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We hare grvit' plftuure in iwuing iho flret number of the " Southampton Pictorial" to a Iwrge and, as we trust, an ever-extending circle of reader*. We think it will be all th; more welcome as it makes its appearance in the middl-.of the week, wiien there is a need, for a bright topical journal of local- intercut. It will be the aim of the proprietors to keep it thoroughly up to date, and to mirror all important local happening* through tlie agency of the camcra. On receipt of a postcard the I idi tor will bo pleased to mend a member of tho «tafl (free of charge) to photograph .any subject which he may deem of sufficient jn
tere t to illustrate.
®> _ @ &
We hope our readers will take a personal interest in our venture. Nothing quitn like it haa over been published In thj town before, and we think it will bo the means of quickening interest in many phases of local life. We are out to cater for all sections of the community, and recognise thgt in tomo way or other everyone can help us to make tho "Pictorial" more and more attractive as tho weeks go by. For the loan of photoj and prints of persons and matters of current interest we shall at all times bo grateful.
Wo publish to-day the firet of a series of articles specially written for the " Pictorial" descriptive of th© part Hampshire played in the great Boer War. Those who saw them will neVcr forget Ihe stirring scenm witnessed almost daily at Southampton Docks for a period extending over throe years. Thece historic events | it is tho writer's intention to recall in many ; thrilling chapters. Every phase of- the war I from a local standpoint will, as far as possible. | be covered. Hundreds of snapshots were taken of tho departure of tho transports for tho ! ('ape. If any of our read era would care to rescue them from oblivion wo ehould bo pleased I to print any that are suitable.
In " Our Illustrated Weekly Feature" wo : intend to deal eaoh Wednesday with «ome ; striking phase of local life. Wo start this week with the local Garrison Artillery. Next week | wo shall deal with the 5th Hants Regiment, and tho other Territorial units will follow in I turn. We trust that these articles will jiave a cumulating effect upon recruiting for tho various branches of tho Service. It" should bo tho ambition of every young Britisher to sorve his King and country. This ho can do by joining tho Territorials. We all hope that it will never be possible for a foreign boat to land on our aborea, but we must ever bo ready for such | an emergency.
® ® »
Wo specially desire to draw tho attention of ; tho large army of amateur photographers to our ! weekly competition. As will bo seen from an announcement in another column, wo offer a ! prize of half a guinea for tho best local picture sent in. There are no vexatious conditions attaching to this competition. The picture may be any azcr—if it is small we can enlarge it, and if largo reduce it to our requirements— and the subject may be—anything you like, j Preferably we should like something with a j smile in it, but that is not essential. Novelties of all kinds will always bo welcome.
France to the hunting ch&'eau of tbe Duke of Fbotball is waning, and cricket will aoon be" '■ Westminster, her kinfinan, and the bead of I here. It will be welcome, too, for tbe peet-.'K the Grcownor family. Tbe tour will last | football sesron haa been anything bat eojoyobla- ^ several months. ^ from a local _ standpoint. It has been
; anxious time "all along. On the contrjwy, ^ & <& & county cricket prospects a** bright, and the
We ore pieared to find that Southampton's ' programme of matches drawn up for (be enter- -' sculptor artist, Richard Cockle Lucas, has re tsinment of local enthusiasts has never been ceivwl the honour of having his portrait hung j 80 ot'rortire. In all ten first class engage- ' M amongst the notable men of bygone days in the meat: will be fought out on the County Ground, National Portrait Gallery, St. Martin's, Tra , *hece for the first time both Oxford and Cam-fslgor square, a welldeserred compliment to ■ bridge University teams will be seen. We
the memory of so illustrious an artLt. Possibly the greatest praise ever given to his talent was tho labelling his "Flora" ba:t is a work of Leonardo do Vinci. The portrait referred to wjw etched by Lucas himself, and has been presented to the National Gallery by our townsman collator, Mr. Wm. Burr'ough Hill, through who e influence the work was accepted by tho authorities, and in their letter to him of the 28th ulto. the secretary writes as fol-
"The portrait etching of Riohord Cockle Lucas (1800-1883), by himself, which you have kindly
siiall also have an opportunity of welcoming the Australians, but the South Africans will appear at Bournemouth. Mr. C. B. Fry, when . he is not engaged in tbe Teat matches, bm. f promised to asset tbe coonty of his resident** and tho return of Captain IVbs Barrett and . Mr. G. N. Bignall should strengthen the County eleven. Hampshire should certainly improve on last reason's record.
|IUW. ...uw. .WW. .WW Two Hampshire cricket stalwarts have re-
attend tor'pre-.i,lrt»b to tl» NolionJ Port^i't | |>«»« '">»> <"urin« &
....... - * * wpek-end. Mr A J. L. Hill haa given a . ^
glowing account of Lord Hawks'* tour in the Argentine, and Philip Mead has come back v from Aus'ralia. We are building great hopes ,'S on Mead this summer, and hepe he will reserve one of his big efforts for "Jimmy" Stone's benefit, wben Hampshire meet Yorkshire at
Gallery, was laid before tho Trustees meeting of their Board held here today. I harre pleasure in informing you that the Truatee-i glady accept your gift, ami desire roe to convey to you the expreadon of their best tlianks."
