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0 B D E N
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mJ the thought giving power to the brain. ^All n«rrou»
deficient property. , IiliC . . < .1
PHORU8 PILLS have been Invented to accom
#eatmeni1n Nearmlglm. Agms, WatkK Prostration. 8k Vitue' Dance, Nervou* Debility, Impotence, Skin I)ileum, and all diieaiet arising from lmpur*|blood, and having am tymptoui* weaknea* and debility.
COBDEirs QunqNR, MD paos-
Produce appetite and a healthy digeitn Renew the •trenRth. •< 1 •
Renovate the failing r°wer*
Remove «eo*ali.n* pffatigue. -Produce **n*atlon* of eAIIaratlcta.
Caoie no after depre**lon,
wirfloA. I Q
________Millboard 1* rapidly mpplanllng India ro
aad tfcrothST Jointing* hitherto Imnrfor *t»»ui jelmtsr The eame heat reeieting propertie* whieh have g'ven
Xr P. | •Psriflerand ynrichea
WipWhen; ^
*terve« pnd M itci Appetlt,
Animate* the 8pir Thoroughly recru _ ...
induce* a proper healthy and Physical force* ChemwU. - Agent Cbsmlst. I*. High
,nd Mental Kacultiei
,^BotUss, AM e-sb. 'BolA by •0. Dowm -
all Chemiel*.—Agent in Southampton 0. Dowman, Cheaiiet.l&O, Hlgb-'rireel.
irntal and pby«i'

>nfer freehni

(3 remedy for Skin Dleea.e*. The most inveterate
fwmOonatltutional Skin DUeMeawill derive great bfnefit ' rt by wing Sulhbonnq Lotion, whtea ha* oniervlng and ealutary action, remove* the •onatant per*piration,.' and maintain* the free, healthy, condition! Bottle*, 2* 9d each, gold by all Chemitt*. — Agent in 8oilthanJptoo-Q-
puoaud PILW.
purify, and enrich the the »upply of blood t< diieaied spinal nerve*.

powbian, CliemUt, ICO, High-
J1PA8TB.—By using thi* delicious Aromstio Den. tifrice, the enamel of the teeth become* white, *ound, andnOlUh*d like ivory., It i* exceedingly fragrant, fnd ipenally useful for removing Indrustatipo* 6f tartar on neglected Ueth. Sdd by all XJhemiiU. Pot*, 14 and 24 6d: each. (Oet Cracroft'*).-,Agrat In 8 —Q. Dowman, ChxrtUt, 100; High-Y
Afford a ready mod* sf gslnlngstrsngtb. Are pre-eminent a* a mean* of nining appetite. PaKlffularly-uieful to deLcAtalfemal**.
Powerfully a**Ut tke digulirs organ*.
Throw off germ* of all di**a*e* ; and Thoroughly reorult the general fctfilj health.
nervous and the vegative; when the fofmer overooms* the latter, from over brain work, mentelanziety, to** of met. violhifshocks. fsst Bring. oisitdalnk ths or from any of the c'.uici combined under the heed of " extent* or indi*cretion* of youth, then the eubjeot gth end energy, become* thin atad palhd^tho
Usst thing I* i
in be ik* I'M* 'ff»«4ve lot ■•nt of ll'rai- Tka uaa «f a B'e«l-«»riag « 1a 1U cfecta. la ktra urotjrd. & M l'

