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July 10, 1912.

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Outdoor Recreations. (%%:')
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C. B. Fry and Mead have both compiled one thousand run* thi* memmuu. Cmptmin BanvU, ta alw a|]pioNchinp the four^gure stage.
What a doe side Hampshire will have in Augus* if A. C. Johnston, A. J. Evana, and H. C. McDonell come into the aide?
In tTut event I suppose the strongest eleven the owoty could command would be 0. B. Fn , A. 0. Johnston, Captain Banytt. A. J. Evans. H. C. McDonnell, Mead, Stone, Boweli, Brown. Xew mau, * and Kennedy.
Unfoitunately E. M. Spn* ia not in form, lie has been to the wicket* aeveu times for
There waa much speculation on the County Ground last Thursday morning aa to what comae the captain won the km* would
adopt, for it waa certain that the wicket would to aom* extent amaist the howkrs.
When the coin had been tossed I asked the Hampshire captain who waa batting. "Cam-bridge." he replied. "Did they win the toss?" "Yes." Mr. Spivt answered, * "If I win the toas I never put mv opponents in."
There are ocoaaions when it would be wise, perliaps, to put the other side in first, but on the whole Mr. Sprot's policy is probably the mom judioioqa.
It is interesting to note that the Hampshire captain ho* not yet played an inning* at South anipton this season. He applied the closure last Friday before his turn to hat arrived.
Tlie financial side of ot'.'ekct was obviously
"For a while the game iu England knew him no more, as he went abroad to Florida, and did not den the flaiwJs for four years. On natuming to lhi» asuitav he again helped Hampshire, and then by ntudetico played for the buasex first and »wnd teams, and lent hk ami stance to many cf the ItcetcluWnmnd about
"Seven yeans ago he came to lawdou atal joined Heathfield, and lias only once failed U> top the avwages. lk%id«t k ing, quite one of the smartest wickvtkoopera in Lnttdoci, Read im a resourceful and attractive batainan at the
"He gets his runs freely, his driving and cutting being perhaps him two pet strokes, lie can hit with tremendous vigour wlien so minded, and he ha# compiled many a century innings for the Wandsworth club.
"T. U Read is a nephew of Dr. Russell Ben 01 ft. of Hampshire fame. and acquired all his knowledge of cricket on the old An Wipe U round. Southampton."
There were 43 entries for the bogey competition of the Stonchsm Club on Saturday last.
The first Ilire* iu the first division were Mr. C. C Cook. 3 down, winner.
match* during ti» wwt We muat iwt omk . 0f lh® fir® °P®U events, prites ware secured hi
to mention dm* Mm. Dm, Y«u%. Cyuthia w I"; *?" *#«*ud. aAl erne thbd.
had a lead of Pour nrinuUa of Jooqui. and it H. T. Wright did a *ery smart performanom to
ama oa^y Ckpdain Dkam a good judgnww tJxw winning I he half mile, beating a big field in th*
put hi* ymelit ka front. good tuna of 1 nun. 54 sees.
live W«*t yua) It, /*.** Hub bad * miserable W. Diaper, who. it will be remembered, was th*
afternoon 1 qport on Oaturday owing to the first mam home in the recent road-walking race
mvathwr. Tiiavm ncu mere started, but only one st Southampton, won the two miles walk, fSiUag ■
was finished, tha Uuta in that wailing a idwrnlarnxd the better of F. W. Piaaey, of the Surrey W.d,
courrnu. mnd Dr. Dsn&una S»rh» amended »n beat- who waW second, and A. Price, Birmingham W.C.,
iiar Dr. Lauder's Sally. Chun reversinff the order who finished third.
of things at E&wp n^gatta on the pmioua Wed This achievement of Diaper ^confirmation of him
,|***^°' , . , . „ early promise, and he is now without doubt thm
AH yacht a ne people are «bul that the 8 nuS#we. oatted by Mt». Sheoky. has at hu< years.
ahnwed soma of her oh* form. She won in the p. Metcalfe is evidently the coming sprinter foe
uniUh of the llytho \mcfl« Oub on Fridaj. and ,%,* H.A.A.C. Finishing saeemd to H. G. Downturn^
mmauon Sa:unhsy m the. nn» of thr ltoyal hoWh Go,port A C., to whom he waa conceding H yards
ampwn \aCht «ub at H)^he. ;,i the 100 yards, the time was returned as 9 44
The Sttaiiixh 15 tneUe yacht* Hanania, thai »oe*.. which is a bit warm even off the 8J yards.
this month. Moth #re sn charge of local men.
