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April 10, 1912.
" Pins and Needles.'
fSlim ##«*

In tha oeotr&/o) the
'""",h" ,,"'u't ot • '"-•-
" Whata the idem?" I inquired blankly, aa the quZr ^**"'*K was diamiased w inadc^
** E^hibilioar ^ia
..A l^bl broke in upon mo. Hebo, who is everything by turn, and nothing long, had caught tiio as usual, was doing tho thing
Dndar the circummtancea I couldn' to do anything *n-ao European
:xpoct her
I racked my braina for momc Japanese fonn of c-alutition, but, beyond a vague impramion that atnet etiquette demanded (hat I ahould bang my ^J®Jjd on tho floor, all I could recall was the word
"You aiJJy!" maid Hebe. "'fc>avonara' means farewell.' 1 thought everybody Won't you sit down?"
%What on?" I asked.
8ha pointed to a iat, squabby cushion opposite to bor own. I lowered mytelf to its level by do-grwes, and tried to aasumo an attitude at once easy and commanding. He bo pointed at my fee1.
" You ought to haw left, your boots in tho hall," «he remarked diaapp:oviug.y.
I felt it was tunc to make a stand. " I never havo cajed on a lady
plain pleated tulle pro v id hich looks well with blouses of foulard
being finished at the nark uple of tiny satin roses, and two pendant
The coat and skirt may be often easily to form the still more useful three piece costume, specially when the coat Im of a somewhat dreamy

vhicli permits of ;
of the bodice beneath, i are already being prepared with
*hall hope to enjoy befoi
THE COMING OK THE RUNRHADE. Our sunshades are almost on a par with migru... rxls and the coming of tho first bright days, ' -----actually begin to look f, * ""

rmly, "and I'm .not go Jig ..... wiped my heated brow.
" 1 Uiougnt you admired tho Japai aha aaid, looking
that. Tho first I ma*
which were set barrel shaped but-tlnr giving the idea that the skirt war in front. Tho bodice was of the same becoming touch of dark blue velvet intro-ito the rounded yoke, which was filled with late chemisette, veiled In blue tulle. The s of dark blue voile, much cut awav in
glimpse ! ?ul .'^etching one's imagination to impossible :8nr pr.Kj modeU
> tho Last year wo had a veritable aoological display
long, of birds, bemats, and even insects, such as mtgh*
5 dream, but this year, although
ik ml ml ha* Kiwi.' -1. ..
Iripcd liluo and white volTo I •»«»» » "W ----------------
blu" ■"
good many of the new on tout-cas have perfectly sticks and handles of highly polished natch tho shade. Theme are very bly adapted for use with simple
tinted^ to i

the top of a paper fa;

from hor neck by "So I do, ' 1 replied, " unmunseiv— in Japan.' " They don't believe in crowding up a room with -furnituio," she went on. " And they coiisidor '— glancing at the almond bough in tho blue and-white ginger jar—" they eon,,dor one picture or ornament at a tune is quite uuflicient to learnt the eyes upon."
I haa nothing to say, and so said it.
" I should simply lovo to go there,
tinned. " What is it they call it—' tho land of waving rice-fields P 1 do want to see what a .Mikado ia really like. 1 can't imagine him except as a Gilbert and Sullivan sort of poison."
*' There warn a young girl of Chicago," " I remark od with a sudden buret of inspiration, "' Who wanted to see the Mikado.
Gha maid hor papa Was a friend ot the Czar,
But they :'ound it was only bravado.' " "Did you wake tliat upP" ane inquired coldly. "Hooaumu I don't think much of it."
"Neither do I," I answered meekly. ' I wont
And | front, and a good deal longei
soft rovers of white satin, and turn urnlr i l° on (bree quarter length slec
and cord loops appeared as trimming and tho cutis.
Another charming dmmign was made In bwcuilfoloured milk and wool cloth, the plain and the coat rather in the styf,

ick'with xJu*{ llow "ranges are at their beet, and as
Button^.- dainty. For orange rompole, remove the rind the coat and white pith from six oranges, cut the fruit into thin rounds, save the juice and add It to a pint of water; boil this for an hour with Bom. sugar, and pour the syrup over tho orangea while hot. Servo cold. For orange meringue, pre-abovo, then cook 4om. rice very

