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July 17, 1912.
iu tho woolen barrel for about #1% iifcuiths t,» ago. able," is If culled her,. sat He offered her *W, i »4xNUJ k jrarefulll^ her srriuw tiood ewning"
length of t
"1T"« J:?> '•"> nw,..if„t,,'l he, ol him. She WW
t it grow* older. THE KLY PBST.
I: is acknowledged riiat flies ere not only a miituno', but also a aoinve of ilangor lx oiuso tftey o.wjy tCv> gf*m# of di»-ase from place to place. Some pism*** *ro nnihv*\l almost uninhabitable by too »wAnns of flies which iufe«t tiw m. To try and rid a plaov of this p«»i by fly-papers iuuI fly-i>sts is i»r.iVtkulli iih'Iim; ,tne enemy iuortaM* »*'!>' quickly than it is destroyed. Tho cause lihouM, if possible, bo rvinoveth It will ^vnecallv b found that di«cayed matter is Uit-noinw of the ! ovil. ;u*l tliis mhould bo removed by a thorough cloaisiug. S.rap* of fo»«d inav have been left i ab.»ut 111 oaniers or under caipeta; luttrbor nwy have boon allowed to aoiumulate with its* accompaniment of dirf; or the mwwary cleansing of thick hanging* that haTv K«r mouth; sifted the ; aftuiospbfre and harboured the multifarious par I tide* of dust may Jisxe be«n omilleil *
A snian\ tennit frock if shown which may be mado of sf ripof :M*hyr or other washing matriwl. %e collar is of plain ccsement doth in white or * eonlmmting cokmir, sual is ropweted in the panel, wtich ia hstkmed aa a fake und»-n*irt, and be cut to permit aenter fiewlcm of running- A laps! hat bound with ribbon vet and caught by *n crrrsnsmtal burkle is able mcomnpanimtmt.
inehem must have been cut off the gown; and a* tii? back irarnel *a& a graded one. Ha width at tho top warn thus made ouito out of |>ivportk>» «t tlio waist line. It ahoUw be rcinoiuboml iu adapt ii^ | costumt* that a skirt f*u be a!tcied from I he top ' only when a alight diffidence ia needed. In the wins way the a id Mi across I ho shoulders is tho j important bodice IILACKUBRRY WINE.
Tho following is oiv old •licnewrifo's recipe for

making black kney one of the finest of is now •aliiast -read interested
_ which ia reckoned da beverage*. As the fruit o our luuwl u.anv niav be Pre** tho juice
blaaklx-rrice, winl lot it aland for thiity-six hours to ferment, keeping it^eu\cn\l with muslin: skim well, and sdd one quart of wttfer ami Uwo pound* of sugar to every gallon- of juke. This should be " ' ud lor twoutyfour hour*.

mixed and allowed lit on strained and barrcll.vl
of |ioa«Vi-bl«i0Should you like to see soine of my article*?" £ It was a new sort of straw, but tho bla*e Lieutenant warn seeking diversion-and lie | clutched at it.
"Now." he said, "you are kind, a* I thought . j your woriU pnwuiswl when we last parted"; I and he followed her gladly to a Miwdl library. time*lwp,«mUu;afXTMer, wie ^ k^ngk^ "hlld mhe vaniahtd
to thorough firing .leaning and daily dusting, the ; in (jucst of the manuscripts.
fly pest.liHsstill toheaceotmted' for. In mich e*M * j "Of course the article* will bo perfect tnU#&—
1 looted garden patch or tlie hollow of a collar gial- I ., of pink tulle, and Uic tap of
ing : or that a «h>g-kon:»ol. rabbit4iutoh, or other ' A'tiall slipper, aihk>uik*hI her return. She atocx) animal. Irona, Ins b^ n nlaonl hx* elo*r to tho an instant, the paper* in her hand. Her man-
I drains, and ovtv > .acts truiu whicli refuso haut Ihnu , *-"*y itijl. iou will bring them Imck . / 3
removed; or. mi*>>| with writer, ii may be placid ! "To-morrow," he answered, "if 1 may." in a pail and loft ^omight to chemically carry Her only a newer was to hold out to him boih I out h« work. ItkMntwRKlM !.!«» to Kiloi* I Iter plump little Imnd., «i.l then die «u goilo 111 Kitiiifcjiis. : 1The articles were of a quaint, serious sort; ' but tlie wording was not bad. Indeed, the Lieutenant found swno rather pleasing tigurea j in an allegorical tale, setting firth ill* evil* I of drink. .
