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April 10, 1912.

Local Amusements.
Dainty music, gorgeous drsmos and uniformm. and a picturesque setting combine in the wwimi J"00®?8 ^ W<% Dream," which holds the boards of the Grand Theatre during the present
^ "Fr&ui." originally plmjad at Daly m Theatre by Ml* Gertie Miller, is prettily and atoactivclj represented by Mima Hilda Oulrer. ^to mong, One band for the. Addle." and 'Pwoclo, the latter a duet with "Count Lother" (Mr. Edwin Brett), Mi* Quiver gives with plenty of sparkle and vocal charm, and a sen** o(/the dramatic is noticeable In her render-ing ot "Princces Helena in the last act.
--fnnoew Helena" finds a stately and pleasing
representative in Mima Marjorie Clarke, and Mr. Brett ee 'Count Lother" is the life and moul of the piece.
Like the majority of musical oomediea the story of "A Waltz Dream" is slight and incon-elusive. Tte mumcepLble "Lieut. Niki" (Mr. J. Edward Eraser), whose affection® are captured by the hearing of * certain waits, is not a particularly impressive pemon, and one is unable to resist the impression that it only wanta someone else to sing the alluring wait* tune to unsettle fcho domestic happiness which at the end seems to be attained by the Princda and her husband. But Mr. Eraser is one of the most delightful of tonore, which, after all, is the main thing.
The numbers that live most in the memory are probably the humorous duet "Piccolo," referred to before, the trio in the first act "Our unlucky dynasty," the duet bet ween the Prince I and ' Eranzi"' "I'm going to make you happy," ajid Lothor's topical song ' When I am boss of the |
Miss Emmelinc Orford is a perl and vivacious • "Pifi," while "Little Drum" and "Emma" arm engagingly played by Mima Dorothy Waine and Mm Nora Chelys, while Mr. Brett applies him j self aasidously to be diverting am Count Lother, Mr. George Grossmith's original part, with ex j •client rtfwlts.
Like an enthralling Magic It seems.
Calling and calling
Walts of my dreams Jw that im aadnemm
Pain that is bliis;
Stormy ma madness,
Soft mm a kiss!
That is the refrain that runs through the a lory like a thread, and upon which the structure of ono of the daintiest of musical comediea* is built. Special dmncom in tl;e second act arc given by the Viennese Quartette, whose work iramudi* ately finds favour
' Next week the favourite musical comedy "Miss Hook of Holland," will b* the attraction here.
The Bank Holiday crowds which swarmed into the Pnlaoe on Monday evening, were regaled with a capital entertainment.
The Qlazeroff Troupe, who pourtray the life and the habits of the Oiromamana in the Caucasus Mountains bare ncahing to learn in the art of effective dancing, while their picturesque dresses add charm to the turn.
Owen MoQivcney presented 1m Protean success "Bill Bikes." which was a remarkably brilliant effort, and his quick changes from one character to another were accomplished in an incredibly short space of time.
Horace Law son and Dolly O'Dell introduced a pretty and refined act, in which comedy, harmony, and eccentric dancing all find a place.
The eags of Lawson compelled laughter, while Miss O'Dell sings very sweetly, and in her eolo, "Mr. Moon. Moon, Moon, ' with its bewitching chorus, she is an instantaneous success. . !Misa Maggie Eraser is also a particularly bright star, and with her 1\~i .wngs aho was eminently succasful.
In "Don't forget the ship that carried yon over," Miss Eraser imparted that necessary viih to mnko it go, -while in "Moot me at the EJe-*>hant" she made a big hit.
The Three Stewarts perform some difficult and clever gymnastic feats in a manner which makes them seem so oasy to do.
The Four Casinos, the wooden shoe dancers, are experts at their work, while Misa Lily Hayes gained favour with her singing .and dancing.
The military band concerts by the splendid i band of H.M. 2nd Dragoon Guards (Queen's | I (ays), during Good Friday, Saturday, and Easter l Sunday, wero highly appreciated by local muajc | lovers, who gave the band and Umir lalemted j conductor, Mr. J. W. Eaulkncr. a hearty recop-
n*e intermezzo, " The Parade of the Tin Sol-iern," and a rollicking march, "Old Comrades," 11 of which ware played for the firtt time.
Both in light and in heavy muaic the bano rero consistently good, and they form a com -ination that play with spin* and attractiveness.
p'm truiiquiCt

