting. It was a capital illustration of the advantage of being able to keep four ranges in use simultaneously.
The "extra" 25 yards range was the venue of the " unlimited," which was open to all members of clubs in the district, ami many of those who took part in the team shoot availed themselves of a sporting chance in this cash prixe event.
Messrs. S. G. Kendall (Bitterne) snd A Maffev Southampton) each scored highest possibles, nnd are bracketed as shsring the first and second prixe. W Stuart; (Southampton) secured the bird with a %y*fi^nT~9o out of a possible 100.
A not Iter " unlimited," which, perhaps, was the greater/attraction, was a tea, so kindly dispensed be a valuable friend of the club in the person of Mrs. L T. Wooldridge. The steaming cup wa* absent in a good manv cases, but the refreshment provided was not a whit lcsa_appreciat«d. and the thanks of all who participated were voiced at the conclusion of the meeting to those ladies who assisted in attending to the cravings of the inner
weiung mo scuil-uiiai wiiuuut uuuiunj,
Hilton went under in that round, falling at the fiineteonth hole to a comparatively unknown golfar, Mr. E. M. Barnes.
The arrival of the American papers with remarkably graphic accounts of the events connected with the championship, does not add greatly to our knowledge of that notable meeting, though a few characteristic touches are provided.
The winner's comment, after shaking ths hand , of Mr. Hilton, was " Gee, I wouldn't go through
It was probably the .feeling of Mr. Hilton also, though vide the reports be said nothing.
Another championship which was worked oB during the week end was the Irish, played at New castle, Co. Down, and which was won by Mr. Gordon Lockhart. "
Mr. Norman Hill won the Burberry Challenge Cup. one o( the trophies of the Bramshot Club, on Saturday, being one down on a handicap of 14 The match between the Second Divimopa of the Stoneham and Leeon-Solwt clubs oc Saturday was won with ease by the former-
the Stonoham player* had a lead of five on the singles, payed in the morning, and of one o* the four*jnea in the afternoon.
To the very general regret of the members of the gtoneham Club, Tiny," the friend of everyone. has just died aa the result of a motor accident. .
Tiny " waa a loveeb'.e, ma well aa an accomplished dog; he was admirable in retrieving belle, I
but cLdn't like being photographed.
Major Heathen* e baa compiled a very ua?ful handbook and souvenir of the Btoneham Club, which will be exceedingly useful to visitors.
It is parked full of club information, historical, ts-ohnicaJ, and geographical. There ie a plan of
the rules of the club, and the rulee of the c
The 11th hole.- by the way, ie described as the fin rut two-shot brfe In the world.
It may not he generally known that Oapt. Come Soott, the president of the club, was one of the pioneers ot golf in Southampton. He ie the holder of 11 scratch medals, and many other prizes, and has been preddent of the Brgral North Devon Club.

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