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May 19, 1913.

Editorial Chat.

Published Every Wednesday, « 45, ABOVE BAR, SOUTHAMPTON.
TELEPHONE No. 107 (2 Lines).
One Year - 6/8 Six Months - 3/4 One Quarter - 1/8
Advertising Terms on application to:—
Southampton & District Pictorial 45, Above Bar, Southampton.
Photographic Competition.
for the
Best Photograph of Local Interest.
The Pictures should be Topical In Character, and bear on the back the Name and Address ot the Sender, and a Description of their subject. (Photographs should reach us by SATURDAY MORNING).
It is a Condition of the Competition that • shall be permitted to reproduce any of the pictui sent in ; but in the event of publication a payme of per photo will be made.
All photos sent for approval will be carefully considered by the Editor, but no responsibility whatever can be accepted in respect thereof, although, if unsuitable, every effort will be made to return them, provided that a stamped addressed envelope of suitable size is enclosed for that purpose.
Counties Dairies
Guarantee a Pure Milk Supply
From the BEST FARMS -in the COUNTY.—
See their NEW MODEL
(Corner Highfiold Lane),
Which OPENS on JUNE 1st.
59, Above Bar, 74, High Street, Clovelly Road, Shirley High Street, Portswood Road, Highfield Lane, Portsmouth Road, Woolston.-
Brighton, Eastbourne, Tunbridge Wells, Bognor. Hove, 8 c.-
General District Manager—
The picture^ which appear in tlie pnmwmt issue of tl;e " Pictorial" of tho Margate modelled in ciirk are a tribute alike to the perseverance aud ingenuity of Mr. T. II. White, model builder, of 9. Earl's-road. Bevois Valley, Southampton. The model took him five years, working on the average two hours a day, to com-pie ft, and about 3 J bushels of old corks were utilised in making it. It is correct in every detail, for Mr. Whito specially studied every phase of the old gate's architecture. Nq less limn 1,200 tiny pieces of cork were requisitioned for the four windows on tho south aide. The feet and claws of the lions are also formed of separate minute particles. With" the exception of th-j stained-glass windows everything is of ovk, including the Hag, flagstaff, and rope attached thereto. ' We understand that ilr White is prepared to dispose of the model, provided he receives a reasonable offer for it. In-

' his certainly do=*vi » ® ®

Tho fair on the Common, which is part of the Bank Holiday scheme of local enjoyment, shows no sign of the docqy wliicli ham fallen upon most of these quaint survivals of a day when opportunities of amusement were less common than now. Presumably it has a history; certainly it has been an institution with-in the memory of the oldest inhabitant, tho only change being tlte occasional introduction of a new excitement, and tho substitution of meciianical for manual and horse power. The simple amusements luwve lost none of their fascination fi*r people whom tlie critics of modern conditions say are sated with pleasure, ft is possible to buy a lot of amusement with a shilling on a Bank Holiday on the Common, and there is a good deal to bo had for nothing in watching paterfamilias careering in a wild spiral on a mat, and spreading destruction with an air rillo among bottles. Bank Holidays have their value as affording diversion from the pressure of this workaday world, -for to smash a bottle with an air gun hurt* no one, and yet betokens a certain measure of skill. Otlwra make it a part of tho Bank Holiday ritual to weigh themselves, which is not unusually a somewhat disconcerting experience.
Captain J. II. Blizard, me Hants B.C.A. Territorials,
captain of Ui6 o portrait ap
pears in this issue, is not in camp this year with Inn regiment for reasons of health. It is, however, the tirst camp he has missed during tho whole of his 16 years' association with tho local gunners, which is a gretty good rgourd as camp attendances go, for Captain Blizard is a busy man in tlio professional interests in Salisbury as well as London and Southampton. His keenness is his characteristic, and lie is also distinguished as the only local bearded Territorial officer.
® ® ®
Whitsun is pre-eminently tlie soldiers' holl» ay. Tho local gurtiiers are spending tlie fort- ! ight, as usual, at Clilff End, under conditions i hi oh are full of promise climatically, as well * from the technical standpoint. Most of tlie icmbefs of the B.C.A. value their early training period for its tonic properties. As an | officer bf tlie Corps said tho other day,# " It's ' jolly cold at 5 a m. on tlio downs," but it is ■orth it, especially under the almost ideal ig conditions which the keen administrative skill of the officers causcs to'prevail. Time Whitaun camp, especially in an exposed situation, meant a orop of severe colds at least, but the modern camp administrator regard.? it as sound business sense to prei tible, indisposition of tho
Regiment spent a busy and profitable week-end on the airy spaces of the Baddeelev Common, the site of manoeuvres sincj tlie Knights Hi pitallera habiUted it the neighbourhood, was from Baddesley, too. that there was , stampede of cavalry horse* a few years when an Army Corps spent a week-end at/ Southampton preparatory to a big scheme o-f exercises which included departure—fiom-^Ux Docks in a fleet of transport/*. Tlie piotureequi Legion of Frontiersmen. headquartered al Koutliampton, also had a week-end under camj

military interest in Southampton is grow-pretty substantial affair, foi not

establishment, but tlio National Besirvo has a streuigtli equalling nearly a couple of Battalions more. Mtweover, the Veterans have just acquired a new assembly hall—a sure mark of progress, which is to be their headquarters
fur all tile useful purposes . for which they © © ©
A cricket section of the Northern Counties Aseociation. ' Southampton, has been formed, with the object of challenging local kindred associations—Scotch, Irish, West Country, Welsh—to mortal or immortal (?) combat. Tim opening trial match took place amid the delightful surroundings of the Weston Cricket Club, tho members being conveyed to the foreshore from the Docks in a launch kindly piw tided by tin* Chairman of the Association (Mr. (I. B. Henderson). Mr. C. P. ChelBna scond 50 not out, and Messrs. C. II. Beillv and E. Aston sliowed promising form with tho hat. Odonel Lees couldn't waist the temptation to
The Leffer-box.
We shall be pleased to print letters of , terest under this heading:
haw a am evcral othe

