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_______KIN. A«1J»A0D.-----------
Bines lbs year 1689. when * -Hamburjth tCbirittt? nined Brmndt, discovered I'hotpbotWI. il.hss been mors "or lew used In medicine, but it has never played any verj importsnt part till witbin the U«t few year*, whbra the attention of medical men warn attracted to It* bendfl
almost be considered a epeclflc in all a
,8Z*W "
PHORUS PILLS bare been invented to aceom >Ush tbli eed, and tliere Uf-n6w iD»nj thousand* wbc> can tsitlfy (6 lb* *ucc*»* tbat ba* attended thi* mode of treatment in Neuralgia, Ague, Sciatica. Proetralion, St. Vitui' Dance, Nervou* Debility, Impotence, SUn • issssrs, and all diseass* a riling from impureiblood, add bavinf a» tymptoros-wesknew tod'^bltlpr. ( ». j
Produce appetite and a healthy dlgeition
Renew tbe strength.
Renovate the failing power.
Remove wnwU-n* cT faQgq* i ;
Produce sensations of exhilaration.
Cauie no after deprpsfien.
Increase the capacity for mental and physical
Produce cbecrfulnaaa^
Give a coolness and dexterity to the mind.
Confer freshness, originality, and energy on the mental processes.
- • Produce isolations of increased tauscular pi iter. Stimulate (he nerve power.
Vltaliss, purify, and enrich the blood.
Regulate the supply of blood to diseased nerve*. Nourish diseased spinal nerves.
Act am a brain tonic.
Act aa a general tonic.
Invigorate the whole system.
Are the beit tonic. • L r. i
Afford a ready mode of gaining strength. Are pre-eminent aa a meane of gaining appetite. Particularly u»eful to delicate femalei.
Powerfully aatiit the digeitiye organ*.
Throw oO germ* of all uisesses ; and Thoroughly recruit the general bodily health.
^ PBORUSPILLB,a^dand«s&X,
May be described a* a
GENERAL TONIC AND INVIQORATOR. There are two fercci always at w6rk In the body, tbe nervous and the regative; when tbo former overcome* the latter, from over briln t*6rJr,' mental anxiety, |ois of wit. violent *hock», fait living, overtaxing the po«ers. or from any of the o.uses combined under the head of ** excesses or indiscretion* of yoiitH," then the subject loses strength a»d energy, become* thin and pallid, tbo least thing Is an exertion, be become* nervous and irritable, and, without the disease is checked, consumption or a lunatic a*ylum ii frequently the end.
In all itage* of these affection*, the predominant character is deficiency. or waiting of Phosphorus from the nerve tiuue*, and this will be shown by tne increa*ed excretion of Phoephoru* compound*, alwaya to be detected in the urin* tit thole »o Suffering. The w^nt ii tupplied by the use of
As they act as a tonio in virtue of their capacity for applying the nerve matter with compounds, the want of which attends on the morbid condition they remedy.
restores tbe general bodily health.
The digestive processes, - tbe absorbent powers, Ac., may all be in a healthy condition, yet, from extra mental or bodily exertion, the patient *u Be re from a temporary exbauation of mind and,body. In theio case* aitimulant Is required, and tbat generally resorted to i* aloholic, but very unwitely, for when its effect* have gone off, the patient is generally left worse off than before. It is 5n these cases that -U . -C.
PHORUS PILLS are invaluable, a* they act not a* a stimulant only, but as a substitute, to some extent, for reit. A couple taken an hour or so before the ces-eatlon of tbe day s work is found to remove sens aliens of fatigue, to gite clearneae and dexterity to the m|nd, to produce appetite and a healthy digestion, and to conduce, subsequently, to the quiet deep'of which overwork so constantly deprives those whose occupation is mental.
About tbe second hojr -'ter Inception of tbe dose, sensations of exbilar* • :in to make themselves felt. The capacity tion, bo(h mental and
physical, Is increased. . patient has the dose while io a state of fatigue, then he feels his strength renewed ; -bile in a state of desponi* ' '
rful view of things. A stat
i, therefore, whilst acting a-----------------...
from all other stimulant* as they do not leave their distressing after effect*.
