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July 24, 1912.
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Local Amusements.

Miss Carrie Baillie.
Though hitherto unknown (o Southampton playgoers. Mr. Marsh has built up a big reputation as a scholarly interpreter of the principal Shake-sperean roles, ana his perforiuanco of "Othello" on Monday night was superb.
Miss Carrie BailTio we remember seeing -with the late Mr. Osmond Tearle's Co., and her " Desde-mona" could scarcely be Improved upon. Mr. Marsh's colleagues are all carefully selected, and include Mr. J. W. Mollison, son of the late Mr. William Mollison. Mr. Wilson Gunning, who has served with Mr. Beerbohm Tree and Mr. W. Edward Stirling, who recently concluded an en-gagoment with the London Repertory Co.
To-night (Wednesday^ " David Garnet" mnd "The Sleigh Bells" will bo presented; on Thursday. " The Bishop's Candlesticks " and " The Taming of the Shrew "; on Friday, "A Midsummer ' Night'* Dream"; and Saturday, "The Three Musketeers." ......
Truly a most entertaining bill of fare. Mr. Marshis an srtist whom to mi** hearing i* a loam for lorer* of Shakespeare. and the company a* a who|p is uncommonly powerful, while their repre-sentatwms deserve to be witnessed by crowded
Next week the play "His Indian Wife" is to bo ihe attraction.
had a flattering reception.
In their humorous sport in,.
country." .Tom Kelso and Kdie George strikingly original. Teddy Denham, a comedian, and Coleman Irving, the star drum-major, deserves special mention for their turns.
The most fastidious taslo for vaudeville turns will moat certainly be satisSed with the pro-gramme which is being submitted at the Palace thi* week. AH the Item* are *plendid, and from Br*t to lamt there i* not a dull moment.
Lew Lake im an old friend of Southampton audi-ences, and his latest appearance in " The Bull , Bushe* " ia re*pon*ible for aa much reAned humour as was the case in his former appearances in other
""liio^absurdkty k actually "the limit." Nobby, | Jerry, and Aby are pa*t ma*ter* :n the art of fun -making, and so laughable is the piece that one leave* the Palace with aching sides. In fact it u
'UFootgecs,8an Anglo-French comedian, is excep- J tlonally clever. Hw imitation of Harry Fragaon I at the piano is *kiful, while a* an " Amurncan "comedian he make* a big hit. Hi* repreaentatmn of the Parisian apache dance waa remarkably
^*Mio Veno. a charming eccentric comedienne, ha, a fa*cinating *tyle with her. Her singing of " I'm out upon the *preo. boy*, a song which has a catchy chorus, was given with the necessary vim, while In "What do you think?" *he waa very sue-
^The^Sik Duster Browns were conspicuous for (heir dancing, but not for that alone, a* their ren-. decing of coon song* wa* bright and effective.
Hanctiester Unity of Oddfellows, '
Average Age of Members 27 years.
When joining an Approved Society, join one whose AVERAGE AGE is - LOW, and get the-
The above Lodge is open to receive members for Lodge Benefits, for State -Insurance only, or for both.——
And secure the best terms that can be offered.
Full particulars may be obtained from the Secretary,
Though th\ plot of the photo-play is one ol considerable human interest, its principal charm is in the magnificent scenery amidst which the action takes place.
"At Scroggir'a Corner " i* an everyday story of commonplace people, but its treatment imbues it with more than ordinary merit, and the audience
_____thrilling in the extreme, the daring Joe proving a dashing character.
A fino viow of tlio King s visit in the State barge to Henley Regatta was afforded by the Gau-mont Graphic. The keen rowing contest between Leander and the Australians wa* also seen.
Very impressive wa* a rep/eduction of the recent review of the fleet by the Commons. All classes of war craft were seen, and a hydroplane also skimmed across the view.
A picture which should create more than an ordinary impression during the latter part of the ] week ia "I\ar* Havoc."
A battle of. confetti raged furiously mi Monday from 7J0 lo 10 n.m.. whilst a goodly number tripped the light tantastic in the Pavilion to up-to-date music by the Town Band, whose able conductor. Mr. Albert E. Jones, was highly complimented on the excellent time kept and the general playing of tnK band. .... , ,
To-dav (Wednesday) the splendid string band of the Royal Marine Artillery, personally conduct cd bv Lieu*. B. S. Green. M.V.O.. will give two concerts. The programme* are full %eed things, and Madame Russell-Lloyd (soprano), a lady well kno&n locally, will sing at each perform-
TKereTwill be another dance neat Saturday evening. and every night this week and next there will he a performance on the Pier.
On Wednesday next the famous band of H.M. Scots Guards appear, and for the week-end Ihe Maori Troupe lirvo been secured at great expense.
Hnr Royul ttighanKs the Prince** Loui«e, Duchess of Argyll". Pnwident of the Wouthem^ion Centre of the Bt. John AmbuKaee Amwowtkm, will attend the Hartley Hall. BouthampWn. neat Friday afternoon. four o'clock, and graciously distribiAo oertifiaate* amd other award* gained ■;noo October IK laat y«mr. Oolonel K. Banoe, J.P., * chairman of the Oi«tre. and Lieutenant-Coknot Twim, 4* htm. eecret*ry. The eaoelkot band of the County .Borough IWice will, by kind nermieeion of the Chief CowOable (Mr. W. L.