• Head*. Sore Eye*, Krj*inelae," Itch, MCOrf*; Ul*-colbraticT* of the BHtJ^flawoii^'WnJpheMe* of the, Skin of whatever'nWme*'natt(f4, A* Morally carried out of thetyttem In aihOrl'Uffl,^ 6j the u»e of thi* world-famed, MediclWe."" ' ■» THOUBANM of TESTTMOMMM frmq aD jkHm.
JL Clean*e the vitiated blood whenever you fipd it*
impuritie* bunting through, ihe eki* In pimple*, eruption*, or *ore*; cleen*e U *fhea yoq And it ob*t.-jcted and *luggi*h in tlie. veta4 5 cleenje It whin it I* foul, and your feellnge wflf tell you , whfcn. Keep the blppd pure,.aud the heflfh of
the *y*tem will follow. . , .t, 0
lf, . A* thi, mixture.U pleMan^ig the la«te, and
Catrnnted free fr6m anything mjuriou* p. the ^o*t delicate conatitutlon of ,e|th# the
\J .MIXTURE I. ioM In BoU1m, S.M »oH M in Cmte*, containing *ix tinlee th#-quantity, 11* each. *ufficienl 'to i effect a permanent cere in the great majority of lon^taixhng caabe, by I all Chemitta and Patent Medicine Vendor* throughout tlie United Kingdom iod the World, or :*ent to any addreea on r*ceip*.«f <80 or, 182 ' etakope. by the Propvietof. n, ,L
P. J, CLARK H, Cheml**. ApathaeaHaa' BaD.
LINCOLN. * : . ' Whole«ale : All Patent Mediome Hou«ca. -Lq*DM DEPOT: 140 OZPO&D BT&&ET. irelay and Son*, London, a»d all IVholetale Ilouae*.
Sold by ChipperBtld, John*; Q. Dowman, Wbole»ali ChemUt.• 160, High etreet, Au*ten, Randall WiSon, F. U. Collin* (late Pallc), J. Bienvenu. W. Burcb.'W. •a*. l.r'3. High rtrcct, and J. T. Ruble. 19, Bernard t, 0. Tromke, Chamlet, 0%f6rd-«tr##L
A ue-crii'tlrr rlrenUr m»y oe ha*, and the Tnj«« (wh'cn
J^i^x' i'XfiNDING BRACES '(Wr
"^Teea' eMkW#W #W.df3«aAg.lta, #d
Will TIC,
prlca party
* &c., kc.—Dellar'* Eexence for Deafne** baa proved traordinary remedy. . II a(Waj*IrWieM#. generally
____. and i* Itrongly recommended. Sold in Bottle*,
1* I*d and 2*9d each.hy all Cbemht*^Ag4nUn^outh-
f%,Eff5CT ,^r.^7.Vd-;:,T;.uKK'hi;tr:
*nppH«d 'when travelling in out-of-the-way plaoee—eeme quinin*. and 'Cockle'* Pill*, the latter a most invaluable medlcln", and one which I have need on the native* of CaatW Africa with the greatest poariblo «ucc»«i. In fact.

, 160, High-*lreet.
XJ RESTORER will darken Grey Hair*end in i day* restore completely the natural colour. The eu**» 1* ihperior to that produced by.-an in.tanUnaou* 4j^ end the1 Sulphur Rettorer doe* not Injur* the *km. Sold in largi bottlia, l*6d each, by ChemlA* and . Hair-drener*.—Agent in Southampton—Q.I>awnian,Chemitt, 160, High-*tr*et. , . ' . ' : .
rhile keeping I . .. moviog *curf. i encourage the growth of tin ir ha* powerful;eleaniing propertie*,
raW# Hair fluid.', I*rga botUw. 14 W.
In'Uali"«tagV*" of theie, affection*, the predominant charactar b daklanq. *ee#Wg«(,MM)mlMn '" the nerve tinue*, end thi* wHI be ehowd by the in. excretion of Pho*phoru* compound*, alway* to tected in the urine of thoee *o *uff«rtng. The tupplied by the u*e of
Ae they act a* a tonic In virtue of their capacity for applying the nerve matter with compound*, the want ef which attend* on the morbid condition they raeeady. It I* known bv experiment that a ooureo of theae Pill* renovate the falling power, confer fre*hne**. origlnWItv, and enetar o* the mental proce**** and thoroughly re*tor*« the general bodily health.
■ KJiUnn ot a New aad
g N S U PUE R A LT H ;
r^lng Life—The lnfrlage-
The digeiti'
may all be In a beaitny conuiu M bodily axertien, the patient ixbaiution of migd a

