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August :8, 1912.
Bournemouth Cricket Festival.

The opening of the Bournemouth Cricket Week was marred by the hcav ~lhe Hnmpshjfc player* are wen distonsolalely waiting for the clouds to dispcr Scampto/i, manager of the Bournemouth festival.
of late been so accustoi cene outside the ground
ed to. In t|ie top picture a number, of i depicted. Inset is a photo of Mr. J.

The Southampton Tennis Tournament, i* now in progress on the County Ground- The panel portraits are of Mr. Ar^R. F. Kingsrott... the champion Army .tenuis.player (on the Jeft), artcf Mr. II. S. Scrivener, the well-known Wimbledon referee, who is officiating at Southampton. The central group is formed of I apt W. Lister, Mr. Cresswell Norris, Mr. S. J. J r If rev, Mr. J. F. St. Q. Ajyhdale, Mrs. J. C. Hucknill, Miss It. M. S. Lee, Miss B. DayS Mr. H-. \V. Nash. Mrs Archdale. Mr. J. C. Bucknill, Mr. 11. Ferryman (lion.. .secretary). Dr. Gillespie, and Major Griffin
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