PHORUS PILLS may be considered epeciflo in _ , NBURALOIAl Tbe remarkably rapid and lasting effect* of the Pill* n this complaint Is perbapa their mo*t striking therapeutical power. In this, u In that of some other dise**e«, thsy exert a doable power; in «ome instance* merely regulating the blood supply to the affected nerve* «-ln other*, acting in addition a* a tonic, or nourlsber el the diseased spinal nerve*, or the affected nerves thea: selves. Three do*** will invaiiably cure.
Patient* suffering from matter under what name, having for it* symptoms weaknew and debility, or arising froia impure blood, will be benefited ky a course vf Cobden's Quinine and Phosphorus Pills, and the general direction for taking the Pill* I* one daily after tbe principal meaL Care should be taken, to regu 2^ ar* "'""J1 ***( (clem on o PRICK—2* Od and U gd.
" I f Wrindoa Road.
-•'BKreaSKll DBiUO; OOK£Bjl .'('w.ojjmMB, wiVinonoi

The same }i*«l. r«ii«ing properties which bat* given Asheitoi . i rsmoit nam, a* a gland packing, render It ■peclallr . >1 table a* a Jointing. A single trial will ensure
Asbesto* .Millboard Is rapidly supplanting1 and th* other Jointing* hitherto In use for steam joint*.
J a Jointing. A single trial will e a. «. myg Pa(*ot Aabesto* .V
3rrsr. Tnrcut Puci,
iOtaadKlA.? no, feiri.'i.i

, i
Pfoiwoto* Appetite and improve* Digestion.
Animate* the Spirit* and Mental Faculties. j
Thoroughly recruits tb* General Bddily H*afth, and Induce* a proper healthy condition of the Nervoes anl Physical rorcee.— Bottles, 4* W each. Sold Uy / '.Ch*nil*U. — Agent In Southampton—Q. .DdwsiaA, Chemiit, 160. High-street. CJL
Liver, particularly when arising from dight conge«tioj Bjrigtutly nimustine action of the Liver, and digbil moving the Ho we I*, the heavy drowsy sensations of ful new. often headache, pain beneath the shoulders, at the -cheat after sating, unpleasant ta*to in thi mouth, and other Indication* of dy*pep*ia are removed. Taraxacum and PoDornTLLiK is muoh eafer than Calomel or Bhje Piir/ftr tbo bHo. Pretwred by/J. yBPPEI^,
237, Tottenham Court road. London, whose name mult be on the label. /B6ttle», &W and 4* 6d each. Sold by all Cbemiats.—Agei»t in Southampton G. Dowman, Chemist, 160, High-street.
CUI-PHOLINE LOTIOK-rrAn external O remedy for Skin Diaease*. Th? most inveterate
affected by tbe sun. rough winds, ic., and even sufferers frtftt ConstltutlouatSkin Dlse"*je*.WH derjve great heneflt and comfort by ndng Sulphnlln* f.oilnn, winch l,w powerful conserving arid salutary action,- remove* tlie effect of'ifbnitaht perej^ration; r and tnainUin* the •utlcle in a free, healthy, condition. Bottle*, 2* 9d each. Sold by all Chemist*. — Agent in Southampton— G. Dowman, Chemist^ IgQ, Hiyh-ctreet., ,
tifrice, the enamel of the teeth becomes white, sound, and polished like iVOry. It U exceedingly fragrant, and specially useful for removing Incrtutatibns of tartar oh —.nrmue^t.4. Bnil
—G. Dowinah, Chemist. 160, I
-A/ "Ac.. &c^- Dollar"* B**enc«for Deafness b*j proved
arapton—G. Dowmar., Jhemist, 160. High-strqet.
RESTORER VIII darken Grey Hair, and in a"few day* rettore completely the natural colour. The effect is superior to that produced by an instantaneous dy*. and the Sulphur Reflorer doe* not injure the *kln.' Sold iu large bottle*, l*6d .each, by Chemists and Hair-drener*.-AgentlnSouthampton-G. Dowman,Chemist,
RESTORKR, while keeping tbe Hair It* proper colour, is useful for removing *curf, no other application king n#c«**ary to eDComrmgm the growth of the new Kalr. Lockyer'* Restorer ha* powerful cleansing propertie*, rendering It a deairaM* Hair Fluid. Large bottle*, ls64_ —Agent in Southampton-G. Down,an,-Chemist, 160, High-street.
Jiut Published, a gratuitous Edition of i Valuable Work, entitled,
----- HEALTH,
HOW T0*™EYfu RE*'___
or, tbe OOimDBWTlAL nUZ^D.