the *b*orbent powpr*, 4o.. ition. yet, from extra mental rer* from a temporary theie ca«e* a «tl»H)ant retorted to le alcholic, effect* have gone off, off than before. It U
Haellh, a *«ial Me
Bolng a tr«-«ti»* on th
meat of which I* the ea
Xervaueaeaa. Debility; and all Uielr concomitant ayirplem* explained, aad fall in*trucilon* given, for every aufferer, how t« oktaln rt*Wati«n to health.
their preparation and me. Oontaine * pedal Bemarka oe Hheomatl*m. Sciatica, Oont, Neuralgia, Eplltpiy, Palpitation o! the Heart, Uyatera, Indifeetlon, Lou of Boergy, Mental and Phytical Depre*alon, and kU diieaaeeot theRarvoa* aad Alimentary Gyitem.
Aljo, a de*otiptiv«
xnpblet on the function
la the** ca*e* tnat
PHORUS PILLS ere invaluable, t* they aot a0* a* a itlmulent only, but »* a *ub*tltute, to lorao extent, lor reit. A couple takin an hour or *o before the oee-eation of the day'* work I* found to remove ,cn*allon* of Wlgua, to glw claamaw and daxlarlty to th* mind, produce appetite end a healthy digeitlon, and to ctnduoe/ •abtequeotly, to the quiet deep of which overwork eo comtaritlj deprive* thoie who** occupation i* mental.
About the lecond hour aft*r laception of the do*e, Mruatlon* of exhilaration begin to make tb*m*elve*
;w. '»"."&&ib.h°
(n a atate of fatigue, then he feele bleetrength renewed ; If while in ■ a itate of deepondency, he tak,
erful view of thing*. A *tate of dept '
. ADVISEE, which *lll b* —t OEATIS to am we# a* RKCIUfT Of BTAMTED KNYKLOPB. Addreaa—Ueitr*. BARNES and Co., 48. Lonada!e *^*an ' Barnibary, Loadonj K. i RETIEW3 OP THE WORE.
"It can be recommended to all claaa** aa a really v&lm»M igjeetive work."- Mining aad Ceeimereial >'*'
,lr of jinoerlty. tki

lion doei not nt they differ ve their die-
re fere, wbilit acting ea a itimuli from all other ttimulanU a* they do not lei trawlng after effect*.
PHORUS PILLS may b* con*ld*f*d *poclQe in NEURALGIA. . The remarkably rapid and la*ting effect*, of the Pill* In thl^complaint l*^ perhap* their ' ' '
merely regulating the blood *u'pply to the affected nerve* —In other*, acting In addition a* a tonic, or no«ri*b*r af the diaeued iplnal nerve*, or the affected theouelre*. Three doe** will invariably cure.
itriklng thera-In thi*, aa in that of eeme other doable power; in *otre Initanct*
OENEEAL DISEASES. Patient* *uff*ring from any ditea**, no
1 | for ita lymptom* weaki

md the general direclii
daily after the principal meal. Care *ho«dd bo taken 1 keep the bowel* regular. Thty art altcayt '
PRICB-2* 9d and 4m ML
PHORPB PILLS ara a**y to take, being verr ■mall and perfictlv ta*tel*e*. They ara prepared with the graateet care »y duly qualified Chemiet*. with lm-
L*ni*n W&tuirn
- I*. tkroughoat tkaboak. .
win* a pen the reader."—A'n* «"* Ttei,
°^*ItT*1a MmyleU kaaiWek. aad If widely eirouUted m prove a boom t# thaatanda."—3*turt«n i*r*u, Oe taker lit
"3\Ve are Meeh pleeaed wjtk thl* keoV -- -*---* *--
parely1 literary ataadpolat/*— * "
Cmi.U a Qaahfied and Regiatared PbreleiaaPereeaahy,
between U aad 1 o'alock dally.
t\. MATTERS ef HEALTH. If unable te have a ■ ertoeal Interview aheald »t enee eend full partiealare of the
Uvee have keen a ed, aad health folly Metered, by eeerea oaly.
Addreie—Uaeer*. BA*N«8 aad 0&, 4«, Leeedale^aare, Baraikary,,

