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June 19, 1912.
*«❖«❖«♦>«❖©❖ : ~

Outdoor Recreations. (%%')
In opitu of wot weather and oocamonal slack noes in tha field, Hemp* ire n.aintains * highly respectable poiiiton in tne vounty Lhamp*oeahip oompetitsoc.
'line Vuom win over Derbyshire possessed two features winch deserve Vac wa* the magnificent |mrtnersh p of A- O. Johnston on a pitch that helped the bcssltra considerably, mod the other was Kennedy'o bowling.
Whik Xewman and Brown at different a***" of the match did Rood wait with the ball, Kennedy warn effective in each innmgs, and was the most eflectivo-Uanipsh-re tTundier.
Tbe largest mnmbar of wicfcvts he has taken in i 61, and this number he ought to pass

proved* bowler this year, but, < . Kewbwu hna yet to come up (to 8 ton* % oomg raAu&h * s«-vc with the bat, and I hope this wi when hie benefit CKxhes along, boon one of tho moat oc.n&wte:

the other

The Mariquita took tho cup |
1 to her list
lotted to tho 19 metre Bloodhound aAled anothei in the handicap race.
Valiant, ».*., left Southampton on Sst-urday for Dover, whore on Sunday Lonl and Lady I -rnc joined Jier for a druao of sevtral week*.
Pern Coleman i
timer he warn, pcrnaps. tho moat »onected with the race path 1 md has been for many years eper to the N.C.U.
tho tmm foe this game.
The eleven make their mmpton meat Mondjj. am: t oppooenla. Thia
• Midland tCur s m at Coventry. Then,"
' U. * ry M*"*
and the h>
enjoy the relaxatic

Ibe two Antra Han tubmen. acd
BanWoy, no kmger easily Ksa&.the English cracka in the halting statistics, and the latter. asth four inning* for 13 rune, he* doom*** %> eighth p^cc.
He kavca the kud to hi* no3naguc, Masitney. wW ia no* 40 abort of hie 1,000 nm*, hut the Australian la only a fraction ahead of the any. land captacn. witn fgbarp and Haw*, who aooured a coup'* of " centwrics' agaicat Faaea, doao on their heela. .
Haigb, abo ham teen howling at bs heat, lukea preoodenoe of Dlythe in the bowlln%\ whilst Frapk ketw and 8. J. Pkglcr cmim the laigeat number.
C. B. kr ie mceond in the ka: c^s, average, A. O. Johnston tenth. Mead eleventh, and Captain E. I. M. lla.-'<» *«-t« n.tcnih. £x>ne.
^Frank^Fiel^Warwiclmhire'm fwt bomier. Look his bencSt this week, on the occasion of (he match Lancashire at Edgbemnm. During hie asmocia-
l 50 years with o ed, and has gone cyclist* collided the

field, , and one of
Peui Coleman 1 live at Sebsy.
I her day at Hudders-lady, was picked up if death was a hatpin, which
if 1 he "Dog nui

staled that he was not ause of the accident, 1 1, wa* not fast riding. 1 under no liability to

indent who ; declai
which Bitterne, by 1 pi011 team, loat their .ts fourth aeries of .
auspices of the Southampton Club League, has commenced The soores compiled up to to-day (Wednesday) are:—A. Mafley 2CE, N.
Encourage the tyro by all means! The suoceai
by trios. The AssomaUoo ia to be congratulated in this, and it is hoped that other AaaxaaUons rill prtweed on similar lines. •
Sumerx marknwomon are leaving no atone unturned o promote the cult of rifl* ahooting ii onntry. A few dir» ago ' ' "
Ladies" R'.fln Asrocia'ii proposed movement roct.ved bodra well for It* ultimate »uc Salbbvry has a Lailims' Club.
inaugural meeting a proposal to form nd the support

11 organ'md. and
_____... .... inter-club matches. Tho letewt
victor* to he added to the scroll of fame Is oM over th- ShreWon olub by a handsome margin pf 57 point* One member of the toam contribute a *ore of 98 out of a possible 106.
Annual matohea between Ladies Association* would be very iatenWing. A team of the *-•* bvt follow the sport in South Hants trow, gire a good
I with tho 1

He has ahr at both ends if he his carver he has taken 10 for Warwickshire, and he Xooal public.
Hitch accomplished one of bowling a& laym:

. follm reyga,
The great majority of tbcae who loe&ed 1 the wcmg of the Itwyal buutnampton »ucht at Hytbe. on faturuay. aw well ms tlwae r were mum than pl«a*d when they maw Sbenloy bring her