i it i)cenu\ Cattingdti^ cud- nuj

2l\i[(yS'mi|/Wiiu! Joy fliat o .wi)-iicjj fan tfuif o ftua,
Above is given part of the refrain of the famous waltz from " A Wai.TZ Drham," that delightful musical comedy, composed by Oscar Straus, which had such a successful run at Daly's Theatre, London, and is the attraction at the Grand Theatre, Southampton, this week. The story of the piece is very interesting, and it is wedded to charming as well as tuneful music, while it is mounted and dressed In a mdst attractive manner.
Excellent holiday fare is provided at the Hip*, podroine during the current week, and there is mot a dull moment in a lengthy programme, j
At the lop of the bill are Lawrence Brough and Oo. in Wr Francis Humand'e roaring fmrce | "On the Beach," the coined) of t*o *rin; hum | band*, the mecret of whoee little excursion to' Odend i# betrayed to their (mating wires by a tolUale picture film.
Mr. Lawrence Brough gels the lamt ounce of Miss Olga Game and M^as Helen Wngton act naturally as the long suffering wives, while Mr. f&arles Orovea. and Mr. J. PJlia contribute a litUe lo the hilarity of the piece.
three Mahers are s really wonderful trio of Uanoers; snd Dort end T^onard sre an engine, pair of novelty comedy acrobats
m Jangle land^' and "&*ne day you II «*ne back to me;" and Waller Bad* makes a hit with "Clothes, clothes."
Madeline ]Wl«r ia a cluvrming ringer of
"Oh, lovo yo;)'v= got a lot lo annwer lor, >« one •f his most «nc«*sful number*. .
' Tho Ifcmaan duo of semational jcrobjUlc 4»ncer» and wiro. walkers complete » strong bill.
.,2% w
entort^runent being ,.ll worth w.«.ng for. ^ ^ ^ ,1„^ h«d »g
. i
town, with its ancient buildings of beautiful out of fourteen played; bot as the BoyalMaU ^ MooriJ, architect ore, was ,«7 V—tog. !
honest Saber folk of the w«mt country, the aotion | Hervios (Py*t OfBod ae well me that of Onto me taking place on the beautiful Oorniah coeet, snd a^l Ezolss.
in London streets. ! —*---
"Walk—you Walk" showed the clever way in •which a perty of American young women raven* d themstdvee on a discourteous motoriat, who curtly refused to give them a lift.

