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April 17, 1912.

Outdoor Recreations.
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/Gossip from the\ V Playlnj Fields. /
Southampton ought now to be able to retain their place in the senior division of the Southern league They only want one point mora to be absolutely sale.
The nosition at present is that the Saints would nave to lose their three—remaining engagements, and Luton must get the maximum points in their two outstanding matches, in order for them to exchange places.
It looks as it the Straw pi a iters arc doomed to "go down," and yet I do not think their position is quite mo bad as it looks. New Brompton have to play thre* eery stig match** against teams that badly need the points at stake themselves.
The flat «vents received good patronage, and a* The condition* of shooting are exceptionally
a rule yielded close finishes. The open 100, how- popular; any sights will bo allowed (S.M.R.C.
ever, was won rather easily by a long- rules), and decimal targets are to be used at all
start man. J. Gilbert, of the Poly. II., while the three ranges. Eight shots to bo fired at each
1,500 metres saw B Iv«, of the Queen's Park L-ange, and the shot of the lowest value will be
Harriers, score a ready victory. The 5>**> counted out; the highest pomiblc score, there-
metres hand cap was a gift for H. J. Morlcy, who will bo 210. Members who wish to take an
won as he liked from the limit of 250 yards, but i»ctiv«j part in the events are requested to for-
P. H. Hulford. who scored a popular first, had to WHnj their names, together with the entrance fee
do his very best to get home in tin 800 metres 0f to th«» Hon. Secretary without delay,
handicap. '
In the final of the 400 met ma C. N. Seed house.
of the Blafkheath Harriers, ran a great race from ocratch, and though only f>:iishusg second ' did 49 15 r— f"' "own

mile running championship of the AAA will decided at Stamford Dnd*m Grounds, Ixmdon,
tory. Then the Bamts meet the "Men of Kent; Ground. Southampton, Uat August, by hw on Saturday, and the result of this match is scrupulously fair walking, is a starter.
by no means a foregoi." conclusion.
All the district champions will bo i

(New Bromn ton's last match is at Plymouth, 1 teiwnile run, including \V. J. Tucker, of Head
«U xeaciunng. I
■ other hand, Lutoa have to nuot Read- j %,t%
log (h) and Northampton (a). They should turning pro., d» still doing «»■ wonderful
heat the Biscmteers, who have nothing of un ! performsnoea.
f°rta"«» ^ At Durban mccntly, In a nmtrh with Holway,
low at Northampton. i ^ ig 2 Saw*, for U0 janls. snd 9 3-5eo*. in
In my opinion the last half-dozen clubs will > tue 100, getting the bolter of his opponent on finish in the following order:—Bristol Rovers both 32 points, Brenttord 32. Southampton 51, New Brompton 29, .Luton 28, I/oyton 25.
The return match, 6th Hants Regiment (T.) rsus Rest of Portsmouth League, was fired last *e& Hie Territorials did not reproduce the form own in the previous match, and were beaten by 22 points.
Th«> Rest put up a local record for a 10 aside match, sewing 782, the average per man being
The Stonoham Club's spring meeting during the week-end was remarkable for several things.
The weather was ideal, both being glorious Spring day*, when it
Another eontrovsrsial subject which salmon " anglers are continually discussing is in regard to the fact that on occasions red salmon are caught in various rivers, and there are all kinds of theories advanced as to why these fish should make their appearance at this time of the year.
Lieut .•Colonel Rogers caught a 241b. mslo fish, which was quite red, on the Suir last month, and • it had the appearance of an October fish. It was killed, and the testes were found to be very little 'developed, and in the angler's opinion the fiah would not have spawned until November.
The keeper, who had had great experience, had never seen a fish like it in the spring. Sever® other fish had been taken which were very doubtful. and. although they turned out to be fresh fish, (hey were in poor condition.
Colonel Rogers suggests that the great drought of last year may have been the cause of these abnormalities, thus causing fish which intended to have gone up the river last. May, but were, prevented by the low water, to hang round the
i against Bedford, although ecs of many of their beet oau*e# ncvcrtholesa, gave ii» the Southern Counties , Boaoombc. on Saturday are always unfortunate^ in
The Hampshire tea deprived of the svrv playom fiom variant a creditable display Championship final i The Hants eleven thin Anal, as they have taken pan.
occasions and have bsen dufuatcd every time.
Bedford, however, deserve to be congratulated on their 2—1 success, which was well merited The eleven gave a very good display, snd wore superior to the home nfrcaontativca.
The Hants forwards lacked that cohesion which has been a prominent feature of their play in tho earlier rounds.
The half backs were only a moderate line. Their fault lay in tho fact that they allowod the Red-ford forwaida too much ropu
A. C. Brown made a very safe custodian, and did whal was required of him in excellent style. Sal way alone did credit to hiiiu* If and to South sanpton.
GmsH, tliat fine sportsman, forfeited his county
...........good to he alive.
Stonoham is a truly delightful place when the breeze sweeps across the Itehen Valley, and the sun shines as it did on Friday
There were plenty of entries, upwards of seventy in each competition, and remarkably close finishes, which speaks well for the Handicapping Corn-
Mr. W. L. Smith was tho winner of tho Preai-denfs Cup with a net score of 75. his groes fignrr
ductive organs that causes fish to ascend inta •fresh water, or is it the being in fresh water that causes tho development of the organs?"
We must await enlightenment from the ichthyologists in regard to this matter.
Mr. C. T. Penny, of Southampton, last week-and took a Ana salmon on tha Test at Ramsey. The fish turned the scalos at 21 lb., and put up a splendid fight, being gaffed by.Mr. Penny, who
This is the eighth salmon that Mr. Penny has taken this eesaon. which Is just avsr two ,
old, four of the fish being over 211b. in weight— \' a splendid record, and *"
may well be proud.
country where interest will line up for tha start.

