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August 14, j 912.
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CRICKET. J. B. Bailey, an old member of the "Hamp
i shirt*," mod now of the City of London Police.
----: waa in the winning team in the relay nuv at
the Police sport* at the Crystal Palace wi
J i\^Tu4Tr";s,6h'?»8rs^ 1 jsfsjj*aI" •...... j",h-440
with Essex, which commence* to-morrow. It i> "** ' '1 e the last county fixture of the year at Southaiup-
Tery rarely indeed is one able 10 see ihe flw WiftimiC hywg hrilli&nl. Itailey waa f three men in the first-class balling averages play- | • K»» <1 tner. ard when with his old club he iug in the same side. This is what will occur if ; \,mld compete in any event, from a sprint to C. B. Fry. A. C. Johnston, and Mead I urn obt-forj , ten miles' inn across count rv.
^y the way, I hear thai Sir A. W hile, the York shir© captain paid our batsmen a high tribute ; during the Southampton cricket week. Hampshire. he said, were the finest batting team he had ; ever played against.
) complete hi-
lt is many years since the Essex team last played at Southampton. They have not the reputation of being a vciy -attractive combination, hut they are by no means an easy side lo dislodge from the wicket;
Philip Mead was selected reserve for England in this week's test match against the South Africans. On other occasions the name of I he reserve man has been officially published, and one would lika to know why it was not done in this case.
At the duly meeting of. the Southampton N.C.I*. Centre Couno:l, held t. Newport, it was decided that arrangements should be made f< r the competition for the Alder Cup to take place at the annual sport* meeting of the Enstleigh A.A C., on August 24th
The following dates for Wie open sports meet imps were duly "confirmed (save the "X.C.V. Ri
Poole Shop Assistants, at Poole Park. Wed no day. August 15U,
There is quite eneogh for a cy\4ist to c intend with, when riding in Canute roid. without hiving to dodgr horses croasing from cne side of the r xul to the other. ^
On the 28th of this month the one mile and twenty-five m W nbimpi, i*hips of the Centre a e (o be decided at tne annual meeting of the Portsmouth U.C.. at AlexaiiiTm Park, South Knd,
Willi the approach of autumn, the proa pec la of se.i singling should considerably improve, but for them to he premising we muet see a radical change in the weather.
1 ideas the weather kes^ps warm for a week or two there will n«>t be.very ninny big tish caught.
I« anglers have had a good time lately, i taking all tilings into conaideration. There have i been some b-ggimh ha* caught in Southampton 1 Water, and numhefs of whiting.
A lucky Pier fisherman hauled up a "wh >pper" i the other day. and attracted a large crowd, who | d sp ayed great interest in the operation of | hitting the lish on the head, and putting H into
If Mead had not gone on for Smith, when the laller
day, the probability is that the public would nw* ^ , have known that the Hampshire professional had bean selected as twelfth man.
From what one hears there will be no difficulty in obtaining amateurs for the Hampshire team during I he Bournemouth festival, but A. C. John-
The Gloucestershire and Leicestershire players when they weto at Southampton the other week expressed astonishment that the old Wykehamist had not been chosen for England. One of the Midlanders told me that in his opinion Mr. John-mton was (ha best bat of the year and the finest outfield t playing cricket.
field »s.MibnUuM ; Portsmouth Haomi.' Club, Champiowhlp injured, on Mon- at Alexandra Park. Wednesday. August
The capture of & small fd was the cam much aniusemeut. On tile way up to the Pier from its native element, the eel managed to curl :t*e1f with characteristic ability round the line, which was soon in % terrible tangle.
i told that there is a probability of E. E. Balway, tho young Southampton footballer, joining the Hampshire ground mtafl neat meason. He is a left-hand bowler and rather fast. With
Accrington, with Lletycllyn as pro., and East Lancashire, with Nor bury as pro., have had an excellent season financially. Arcrington have laken over C500 in gate moaey.
Llewellyn was to have told the Accrington Com-mlttee definitely lamt week whether he wanted to leave the club or not, but I have not seen his decision published.
athletic items.
It is pleasing to record that the Bank Holt-day meeting of the "llampdiin*' was a 8nan cial auoceaa, which im a big mtroke of luck for the dub, in view of the uuaettled date of the_ vvothor, both before and ainoe that day.
With climatic conditions lew kind the
committee might emmily Imv. been faced with
a de6oit of f50 or mom, which would have been a *ev*re tax on the reaourcce of the club.
Happily evwythiug went the right way, and although" a few old members have given up taking an active part in athletics, many young one. are coming on, and they are given every inducement. "%e coming crow country seaaou should tho club stronger than ever.
There waa something like a annual a porta of the Celtic F.C., held at Celtic Park, Glaagow, on Saturday.
The attendance waa estimated at 50,000, the attraction, no doubt, being tliat many of the Olympic celebrities were competing.
But the doings of these great* athletes of late—or, at any rate, some of them—show them b) Itavo gone "stale."
Melvin Shephemd, IriA American A C., however, ia the excopWm. At Saturday a meeting he gave the Gennan champion. Braun, a sound Seating in the lialf mile invitation race, winning by 20 yards in 1 min. 57 4-5 seca.
Lippinoott and Meredith, the Americans, were completely out of form, and Han. Kole-mainhen. the Finn, has decided to take a long
real, me of late he ham failed to do himself jum ...
Pmm Budapest cornea a report that Shepherd intends to turn professional. He has -been offered the post of trainer to the Hungarian A.C., and im o*y waiting him relativea ap-proval before accepting it.