Pent post fre« to anj addru* on reooipi ' T™u tn^kP^ ktter post threo atampa
eithsr sex. It toaebqa
i by every one, young or old, of
explalapd, aad full fnatreoUcas gUreti, for otcrj .uflerer, how to obtain reatoratic n to health.
thdr prei4ration and u««. Conlaias special Remarks on ''jd Physlcal Depreaslon, and all dUeaao* #f the Narvoua and
rpHE FEMALE'S FRIEND and "rarraaipt
Addre**—Memsr*. RA&NE9 and 0^-4^ Lomedal* sqaara, Barnahury, London, X.
really valmaUe
*o^s*^ftstiv«work.--lfimna and CommsVciAJ Txmu. Net.
" there U,am*ghoat the air of daeevlty. thai Wte, upon the reader."—fapmsenn* and Bad&m, Timss, OcUbcr loth, I87J.
"K I* a oomplete haadheek. and If wWel, olreaWad may » boon to thousands '-Sukirtan Prut, OcUker 11th.
" We are much pleased «!'*» k—t -- —* •---
partly lilMr* stsndpoiaL Gewba, Beptes*h*Otli.
"The subject of this little trcatlsq t wWh every hasaaa helmg.'"—F#*hJl'sst L*nd«n aad TFO^sdem
between 11 and 1 o'clock dally.
MATTERS of HEALTH, if. unable to have a
personal Interview ahould at once send full particular* of the Caao by Letter. *nelo*ing a stamped addrsised Envelope for
nnivliiiMMiU .
* BAREESamd Oo..
iiarasbary, Loaden, N.

aelaaUiur r«l« of I or S r>r eenV.--InTt.lora' Ouwdl.u.
vTrade Matk,1—" Blood' Itfi'xtuto." THE CREATBLDDDPDRIFIER & RESTORER
Heada. fiore Byo**.Ery*ipelH»i Jtch, 86orf», Din cloratk « of Uie.Skio, Homoan 'and Diseases of the Skin of whatever nameor natqre, ara literally cariled out of the *yst*m in short time by the
A Cleanse tbe vitiated Hood whenever you find It* ImpdMffAV bunting though the skin in pimple*.
when it :l» foul, amH ypnr feeling* will tellyb* when. ke*p_ the Mfwd pure, and the health of the system will follow, .i- hna k - "
A* this mixtorti'a pleaxant to the ta* warranted free from anything injuriou*
moat delieats eon'rtibrtlon oR either *, Proprietor solicit* ••offerer^!td> give it a test it* valut: . 0 i .ie 71-
kingdom and the i'receipt of 30
throughout tlia.Uni
er wnt'ia, WUSi.....
stamp*, by rtie PrbWirftir. .
Wbokmle: Alll'str,;, Xr lirin* Hamw*. : ' LONDON DEPOT : :U0 OXFORD STREET.
Barclay and Son*, liondob; a«id all Wholesale Hceif*.'
Sold by CkkperAeld. Joho*. 0. Dowman. Wbol**a]e H%h ^rwLAo&t#^, Randall and.Soo,
**; 0. Tfoako; OKeWal, 89, G%fofd-*l
Horse Guards.
T^P'irsptboota lined with furore re well ta be
—I e5g%t
medldne. and erne whleh I have need Central AMea wlthlhe|greaa*t pomaible
. COCtLZ'E 7^16,8/ T
that my fami^
even then a theme of
out. but that the inamitous conversation In the bazaar."

A Good. Family Medicine Chest
•with a prodent' us*, ha, *aved many a life ; snd
yet welhlnkiheWeamlahthelmDTOved
• Mo. *a I/JMBiRinrruHKr, cTri
a* a pareeal. reearaMe b, laatalmai

find that the desired end ~-j w. uumuuou wiwouv litlle myateriou* omnpartmenis or WopparK Otham might be
also Uken j And for supplied when
medicine, and oue which I Central Af,b*whb tbe, grease* poadW, the marvellous eff- cU prwduoad u|ioo the

nruiuo^nnm ». _<» —- ' ^
Arab Sheik. . ---------------------
when I adntnisUtred to him fire
, , oocnwa MLM,

OCKLE1 Antibilioua PiDa
« ,','BEVSRTY.KiaHT Wikaj.' ' |
Mav W had throawhoat the DnltW Kingdom.
rr«HF^RAC%%%,% OP
taking Btatem^ol* of the Partiaa thamwl,aa. a* mgank th, oaryytyout ^ th. Hygekn 8y*Wm of M*di: #ine. May bo bad of all Chemiat* and Bobk*eile'r*j
jUlp*noo**hwld mlwraad tha "MOEIBONNNA.?