My aicekn<

here and the
" Would you lik<
sudden solidtudo.
"Thanks, very much," I replied. "Shall 1 rlngP—beginning to struggle to my foot.
" No," aha said, and oiaj4>pcd her hands " a la
After a short interval, during which Hebe gated at Uio ginger jar. and I gated at Jlobe. there was a littm oiattur of tea-cup*, socompaniwl by ail irrepA«iblo giggle, and the maid of tho almond bkwBcnn appeared, bearing a tiny soarlct lacquered tray containing a minute teapot and a couple of . microscopic tea-cupm.
6he solemnly d«"pwmiteU Urn equipage on the floor and baok^l away hastily. Jhit th.; giggle oaught hor on tho threshold, and wo heard it retreating in till© direction of the kitchen, where it apparently culminated in hysterics.
lluliu poured out a cup of light tawny fluid and paamed it W me . r
"No crerm or sugar. I suppnenp 1
" Of otWLau nut," alio answered.
Tho tea was freshly made, and tho crp had
I took a sip and at* it down hurriedly, witii hasty remark.
" Naughty I " aaid Hehe. shaking hor head at m
"A thoiwand |*don*. O Hobo San," I said, "but I don't know thd Japanese for ' I>asli it!
Sho dimpled at this, and when llobo dimplea, you forgive her over) thing I forgave k* my con-gUained and undignifiud a^itudo, the wgarkwa. cnainl,*« tea,, the cup without a handle which had
cushion a little nearer.
It isn't easy to niovo a cushion a
aitting cm it, WKwdfd
over Urn
U&at the bkmaoma oi

olve slowly, skim and boil for «,u minutes Mix 2ox. cornflour to .a mmooUi cream with a little milk, add to it a pint of water and bring to tho bod. Pour slowly into the pan con-taming the orange syrup, stir well, and add the juice of a lemon strained. Boll well for five lirring carefully. Four Into a wetted
ith vanilla.
wm. rice & ee.
"•" s"«'.
Furriers and Fancy Drapers. 22, High Street, Southampton.
knocking Fortunately it contained n I replaced the almond bough , it were made of pink tissue
very clunify permon," she remark,*] buret: "I think everything' Japan-g.' At the same time aha moved a . as though her cramped position ware beclnnii* to affect her unplcaaantly.
"At one time." she went on. "you warn* always raving about the eountry. and quoUng B* Mwia Arnold. You even went W far aa to say you thought a Japanese wife—-'
Tho^ was my opportunity—the ,qq*rtuoity I had been lucking for for

wall, Kobe. Ho* much longer are you going
*°"Not another minute." she exclaimed, jumping up. Tve got Uio pins ami nccdlo* in one foot moat dreadfully! '
Now. can wi-I put the question ro all sincerity —"can" you ; ropeaa to anyone who ia suffering from pin* and fed lee f -
A xovKi iioMg tmmgm.
usefui;Lesion for a

•eful, and at the same time very smart, de-:>r a home dress is illustrated In our sketch,
is suitable for either eaahemere merge, faced or, later on, linens and casement cloths.
satin is most decora!ivaly used for the little description, or w fleet and undereleeves, whilst the Imttons j charge, am will be This remarkable
I um a/svivi ptraud lo netivt luwtstioni from my rtaderi, and lo attfierr intwtr it desirtd the fullnyeing tctrk. Kindly addrtu if AS. AUKAA6U,
2*ay, 1A, AfJfDjjL.
An innovation in dresswsking wUl be introduced into Southampton to-morrow by Messrs Tyrrell and Green in tho fonn of tho Multiform Skirt card, every purchaser of .which will have the opportunity of having a costume akirt of any mber of gore*, cut free of

of trimming

ith lace or with beh
liiitation. as well am presents such an obscsawjh with the
-■r haa been mad,
to make known to the Southampton public the great utility of tho Multiform Skirt Cutting card, which is olaimed to be one of tho most important and mimplo inventions of the century from the point of view of novelty aqd utility. It im an ingenious contrivance, oonaistiug of a plainly graduated (scalo comprising waist and hip mcnU, in conjunction with required length and width ineaaurementa at foot. It is' exceidingly simple, and in shape it ia somewhat similmr to ■ flatten ti-cul boom, rsng It \im msdo of card board, and contains all. information required, in addition U> being an infallible guide to cutting cut any skirt in any number of seams. It will appeal especially lo tho economist and enterprising home dressmaker, at well as the girl who can mske s simple blouse, but draws tho line at akirU. On Thursday and Friday an expert cut ter will be m attendance at M>«*rs. Tyrrell and
pleating, andVrun at .the top on a narrow bknd ***** '» *bich the Multiform Skirt Card is
Jalx»ts are of pleated while lawn and I without exception. Seldom, however, is plain frill of pleated lawn regardl —to be seen, which formerly pass, morning tailor-made. ""
plentifully Irimiued i crochet with Mechlin ji
Frenchwoman at present.
Moat of the newest examples take the form ol a single revers edged with lace, and let into » straight band of insertion, which is pinned at th, neck and again to the blouse a few inches above •band. Another old favourite which ha,
(»ive us a trial. Prices very Moderate. Wa
know no one can serve you better. >
bargate razor.
Black Handle, 3/8 —oh.
-w cox a sow. Lt.,_'
28, mail ST. * 7, BERNARD ST.
ed this season_________ ....
islwt of white over black net, which is I on a tall boned collar band of white lace, rnamcu'ed in front with a minute posy of aatin rosebuds, or —■— -* *1 • • - -berries and black

cluster of black velwt j
waGieaL seoTeH

II you want , first-da,! PUniat. Coocwt Artist of any description, or Concert Par,/,
/ - P
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