iBtta^S ltoSa^e*
Jlaftaved with any tattlal,
B, 8BULH aiaaBT,
Wlthowt eteel ^Hoga. la the mo^ affacUva/^ \
putaj *a eaelly and azarta km P*e*y/^\
ly regulatod^
tml^L ^X^y^DehnmlU ^/thoBptma, Cheat, Limbs, Abdominal Delta \ ^EhaHaBtooklmga.
daacdpUom o( Bmgteal AppU-experlenoodP
(LaU Sarvny and
ieicrtptive pemphlet and price liet of
with a *hort'txcm-
C7. ST. JAXES' STREET,, PALL MALI, Los DOS. H.W; Eetablfahed 803 Tear*.
^kI Kir phyii ppllcd when IrateUin^i
Antibilions Pills
A Good Family Medicine Chest
with 'a prudent u»e. ha* «aved many a life ; and yet we think the Idea mlaht be improved a pee. and reduced
' T6cffi"?'ANTiS£iOTa Tr£trh "
aad we ftnd tliat the de*ir«t end may be obtained without *c»lca and weight*. 6r,Utile myatarku* oomrarUneula or o'chant-rd bottlte, with ery*ia * topper*. Oth.
a* tailed ky many of perwma. and found a A ewer tlieir purpo*e ao well, may be *et down aa the beet
of th.matnmoll." v4n brHtod toLi nmnd number* 50,000 accepted the innUfaon, and the reeolt
Pearson, QtpUin Harri*. and Snpenntendenta Gernon, Ecck*, Hdnim. and Fiaher, were hold In raadtnraa Wr aervleea kin, reMired,hntw«r. kept
hy. Fortunately their eervicea were not required, the dumber of men ppmlNng. Tmdt beioy
#4tM& A* * aTMg*#Morqi«?,
0ttl?nary iiaitor*. aa well as thoee drawn there through moUw* oj conoaity. The 8r*t rpoqgmjaad ymtutgW
.ality of which it wojd. hW j»luMJrd the doUodliTe erudition of Heralda College to decide. (^The na%^ Joutiwrnt tiiat {n*t in an appeminneo Tna;«i»trng«hi^ moh of 4*bout m hundred youo* men from the direo-tioo of illanirrterarrtHh, l&d by Mr.'Aoberon Hofbwt, who waved a fotf «toall! flSff liftott? Htmd. Phi* ^arty made for the BAbrmerfTWe; tirttH it discovered that thit ^iatoric *pot was elwmdy in poeeeeeion of a party whdss united bannor* were the English Unioi^
"&!$*# Hammeremith pemae %**ty wheeled $6'th# Almlioael way Mr. Herbert's
tonljiated condition provoked much merriment, tnoyed ,toward* Qroavemoe-gate, where It succeeded in jomtnc [the Hrmdlaogh contingent, another dlgby about equal .in numerical strength. There waS ao-'organised op-Toeiliot to the armed peace party, but at their Bret attempt to hold a m&iifcg'a hub" wad tnado f>pn» wi'Jv-uut, wMit endedlnm#edM.offrea#g*U& iem^iugM some ugly cuts and bruises. The stick men, in the selection of their adWenmrks, .*«i» not particular whe&heir they were friends or foes, nay, nor even as to a hemd; but seemed to act upon the .advic* of the Irishman— an acknowledged authority in such matters ^'Wherever you eema hrnd hitk.'i Fwmpositkm torpdeUion the party who had called the meeting were ^-4enby thoee who accepted their inYitutbm, and oa occasion of each fresh ruah, blows wore exchanged, teof soeeHousa thmactarthat thk setipiSnU h#d #Thh taken for medical treatment to St. Gewge"s „ jspital. After many futile attempts to hold a moet-iny, a last stand waa made near Stanhope-street, and, midst groans and cat-calls, Mr. Herbert was under-stood to mora a raadHtka la fawor pf prnce. Mr. Dradlaugh's attempt to procure silence.had.the op-nosita edect; and tnemotion having been seconded by Mr. Galbraith, a call for a show of hmndawaa answered; by a show of sticks on the part of the txaee party; and a'gmaral rush from the whole mdaid* multitude, in whkh Mr. Bradlaugh and his psrty were hterally flung out of the Park through Oroavtnor-gatc- There, so far as the ponrenersff the meeting were concemwl, ended the edco^ demonstration callal to elioi fhe opinion of the inhabitants of tho metropolis as to the policy of the Government onithdiEaitern crisis. Aitor the summary ejection of Mr. Biadlaugh an imaxxse number of those who had gathered in the park left it;