T\TERVOU8 DEBILITY and .11 otheF ^ c™'°"
5, OXFORD STREET, SOUTHAMPTON, Wlw darotea hw ent^m attapllpn to alLeaaaa of Narwu* Debility arising from early error*, which militateagaim the bapplnea* of life.
O^an from 10 a.m. till 10 p.m. Sunday*, 9 till 2
a sl l Dig**.
Purify the
IB. 0
B^S. Tooth.
arh». Tic, or Rheumatism.
Ajfj, iROK pills
And be sure vou have none ether.
' Agent—and Co.; Dispensing CT.emials, two door* beJITW'Bar, aml: S; P' P|sce. ^mhhamiitoi,. '
"V" * J. ",,r' HAiiitMW'ijfu. Thi* Ink is:
Jtd by .the Nobility of France aqd. England. For Writing on Linen, Cotton. QMMUs, Mnsllw; Wedrldgt " " * ' " in quill, pen, wlthOot nalrig a!
.IhbeiOa* at «a «n.n., by:
:kW*rel.,kc-. with--------
W#v Wue^re pa ration. Sold. ... U.' Katw^R, Agent for Soatbampton.
Bnfro—d yciOt any &*ih& M
EKKJSS".-- : ;H:
OCi*i*T«*n TO B1 HL*CTBO-rHCT».
Jill letters are to be a*dreaaed to
m . W, "WALKER,
1 • •; tilui «r, tomnv; irxx
WlOsoot "toeX apHaW. U th# moat affect! va \ * support for Hexni* yeSTnvenUl. ,Tha X ' twa*L from tha aA^ptaMllty of ag Ua parte, fit* eaellj aad e**r£a firm pre*;
■ore with nicely-regulated aor- -*
th« Spine, CheaLand Limbs, Abdominal Delta, Ela*Uo Stocking*, and every QEATIB da»odpUom,o( k^gkal AppU-
At 0*o Hartford Aaaizee! on Saturday Ia*t, before the Lord Chief Justice and a special jnry, a pereon . nwned Aarea brought an action against the Briton . MVHcal and General Life Aaaociation to recoror £800, thiyamount of a policy of aaauntnee affected upon the "iiffi "Of"Ttia wife, in the month of October, 1874. The defendant* admitted the policy, but pleaded that it had been obtained by fraud, and that the deoc**ed had falacly * tabid Quit aieTxad "no regular medical attendant, and that kfco wag of temperate iMta; The deccaaed lady, it appeared, wna only 25 yeara old at The time of Ler death, and she resided with her husband, the pJajntifE, jrJjo waaaiaruier at Codocotf, near Wolwvn. She bkd'previously been married to a person named Wellinghara, a grocer, at Welwyn, the mar-riage taking place in 1869, at which timeehe waaonly 19 yemra of mg*. WelHngh&m diod In IBTt Ih the
waa of temperate habit*. Showaa married to the present plaintiff iriils'oVemb^r, 1874, and died jn December, 1876, and the preeent action was brought to th* mmoont of the polby aW mmd eEected with (hb defendants: /.Dr. .Wobb, a medical gentleman prnctisirfg at Welwyn, stated that he had attended tho deceased professionally from tho year 1S71 .down to ** hm^dWh, mod ho bell#v&&tha$ *ho \va#l mddictwl k dnhM&g W a graft Vpia 36keakd
did not doty, that soo Va* in tna habit at dkfnVing too tnuch. and' repeat«dly aaid she VonW-try and break hcnwlf of tha habit; but it continued oiw till herdmth,
leacriptivepamphlet aad,
pr.oe 11* t of truss with a abort troa^^
Aa experienced Female At-
• (lot* Sit^nv amd Co.),
^ LOXDO*. S.W. Established 800 Tear*.

Re-lsiae of " Tho Warning Voice," DR. SMITH'S celebrated work, of which 600,000 copies were sold.
Revised Edition.
Now ready, 152 page*, by post to all part* of tho world, in envelope, two stamps.