cap in order tnat lie tuigut, as "their time of need.
The programme of -the vari< Hsnis League competitions ia oomplctioa. and the positions i
the Saints ;
us clubs in the now approaching re now becoming
i the outlook for South-
should they have beaten Bosoombc at the Dell thia afternoon the honour will bo theirs.
Cowea are very likely to annex the leadendiip of the South Division, although Southampton Re servea still hsve a very good chsnoe of bringing off this event also.
Ryde have been Impressing even their friends by their reocmt displays', snd they now oeenpv quite a creditable position in the table, although their goal avemgo is not on the right side.
Esatleigh a:o rapidly going downhill, and appear to be doomed to remain *t the foot of the South Division, a position that st one time seemed to be allotted to East Cowea Victoria.
Bitterno Guild are at the top of the Western Division, hot they an being severely challenged by Bcscomhe, who with
that time, doing little feeding.
of which any angler
Photo by \V. II, King] [53, Sydney Road. Shirley
Winners of the Amory Moore Cup.
Mr. 8. W. Walsh was the winner of tho Bogey Singles, though ha had to play off on Monday
...ill. C,. If lli./in u'itli urlinlii hn 4
four noints behind.
, matckea in hand, i
with Sir H. Dixon, with whom he tied on Friday. There was a tie in tho Medal foursomes, which
The Secretaries of the Portsmouth and South
-inpton Rifle Leagues are in communication re- _____
r ^ *w.,i g&rding the date and venue of the second inter- M«wsm. Berry and Abbott, jun., won on tho play
^ ^ '°,.C & CT' ^
cxtmg game
Tlie cup has often been we but they allowed it to go to aon. Cowea have hid tkeir it on two occasions, tho hat (
and the
vefy respect
i by Southampton, Esatleigh last sea itame imcrilad or
of the best held under the Club aus|*ices.
Hauls Regiment.
These fixtures have aroused considerable interest in the garrison town, where tho cult of rifle shooting has a firm hold of the sporting community, and competition for places in the repre-meatative team of 15 men is very keen. The Southampton men hope to improve upon their From now onwards through" the summer and recent performance, when they were routed at early autumn the fly fisherman will have a the Carlton Drill Hall by the Portinuthians. number of flies to choose from in which to lure
The championship of tho second division of the ,roul ami grayling.
Southampton and District League ia still in The euld wind* of lu»t week were not at all abeyance. Bitterno Reserves and Chandler's Ford, favourable to a decent rise of fly, which

i brackr'ed at the t/*p of the table,

tion to the premier division. _________________........ ............decidedly disappointing, as owing
saaassssg mmmmA1S
Th, I.M,W» 4 ^ the lypu. ^11 WUk, ..»d U,
. _ ........ the land, turning out year
by year athlctca of fi;io claw end distinction. Tho npring meeting at Kenning ton Oval
sisted mostly of Spring Duns, Dottrel, Olive Quills, «r early (ireentails. Despite this, how ever, fish have been moving a little on the lichen during the middle of the day, and on the Abbotts Barton Water one angler took a trout and a couple of brace of nice grayling on a dark olive |uHI, while local anglers have killed occasional
At a meeting of the Committee of tha Southampton District Association of the Cyclists Touring Club a programme of runs up to the end of Jul? was decided upon.
Tha first one will take place next Saturday week, meeting at the Northam Bridge to 11 gate.
for u ride to Botley, to visit thesold church. Swan-wlck. and Warsash. x
Jt a '
return will be by way of Uuraledon. the dlatauioe of tho run being about sixteen miles.
The next run decided upon will be to Hunleg. meeting at tho Cowherds at 2.30 p.m.. to visit the Horse monument on Mount Down, from thence te Rralshfleld and Romeey, a distance of about twenty miles.
Another run later on will be to Oalehot. crossing by the Ilythe steamboat, returning through filing and Tot ton.
On the last Saturday in June there will be am <11 day ride, meeting at th# 8Ug &a(#s at 9 30 ■ a.m.. and proceeding to Winchester, Weeks, Little- ; ton Crawley, and Htockbridge, a visit to be paid ^ to Little Somborne Church If time permits, returning bv way of Romsey, a distance of about 3i
There will bm n. run the last Saturday in July to Cndnarn, Brnok. Rufus Stone, and Mjnstead. a llstanre of about twenty-two miles, and In sutdl-tlon there will be Informal runs on Wednesday evenings, meeting opposite tho Fr* Library at 2.30 p.m.. the destination to- be decided on meet-
Isle of Wight members of the Cyclists' Touring Club, if they are interested in a movement for H establishing a District Association for the garden /g Island. ar« Invited by Mr. H. O. H. A Id ridge. Chief Consul for Hants and the Isle of Wight, to communicate with Mr. C. 1L Rill, Consul for Fresh*
Ii the response to tho invitation Justifies It. =**oa will he taken to form a District Association, wbloh could work to the benefit of members with tha Southampton District Association.
CO. have been afflllated to the Southampton Outre of the N.C.U. At the March meeting of the Centre general satisfaction was expressed at the action of the General Committee in securing an honourable peace with the A.A.A., snd the new agreement was formally approved.
There are many people who possess cycka but rarely use them, or if they do use them.
be how fast they can f