- ■ . ■ Tr
III ■ ■
The above pictures were taken at Paulton'm Park (the residence of Capt. Slo&ne Stanley), whither members of the Junior Guild of the Southampton Cooperative Society went for their annual outing last week. One has only to glance at the photo to sec that they enjoyed themselves hugely.
The management of this popular place of enter tainment are continuing their series of long films, presented in two or more acts, and they are prov-
^'his week's picture of the series was more than usually dramatic, its title being "The Deserter,' and the story was one of the arid alkali plains of America.
A love affair caused a young officer to desert his regiment. Ho became lost in the desert, and the cleverly acted presentation of his suffering* as ho staggered over the huge expanse of parched land was one of the most effective fence in the
P He was found by emigrant* crossing the plain, and cared for by them. Finally he repaid his debt to the emigrants, and expiated his crime of desertion by giving his'life in returning to the fort t« fetch aid to the caravan, which was attacked by Indians. . * .....
One of the most Amusing farcical subjects seen for a long lime was " The Fickle Spaniard, ' the fai|ble»sncs* of the Spanish Lothario being only equalled by the determination of his enamorata that he should not escape. A* might be expected, determination conquered.
The Police Band gave a snlendid programme of. music on Sunday-evening, which w*» highly appreciates by the large audience present, who encored no le»s than four items.
tion of Mr. A. H. Muddiman. Officer* and mem-bora of the St. John AmbuUnco Brigade are requreted to amir full drew, and the nursing division* outdoor uniforms, cloaks being carried :n hall. Ail int'ffa&d an- inwtW W mtW-nd^, the body of the hall being open to the pubkff ^
..... renturians, while Mr. IV Saunders, also of
the home side, regained his old form at an opportune period. ;
Messrs. Grapes and Sparshott cannot be accused of letting their aide down, as both topp+d the cen-turv, and, with Ihe addition of 15 points claimed as handicap, the team were perhaps surprised that they did not win. as all of the victors shot off the scratch mark. The scores were: Bitterne, 788, off the gun: Weston, 768 (plus 15), 783. —
The return match between teams of Southampton and Bishop's Wallham clubs was fired at Hichfield, and the Southampton team followed up their success at Waltham by again defeating the Nortbbrook men. thia time by fifteen point*. The totals were: Southampton 780 pjus 3, and Bishop's Wallham 747 plu* 21. ... ^
The visitors were a team that showed much development, and with a little more experience an I perseverance with the orthoptic sight they should be one of Ihe l»est sides in Southern Hampshire. At their initial practice with the "Peep," much difficulty was experienced in recording a moderate score. This led all the team, bar one member, to at once discard the improved method. What an unfortunate policy tn assume 1
Tis true three points ar* s hied to a score which has been made with open sigbta, hut in the end what is gained? The teams that are in favour of the "Peep," and use It on all occasions, are at th-i head of the table. The handicap will soon be an allowance of the past, and all must *hoot off the scratch mark.
The Bitterne club*have lodged a protest relating to the "champion shot" of the League for thi*
The member* of that progressive club conskler that tho aggregate scores of a champion ahoi should be only those made off the gun. It i* quite clear to everyone that handicap points can* not he added to any score that count* in a championship, and a meeting of League representative* will be convened to discuss the point.
A way out of tho difficulty is suggested, and that is that a medal he given lo the champion shot of tho League for tho highest average on scores made off the gun, each member to shoot in 75 per cent, of tho matches of his club'* programme: and a medal be given to the member who has tho~bea| average score at the comei'sfon of his club)* programme, tho minimum of matches he has fired in must be 75 per cent."
The Woolston and District Company of the , National Reserves h*d a very pleasant afternoon on the Weston Club* ranges on Saturday, when a match was fired between 1, 2, and 3 sections of the Company.
No. 2 section (Thomycroft) were declared tho winners with a score of 508. No. 1 section (Netley) were second with 493, and No. 3 (Woolston) were third, their score being 481.
After the match tho teams adjourned to the Obelisk Hotel, and did justice to *n excellent tea. Company Sergt.-Major Burr referred to the keen rivalry existing between the meet Ion*, and that it would always continue. Ho lookec ward to the time when the Company would havo a range and club premimea of their own.
Mr. Thomas (Netley aection) also spoke In a like spirit, and an enthusiastic gathering dispersed with the singing of the "King."
COL. K. DAXCK, V.D.. D.L, J. P. The President,
Will at the-
Friday, July 26th,
At 4 p.m., graciously
aimed since October ist, 1911.

There is no doubt that among the London Police miniature shooting has caught on. Nearly every Metropolitan division has its own club, and tho ' membership of tho whole exceeds m thousand rifle- 1 men. To-morrow tho second annual meeting pro | inoted by this body take* place on tho ranges of the Ham and Petersham club. . -
The question is often asked what arc our local | custodians of the peace doing in respect of tho | sport. At kindred games they are equal to tho ! best, and (he sport is purely amateur The civil service has entered the ranks of riflemen why not 'he PoliceP I. , v
Two matches were fired under the auspices of the Sarisbury and District League on Saturday. Bitterne overcame Weston, and Southampton paid 4 similar "compliment to Bishop's Waltham.
There is a great deal of local rivalry between tho Bitterne and Weston clubs, and a match I; " 1 Ihe chosen team* in sure to be keen and injr. Saturday's contest was no exception.
result a difference of five points in .favour of Bit terne only show*.
'Mr. "Secretary" Bailey, of Bittern*, was in great form, and *a« within an see of securing a record, but dropped his la«t shot at the 100 yards range. Messrs. Rogers ' " ' " '
Kcmball, as usual.
Doors Open at 3.30 p.m.
will, by kind permission of the Chief .^0
Constable, play -SelecliSxw under.
MR. .ML'I) 1)1 MAN. . ,21
Officers and Members Si. John Ambulance Brigade are requested to wear Full Dress. Nursing Division,. Outdoor Uniform, cloaks being carried in the hall.
All interested are invited to attend. The body of the hall is open to the public.
Hon. Secretary.
St. John's, Sholing.
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