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"■"i* September 4, 1912.
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Outdoor Recreations.
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Hampshire wound up their county championship matches with a glonou* victory orer Warwick *hire. (he ex-champion*, mod appropriated the sixth place in the County Championship table.
This is a substantial improvement on last year's record, and it would have been even better but for very bad *lina oo the part of the Hants player* when meeting Yorkshire and Gloucestershire.
Te most gratifying feature of the Warwickshire match was the brilliant revival of Newman, who, surpassing all previous achievements this year, took 11 wickets for 75 run*, dismissing seven oats men in the visitor*' second inning* at a cost of
IiaillliJUiie uuum mwu,*a
atrong. for Kennedy has bowled magnificently all through, and after the fir*t month it was very rarely that the wicket did not suit the bowler.
Hampshire's batting all through has been dis-tinctly good, although it was only occasionally thai the strongest aide could he put into the field. With all their amateurs playing, 1 should say that Hants was the strongest batting side in the country, and
at present they still furnish the first three----
in the fir*t class hatting---—
It was not quite light when the pond, which is ! situated in the midst of a dense wood, away from the habitations of men, was reached, and a grey 1
mist hung over the water.
While the rod was being fixed up the placid surface of the water was broken on several occasions by playful carp. \
A paternoster, with two hooks) bailed with paste, was the tackle, hut for some time lh%_fish did not appear to be anxious for a pasty/break
At length the paterjiostcr was removed, and a float and single hook put in iu place.
This had the desired effect, and iu a few moments the Moat went under with a pop. and the reel fairly sang for a second or two.
But the angler was not to land I Sis fish, which wat not an ounce under three pounds, for. after he had checked the headlong career, the hook came away, and the carp was at liberty.
Nothing more was done that morning, but if the weather keeps fine it is more than likely that some of the carp in that self-same pond will find themselves out of their element before xery long.
American golfer* w the circumstance of i determined attempt t
r© put on their mettle by i alien victory, and a very regain the honour will be
The championship course at Wheat on is 6.600 yards long, requiring big hitting from tht- tee. and much care in approaching, quantities which the holder has well do* eloped.
There can be no question as to the success of the Southampton Tenuis Tournament, which was held last wee* at the County Ground.
The arrangement* were perfect throughout the week, and Mr. Cress well Morris and Mr. 11. Ferryman. the indefatigable bon. secretaries. are to be congratulated upon their excellent management.
Mr. il.S. Scrivener, the well-known Wimbledon referee, who officiated, received valuable help from
DON'T FORGET TO-DAY (Wedotsdty), 5.U
f. .iA'.vf/aza, a*.
The fielding has certainly shown m great improv* ment upon that of last year. Fewer catche* were miwed. and the groundwork was cleaner and more reliable.
Brown and Do well, as usual, distinguished them-melve* in this department, and A. C. Johnston proved that he is the best out-field in England. 1 cannot imagine why the old Wykehamist failed to get his place iu the England team in one of the
great weakness has been the lack of a fas* nowler. but it now seems as if that deficiency would be made good as soon as K. H. C. WoodrofTe, the Marlborough captain, qualifies for the county.
He appeared aganist the South Africans at Bournemouth this week, by the courtesy of the visiloc*. and took five wickets for 33 run* nn a pitch that was scarcely fast enough to enable a trundler of his #ort to show to the nest advantage.
The steam yacht Alberta, after undergoing extensive repairs at Uosport, caused by a fire having occurred on board, ha* left Cowe* for the Mediterranean.
The racing in the big classea finished at Dartmouth on Saturday, when the Gosport-built Istria again won in the 15-metre da*s. Xn the 6-melre clasa the competition last week was entirely between Chacro (Mr. Sefton Purdey) and Jonquil (Captain R. T. Dixon), as Sioma (Mr. Algernon Maudalay) had left for Bumham. Chaero won on Saturday, beating Jonquil over a minute. Sioma also won at Buinham It i* reported that Jonquil and Chaero will finish the season at Burn-ham, where The Whim, recently sold bj Mr. C. Bivett Camac to Nr. T. D. McMeekin, is racing.
Mr. G. A. Shenley has sold hla steam yacht Triad, 1,413 ton*, which has been lying for a con-aiderable time at Hamble, not having been in commission since her Mediterranean cruise.