yard, makfs it essential that «
accustom,d to tho changing ccudilion*.
For Instance. 100 mctrw works out at yards, which country, tho 120 yar k.
CyCing. noa tl^ ndit hsa been healed, formed * stron? feature in the pn^mmme. and a very xtmorkiVo thing happened in the ten mile bur-rey Cup race.
Both tha and second men Ml, but mounting the winntr, F. Boor, haahed that he won a grand race by hell a vend, rful performffn.c. considering there over 20 mtarters.
The cold nights, too, have kept tho fly back considerably, and on private fisheries angling is net yet general. On the Test dry My fishing is not likely to be productive until the water, which is at present very high, runs down n good deal, as the height and force of tho current send- tho rently the fish back into holes and eddies.
fserviug. There has been of lato a considerable amount of discussion between salmon anglers ... . The Committee of the Southampton Club have lo • he merits of a fly and a spinning bait not delayed in providing an interesting compcti- «>eans to catch salmon, and the result , of a tion for (he members, and one gadiers from their '***- dwribed by a corespondent latest scheme—a club league—(hat tho ILghfield t*™?, » therefore of interest.
idle hours on the rang.* He says that two vtell known Eden anglers arranged an angling match recently in the Aden below Armathwaite Bay. Each angler had a few finelv of .i. f„,-„ tuk-V ... 3 •»»»• fishing in two ™kTtomarking adopted by tho League, system that was recently negatived at least, of an extended trial.
during the t

and the greatest number of miles that can % traversed In a day or something equally Idiotic.
To properly enjoy cycling one must "take it easy." and while, as is natural, the younger one Is tho faster one will be able to travel, an elderly man <«r woman who realises that the secret of comfortable riding Is with a low gear and a low speed, will he surprised to find how well their m'leag* works out in comparison with thoee who persist In "scorching."
The sccecher may have ridden from Southampton to Winchester in. say, three quarters of an hour, and arrive there In a breathkes condition, and without having even glanced at the splendid natural seen**? on the route, while one who takes a little longer, and does not rush up hills, will arrive quite fresh, and very appreciative of the Idealities of tho sylvan glens which they have pa«sseCycling In this manner is not or cry enjoyable. but very healthy, and a regular spin on a cycle keeps one wonderfully fit.
Now that tho weather is beginning to get a little more settled, there are numbers of business men and women who. instead of patronising the cars to get to their offices, use their cycles, which ore very handy.
It is a very goou plan to decide to cycle to business all the year round, ho matter what the weather is. Many will at once say "Impossible, I don't like the wet weather."
Hut if one Is suitably clad with a good mackintosh and a sound pair of overalls. It U quite possible to ride to business In all weathers, and gain In two ways-by saving car fares, an J. by becoming practically immune from illness. swjfL as
his. coughs, inlluenxa. etc. which are two aseus._
IK* Ikhtlv to lo thrown aside.
It is to lie hoped that all cyclists In Southampton and district who are able to do so. and who ar« efficient, will join tho new battalion of Terr*-torlals. to be known as the 9th (Cyclist) Battalion, regard | which Is to he raised for the purpose of carrying out coast defence duties, and also for being trained as a tactical striking unit. - .
The coast line which has been allotted to the new battalion to defend Is about 160 mile*, and extends from Sussex to Dorset. One of the combs raW In Southampton, and with
The league, it i« proposed, ahsll cocsist of lesma ho..,. in wmcU to nre a match. , angler.
meeting was held in the Hartley College Hall. Southampton, on Thursday.
Tho Mayor (Councillor II. Bowyer, R.N.B.) presided. and several excellent addresses were given which should do much to create an active interest in the object of the battalion among local cyclist#.
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