, Tho next evening found the Lieutenant at j her portal, without an ide* why ho c^un,*, other . | than to return the manuscripts, ami without & plan as to what he ahould aay about the value of tlie work. Hut he was mute willing to truat as he had done in hundred* of instance*—,' I am alwava pleased to receive suggestions to **» inspiration of Hie moment.
from my readers, and to answer Questions in this After her quiet greeting, he took out the ' column on Dress, tho Household. Needlework, manuscripts, ami began:
[ have inflicted tiiem ujh»u you. And taking -IVtWr-II U lio»t to use eotton-.ivl fiu- tho j |J|" l'11 Uu' "»»" !>"' II"'" «»»?■. ;
padJing of a te*wn#y. If tlie outer ornamental I When alio came back, tho lieutenant would covering in arranged tfliat it may easily be re- j have pmtealed. but site left him W his own named smd cleaned it will be fwnd to brrni** uha* nations almut tho work, except for direct :
............ - ................— 1 an.wert to hi* queilio,.. .
Pn-Kcotly he Lwk up a book and found in i% '
' Wieir original dianm.
Our Shorl Story.
"A Study In Plnk-and-Whlfe."

Veils of chitfon ore now being worn not only for motoring, (but for cycling, golfing, boating, and for genoiul_Boasidc and town wear on the vorj-•.vindy day a. Their dolour, texture, and udju»t-mcait are (he point* to be wnisidnrcd for tin- mk> ccHKtuI ^nilot. I noticed a trio of friends tho other day seated aide by aid*, wearing Mlotrepe, purple, and royal bjue. All else was lost ii * jarring oanmbination. The balloon shajied veil is rarefy abnn now e»myting Ly ihcme who do not aecin tb appreciate difToix>ik.-«-». Dwakdly Use prettiest efwt that I 1*ave not ictxi recejitly 1 was gained bv a salmon pink dhiffon over a bih-fuk matting-f*at, bound Into fiokla by #a aa-athe of Linadin green ohifTon Whioh pa*s*«t round the | crown and Was finished in small roaettea at both ■skh«i- It win* a JiKMt boooming arraugeui
good lines that c
1 Htwiig wind pressure would |
Hnma important point* ahouW be borne in mind ■with regard to the purchase of ready-made gown*. Their eumeiotni ha* made, tlum ■very x. Ij is in these alterations rhat tlw art uf tho modHte wbouM b nlio*vi. The general ' line* of the deaig.i must bd n Uimd, and special attention given to rlw ltaitg. The othor day 1 notkcd a vesj amall wmns*n wwring an evidtwly altered gown. '1V> iJv rten tin- skirt sh • hid-ob- ! -viously reduced' the length from *Jbe tcp. beaust Oh is iMxxasitatcd the least trouble. At I'm* *i* ,
In accordance with our usual custom we shall offer all our Season's Goods at exceptional Bargain Prices. We do NOT purchase Job or Soiled Lines for our Sale ; everything offered being genuine articles at after Season's Prices.
We are offering exceptional value in Ready Made Costumes, Coats ;&nd Frocks, in order to eHect a thorough clearance ; See Windows.
Dressmaking Department
Hitherto it has been our custom to reduce our charges from the commencement of the Sale, but owing to the exceptionally heavy season we have experienced, and the (act that we are at present booked up for as many orders as we can execute up to July. 20th, we shall not be able to reduce our charges before this date. After July 20th our chapges-Will be 20'/e lower for F/ocks and Costumes to measure.
Wm. RICE <6 Co.
twenty years old, trim and phunp,
—-..... " '*>•»>• way, pretty. Her eyes were
round and very blue, and had nlwavs a wide-open. surprised look. Just to see her you would have erjavted lier to lisp a trifle and to be jiiat a bit kittenish in expression. Hut she wasn't. She was intensely straightforward, even strong minded.
The ^lieutenant saw her at a tcmnemncu social that lie was reporting one evening for liiH paper, the "Daily Hreas." He had really worn shoulder-simps, but he had left the ser view and its ;xx*nble fields of glory for a more pronounced slaves* in tho field of journalism.