The Italian Government has bought the Evona. *:* . 534 tons, Capercailzie, 772 tons, and Arrow (ox Sagitta, s.s.).
The Weat Quay Begatta Club held their post-noned race* on Saturday afternoon, but it was far from an ideal time for sailing, the weather being quite contrary to the previous Saturday, when it rained heavily, and blew hard, whereas now there was a fiat calm at intervals, with a figree ebb tide to contend with, and the result was that the course* had to be shortened. The handicap for yachts of 3 to 13 tons fell through, and only two competed in thetmcer* section of the handicap for the under 3 tons class. These were Sally. Dr. R. E. Lauder, and Siriu*, Dr. J. Fenton. Ballv had the best of the luck, and won eaaily, a* did also Ei Ei. Mr. G. Hayward. in the cruiser*^ .action, tbe,dnly othe: competitor, Mplly, Mr. Camnbell. giving up. The Club have races for the under 3 tons class this afternoon, starting from on the Club-house at three o'clock.
The Duke of Bedford's new steam yacht Sapphire, which wps built on the Clyde, has atrlved at Southampton. She i* fitted with-wiro-Iws telegraphy, as was also the Duke* former steam yacht Sapphire. Captain G. Elkott, of this port, is in command of the new yacht, as he was of the old one, which was sold in the early pert of the season.
A trout of 101b. was recently caught by Mr. R. Love, of the Silver Trout Angling Society, in the Hampshire Avon.
He was using a small hook. No. 12 Crystal, and was fishing with bread—rather an original bait for trout one would think.
With an improvement in the weather, fly fishing on the Itchen ha* become much more profitable, and some very nice fish, trout and grayling, for the mo*t part, have been taken.
There are verr big roach In some of the deep runs below Bishopstoke. and not long ago a two-pounder was landed on a black gnat.
The roach rise* very nmilarly to a trout: indeed, novices are almost always mistaken, and tire them: selves out bv attempting to rise what they believe to be a good sized trout, only to hook small roach.
Roach have very small mouth*, as all anglers know, and are very difficult to hook with a fly. They are wary fish. too. and not everyone with a fly rod and tackle can catch them.
On Monday the writer had a few hours carp fishing. Getting up at 4.30 a.m.. he pet of on a bicvcle for a pond not a hundred miles from Southampton, where he ha* enjoyed excellent sport on the occasion of previous early morning expeditions.
J. Jenkinson and C. O. Tucker divided the men'* doubles handicap with J. C. Bucknill and L. 8. l ee. bad light necessitating a stoppage with the
A. Traill and Miss Sargent merited their »uo-cess in the mixed doubles handicap, as also did Mi** Albury and Mr*. Poult on in the ladies' . doubles.
Mrs. .1. C. Bucknill again won in the local ladies' championship, after a tough fight with Mr*.
Miss K. (Sough and Miss A- Samson are to be iMiigratulatcd on their success in the local ladies' I handicap.
When the Hilt erne and Southampton clubs meet I in match, be it under cup, League, or friendly I auspices, one may always expect a keen contest, | ui.marred any disagreeable or vexatious occur* | rence, which, no matter how trivial it may be, 1 alwayt has a tendency to injure the sport.
The teams met again on Saturday, the venue | on this occasion being at Bit tome. It was a meet. i ing of Sarisbury League champions—seasons 1911 and 1912 and. incidentally, a match between I teams holding positions at each end of the table.
Both sides suffered the absence of one of their most reliable " shots ' The handicap conditions undue advantage to either side,
member that claimed an allow* s of the open sight.
is fired throughout in favourable had light made 'good marksman-hip somewhat difficult, and the" shooting at the ds range late in the evening did not^ake
The match weather, but i

The following snapshots were taken during the races in the Test on Saturday last:—(i) Sinus, running down from. Marchwood; (2) The officials and friends (reading from left to right), Mr. C. J.efarsons (handicapper), Mr. H. R. Shaw, Mrs. Shaw, Mr. F. W Broomficld (Hon. scc/KantT~Mr. Shaw, sen.; (3) Sally (steered by her owner Dr. R. E. Lauder) with Sirius< in the background.
The medal competition^on the Club course was won by J. H. Eeelimf, with a grow score of 89, from a handicap of 14.
The handicap bogey foursome* ended in a tie between J. G. Ware and S. L. Heasty (6), and W. H. Scarborough and W. O. Hemming (8).