Aged i" years, of Wr A. G. Martcll. two yt ampton Schools.
West End Photo Co., Southampton. elsie hood,
i School, who has won the Cold Medal given by Mr. in succession, for the Junior Championship of South-
Aj» the danger board at New church shoot is at present almoet entirely hidden bv tree, and aliruhm. the Council decided to ask the 1 W. County Council to place it in a more prominent petition.
Of .interest to Southonn»t..n cyeliate was the decision to call the attention of the Chief Con stable of Southampton to the uracoce of .leading horses on the wrong side of the piftd^Wpecuilly in the neighbourhood of tho Ovoxs.
All who cycle in th.v neighbourhood will bf very grateful to the Cbuncil if this pradice can be "remedied, as it baa been the cause of several accident..
When the eel was pot on ins boards it freed itself from the hook, and did about at a mur pricing rate.
The angler tried to catch it, but fualod, like-wime several ^&all buy.. An old lady. In trying to get out of it* way, trod on it, and squealed
Still, the eel went on. and the odd. seemed that it would eacane after all. Hut it. career was cut short by a heavy blow from the walking-mtick of a gentleman standing by, who ther&, upon assumed an air of self -satisfaction/
J^esh water fly-fishing has been "off," for all practical purpmem. while the weather has been mo unsettled, and the wind mo high.
Some very nice roach and perch have been .*auuht luring the past week, the latter fish taking worma freely.
lioile^l wheat and sweetens! paste have attracted the rxxvcli (says a correspondent), and they have oeen taking vety well.
Although the h ps. of 210 has not been reg»-tered bv a member in the club league at Hi|thfleld, ihe well-known ranges of the Southampton Rifle Hub. several have been within a point or mo of the maximum.
Showery weather prevailed on Saturday, but it did not interfere in a very great degree with the competitions that took place.
Some excellent score* were regUiered in the club league, as follows: J. Harn»on, 205 ; 8.
O. Northover, 196; A. Udall. 1M.
For the benefit of the uninitiated. It may be well In stale that the maximum score en decimal target* is a great deal more difficult to obtain than the highest possible on the old N R.A. scoring target.
It also ensures fairness and better value of the ■hot obtained, inasmuch as the element of luck considerably minimised.
the pioneer association for <
The Hitlerne team turne<} the tables on their neighbours from Eastleigh on Saturday In a match under the ai^plces of tlie Harlsbury and District
. . v
II will bo remembered that Hitler no were defeat ml in a verv poor scoring mstch at KasUatgh recently, and Saturday's win places the dubm In an interesting position, and there is a likelihood of V close finish.
U.nn* portion in the table, they «r. br no mean, out of th« running for championship honours.
Belfast" Not withstand Ing the bad weather. S meeting was a success, both from a financial and ; a shooting point of view. ,
The championship was won by Mr. O. F, of the Coronation Club. Be fait, and mn Irish lady won the Ladies' Chmmpionihip event.
The committee of the Southampton Club have in hand arrangements for the annual Local Bialey, which I* announced to take place on Saturday and Wednesday, I he 7th and 11th of September.
| cikhton".nd Trsrer.' Cup MuipetiSon., ther. it a team shoot open to all clubs fn the Southampton district
An "unlimited" open to ah clubs, is another traction which should appeal to all rifle shots, and , committee hope that the support which ha. .n hitherto given will be again extended to
The Southampton Lawn TomUa AsaoeiaUon nounoee that tho fourth annuel open Uiurnamset will be held on the County Ground during the last week of this month.
Both Mr. G A. TT&omaa and Mrs. O. O. Tuok*f,
The Association has also provided ohalUnge radios of the Bargete
llr.. J. 0. BuokniU, .bo bu held tl>« U« cup for two years, wUl be defending, but, nn-
man s cup last year, is not allowed to play this
amongst the local gentlemen.
The tournament c'sm s|)ort, and

The pleasure steamer AlUyn will make long day excursions to Southsea every day this week. Including Sunday. Leaving the Royal PUr at i.40 a.m., the return journey is not made until 8.16 p.m. The fare, as will be seen in our advertisement columns, im very moderate. PUamaat trip.
Cowes And down the Southampton Water are also announced '

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