^itasn Oikwrkw Dovw. of HsunKe Rwer. being mkippaT of Hwpania. ami Osy&sn Uolw^rt Diaper,
Kchwi Ffin-y. of n\i«u. . ......
The Ht\+t mux\vn of Jonquil in the 6 metre (Casm hma bmught at hmat one order to tha» junl of Morgan Otam and May. Mr. Puidy haa Win-umiadmia* them tt» buikt u 6 metre, and who in
n»nn mil hi a t a 111 tu 111 (iiuio m gmt auinuuu, w programme embracing running, cycling, walkufe /Sl relay race* (both walking and running), pc## jumping, five chan,pknahipa of the county, and # . fun producing event I*, tilling the bucket. wj
It will certainly bo the fineat show of the kimd ever attempted in the town, and the winner* off the South of the Thames championship are d» serving of a generou* support.
. side could easily have continued batting and ensured a Saturday gate.
James Stone's benefit is approaching. If von have not subscribed •« tiie fund yet. don't forget to do so. He's a Hampshire man b -rn and
C. B. Fry's 203 (not out) is his highest score this year. Captain Barrett* 138 (not out) is the best thing this gallant officer has done in first-class cricket. Mead ought to have made sure ot" hit sixth hundred.
Just before the Hants and Oxford match commenced it was found that no umpires had* been sent J own by the M.C.C. Stone and Remnant, however, made efficient deputies.
The following appreciation of an old Hampshire cricketer recently apoeared in a London journal:—
"When the Hcathfield C.C. (London) fecured the invaluable service* of E. G. Read, a par-ticularlv clever wicketkeeper ami batsman was brought into the team.'
' "Educated at St. Edward's School, of Oxford, Bead wa* captain of the cricket, football, and Axes. He waa bawn at Southampton, and plived a lot of cricket there, and when only seventeen years old appeared in the Hampshire Qounty eleven.
Royal Isle of Wlghf Agricultural Society.
JUI/5T iitfc, (913.
There will be a SPECIAL ENCLOSURE for MOTOR CA^RS and CARRIAGES overlooking the Large Ring. Admission, 10s.
In the above Society's Show Field.
Photo by Mr. Hay ward, West End Studio., Newport.
Our illustration repre&ntn a group of the member* of the St. John's Athletic Club. Newport. In I ha centre of the group is Mr. Jame* Eldridgt, solicitor, Newport, who for 32 years ham been aamociated with the Bible Class am its President, and who in also President of thm Athletic Club. To thm immediate right of the President is Mr. Dan Buckler, Instructor anil Captain of the Club. On the extreme left of the President gt the end of thm
porters and worker* mm behalf of the organisation which has associated with it both gymnastic and running sections.
Musical Chairs on Horseback, played by members of the L\V. Hunt, will take place during the afternoon.
Mr. C. Beak. 4 down. *
Mr. A. Jacques, 4 down.
Second Division.
Mr. C. H Ashby, all square, winner.
Mr. S. W. Davis, 1 down.
. Mr. B. Warner. 2 dowm.
Although golf is gaining a hold in France, the ! French amateur championship resolved itself into a duel between two Englishmen, the Hon. Michael Scott and Mi. C. B. Macfarlane, although the latter is a member of the French club at Le Touquel.
It was rather a runaway affair. The winner was four up at the end of the morning round, and a brilliant thirtv-si* afterwards brought the match to a close on the eleventh green, Mr. Scott being j eight holes up and seven to play.
In spite of the presence of Messrs Angus Ham ; bro and II W. Forster in their side, the House of I Commons were beaten in both singles and four-I somes in the annual match with the Bar, the result of the dav's trolf being a verdict of 81 In 4j in favour of the Bar.
Commando, yawl, Mr. Mmklwyn Drummond. wtiich fitted out cut/tin- yutd of Morgan C5d«* and May, went out on Satunday (Vjt a rpin. and on Monday who had Iwr <«mpate<'i .uljiurfad by Mr. J. Smith, of Oi/ord-*reot, Southampton.
'Ilu' Amnrioan *t« wm )iaobta VanacMe- hi«1 fVir-*>ir, Mr. Piorpont Morgan, arr'vad at Southampton on Fi'WP-v )a»t—flw» f«.tnmT from Cronmtadt ■aid Ow Baltic, and tiui latta-r from K al. Cor-wair kA on M,widav aftorrtoon for N.-w Y^rk. ai^I VaiKulia itt/y on Tueaday nmmiitf. alvi (V%r New

events in the Olympic Games
First Prize. £10: Second Prize, 45
Entries taken on the Ground.
The Show promises t
P.S.—The present outbreak ol Foot and Mouth Disease does not affect the Royal Isle of Wight Agricultural Society's Exhibition.
GRAND STAND, at which scat* maybe booked for the whole day, 2/6. Enclosure, 1/-. H. C0LLINQW00D BERTRAM. Secretary.
aniin) of aevaifoS of ymdaa. Satunlmy *aw the 23 nxtm »S3»inrtxsk, tiw 19 metre Mariquiia. and tb«' 15 metre Lady Anno racing together with tin- V ILA time allowance, winch l«d to bu rSatuiday waa a hail day for imomg m the south, and notably in Aouthmunptom Water. Thw T'ovwl Southampton Yaoh* Chib had m r»-g»1i promwd to afford name gund xport, ma flu- club had in-o'uded a handicap um:Ni in their propramuw. There waa a nine bn eao untal a heavy thunderstorm brought witi» it quite a dolugo of ram, and this mnflamed dbnrn: thu wind to a «a?m. varied i*wr and thon with light air*. Hawwer. all tha boots managed to crawl home before I he ebb tide wmt. otheewisa, thm 6nate* wou«j *aw boon muoh labf than they ww-. In the 6 motre 1 ruatdh Captain Diaraia Jonqml aea«n wmm the AnU prize, this making the fifth win in n many
being eagerly watched through thf Press from one end of the globe to the other.
The start has been very disappointing, from a British point of view, as every one of our representatives was knocked out in the 100 metres before the final was reached.
Kven C. II. Patching, the South African, who. won I ho English championship at that distance a few days ago, could only finish fourth to the speedy Americans, who supplied the first three in It C. Craig. A. T. Meyer, and D. F Lippincott.
Then thy final in the 10.000.metres was won by I he Finn, II. Kolehmainen, with Tewanima (America) second, and Stenreca (Finland) third, the British representatives retiring before the
The high jump went to America, A. W. Kichards clearing 6ft. 4in.. with II. Lische. of Germany, second (6ft -
In th«» 800 metres the all conquering Yankees had all their own way. supnlving the first three in .1. K. Meredith. M. W. Sheppard., and J. N Davenport. Memlith's time was 1 min. 51 9-10 sees., which constitutes a record.
Tim same afternoon saw the /City of London Police disqualified in the lug of 4ar.
Tim games will be continued throughout the week, when it is hoped the Britishers will retrieve some of their lost laurel*.
The "Hamoahire*" did very well indee«l at the Bournemouth Athletic Sports on Saturday.
JULY 16th and 17th.
Great Floral Gala.
Splendid Band of the Royal Marines
Afternoon and Evening.
Grand Military Tournament.
Do not m'»* this.
First Day, I o'clock, 2/6 ; 3 o'clock, J/-'-
5 o'clock, 6d.
Second Day, 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., SIXPENCE. Tents close at 8.30 mmch mvmnlng.
. C. & FUDGE.
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