ill capable, despite uars, of scoring runs, lemhers. who shall be val Cinquovalli by c id of his chin.
showed that they are increasing weight and In the field one of the namelcrt*. tried to out-itching a skier on the
Sir,—Allow hie to wish every success to your now venture? "The Southampton Pictorial," the • Gn.t copy of which I lueeivcd last week.
It is n paper oT great interest to one myself, ahoee home is in Southampton, and who likes, from time to time, to hear of what la ha|>|>cniii(t there. Imperially did I appreciate 1 article dealing with tho Hants R.G.A. (T.), having been an enthusiastic member of tho Corps mjaalf, and bavin* spent somo of tho happiest t possible with it.
With regard to, tho terrible accident to the Titanic, it may interest, you to know that a suggestion 1mm been made in the looal Press, by. another Southamptoniau, to the effect that all funds collected in Cape Town for the relief suftiTora should go to tho widows and dependent* ' i of Southampton members of tho crow, the Wo | towns being bound together so by mutual ahippiag ; interests, trade, and commerce. Tho suggestion, however, docs not appear to have becu'tokou up.
Again congratulating you on your great initial ' success, and truating that tho same will bo main.
I am, yours sincerely,
1, St. George's Villas, Main-road,
Green Point, Cape Town, South Africa.

We shall always appreciate letters from old Southiunptouians resident abroad, and bo pleased ' to paint any suitable pictures they niaji oore to ' send us.—Editor, "Southampton Pictorial."
Ham|*liire, it is only natural tlwt the Couiity Council, together with tho Winchester City 0„uncil, aliuuld take a keen Interest In ezperi-incuts which are being made by Mr. W. J. HutteffWd. M.A.. with the chjet* of seeming j & road tarring composition which shall have no I harmful effects on fish when the drainage of ; the mads 8nds its way Into the streams. From j the investigations already carried out the au-j thorities have decided tint the tar for use in I road-spraying shall be of a specified quality, 1 and such tliat tho road storm-water aliall, be i free from contamination by either tar or oil* The purifying methods are being further developed, and in tlio meantime the "County Council and the Winchester City Council have agreed not to tarray tho roads in tho vicinity of the river lichen for three years. As reporla luuve been made of great destruction of fish and injury to oattlo from tho wash of tarred roads this is a wise precaution.
One of the most and curious anomalies of tha I P.O. has long been tliat a letter from London to Australia carried via France only caste penny, where a letter carried by the sam train and in tlio same boat and delivered in l'aris costs .twopence-halfpenny. Of course other than commureial considerations enter into tho fixing of our postage rates, and tlie fact that the rates in France itself are not uniforms is a hindrance, but it is satisfactory to know that th: 1'omtmantcir Cenoral has in view a ducLon of the rate to France from twopence* I la If penny to tlireeJialfpenco an ounce, together with an improved postal service between Eng. land and l'aris. Tho "entente cordiale" haa had many practical results, and if tho Post* meat*? (kneeal'a idea took concrete shape it would be a great satisfaction to business men.
@ @ @ „ .... , Tlio process of moving ought to be earned out It seems that those who are responsible for in a spirit of solemnity and without unseemly the organisation of agricultural shows, cricket , Iwste. The carrying*"of tlio Jjnuaelioid gooda malchte, and the like In some parte of the downstair, and outaide should be done with da-country hare received circulars offering to in. «*** deliberation, and with due deference to sure against loss of gaki roceipta in tlio event of the natural desire of the neighbour to 4 a wet day. hut there is a stipulation that a tin, fomltme in detail before It is packed fa certain specified quantity of rain must fall, the cowed van or lorry. When the cradl* This suggfeta the pluvius poljpy on a large |,u been securely tied with the parrot cage to t, I scale, but, as in few of these cases is a rain , tJ|0 mangle, and tlio pictures balanced upon the n. I gauge included among the assets,
i may ex- sideboard, the procession should
That ia why the modem citiaen soldier sleeps pect. to see Uie oMIriils with hucketa and tape- ^me with a bodyguard of ghmy, collar,
proper floorboards, and it for the same | meaauree patiently braving the elements in ;**s, *nd dWwrelled wlatiwa in attendance,
rtify that tlio requisite amount of ready to pick up anything that may fall off by
thai the commissariat i* in the hands ordei
of expwta. The result is good living condi-tions, plus good food, plus fresh air. It represents a good deal in the building up of a
Corps which is happy and contented as well a? ® ® ®
Tim Isle of Wight this week is an armed camp, for in addition to the gunners manning the forts near the Needles, the Island Territorials are in camp within their own borders, and have a machine gun drawn by Shetland iwniee, bred by the wife of Colonel Hobart. Tho Southampton Battalion of tho Territorial
ram has fallen. i the way. Sad to say, even this old English in*
stitution Is going, and in these degenerate <2? <© © modern times there enema to be no leisure about
Every sufferer will be interested to know that
the solution has been found at last. An in- I
furiatod householder, who collared one of them Local members of the nursing divisions of the
the other morning and demanded to know tlie St. John Ambulance Brigade are reminded thai
:casOn of the fiendish noise, elicited the reply: tho First Aid competition of the Twiss Rose
"Milkboys must whistle. If they stopped Bowl will take place at the Royal Victoria
whistling the boss at the cart would blame ( Booms. Southampton, on Wednesday afternoon
them for" drinking tlio milk !" ; next, Juno 5th. >
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