a faoimile of the work. We oonsidyr Mr. Hill has done good service to Art and to the town in securing so desirable a recognition and record of one who made Southampton his home, and did so mucli to enhance its interests. Lucas's name now stands enrolled amongst tho illustrious d md. Mr. R. C. Lucas's aged son, who still lives in Southampton, writes to Mr. Hill thus: "Thank you vary much for your kind letter about my father's likeness, in its fitting home, which we owe to you. His work* are at South Kensington and Berlin, and his likeness in the National collection."
who have scored
'icketksepvru runs in a season than §

Lady Arthur. Gmevenor, a splendid portrait j of whom forms our fn-st frontispiece, ii tho pioneer of tbe Vest form of Society omnia* l ment, caravaning. It is the simple life "par . excellence," for Lady Arthur is severely busi-. , nenlike in her arrangements, and lias already travelled all over England, frequently hiding her identity under ihe= typically Roman* name of Sarah Lee. She loves the leafy lanes and , breezy uplands of Southcm England best, and t/io New Forest, with its spacious peace and ever-changing beauty, is a favourite haunt of her ladyship. Her caravan* are light and ex i tremely "mobile," being built for speed. The , fittings are simple, and Lady Arthur has been , ; known to carry her love for "gipsying" to ths t extent of. displaying^tlie -usual appurtenances of brooms, etc.
This »umir«r Lady Arthw has arranged a tour through England, ooosnponiid by her three children, and pooiW} by lier husband, to the South Coast, embarking, probably, at Southampton for Bordeaux, xnd then preceding by road through the glories of Southern
In this usuo appears a portrait of Bro! A. H Warren, J.P., Grand Master of tbe groat Manchester Unity Independent Order of Oddfellows, who addressed a mass meeting in tho Watts' Memorial Hall lott evening on the position of friendly societies. Bro. Warren is a Past Provincial Grand Master of tlie Stepney district of tho Order, and was a director of the Unity when tho Centenary A.M.C. wos\ held at Southampton, at Whitsuntide two yearn ago, under the shadow of the national sorrow caused by the death of King Edward VII. On that occasion Brother Warren was one of seven nominated for tho office of Deputy Grand Master, and five having retired, a ballot had to be taken between Bro Warren and Bro. J. R. Barley, l*ruv. Corresponding Secretary of tho Norwich Dictrict, which resulted in Bro. Warren being elooted by 410 votes to 241 recorded for Bro. Barley. Bro. Warren received congratulations from many quarters on his election to tho important office, particularly from ths Poplar Tawn Council, of which he was a member, and at the last A.M.C., held at Brighton at Whitsuntide last year, he was unanimously elected as Grand Master oT the 1 Order, which he now dooi so much to adorn.
Though the Titanic—the White Star Line's last word in shipbuilding construction—haa not been thrown open to inspection by tlie general ' public since her arrival at Southampton from Belfatt, hundredi of sightseer* have visited the docks to catch a glimpse of tho leviathan as she lies moored in the now wot dock, at U&e same berth 'occupied a week ago by her lister ship, the Olympic. Perhaps the most j striking features of the great inert moa> of metal are the four giant funnels of tho vessel— i huge tawny brown and black capped elliptical j cylinders of steel, which tower 175ft. from the j keel plate, dominating the other shipping in | the port and dwarfing into insignificance tbe i sliods v tho quayside. Our illustration shows j one of these funnels, but the resources of photo ' graphy fail to give a full conception of the j magnitude of its tize. Tlie dimensions of e-| funnel are 24ft. 6in. by 19ft., and th*>
height above the level of the *<•
150ft. Some idea of *'
be obtained from »
train could be rur there would still within the ma-
The. art We on the senior arm of l^e local Territorial service, which appeani on' another. page, gains additional point frwfc the step whluli the Mayor has taken in calling a inset-ing for the encouragement of recruiting jn' the town. Though his Worship is a tailor by tradition, Lieutenant R.N.R, by virtue dt merit in his profession, and Admiral of the Poet the-choice of hie coiieagues, be. is keenly ln-*^ tcrested in the Territorials, and was one of the finst repretentatires dl the Borough Council p on the County Territorial Association. On* re jnembers the quaition of a facetious ooUeogna -upon his appointment #s to what the Mayor, knew about soldiering. No one thought the observation required an answer, for his ship's civic enthusiasm was well known, s* } well as hia ability to play many parts.
People of an economical turn of mind will not enjoy Ji^aring that the concession of * couple of fiew penny eectione on (he Iocs* way sen-ice rendered a millionsndtLea of tickets useless. Unoonsktarcd tn,
tram tidkets are in the mass, they mean mot the value of one and three-quarter millic being £20. For deportmeoW Masons tl tickeVj aro to be ceremonially decoyed in tht presence of officials, a much mare dignifiecf fwe, after all, than that accorded ordinary
tram ticket, wbkh is punched first, and th.-own away afterwarels.
Among the etneet pre oooupations of Eastertide was the business of painting the perk rail-ings, which is no inconsiderable task in a town so well blessed with parks Some of the park railings have been already provided *lth a tint of green, whioh tones nioely with th grass, and which is a distinct improvenKn on the red hue which It displaced. £&?£ luvo' as yet the dove grey colour which int dicate.i tlie first coat. Presumably "professional" painters were employed, though coof^ man we saw ret about his job cross Isgged^ whioh suggested a knowledge of the tailor'a^ liench. while another was a cabinetmaker, if his method of work indicated anything.
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