THE WARNING VOICE; or, Debilitm-
tingand A'ervou* Diieases: The Caucei, Symptom*, Consequence, and Treatmenl of certain form* of ^ebMty. resulting from Low of Nerve Power. By HENRY SMITH, Doctor of Mediciae, of tbe University
Thi* |* a New Medical Work on lb* Nature, Treat____,
and Cure of Nervou*, Mental, and Physical Debility, Lowne** of Spirit*, Indigeation, Dlmnkw of Sight, Want of Energy, Deafnew, Epilepsy, Pile*, Premature Decay, Headache, Ac., resulting from Low of Nerve Power, the ra*olU of Intemperance.|Lat& Hour*, Worry, Brain Toil, Ac., which, if neglected, end in Confirmed liability and Premature Decline. Give* the advice and initruc-tlon*, the result of 30 year*' practice, by which tbouiands have been restored to health. Illustrated by caae testimonials from grateful patient*, with m*an* of
Pree by po*t, In envelope, tlx stamp*.
. . : OItm tbe Cause, Symptom*, and Cure. Thi* book i* published for the special use of P«m*l*«, and I*
EMITH."8, Emtm 6.,*,, LWKV.CL
AED 'MOTHER, .. Illustrated ,*H.h< . _ jtravinr* on Wood. Cloth gilt. This 1* a Book at great

Universal Patronage.
let all sufferers from (enseal or local diteaae lake heart aad *eRew In the wale of thou.and. who ascribe their rwtoraMoa e* health to Uie n»e of notLOWars OlNTWKKT 1RD PlLLa KkeamatUm fa the muscles or Joints, gouty pains, neuralgia sertarea, crampe and spasmodic twllebe* depart under the "#W=eal ef reo»jke. Bad legs, all kind*
a* waand*. akere, *re% ham*, euteoaeu* ladaasasaHaa*. are asdekly cooquereLL Tfce reputation Bunewafs Olntmant aad rills have acquired1 through out the habitable Globe skeoid taduoa everraOxted peraoa to gtva them a (air trial befare deeps Mag of reW or abac dicing hup
Bronohitis, Dlphthoria, Sore Throats, Coughs, and Colds.
TWs Ointment will cure, when every other means have fsfted. It Is a sovereign remedy for Wl dtrsiigeojenU ot tie
tad oh eat. Settled onogh* or wLealag wiU U pratapU/ I b/ tubUug la the Unguent.
Bad Legs, Bad Breasts. — Old Wounds, Sores, and Ulcers.
It Is *erpr!»lngboWipikklra sore.r.ltrr. erwcmcd. deprfrta
Jmdbe WWy thh eyt^ntd MmyeWil tWoglnloh that tb6 lParned cotiAiel fbV tho plaintiff could hitrdly'THE DAXGEE&jOfjCOAL MINING. ^ ^
Re etyedingljr dangerone jimtnmo! ooml-dOdlog poremtte hne, unfortnnetkly, been but *oo fordbly illustrated during the-part fortnight by thd disastrous
ezplomone which harf taken place at KOeyth and Keewley, by whieh over gfty lire: have been k**, nnd many ecoree of otherm placed In the meet immi-nent peril. Theee terrible oeeummoes will no doubt w fully inreetlgttod in due *m*e, bat In the mean, timo there can bo' no harm or prejudice done by pointing ont the detail* of what might hare Lwn a third calamity had it not been for the uae of the moet modem and effective appliancee for ventilating pur-noeee. Thf* ethpe, wbmh 6ay without exaggeration be termed a narrow on* took place one evening ja*t week at the ^orton Wood CqlLery, ^oolh Yorkahire, a new pit laid Out cm the mtwt approved ejretem, and with a drawing Wwft 30ft. clear Internal, diameter, rhe men on the evening ehift ^ere engaged in their cuatomary avocation* about er* o'ebek, when a mudden outburat of gam took place in the No. I alant, owing to the fall of a mass of roof—estimated to be fully eight tone in weight. Tte Thffnq of U:e long pent-up gaa wae eo rapid and in each vommo that tho wholo of tho working: on that mlde of the mine became BUed with it, and It warn rendered highly eaploaire by being mixed with the return: air a: farm: the bottom of the nnra*t:haft. ThewholooftheWbty lamp: wera immediately eatingnidicd, and the men naturally loet no time In running for their live* to the drawing ehaft. Had there be$n any ibfec* iu a dnglo lamp, the remit mud have been an exploeion, by which every one in the working* would have bean killed. Everything warn 16 order, however, and by promptly inenmaing the rate of the air current by meane of the Schielo fan from 80,000 to 130,000 cubic feet per mmuta, the gam cleared away, and In the couree of an hour the pit could be entered. Had the old-famhloned furnace been in opomtiou here, it I: not didlcult to mrmiae what would have happened. The whole affair. in fact, i: pregnant with inatmction, and :how: to what an- extent the danger: of mining mav bo dimmwhed by tho eaercke of care and the u*e of the securities afforded by modem scientific appliances.
