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July 3, 1912.

Outdoor Recreations. BBHsBa

Middlesex as hare done thi*
Some people regard the *
the beet thing the Hampshir------
'season. The Metropolitans are c st longest eleven we have beaten . opinion the victory over Worcestershire is Hi shire's crowning feat this season.
At Portsmouth the game went steadily in team's favour, and, barring accidents, the r was never in doubt after lunch on Friday.
Now at Worcester at lunch time on the third j day a draw seemed inevitable, and the way Hes- | keth.Prichard bundled the home batsmen "out in the afternoon was quite sensational.
Kennedy is atill going great guns. I was surprised a few days ago to hear another Hampshire player contend lhal Kennedy wms a better bowler | two veare ago than he is now. in spite of his greatly improved record.
Very few persons, I venture to think, will agree with this remark. Kennedy may have been as good a bowler two years ago as he is to-day, but I cannot agree that he was better then. There is this to be said that until this year Kennedy did not have many opportunities of proving his worth.
Newman also gives indications of recovering his form. This player told me last week that he never felt better in health, and he could give no explanation of his sudden lapse during the last few weeks.
If we can get both Kennedy and N«i"•"»»>> in form simultaneously Hampshire ought (o gain a few more victories, for the batting is sound enough.
Mead, like Bowel!, distinguished himself in the field at Portsmouth. It is a very rar# thine tor a player other than the wicket-keeper to make five catches in an innings, as Mead did.
There ere few better slip fielders playing than ' Philip Mead. How cross the Hampshire secretary, . Mr. F. H. Bacon, always gets if the left-hander _ tak«» up his position in any other part of the diu
A man cannot last for ever, no matter how much care he takes ot himself, and there are signs that in the near future Hampshire will require a suc-peasor to Stone a* wicket keeper. The que*t for a suitable man has been already started.
Brown gets very few opportunities of demonstrating his abilities as a stumper, because he is in demand as a fast bowler. Still, he was engaged as a wicket-keeper.
Oxford University appear at Southampton tomorrow (Thursday). The Dark Blues are reputed to be a stronger side than the Cambridge eleven. Hampshire will probably be the side that met
I hear that at the end of this season Sclioficld ftaigh will retire from first class cricket. There is one Hampshire player who will not be dis- | pleased at the news.
The wet weather of the past month ham had the [ effect of keeping the river* and *lrcama op to , an unusuaMv Inph level for the time of year, end thmy should be very favoumWc for sngHsg "far coarse Mi.
Bat it k rather surpriang that mport baa no* been all tliat oould bo desired, and June, on the whole, lias lx*at a very disappointing montfli.
Mr. C. T. Penny, * wvlkknown local angler, took a splendid trout of 13111*. on the lower |%iri of the Teat bat week
In one of hia rounds be refitted three times Such was no: the came, however, foi during the first eight boles, but it did not affect conclusion of the shoot through the ranges
bis putting. *----*-----1 *—---—
Rsy, toy the wey, used « curious aluminium puMcr, rnhioh became very popular in the coarse of bhe meeting. Ho usee a great stceWated driver, too. •with ho is «tb*» to get tmmsi-
„r. b, *,-■>. Qw (105).
llie fine driving of the pmfeseional playere SparshoU (101).- and Jupp (101) for Weston, and
o»" the features
■whWj the
the critics are agreed.
of the meeting.
It was u department fell a long 'way short
There is one hole at Minefield in which the way » through a ma mow entry mith « bunker 0:1 one aide and * swamp on the other.
The professionals ahnost to a man «asayed to gei oh rough from the tee; the amateur* on the other band were content wWh * short drive, which enahied them to get through at the
Mr. H. \\. Foreter, the Hsinpshire cricketer-golfer, has gained the ranks ef those who haw hokd out in one.
I» was during the House of Commons—Sun-dndge Tark watch, cm Saturday, woo by the latter, and the scone of the wcc«« was the fourth hole—178 yards.
at the regatta of the Royal Motor Yacht Club. Falcon seems to be rather the best of the two, -and it will greatly depend upon who handlea them as te the result.
A Spanish steam yacht 264 tons is now in the
Ert. She is. the (came Jacinta, belonging to r. H. Echevarrtta, and Is cruising in British
Csariua, s.s., Mr. Albert_Brsssey. u fitted out, and is anchored iu Cowes ttoads.
Mr. C. H. A. Day has sold his cutter Lily, and her last race under his flag was on Saturday last the under 3 tons class race of the West Quay
Mr. Lon* (101) for Eastloigh. The totals were : WVaton, 778—787; Hastleigh, 705—771.
Next Saturday Southampton journey to Bishop's - _
Wshhain—br-thewway the Highfield men are Regatta Club, who have matches next Saturday
"buratme" for points. Bitterne will be at home afternoon-a handicap for yachts 3 to 13 tons,
to Salisbury, when better totals than those and a handicap for the under 3 tons class, in two
recorded when the teams met recently should be/ sections rscers and cruisers.
regis*Shoe,in* in the fourth and fifth seriea of prominence. am on Thursday they catw for tW
msUtee of the Hub League has been in pn^ws Went classes off their clubhouse. Their club
ainpton Water, the Royal Motor Yacht Club
W. ^Stuart and Mil Mr. A uart has almost i«arh'd the height of his ambition in napect of shooting in the South ampton Chib League: that is. he has only missed the highest pomeihle by one point.
Two hundred ami nine out of a possible 210 >s him latest feat wi h the riflo. One often hears of h p 's with the rifle on a N.R.A. scoring target, but very rarely indeed has a possible through the ranges been made on the decimal.
Mis* I/»wry. one of the club's keen lady-shots has. under the auspices of the League, r*#Wered 195. This is an exceptionally good score, and
registered under somewhat trying c noes. Emulation by other lady member ill that is needed.