At the visitors' meeting of the Isle of Wight Ladies' Club at Bembridgo the Misses Poulton won the Mixed Foursomes v. Bogey (under handicap) with 2 up. Miss Lushing ton the Approaching -Competition with 11. and Lady Hardwicke the Putting Competition with 16, Col. Maude getting the second prize and Miss Jean Cochrane the third.
The event of the week will be the Amateur Championship of the United States, in wtiich Mr. II H. Hilton, who won it brilliantly last year, is defending his title.
Dr. Gillespie. Mr. J. F. St. Q. Archdale, Mr. Harry Evans, and Mr. W. Beans.
Captain W. C. Lister took charge of the Bov Scouts, who acted as ball boys, and accomplished, in addition, a tremendous amount of useful work. Heavy cpurts throughout the week militated against high class play, but they had the effect of "levelling un" the players, and some notable contests took place.
G. A. Thomas beat A. R. F. Eingscote in the final for the Southampton Championship, after a game teeming with interest.
After losing the first two sets, the holder (Thomas) played a magnificent uphill game, and won the remaining three seta.
There is no doubt that Thomas's staying power won him the majfL^jA towards the end his opponent, whose /first open tournament this year it was showed/signs of weariness.
Miss B. M S. Leo won a most interesting game with Mrs. Lamplough in the final for open singles , while she and Mrs. Perrett were beaten in the last stage for the ladies' open doubles by Mrs. Armstrong and Mrs. Tuckey.
C. W. Murray and O. A. Thomas did well In the men's doubles, which event they won hy a deter win over Kingseoto and Tuckey.
place in very happy circumstances.
Southampton led on the 25 yard* by six point*
283. 257. At the 50 the home team pulled up a little leeway, and knocked one point off the ti.itor," lead 283. 282. This left an inlereeUng struggle for points at the final range.
The visitors hero stubbornly contested every point, und although the " magpie's chirp" waa heard iu more than one instance, the shooting waa, on the whole, steady, the scores reading: Souths ampton, 248; Bitterno, 250.
Southampton were thus left masters of the | situation by u narrow margin of three point*, the j totals being 776, 773.
Pressed into the home team at the eleventh hour was a well-known lady champion shot, who i showed marked ability under the somewhat trying | circumstances, and who. after an absence Of j several months from practice or competition, regie-lured a very creditable score. n.
Messrs. W. Stuart and It. Rogers, of Southampton and Bitterno respectively, each registered 101 out of the h. possible of IK.
Hospitality was, aa usual, extended to the vi*i-| tors, and a refreshing lea was followed by aa exchange of compliment and harmony.
No less than seven teams have entered In the open event of the Southampton Rifle Club'a Buloy, which is to be held st llighfield on Saturday ajid Wednesday next.
The club ia showing great enterprise in thla their fourth annual, and the above is one striking example of what may be done for rifle shooting I if the movement is taken ap in a patriotic and workmanlike style.
The clubs that will be represented in the event are Southampton (two teams), Bitterno, Bariabury, 5th Hants, American and White Star Lino B.C., and E Co. 5th Ilanta R C.
The Sussex Ladies' M R.A. will hold their first meeting at Brighton on a convenient date in next month, when there will be found a very good pro* gramme of eventa. There are some expert
shots" in thia Association, and the meeting should be a success.
Mem. for local League shots. The first meeting of the Southampton and District Itifle League will be held at headquarters, Bevois Town Hotel, on Tuesday, the 17th inst. All the cub* that comprised the league last season and those that in-lendjoining should make a point of being repre-
An announcement .by the London and South-Western Railway Company appears in another column that they will run special day trip*, at cheap fares, to Brighton, Worthing. Bognor. \-H Littlchampton, and Shoreham-by-Sea to-day and Vj; next Friday fortnight. Trains leave Southampton (West Station 8.33 a.m. and Docks at 8.15) and other stations set forth. There will also be special day excursions to Bournemouth, Dorchester, and Weymouth, at cheep fares, next Friday, and on the 27th September, from Southampton West at 8.36 a.m., St. Deny 8.29, Swavthling 8.25. East-leigh 8.16. Millbrook 8.41. Redbridge 8.46. and Tot ton 8.49. There are also bookings from Fare-ham. Bet ley, Lyndhurst-road, Brockenhurst, and other place*. Full information aa to these excursions, with return times and other details, are given In bills to be procured ct the different

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