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September 18, 1912.

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Editorial Chaf.
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TELEPHONE No. 107 (a Lines).
One Year - 6/8 Six Months - 3/4 One Quarter - 1/8
Advertising Terras on application to:—
Southampton & District Pictorial,
45, Above Bar,
Photographic Competition
Best Photograph of Local Interest.
The Pictures should be Topical in Character, and bear on the back the Name and Address of the Sender, and a Description of their subject.
(Photographs should reach us by SATURDAY MORNING).
Next Week tlx* "Pkiorial" will bo per- | manentlv enlarged to 20 page*. This announcement will doubtless, surprise the little Iwuid of ( pessimists and croakers unfortunately found in every community ^ith their predictions of dire ! disaster to every new undertaking. When thtr' •'Pictorial" was started last April there wore the usual gloomy fombodings that "the paper would' not last." that "there were not sufficient local pictures to keep it gcing." and so on. Our experience has certainly Ixvn directly con-tiary, for we haw always had more pictures , than we liave been able to publish. We have decided consequently U» enlarge the scope of "the paper, aril to "provide for the winter mouths not only more pictures, but mere reading matter.
® © ®
Next week the first1- instalment of a tlirilling new serial atcry will appww, and the other new features will include the opening chapter of the history of the Southampton Football Club, which will run for twenty weeks or so. Danny Maher, the famous jockey, will record wnic of his racing reminiscences, the ladies will l*< more lrl>erally catered for. and there will bu other attractive innovations.
w ho set out to walk from Ryde to Sandown on Sunday un Hearing Prading reiki as follows:— Pyde 3 miles.
1 trading g mile.
Shanklin 51 miles.
They plodded on a few hundred yards further, when to their astonishment they discinvn^l they had broken all the world's walking words, for • this is what they read—
ltvde 4 mili*«.
Prading 1 mile.
Shanklin 4J miles.
That Irle < f Wight mile was negotiated at the rate if about 12 mile* an hour! Whilst ltydo had suddenly fall.-n a mile in the rear. Prndiug had oitlv advanced one furlong, whilst ShauWin had rhorteued half a mile! Put. even more extraordinary to relate, after walking a few more hundred yards the travellers were confronted with the information that the distance to Hyde was 5J miles! In desperation the bewildered tourists appealed to a group of villagers in the Impe that they would be able to throw some light on the mystery. "I" cannot explain it," icplicd a yokel, " 'cept that they 1h« Isle of Wight miles!" In all seriousness the matter ought to receive attention.- If the mileage is necessary on signposts it slu>uld be
Our prize of half-a-guinea is awarded to Mr. II. II. R. Northovcr, in, Wood side Road. Southampton, for the above pretty studies showing children feeding swans on Southampton Common.
made of the irritating amount, of coughing by children, and one of the epeaken* sugg,*ted thai the sidesmen should dispense "cough drops" to the atl'ictul ones. There is a danger that thia will but aggtavate the offence, as, unhes nasty ones are distribute*! coughing will inciease at an alarming rate.
Umdoners who are always complaining because thoroughfares they use are habitually j " up " in autumn, do not appreciate what the provinces arc capable of in this direction when on thoir mettle. We have a rtud in Soiitharap; ton which is prolxtbly a record breaker. A few weeks ago it was up f«4* widening, which was very necessary. Pv the time it was rendered tolerably amooth by much gnashing of tyres as well as teeth, it was " up " for attention undur tlie hoed of gas supply. 11m relaying and tyre tearing business went on again, and now the rood top is being hacked up again, -goodness knows what for.
To whom do blackberries Wong? Xo one has troubled to investigate tl*e title of th* small bev who brings home a basketful of his own gathering (to say nothing of Utoso consumed in the process), and yet there is a considerable doubt as to whether findings are really keepings. It ia true that when someone tried * to settle the point recently by summoning blackberry gatherer he failed, because the fruit is uncultivated, but this, it is said, doea not covor the point. The case of tile blackberry . is akin to tliat of the mushroom,' which is equally uncultivated, yet convictions have been obtained against unauthorised mushroom gatherers, whklh have been upheld by Um Court of Appeal. There is a subtle distinction between taking blackberries without ponnia-siou and Mealing mushrooms, and most young people will lisk proceedings even with the Court of Appeal in tlie background when searching out the wild and succulent blackberry.
Some travellers almwd get into a painful plight over their lost luggage I because they i unable to explain what it was like, or supply other details. The (ttvmans are tackling the problem with their customary lliorougbeei and at several of the big stationa a novel aid ' to searchers is supplied. This consist! of a book cf nearly a hundred pages, containing illustrations, labelled in Kuglish, French, and (Jermnn, of all types .of bogs, |xwtmanteaux, and Is-xes in common use at the present day. The tourist, on making application fnc hia lost property is I winded a copy of the I ok, and asked to pick out from 'the illuatrations those bearing .the closest resemblance to the missing articles, and by this means it is hoped tliat the task
of finding them will bo simplified.
© ® ©
Tin* «»t of living in the KIiAcm does not ciuse nearly as much concern to the average hou i.'h"!dcr is Uie seal city of cooks who are sufficiently qualified to make a pudding. In fact the demand is so much greater than the supply all tlonugh the Kaatem States that any sort of dpmestic is luml to get, and all sorta of ti-mptiig baits have to bo used. A prominent man who wanted a cook for his ueintry ' house advertised, ami besides gncd wages tlie privileges held out included : A private dining room ; use of half-acre lawn ; lets of flowers to look at; seventeen-mile motor car ride once a week." Now we know why the emigration figures have gone up so rapidly recently.
s which has attended the " Pic-tile first number has been most We have received complimentary n all parts of tlie earnest end
•rid. aiul
It is a Condition of the Competition that we } patnuuge cf shall be permitted to reproduce any of the pictures , ,
sent in ; kut in the event of publication a payment of half-a-crown per photo will be made.
All photos tor approval will be carefully '» n«;x„u,iblf for tin- inf. .mutual con-
considered by the Editor, but no respqniibility what- veyed by the signposts w*-»the Isle ,.f Wight? ever can be accepted in respect thereof, although, if] Anything muM luditiuuly *.!■(«•:«»' Unit the
able size is enclosed for that purpose. it would be hard to find. Four SouthampUniaiu
Thore is a good dual of mi/applied energy in Southampton. One gonial lunatic spent Satuy^ day night L&t iu upr cling the pMparaUool made oil the M..irlauds for Uie massed bandit performance of the following day. He\mve no indication of his motive for wliat is a raUyer meaningless trick. There is no gn.und for sup-pofing tliat it was a suffragette escapade.
The problem of how to aU/p coughing in church has woiried more than <*ie Hampshire clergyman, so perhaps they would ivA. bo ungrateful for a suggestion. At a vestry meeting of a certain church a strong complaint was
A most prominent feature of motor touring this summer has been the largo p umber of sidecars attached to motor cycles. They are to bo met everywhere—in the city or on the open road, in the Highlands, the I»wlands, on the wide open tiuuk roads and on utliers scarcely wide enough to permit of passing. And as they rattle along they present the cheapest and in zome respects the most comfortable form of moUr cycle touring in pairs. Yet it is doubtful if the side car as a means of travel will survive. It is mechanically unsound, and if a light four-wheeler runabout can be built at a moderate price, the side-car will go. The que*-tiou is: Will the cheap runabout materialise?
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