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July 17, 1912.
Local Amusements.

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little haven, with a
and Silver. Such a«v the colour notes of the Lounge. It\ Well chosen picture* are to be found on t'te pei fu ned walls. On the 1 the Ixxingv of the Empire '|'heatre, Street, aeku nvled^ed hy all 1
of trellis work covered with
THE Picture Theatre of Southampton.
The soul-stirring production "East Lynn*." ma presented by Mr. J. Pitt-Hanlacre'a Company, is attracting good houaea here.
The principal parts are undertaken by Miss Bessie Rignold, Mr. J. Pitt-IIardacre, Mr. Paul Bereaford, Mr. Joe Rowland (the comic policeman ' Bullock"), Mr. H.nlmore-Frith, Mr. Fred Dobell, Little Maiaio Mienon (a clever child aetr**a), Misa Beatrice Erie, Miss Addic Adair, Miss Georgie Hall, and Mi$s Veda Attwood.
Next week, Alexander Marsh and Co., including Miss Carrie Baillie. will appear in the following -plays: Monday, "Othello" : Tuesday, "Romeo and Juliet"; Wednesday, "David Garrick" and "The Sleigh Bells": Thursday, "The Bishop's Candle-■ticks" and "The Taming of the Shrew": Friday, "A Midsummer Night's Dream ; and Saturday, "The Three Musketeers."
The Sicilian drama, entitled "Her Primely Bo- , Irayer," i* played with marked ability by every member of Mr. Leonard Robsou's Company.
Mr. Leonard Robsou himself undertaken the noun ray a I of the character of Marco Natoli." and in the duel scene between himself and "Prince Terlizzini" (Mr. Philip Lawton) exhibits considerable histrionic skill.
Miaa Molly Tremaync am "Terimina," Mima Wane Kemp am "Bianca Natoli." and Mr. I^alie Kye-croft am "Bruno Gataro" all treat their partm adequately. # • e
In an eccentric and humorous sketch, entitled "A Sceno at the Fair Grounds" Alhurtua the Fimt introduces many absurd novelties, while Jessie Millar play* popular airs in an attractive manner on a niclodeon. She also is a coruettist of more , than average skill.
Happy Attwood ham * wondeifnl fund of , humour, and relates his comic stories in an inimit- 1
The Four Broadway Boym dance well, and also introdurea into their "turn" varioum song* with , harmonious choruses.
The manner in which ^Otdliver" convulses his "dummy" In laughter ia a triumph in veulrdo-quimui. Surely no "doll" has ever powewed j much u laugh before!
Darrus Bros, perform daring feats on the living j trapeze, and Queenie May alug* aweet melodioua songs in a clear ringing voice.
The Ellesmeres a nr. difficulty in #u astonishing tricks.
> a troupe of cyclists who find awfully accomplimhing many
Comic and serious detectives play a part in this week's Alexandra programme, and it is difficult to say which is the more entertaining.
"Nick Winter" is an old favourite of picture theatre patrons, and this week with his now pupil ho is rather more than ordinarily amusing.
"Old Sleuth, the Detective." proved a master of j disguise, and cleverly traced the abducted daughter of the millionaire, and succeeded in rem | cuing her. 1
Who will appear in a round of Shakespearean and standard plays at the Grand Theatre, Southampton, next week.
"The banker's daughter" was the mtory of a clover ruse which saved a bank. Owing to the defalcation of an official there warn a run ou the bank; hut with the aid of bundles of envelope* ^ mid bugs of counter*, the banker's daughter con* v in red the crowd of the bank's financial stability, | and the run ceased.
Two fine subeicts which will be shown during jl I he latter part of the week are "Jean of the Jail, "3| ami "A story of the Circus."
Audiences at the East street Picture Palace this week have been enthralled by a magnificent drama of woman's love and hate, entitled "The vengeance
The film ia in every way a fine production, and is 2,000 feet or more ia length, the mtory unfolded i showing how the proprietor of a factory became infatuated with the wife of the factory chemiat, but his attempta to win her affectiona are unauo-
desperate measures, an explosion 1* iged ny which the husband is killed, and the wife learning the truth, marries the murderer, . and slowly ruins*him, then calmly watched him commit suicide.
* 9 *
It is not very often thai the British Tommy ' Atkins figures on the cinematograph screen, but 4 a fine story of military life ia told in "The Batta-
11.... .I..., ••
There were many other excellent Alma, and there will be an entire change of programme on Thursday for the remainder of the week.
week delighting opera lovers with costumo selection from their repertoire. • On Monday a delight* fill rendering of "Jlaritana" was given, and on Tuesday the ever |»opulai with great su

Leading: lady at the Grand Theatre, next -week.
To-night (Wednesday) "The Bohemian Girl" , II be given, and other o|>efam to be given during tin week include: Thursday, "II Trovatore";
"; and Saturday,
The Company, which is headed by Mr. John Ridding, is composed of a dozen' talented ladiee and gentlemen selected from the various opera companies that tour the British Isles during t winter months.
Next week being cricket week, special attractions have been arranged, commencing with a battle ot confetti, dancing, fireworks, and musio by 1 he Town Baud on Monday evening.
On Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday evening* "al fresco" baud |»erformances will bo given from 7.50 to 10 p.m.. and they should be appreciated these hot nights.
OnUVednewlay the splendid string band of HJf. Ri val Marine Artillery will make their laat appearance of the season, the vocalist being Madame Russell-Lloyd * (soprano), a lady well-known in local musical circles.
Messrs. Thomas Cook and gen have arrang«TV~^ very comprehensive programme of summer /holi- # da/ wcurmioea. which will go k, the Mddanda. Scotland, the North of England. Ireland and in-deed-all places of interest in the United Kingdom. • Details may be obtained at their office* In Ozfoi*
street, Southampton. •
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