lately, and one was unable to without getting soaked by intern*! If**, a tor Not orfy wm the weather uncertain, bi roads were by no means perfect, especiany towns, where the rain had the " "

The scone made in match 4 up-to-date are: No. I'team.—Mrasrm. J. Harmon, KM; W Blundeu, 190; F. P. Wallau, 1W.
No. 2 team.—Mews. W. Stuart, 206; N Ryan*. 203: P. B. Ingoldby, 200: W. Phgr. 196.
No. 3 t*un.—V. R. Oibson, 199; A Ddsll, 199: G. Northover, 192; H. M RoCd. 189.
• the South
This is the biggest trout caught fo and nrobaWy ooos&itutca a reconi f of England.
A new Uiit haa been discovered for porch. It oanahw of su»H pieces of roach, and. from all aooouula, has a great power of attraction for the
The method wms recently practised by an augk? on the I>.me, who fi«h«l by the method known as
A 91b. haw waa feoenUy caught at Sbankhn from the Pier, and the same day a 71b. conger found it* way into an angler'* creel.
Bydo Pier is a very good spot for a*a ungbn. and there an- nmulljr wm. 1>'S !>•»• to lie (ouud there,. #a well aa congers mad plenty enntii*. At least, that is the experience of the writer.
Anglers on the Southampton Pier have not had
%T AT 5,2 5
in mane oases houn, of patience have Been fe-warded by landing a small eel. winch. Wore being taken from the hctdt. managfa to wind itaelf round the line inja hopeless tangle.
Grmj4ing are just now geUing in gtx»d fondm-two. and on thw Dcben they w,M probably nse fwdy to the Ay in a week or two.
A friend of the writer, waa walking akmg * railway embankment in U* >cw J^n
he spied a good-si red eHe awempted to catch it in his hand, bui dw eel very quickly made it* way deep xato the mud. from which it proved impossible to move it.
In wme of the Fonat atreams there are Ash unknown to n*ny p«*ple. Whik #nne d fhe
■\v of the Athcrlev Tennis Ground during the progress of the " Beech-Cup Competition on Saturday.
Cyclists c

not bw too careful
11 regard to fa*
other day mk! killed by sumo tram li'iej
wlule hu
It ia truw tiliut ti**v are iu jisotor bu**# in Southampton, but rfiere aro plenty of trams nnr-ning on lines whsch iu many ptao* #re very bsdty laid, and * c)x#w, who aMempta hwry in front of u car wilt \