tch the depa^nro of tho combatant*. Bhottly befbro five o'cIock large detachments deft the Park au( mtrcamed im the diractwm o6|BryanAcn-square, ^«ra many hundreds gathered in front of tho Turkish Em-hasav,- loudly cheenng, without, however, inducing hi&;H:gal]cncy Musurus Pacha either to grant them an mierview or to appear upon the balcony. Having shoutod Itaelf nearly hoano, tho crowd separated, swno of its component parts returning to the Paijc, whilst othera wended their way towards Harley-street, whero 3fr. Gladstone resided. Boon after Gyo o'clock a con-siderablo body of people reached this street just as Mr. and Mrs. GlaJvtona were leaving their house. Though a body of bollco were on duty in the imme. diato neighbourhoou, thoy were not suflicicnt to prevent tho sudden incursion of the crowd* ;but they were able to agord soma protection to the right honourable he passed ut
At ihe Reigate Petty Suasions on Saturday last,
Thomas Morton was brought up on a charge of felo- *
Bioual* breaking and entering the dwelling-house of Mr. Charles Dobeon, andjrtealing therefrom a dresaing-«Me( jewel-«»ee, work-boa, and a quantity of-j***l-leg-WluedatfromCOftqAO. Mr. Dobeon reaideo at Broome Park, Bo tch worth; and about eight o'clock ontWwemnfof Wednesday, thoWhims*., on gamy— to Mrs Dobeon's bed-room, situated over the drawing-ha fotmd t$p ikee locksd 90 the inside. p*aa buret open, and on entaHng tne room, adrassing-ease, "hkb bad a short time previtn»ly he«a lift tinJtho dressing-table, wore die-covered to be miming. Outside the house was found 'KTaddfcr, wKIch hiUMcn f*6h(4^Yom a'hhysta^k' a short distant off, and by meah^bf w^lch the verandalf -had been reaehe* S#dftha bed-room entered. The FnoUc*Verea-o**a 6omkdokated #ith, and Super-nUmd*a*.Le*b*rt, at Dmkiagi dispatched constablae
Thg^ell) went to ths Ltatherhtad Rauod, of theS6dl% ' Western Railway, and, finding that a train was about to sta»t, aeeestod mmeeLf'in the booking ofiidb. After the lapse of sUfewimktoOmhe heard a man ask fbr.two ' tickets'for Waterloo StatM*. apd he follow^ thamrn ohT^ the platform, hy which time (hey were sea|?d in the train. On^iis approachlng the carriage In which theywere, fheygotouton the o@ sWaand.yan in diff^Qent directions along the line, ^eeerch resulted .
in his finding a man lying under a bench in the waiU in gashed on tho down platform, and; on pulling him out, tho man mndwaairmge attaalr upon him with * li/qpreserver,istnkiag him several times about the bead, and causing blogd tp. Ilo^r freely, . .With, the aawistancd ora porter nei at last got the1 prisoner down apd..handcuffed hinr-- Qn him; imjnd jewellery which jw(Lhoea cpatained in the boaee stolen from 3lr*L%b#Cblk*4m, a "jemmy," a knife resembling a putty knifes a gimlet, and some pax t+pera, while a a"pa!rof wboueAidc&i used for muOKng the feet were subsequently jfound under the bencL where the pri- :
soner had lauik The boxes and another "jemmy" ##r# found in a raeadqw betw^a • llfodme Park and Ileatherhcad. The prisoner, who aeked pp questions of, tho witnesses andinade no staW J
for trial'. T ' '
THE SURGICAL AID SOCIBTT: ' At tho Guildhall Polico-court on Saturday last tho Treasnrw and Secretary of Uy Surgical A;
waited upon Sir Robert \V. Cardan to offer nation with regard, to thh statement made by Jmooh bmith, the previous day, affeuting the manner in which the Society conducted its affairs. The nun Sfnith applied to them for a hmb, and thay decided that he should have one. They had a long correa-pesidento with th* Charity Organisation Bowoty, and the result, was that they reported to them that he was

1 his wits. N01

Dr. Thompson *ay*: "QUININE I* quite unrivalled * a tonic, in die ease* of debility, in *
in drow*|n«M, Io*k' of appetite, rhsui tic-doloreux, &o., kc. IRON — It* *trenjjtb*ni.ur. pronertie* aro well known, and probably we have no medicine of the kind #0 generally u'eful and applicable In cold Chill*. