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July io, 1912.

A wrap which if light yet dust proof i* « 1110*1 useful aumu^. garment. The ^renmpanying sketch show* one of the latest deslgna in tussore, an excellent material for the purpose. The collar and cuffs an* faced with cretonne. The hat is under-lined with shell-pink aeropbane, the effect transparent mass being given
mould which pi evades them bring* a sickly feeling as wo enter; and wo arc clad to hastily relinquish them to tho swarms of moths that are mure to have found a congenial resting place therein. A well-known physician advises that every morning the first work done should bo tho opening of all cellar windows to ensure dryness of tho foundations: and later all upper windows , as opportunity permits. It is certain that there would ho less consumption and diseases consequent on impaired stamina, if this practice were regularly carried out both in the house and in place* of business. So Wrcft of ventilation are many shops, offices, and works, that the air be-; comes practically thick with the bad • gases of
auxist anew:
Southampton r°K COS TUMES to MEASURE Jf/
crowded human occupation ami the poisonous pondenco with tho authorities on the subject, compounds used in manufacture. Their occu- XpceiWWy ,1 < I ninnnbfx on that uever-to-bo-for* pants complain of weariness, headache, inertia, gotten occasion the •np^rioroty in tent life orer yet the fonnnon sense remedy of an .occasional tho mot hod of calling one in^ the morcing prao-open window is never tried to replace the number- tm^d in 'ho ordinary home. Tho >mml "modua less patent medicines that are bought to bring operandi" is tryingOy fumilsar. A tiv.ud knocka at relief ^ *h « \loor: •' eight, sir, and here * your
hot w.\u-r," she say*. VVhh what result-? You . either go to aJeep again or )io uwake wondering < whether io g«v. up or not. Of coufte, you riao >. maXrly, only to find tho coffee cold and the
and Inspector,. E300 lo fWO per annum. I'andi I hew von, ta^ tents, and the other fedo** dates will be subjected to examination, foe which *tr® \'P nnrt, and they came to call tw—dear, ' preparation may be made at the social classes teslows thkiA they were—in order that wo
hicliNare being held in most of the important ! nngw» not miss tho b< aulwa ot tliw awakening Mitres\ Needless to ay tho applicants for these *wy and tho wight of tho early winis wriggling appointments exceed the number of vacancies. w«wi joy m tho b<«iks of tho roving l-ucktunk.
"We wro rho mmwnk of virtuof' tbev wero waving f TO^TX.KAX S1I.K. " UoyuemUy a. w*vma wo .peak, ' Wed. one o(
/- our inooda got ho!d of our "guy" ***-*. caEed,
was drawn the other day to the *as sul>-«sju«-nt. v explained, because it made
__ fiitant prices that are being paid for the guya of un-uml »t. Ami then wu» wen, 10
cleaning of silk blouses. In one instance that ; I was informed later, a strungo and 'moving aijrht, rame lo my notke. three shilling, was bring paid Tha teal moved. ndt WormWy. |ik* A, i,
for cleaning a white silk blouse that could have ".Macbeth," but dowimunUtr like a falling star-been better done at home for not more than a apwking Wmmrnmeim
white soap, or a reliable cold »water soap, ad- f **na 111 w ^ng'warly short time, oa wide auako ,
ding a little amnion salt when fugitive colours ** evvr wo were it, mm livtw. Perlxq^ we were
are being dealt with. Drop Jlho silk into this, and ,Ukl tooling eraeUy K*:Und, but. then, who la.
gently move it about with a smooth stick or the wfoon called at fivo in the morning? Truth to
hands »o that the soap galm thoroughly into every toll, Alio idlers having U0ubtfUwin4y round, we
part of it, then leave it to I ho chemical action wauled at «wh otk*. Tho umu who bad kicked ''
'tor ahoul 15 to 20 minutes. It may then again mo^n tho oye in itho oxo»t«ment of gcitiag un
bo gently moved about to release the dirt; and declined to apokvgua, aW,\gmg that another u»an£ '
if any spots remain these may be removed by a kot -was renting on h* ucw at tho time while
direct touch of soap or turpentine. Lift the the third man, tho owner of the toot waa oroaa
ping it in a weak solution of sugar ami water 1, 5. . morning.) tttfU, though tho mode when il has partly dried. The important point j oaa-vng >* open to cratiaam, It is at haa* offec-, to be remembered throughout is that in no part j t,v«\ l"« m an ago when wo womhip effioionoy of the handling may silk bo wrung or crushed to | ton pajHT, a; Jcu/»t) that oouuta.
eject either dirt or water. | A gam, in camp life one never haa^fo "dre*a in a
MARZIPANS. ' ! 2? Sf:
' 'w *\«oked iM't'uro
Saturday, June 29
Marzipans. I have been told by devoted lovers of sweets, are the very nicest of all sweets. They are amongst the most ox pensive In buy. but from the following simple recipe they may be easily and economically made at home. Put half a pint of cold water and a pound of Joaf sugar into a pan, .and stir carefully until it boils; then drop in a poTTmKnf ground sweet almonds, and if desired a few n*up*-X$T colouring matter. Stir the whole until it is thoroughly mixed; then turn it into a basin and squecse it until it appears oily. When it is cool it should be cut into shapes and I left to set, having been neatly wrapped in thin j grease-proof paper.
In accordance with -our usual custom we shall offer all our Season's Goods at exceptional Bargain Prices. We do NOT purchase Job or Soiled Lines for our Sale; everything offered being genuine articles at after Season's Prices.
We are offering exceptional value in Heady Made Costumes, Coats and Frocks, in order to effect a thorough cleaiance,; See Windows.
piece, the
Fancy shoes for slreel wear are greatly in favour this season Grey is very fashionable both m cloth and leather; and green and heliotrope also are being worn to the cotton and light summer fabrics. The stockings,should match .whatever colour of mhoe is worn, excepting in the casta of dark brown and black, when a contrast of figured stocking is considered admissible. There aro several varieties in buckled shoes being shown. The real speciality of the season is the silk laced shoe. This has the front cut in on opening being under the ankle bone <
side. It is fastened with a wide lac loose free bow. and looks both smart and comfortable.
Whal a plly it i* that nwre people do iml an predate the value of sunshine and fresh air. *\ e hear people speak of hav inc revelled in \be sun shine during a summer holiday, and they tell us how I hey spent hours simply sitting iu the open that they might benefit bv the fresh air. Yet these suiiio people will return to their own homes, and as rigidly shut out these givers of health, as though the sun were a thief and the breeze the bearer of naught but disease microbes.
Every house and every place of business should be thoroughly brightened bv Nature's light whenever possible. In soYiys houses there are rooms so constantly closed and screened that thev become musty gloomy dens. The smell of mildew and
I am always pleased to receive suggestions from my readers, and to answer questions in this column on Dress, tho Household, Needlework, etc. Letters must reach me not later than TUESDAY morning, if,an answer is desired the following week. Kindly address: — Mrs. NOVELLO. Ho* 16, KENUAL.
"Doubtful." At an "At Home" gathering it l« usual to pass tho sugar and cream In each guest. This is generally done by a daughter or friend, not by the maid.
Art.' The best gold thread for your embroidery is that which resembles thin cord. There is soiiio sold which is made of tinfoil wrapped round thread: but this will rarely withstand wear or bear cleaning.
Our Short Story.
Dressmaking Department
Hitherto it has been our cutout to reduce our charges from the commencement of the Sale, but owirig to the exceptionally heavy season we have experienced, and A the fact.that we are at present booked up for as many orders as we-can execute up to July 20th, we shall- not be able to reduce our charges liefore this date. After July 20th our charges will be 20 7o lower for Frocks and Costumes to measure.
Wm. K/Cf 6 Co.
"Camping Out."
(Sv&wauon ML a groatjy over-rated ,V.i may ah*p s a plumber m bill, nor nWw in hi* Kuiahsy suit n a nowSy-paanUd sill. This w po«*ry, but it i* u>o what |M*«'ry jsir«W *" . . _ . ^
it—/or ono night 01/y, I eonfe er which I heyo no'iimlml deny further ^xperienoea <•; U »mp« nth time a- I am permitted to h"iai my homo in Hyde Park. I am now ui c/rres-
ia, but I ineun you liavo to do tt youmelf, and f you .an t pwpaw it hefon* you got up. At >ea«t
you go* it but When you do got it, but fiankly .
I comma a decent reataurant wit,Inn u stone a 5
'R y- a-:
write Miuowbat fedmgly „n thia wlbjeut, booauM ' x! 1 cook. '
' r-'SH'S:' S-!
' ;:s
. .WMI but I kn..» »b.l
! " br .'lu. yoitbh to u p„i,wtUM*y
I it >t M, ArJ,:..
• ertiin »'-)'• "«Mt»-n.«s wmmg to my tiooking. The ab„ a.kl the w#w, ' vwleaWy a
liummw. hm-1 n hi. werproof. Half an hour's fain.mvrfiMj :L* gnunl it afed oa icl@ th# fiu-s, pun,! the heart of duck ouu!d desire, lint *•» wer., not am,h.b., u,. w, we 10,* a i'mj'b mar u hone . ami have ^t.«v«d thire tver since v«f h !kM I am pnpaW „n ^per; uphold tlie earpp a%a nrnt u.- » i:ic«.


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