A rule which nsght be
My iikely find nbonsl by aH who
No. « team,—H. Harding, 206; A. Maffey, 202, H. Mill*, 196; 8. PWaymon, 194. ^ No. ^team.—8. Carter, 196; C. Clews, 189; P.
The scorts made in match 5 arc: No. 1 team— J. Harrison, 203. No. 2 team—W. Stuart, 200; N. Evans, 199; Miss Lowry, 196; W Page, 185. No. 3 tram—A. Udall, 199. No. 4 team—A. Maffey, 203.
or wiiat the cydists iiHi
i accidents by geliii* ■ burn kUkmring uHsnd #f sre w* eapefl
g them a match and priaei Antwerpia, tbo 1 netre boat built by Gummera and Payne, SouATHLETIC ITEMS.
Although the Olympic (lames at Stockholm : ' started fast week-end, the events classed as Athletics do not begin until next Saturday;
The United Kingdom representatives had an enthusiastic send-off on their departure from London, many past champions being present to wish them success.
The tesui comprised the following;—W. B. Applegarth, V. 11. A. D'Arcy, P. E. Mann, H. P. J Barrett, J. G. Besle, A. L. Treble tl'olytachnio ; 11.), D. H. Jacobs, E. W. Haley, J. A. Wells, A. Hare, T. Humphreys, E. W. Lloyd, H. C. Kella-way, H. Green, E. J. Webb (Heme Hill 1L), A. . Patterson. W. G. Yates. W. Scott (Salford H.), i R. G. Rice (Reading A C), T. Carroll (Ireland), E. J. Henley (Brighton and County IL), P. J. Baker. H. S. O. AAlngton (O.U.A.C.), P. H. HW-ford, R. F. C. Yorke, G. W. Hutson (Surrey AC.), C. H. Ruff el I (Highgate H), C. N. Seedhoua* " (Hlackheath II.), B. H. Baker (Liverpool IL), A. Townsend (Essex Beagles), P. N. Hibbins (Thrap. ston A O ). P. C. Kingsfortl (L.A.C.),
The party is in charge of Mr. 8. G. Moss, assistant hon. sec. A A A., and Messrs. E. II Pel-ling and W. A. Brommage, A A A. Mr. F. W. Parker accompanies the team aa chief adviser.
Alec. Nelson is chief trainer, and has as hi* assistants for the track men, W. Cross and W. Parish, while W. 0. Thomas has the Marathon team under his control.
There was a rare scene aa the train steamed out of the station, spectators and competitor* cheering loudly as II. Green, of Marathon fame, unfurled a huge Union Jack, which, it is under stood, will be very much in evidence at Stock-holm whenever a score is made for the United ' 1 Kingdom.
From the appearance of the men and the spirit In which they started on their journey this may not be an unfrequent event after all.
The first events in which they will be called upon to take part will be the 100 metres, 800 metres, and 10,000 metre*, all of which are down for decision on Saturday, July 6.
claim to the title of championa of the world.
There is not the slightest doubt that ths Americans have a very strong team, and look like galm ing ths coveted laurels, and if England ia to ha whacked,once more by the Yankees there is some consolation coming from the fact that it will ba by *n English-speaking nation.
The medals won at the recent business houses* walking rare, at Southampton, will be presented al a smoking concert, to be held at the Dor-A decided improvement has been effectwl both in Dodgo-roud and opposite the Oixlnuno- Office, and the Oorporakon ere to be cs«rs*ulsU^I on the manner in which the tramway hne* have
AJ1 who have occasion to cycle on the Shirley-road wdl hope and pray that the results ol*aincd in that past will bo aa satisfactory ss in the afore-mentioned cases.
Everyono is lookng forward to decent w*a»th

mud. and

The open championship is not without its $e*d>na a* well aa its coricsw*. Tte paaon-alioy and golfing habits of the champson are being rotaued in club rooms by his admirers.
Ray never pays in knickers for one thing: and he smokes prodigiously on the round, whether s sunpie run or a championship erenL
The result of Saturday's match at Weston. whTe the home rlub conuwted Bariabury League points with Eaatleigh. has the objcct of making
There are a few who prophesied a win for Weston, but after the record score of 795 by East lcigh. at Highfield recently, the majority in the League thought the Weston men would go under.
Jonquil, Captain R. TT Dixon's ffjtwetre, was brought back to Southampton from KieT~ou Sunday, and on Monday she resumed racing at the Island Sailing Club regatta at Cowes, where she scored another first prize. All are pleased that the popular Vice-Commodore of the Royal Southampton Yacht Club did so well at Kiel. The Jonquil started in three matches, winning a third, a sixth, and a first, the latter in tbo last day of the International regatta, when she had a very r big fleet of all comers to beat. The great success ,1 of Jonquil ought to bring some orders for Messrs. Morgan Giles and May, of Hythc. who built her.
It now seems pretty clear that the 8 metre Vcntana, designed by Fife, is a light weather boat, as in the hard winds last week she was beaten three days in succession by The Truant, but on a softer day on Monday, at Cowes, Yen tana was again first home. Snero also went well on Monday, and got within 40 seconds of The Truant. Spero was steered the other day by Mr. Granville Keele, who so often took her to the front when she belonged to the Rev. Charles Prodgers. but Mr. Keele failed to win with her.
Sunbeam, s.s.. Earl Brassey. Juu^rfturned ]owes from Kiel, having reaytocnthe bland p
changed ha:
, ---—------v..
tyben the bland port
'r'incess Alice a fine steam yacht which has s arrived at Southampton from lying off the Town Quay.
Some interesting racing may always he expected when the ex-36 footers Falcon and Nyama meet In the handicap classes, as they did on Saturdsy
Black Handle, 3/6 each.
- W COX & SON. Lve. -
■ ia, ABOVE BAR.
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