"Chliivo'a Omelet" was a clever farcical subject, and a number of other capital items were also shown.
_nnere made per ^toateh.
at the Royal Victoria Rooms.
14 10 4 267 3)3
:o e %35 486 #)&
Customs and Excise I. & 9. W. Rfy. Dock House
... 14 6 8 146 344 ... 14 * g a:6 26+ .....14 z " "9
:g6o 1960
Completed Tmble.
All the Clubs in the two dlvinlone of the Bout ampton and District Whist League-eleven in :
each—have completed their fliturta for the past seamen, though three of those In the first division.
who tied for the lowest position eireut one In the table, have to meet each other to decide which shall accompany Olebe into the second division.
The three Clubs referred to as hsving to meet ; o: -
eaoh other are the Southampton Labour Ohib.
^Zn^oZ%^%.^'dl%&% *'« «'"■« NOTE,.
Oxford gained admission to the flrst division the "the comfortable margin of thirteen polnte. % H 5^'%ld™"' Mr. V. Mundy ^ot very wsfl %r the ,
mien Whleld. * out of a pommWe 30 (earteme W am#t),' ^
Members of the Antelope and Oxford Clubs met while Mr. P. HHaway. with a scorejit-Ztj»ae on Thursday evening at the Olebe Hotel, Northern- mother p;incipal contributor to Che Heinle CW*. road, and the latter won by 19-16. The Evane Liberal Club defeated the Tramwaye'
Another fixture to'play off a tie la between Ante ropresentatives by 211 to 207, and e possible wee lope and the Southampton labour Club at the made by Mr. Preetonf of the winning team.
...... ....* ---------! i'or lb., A. Cook, A. Ikaumont, 0. .
Dawsoa made 23 each. • •
Inn lost to General dluikr with a
--------e*einst 208, Messrs. T. Breed* aAd #
p,a>- *- F. Urown mmklng 23 eeeh for the victors, while >
On the other hand, however, if Antelope should (he highest contribution W the Bridge li»n total, W win. Oxford will havs to meet the Labour Club. 24. wee made by Mr. F. Durey.
land. scoring 23 each. / .
Though the ccoring was letter low, \ close
i Hotel. I'adwell roed. to-moi
Hhould Antelope be unfortunate enough to loee, Iteed, and P they will have to go back ageln to the second The Bridge 1 dins km. and Oxford will not be called upon sigaln of 202 a
nd division.
the past seesnn Workmen's Hall, s won sixteen out of their
Quite a feature of the performances was the voce! talent engaged. On Otod Friday .the Cloitter Suiters, a ouartette of local vocalists, made a very sueccemful first appearance, and their delightful part singing pleased everyone. They have a big future before thorn, and should make a name in musical circles. On Bmturdey ard Raster Sunday Mr Ram Hemprall (tenorl and Mr. Ceredig Walters (baritone) both crratfd a most favourable impression. The Quw;ii's Bays will always be welcomed in Southampton.
Pier Pavilioa
This piece of amusement proved very popular on the Raster Bank Holiday, and attracted large audiences, a very excellent nrogramme being submitted, which afforded much gratification.
Of the mpleadid aexicm of animated pictures presented, one of the moat.effective warn "The Black CHinsm." dealing with prob&M* the most poetic of the beautiful legendm of 'the North American Indiana..
"Mummie is Asleep!" was a pathetic tragedy, which warn magnificently produced, and related to a husband's inconsistency, aa well as the un-eel Rah love of hie wife, who ended her life to ensure the happiness of her husband and miet&r.
"It Served Them Right" contained a curious mixture of broad comedy, and incident of a more serious character, but the end was an appropriate one.
There will be a complete change a4 programme during the latter part th« weeh
twenty engagements victories than were •»t competitors, the
..._-------------------- -----------j"°from each
, of the other Clubs In the first division to a friendly match^wltH them in the Workmen e Hell
Members of the - Nortbam Conservative Club, who were formerly In the first division, but have | played In the second division for several seasons.
have won the shield for tliat division this year. : and have earned promotion to the first division.
They had a more successful season even than the champions of the first division, seeing that they won seventeen out of twenty matches, with an average of 20.17 games per match, while the
Representatives of the Haroourt Liberal Club obtained second position in the second division by winning sixteen of their engagements with an average of 19.2 per match. ' ~
'OJ6 to JflOO. Ths highest scors on both sides V 23, M.wsrs. Regler snd Chalk making that number for the winners, and Mr. Hiscock for the loser^,;^
'ITio match with Essex in ths first round of the , * Southern Counties' Correspondence Championship Competition wss brought to a conclusion durim the past week, and the final result "bows tfcat Essex has won by 13 points.
Both sides had made such good use of Uu \ five-months allottod for play that all the gamea, with but one exreption, were finiahed. &
Ksme: claimed a win for the unfinished position, but Mr. Pass move, w» whom it was submitted for 7-award, has alloi.pd # draw as claimcd by Hante. A The previous catch with the same oounty, 4r; played in the see son of 1907-8, wms won by HaaU r by 12 points, and, possibly\ with that succems he *, /oro them some of their players were induced to underrate their opponents' skill and to think | they could rush matters with impunity—the failure this time of so many of the llante team In any/* case is not easily explained.
worn! division invited clubs In that division Northern Conservative
The champions of the 1 two from each of the othe to a friendly fame at the Club last evening.
It has bean arranged to hold tlia annual whist drive and dance, when the pPremutation of the shields will take plane, on the 1st May
how tiik camm standi—
fikst division. scohi9.
Workmen's Ha " % I3 V la
Ghdstonc If. .
G ladsTone 3^9
... M 10
•Labour Club .
*Antelone 3)#
i^o 7.
389 6
3*5o 3*50
I ok IIamhshikk. I Mr P. J. 11. Klwell (Southampton) o „ A. II. Yerbuiy
f Basingstoke^ : „ K.G.Pmrmonm (Southampton) 3 „ A.CWtltrher (Southampton) II. Morse (Shmnkiin, I.W ) „ I.. C. Whet ham
(Bating stoke) „ A. J. Taylor (NewpoM. I.W ) „ W. H.Roem (Southampton) m II. T. Tucker (Shanklin, I.W.) „ ll.J.IIumbcr (Andovei)
Voltham Conservative llarcomt ...
uh Hants
Royal Oak. Portmaood Dorchester Arms Swaythling Ritteme Park ... Royal Engineers Portswood ... Shirley Unionist Ward's Restabiant
A* 17- 3 4:7 :#j #7
.. X)\i6 4 jM; 31* 16
w 5 3M0 3W :$
M » 35b 344 :*
..Mil 9 3?3 347 11
. 30 y 11 36: 339 9
.. w 9 11 349 35: 9
jo 911 3^f 37' 9
.. *o ) 15 314 376 5
.. w * #5 ^5 405 5
.. 20 * IS 304 396 3
The abeve tables a
2 Mr. Spencer Clarke
3 „ P. N.Oraund
(Newport, I.W )
4 II. I). Omborti
, .
rPortsmoHih) 6 M W.Veitrb
(Southampton) 9 Dr. P. Pollatd
Fob P.ssex.
7 Mr. S. Nixon
8 ^ R. Harvey
II „ (k F Hawkins
1 a „ F.W.Andrew
13 „ A. II. Sorge
\t ^wTB.,,
16 Mr. A. L. Sanders
*7 M W H.Tmykr
18 „ H.Dyer
19 G. T. Davis 22 „ G. J. Hod son 34 „ A. Ingram J$ „ A. H. Cross J6 „ P. Smith
37 E J. Price .
33 „ G Page
37 „ C. Chandler
38 „ II. W. Small *i „ F. W. Spinner 43 „ J. C. Kisiruca 43 „ J T. Weaser 4S .. M S. Dyer
10 Mr. J. S. Flower (Rjrdg.l.W.)
3) „ F.G. Binning.
(Sonthamptoa) *9 „ K.Senior' ^ (Souihampton)
34 A.'K. l aw*
35 „ C. Symon*/. NJ (Basingstoke)

(a) adjudicated by Mr. Paassoore.
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