Lord Penzance, the Dean of Archee, held a Court in the Public Library at Lambeth Palaco on Saturday kat, when the caae of " Combe v. the Rev. John Edward: the younger," wad further heard and con-eluded. The caw wa: lad before the Cowt on tho Bth inat., when Lord PeA*ance reoulred an a&davit that Mr. Edwarda, aa vicnr of Predbuxy, near Cheltenham, had continued the ntualietin practice* before hi: ordn of tuapendou wa: imued. Dr. Deano, Q.C. (with whom wa: Mr. Blakedey), for the promoter, aaid he had made an alBdavit a: reqneded. The defendant did not appear in court, and wa: called in the u:ual manner. Hie Proctor (Mr.Broolw,of Doctor:', common* had Bled a proxy that he did not further Penzance mid, according to the practice of the Court, the proctor ehould appear before him. Dr. Deane read an affidavit of Mr. Combe, the promoter, end a Mr. Wheeler, ahowing that the practicce com. plained of were still continued in the communion **. The learned counwl, therefore, prayed "entencwof pwpenaion, and that the eame mhould bo continued until submission be made. Lord Penzance ^ Mr. Edward: Aill continued to diwbey the law ho would be ewpended from his ministration and omo-lument: for a period iff mx month* and the eontenco would commence when tbe Kntenco wa: publhhed on the church dooreon Sunday, tha aiding. Dr. Deane asked that tho *enlance might continue until wbmi*. :ion wa: inade; but the learned Judge thought it had better mtand a# pronounced.
fkmg, Eamaloy. Thi: warn wa* many year: agci wt down, but it ha: been worked nnce Chrwtma: by Samuel Drown, a miner. About «a o'clock in the morning Arthur Higgin* 28, deputy; Thomaa Jagger, 33, day man; Exra Burrow^ 44, miner; went down the pit to repair the ventilator, and mako other pro. paration: for working on Monday. The pit wae worked with jiaked Lghla. Nothing wa: h«#rd o!
eleven and twelve o'dock, — "i- , *hat they
AKtha Arch* Cond on Saturday lad, before Lord Ponpnc* an wpboatwu wa* made to enfoeoe the obedieoee of the defendant In the eult of Martin r Maekonochle to the Ecdeeiadical Law. Dr. Stephen: appewed in wppod of tho application. Mr. Micko-nochie wa: not repreeented, neither did he put in an appearance or anwertheapplicaCou. In omening the case Dr. Stephens.aaid he made.the anpEodiou on behalf of Mr. J. Madin, of Lincoln'* to enforce ckedlenee to the monition imned on the 12th oi J un*_iaMrby Sic Robert Phillimora.. Tx, i^wd counwl proceeded W_wad the amdavit* which
m th; th. Tiou of St. ilw.
hhd, dUhng wrvfc* hkd ten to Wear certain ved« -ment* and amongd thwe were the alb, cop* chambl* meei mapipl* tol* and girdle. He had alao used Oie hymn called the A gnu* Dei, and mng it imme-
A*ewwemdoer Aeoordin,
- to-Article II. o! the vndicfmcorbe madd tbq sign of tho cross. He had also kiased the book or semcc #nd had mixed what appeared to be water with ihe wine and adeueidcred the mme to the communicant*. Mr. Mwkonochie alM^madatho w^.of the tr»* to ihe pemon cdmuhmicekbg, end nut- (6 hnmelf, ddminietering the elementa. Lord Pdnxance: "What ;doy*m a& b*f Dh @te^ieo:aaid he did not know that £0 wae called upon to .ask bis Lordship fc> pro-nouye any ^wciffo j#dgmen(* for the peaaon that he conmdtred it would be treepadfn^ Upoh the exclumve jdHedictlon of hia LdnWUp. TT^ nueatroq wa* aTmply tMd. Mr. Mackonqchfe had thgugw'gt to.hfeaK, the law, and he had alio thought piouer no* Ip obey a mnmtion. T)iat being *Oa ^ wa* fur hi: Lordahip to detegmine wha( pqalabmenL he wenld give. The offence waa egalnet the: Cong* It wa* a contempt of ;Coud,,epd with thi: the promoter: of (he miit had nothing to do. It was exclusively within the jurisdiction of the Ooiirt; tb'. cAforcd iU own process.- Xord Penzance said the only difficulty there wae in the mAter^wa: that ihe :uit wa* commenced a long time iu 1876. He would like to know why the auil had not been proceeded with and been bruught before the Oouft earlier. AVben they saw that Mr. Mackonochie waa not obeying the monition why did they not come and ask to have it confirmed ? Dr. Stephana e#id they hid been waiting for the judgment m the Riihdali* andkAhe: cmwe. It wae not for hi: client: to.cony there nntil-.tbe law,had hem eettkd. Inginng judgment. Lord Penzance'aald the Oomt had no dlQculty in pronouncing thifllr. Mackunvohie had not obeyed the monition, And'tha* he:Wll con-tinned the pracUct which he wa: admonished by the Coudffot to continue. According to the affidavits put in he appeared very ahortjy indeed after the ,u*nvn. nun had b^ pronouncetKapund hifn by tho Ltio Dwn of Archc: to havo condaued the very pnsuicea winch had been made tho awtject of the »uit againA him, and far which he had been admonished by the judge. Thie ho continued to do for a gfc&t length of Ume. The evidence tnivelloil brer the iiWamaning period bdweon October 17, 1875, and the Wtb of February, 1878, and,the charge: related In the 17th n(PcloLer, lST5, the 24th of February. 187*. Z7tbof May, 1877, the 23th o: July, 1877, and the Mth of February, 1878. From time to time during the lad thrco year* the defendant had continued these piactices. At tne sarqn time, continued the Dvun, it do^# *em to me that Mme prompt and early notice ehwuld have beeiflaken of the ncglcet of the monition which had been :ddn.*ad to him. I think the prudOcution which wa: commenced w long ego ought to have bwn followed up by thi: application tA the Court within reasonable time, Us the lirst offence wat committed in Augud, 1873, Therefore, I am not!un. willing to give Mr. Mackonochie. at the elevcnlh .hour (fori may day some of the suit* were commenced Jnore than len yenra ago)—I am not nnwillipg to give him the opportunity of conforming to the Ecclcaiamtical Law and hi: duty m thi: nmtter. . Eefore, thorofore. Inking a *tqi which wo#ld boa wvere on* becauM I am satisfied that if the Court is to exist it must insist Upon tho Mntonte it pronoubce: being enforced, and have power of enforcement—Wore taking w aevere a dtep In eonnodion with Mr. Maikwinchie a: I Uiould be compelled to take, I am willing to give him another opportunity. I therefore direct that another moniUon be iamied againd him. If tbi: monition be nut obeyed, and the promoter of this suit comes before thi* Court, :nd my: that the monition ha: not been obeyed, I shall then bo prepared to take the necessary steps to enforce it. The Court, therefore, orders a monition to be *erved forthwith againd Mr. Matkwnochie to discontinue the practice: that have b«*n condemned by the late Dean ef Archer and in reference to which tho present matter has been heard.
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Gont and Rhoumatism.
This treatment must be perwTeriagly lolloweJ (1* a______
and duly aaaixt*! by powerful dew* of HolloWav** Pllla. Theae purify!n* amd aootblot rem«l*ea demand tbe eamaat atteotioa of all persons Ma Me to rneomaUsm. gout, sciatica, er cUsr panful apiles, Fistulas, and Dropsical Swellings,
Tills Incomparable OiatmesK la eamaetly reoommeeded to
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these men till Boti _________
when the owner went down tho doing. He wa: not wccewful in hi: wmrch, and tunmd to the Mrfwe. He afterward: went down with a miner named Thoma: Hmitheon, and found all the decea*d laid on their face* Burrow: being Urd. fhev had no lighu, and had been mtrcome by choke damp. The bodie: were taken to the pit bottom and drasvn to tho :nrface. All the men :p. peered lifekm, but while amending the Wiaft Burrow: mhowod vmptom: of life and breathing, and mut-tared funUy, " Oh, dear." He however expired. Phe bodiee were removed to their home& Burrow: kavo: four thildren, Higgfn: two, and Jagger kur All appeared a: tf they were deeping. There wre nv
Tne coNvicT M-CAgnir.
Bir Jame: Ingham': repod regarding the aDegcd ill treatment of the convict Char lea M"Ckdhy, who waa diAchaiged (rem the Chatham Convict Prmon on the 3rd of January and di*l on the 18th, wu imnod on Saturday last. The conclusion Sir Jamca come: to 1: that the death of the deceased wa: not k—*frrd by hw treatmwt In nn*m, :nd that the deceawd wa: treated wiUi a: much leniency a: wa: eonddent with penal ducipline, and tho precaution* which became neceamry te prevwt hi: mcape. Dr. Henry Pitman, who amiatod bir Jame: in the inquiry, is of opinion that tho wgular end tranouil life of the deceased in pnaon wa* calrnlated to allaviate hi* dl*ea*e, and that he might have Lved for wme year, long* if he had not been *e* at Lhedy. The datemmnt of Mr. Owen, a Burgeon, whom the deceased consulted after his Lberation. showed that he ww warned of the eabeme dang* of attending pabCe meeting* and ralmd a dreng preemption that hk death wa: hwtened k the (xotement of hi: wceptieu in DuhHn.
Tk. I.iT, Sn,,v_«n S.t0rf.y ka a.
men that they mud leave off
long standing rule: of the union, and it i* dated tbat
*fomn. Bull and Son have given notice
to discharge
men who will not work the extn half hour.
Tlans for dealing with the labour qucrtion are mora numerou: than practical, but one i: reported from th* United State: which appear: to be very wrviceable. The numbering nearly ten thnn*and, on a
certain edate which i: :urrounded by a quantity ol land, are reprewnted by the manager to be more con-tented than he ha: ever known them to bo hitherto, notwithdanding the reduction of their wagee. H: awribe: thi: apparently anomalou: contentment to th: fad that the edate fumldic: each hmd of a family in ita employ with enough ground for a good-dwd garden—from one-quarter to one-half an acre. Low wage: have compelled the workmen to cultivate thaae plota of ground, and they have found that they can :lmod rauq gubddenco for their famHiem by tilllnq the :otl, and by that mean* even with the lowed wage* they are ablo to. mvo wmething. It i: al* mid that the moral effed of the cultivation of little garden: I: excellent, tho own having lew idle time to bo tempted into dianpatlon, and won learning to take a pndu in the home whicktheir own indudry buildd up for them. A_fudher advantage 1: that thi: miniature fanning open: the way to work that will mppod the labourer when he 1: thrown out of employment at hi: regular trade, gome will my gwen Held: and garden: are not alwaya «* near to the fackwy and workdiop me they diould b* but a good many people are w mtuated that the hint win pn,,: of *r. vice to them. Then we WiaB hear of miff**** cheer-ful and contented, even though they may obtain Ion
At the Mancheder Amixe* Edward Stanley Bent a Manchedcr mUcitor, ha: been chargW with having felmuoudy received from a thief, whom he had do-hnded, two portmanteau: containing watchc* jewel-lerir, and clothing, the propedy of Mr. Pamell, M P., and Mr. Henry Prower. Mr. Hopweod, Q.C., M.P . presented; and Mr. Higgin. Q.O., dofeuded. ^ It ap. pcured that a pemon of the name of Franklin, who wa: a notorious railway thief, had dolen the pruned? m quedion from a railway ddion in ManchZatoZ trankbn ww timd at the Mauchcder Remion: lad Augnd, and wa: convicted. The pHmncr defended him, and after the conviction went to Franklln'e kdp=&", where the two portmanteau: were given v ' afterward: obtained by
Inspector M'Lklland and the two pddmanteau* ono of which bore Mr. PemelP: name, were found in the Th* content: had been partly re-moved, including wme valuablo jewellery. 3"ho prisoner mid he had received the propedy for defending tho prisoner, but denied that he know it had been dolan. Mr. Pamall, M.P., ww examined a* a wltncm, and said he lost his portmanteau while travelling be-tween I^ed: and Manchederto attend a meeting. The jury found the prisoner Guilty, and ho waa sentenced to hvo years penal servitude.

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