Kb luck with the p!d boat. Mrs. Kbenley a

cht in ordei
bnmk' instmwl of
* deck of the yacht.
, ——_____land, and Mrm. I"
got out of the water and taken k (Mr. Gollingwwod Hughca) yacht D,
1 Barbara Hughes) takie
Stanley's 7 metre 1 in this law hat mai Up till then she h tluid in cadi of the
which she ba
*eed by Mr. Docald Ratmcy. of C(
day. and again at Oow made her sixth cenawm days. Jonquil is to bo tematmnal Regal oasful in beatiq* au nations m tain Dimon malia ber in a way which mtW, the moat fastidious, and it will not ha of the VioeCtmmnodero of the Hoyal boui ton Yacbt Oub if ibo «am. of the b (MMmm. Mmtan Gika ami May . Hytk) upheld at Kiel. Captain Dixon ia nw strar Kiel, aa ho raced Abas Tbnwr Parky * imw Dea Vmual 6 mctm Comiaia at lhal plao

Of the Hampshire Amateur Athletic Club, who mile open handicap at Cos port last Friday, by 4QSCC*. There were 28 competitor*.
Muirfield, where the Honourable Company Golfers, whose records of Institution are loai »- i the mists of antiquity, has ita home, is a spleadH^
min.U book d"I.II i
•« ^ '
d upon by the player* of a aeries of trial gar w time of writing A 1
f° M rh°W**J*0%suwittrs, who is one of the beat plavers on the Stoneham course, returned
by Mrs. Trimmer. Mrs. Hunt
. ______ _ the wlnner^SB
ils MrmTfent.0®• greee,
re -Mrs. Hunt. SO^ereea, 13. K
_ Uowav, 38, i, MX*
i BkkeHs. Wj W. SW: Mima HerbeA. *. ?&. Mrs. Cook. W. 1(, 35.
Tha RenUlah mnd Webb ohsmpknsWpe V held on Saturday lost, and next Saturday we h<
fast time when :< u tell after nclt
irld'a record bolder, has audi rith' AniSegarth. D. MacmilUn. V. D AjfCy,
man ai a rule does not ma)
winning "bands down."
There will be a different tali
Walto, Ik
"5dH' iS£5bUa^,Sd'
only other nsiipetilor In the ma mo cm In the two mile* walk l#*we nre m«
"cs'f .b-tji. |
u,0i,ht tt- 1 v.
•*] Uck, tl» n.«o «IU fk" *. Wincbcrtmoi^
U10 oto« «xl> « Cllil-ortl, (ot .boot Wf ag mite, th.«i turn to lb« Ml »«1 Romaeyxroad, when a left turn aga*n
H&40#-m I eaista betwe* | pedestrians,
Another «

boxo* th. ;
ri,hJd£ 1
in thia column
1 tha above t
1 will be dealt with
empondent speaks of the
Howard Gould, ha NojT York, and ia The Ainericau 1 poet Morgan, baa
The remaining

.-.w- _______" Ihr ikgal Victoria Yaeht
a couple of malchca on Saturday aficmom*. fbc ^ Rouibarnphrm and D*
Lily, Mr. C. H. A Day 'the fxyuh r tho oh*). ' ^
da distinctly cred;
I ihe hardy Bisley slist for 1910 Armoi f tho II.L.I., Glaago*
postponed, oa I unlay was th,
triet Leacue r

^ fn*» *
on bar handmap allowanoo by tb Tha reeult might have hern ddfr*
Heal not found the mnd once The dub have racing mgmn ***
though. )uwi

White Heather
Saturday, and there, too bwn different had not aondent which pave Wh
tho prize for the 23 nkti m tb* Nore to IXwer e 00. the result might hai
1 Heather a good kod

yard* he gm em all in. ami claimed the man. "mum. 75; and at tho 1.000 yards range he dropped his 6th and 13th within the inner ring, and wa.

August Wth.
On Saturday next, w, du Raatkaghjioumey to H'gMWd
«Smt>cr~^tho SfKiUiampton duo to surrenun /^nothmr brace of pointa.
' Bishop's Waltham receive a visit from Weston who will endeavour to lower the colours of thi ynrthbmok men and cry "quite " for Ihe *eason.
Hitteme are conMent V defeating fUrwbur% , largely on the banfs of the Hamble, where met a momentous battle may be awakened.

»tbey hope

the big competition*, and scarcely a without some event of more or less portance taking place.
"" :------k the open championship.
.... —ken part in by professio ned at Muirfield. one.of the finest Scottish courses.
competition isls, will be of the many
In aid of the London and South Western Railway Widows' and Orphans' Fund, a grand Mt> will take place at Hrokenhunst Park, by kind permission of the truateea of the late Mr. Edwam ^ J. Mo ant. on Wednesday, 26th June, 1912. Them will be open air atage performar old English fair, dancing and
many other attractions. For the occasion the ] railway oompaay has greatly reduced the ttW,^ and t cketa to Hrock.mhurst Station, and- bakk ; Including admission to the Park, can be obtained from the stations as announced m our advertiasng
r». Thorn a. Cook anil Son have arranged ■ omprehen*ive proyrsmme of summer holt-
.... ____________ _____- ill go to the Midlandm,
Scotland, the North of England, Ireland, and indeed all places of interest in the United Kingdot Detail* may be ohtai street, Southmi
ined at their offices in Oxford- ,
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