Like nil military young men. hs considered himself a judge—a connoisseur—in all that per-
I '"K. and these particularly pretty eye*. ! "Just nut." lie said, to himself. "I'll talk
"May I trouble you fur tlie nanas of tlie ; ofliceia in your society?'* lie asked, stepping up j to her, pencil in hand.
I "Vas," she anawerod, gravely, and led tlie j way to a lmy-wimlow, where there were chair* and a table, and wlwre the lieutenant could write undisturi>od. Tile) sat down, ami he j asked her a great many ijuestiims. to which ; fhe made grave, concise answer*. Meanwhile, 1 he made hien«gly])hic* wliidi he could not read j on his paper, and wondered why she did not smile and dimple. He was sure her baby face would lie all Slie spoke only in reply to his qurtrtions; ami when In* was at a 1<«» for another question the conversation ended.
"Not the sort slie looks." he concluded, finally. "Cue*a slw's a little too new. Not worth studying." He tiiaukeAt tilt* door slie s|)oke—-
"I'm glad to have met you," ulie *aid. "I write occasionally. I hope we /JiaJl see more nf 4-ach tiher," and tlien slie said good night, and shut tlie door.
The Lieutenant whistled to himself. "I* this I the result of brannewness, or irti't slie as new ! a.s I thought?" And he planned to*ask for tint assignment when the anciety should next ' mix t. Tlie - next meeting was a im.nth later, ; and lie had frirgotten, except for an occasiiaial i wlf-satisiutl, pleasing memory of her surprising words when they parted.
The Lieutenant was a liambome young man, ; and lie knew that his title, and the magnifiont way lie carricd his ahoulder*, were siifiicient i 111 theimw Ives to make any girl love him.
When the "Y.I'.T.C." next met. it was at home, and he was there piomptl.V. Hefore liTJig he made his way U) *\here "Tlie Inscrut-
sing?" he aaked.
Yea," she raid.
"And you will sing for me?"
, Of course that was the next neceaaary phrase. Hut Wie (answered—
"Yes, I will sing with you."
She amae and found aonte mualc. It waa Millotti'a "Night," and a bit difficult for him; but *he »at n{ (h, pml piivfd in a ayrapt-
thetlo- way that made him enthnaiastic to try it with her.
Her voice was soft and clear even on the highest notes, and wlien the serenade was ended ho tliought he was two thirda in love with
They sang again and again, and when finally ho went away he eapie*wd his mppreciation in tlie hope that he nuglit come often.
"Yes," site said calmly, and without aentl-
All the way to his den, and even into dream, land lie was aocning street Ui bring him back to his cynscel self. "Why," lie thought, "*he didn't speak •*x words the whole evening thrtaigh—or sixteen at most."
Then U> affirm his return to a matter-of-fact existence, he ordered stroi g coffee ami I nun and
Hut after a week's reflection, he concluded that she was a nice little girl and quite harm* less, and lie went l»ack again to sing wiUi her.
One evening tliey sang the "Night" again— Serenely smile the heavens,
Peaceful and calm Uie night.
Tlieir voice* echoed together, and tlie Lieu-tenant was .rapturous over her ainging,
"We sing together ainazingly well, don't we?" he asked.
S|ie l(M>k<-«l at him, but for answer played the chords of the seienade softly, llio clock struck ten, and she always rose fn«m the piano wiien it grew tliat late. Her motion seemed to break the spell of sentimmit their singing had invoked. When he had found his liat and reached the door lie was back to earth again.
"Pleasant (wit to-night," ho said, as he stepped ii|m>ii the porch; hut lie was thinking to himself: "Slie hasn't spoken a word for an hour. I believe she a half asleep." Suiklenly small, round arms wern mhcut his neck, and slie was saying impetuously—
"I like you. If yoti don't i-are for me, don't come here again."
The words I tad fairly tumWed forth, head, long; ami sln» was giaie, tlw door shut.
"(hie/* I'm the one who is asleep," lie said, . when lie was finding liis way down the aAepg.
"lN*»r little gismse, ' \lw said iw* he r«difd his door. "1 ought not to have gone tliere just to sing." \ -
There was aoniehov a suggestion of pink and-white ln-tweeii the line* of his papor as he wrote next day. and he solilnpiised from time
"After all"—he stepped in tho middWof an article on the city p«»lit>- "she is U*> must straightforward, sensible girl I know: and why shouldn't she have *p< ken as slie did, if slie was inclimd?"
Tint night he calTetl again.

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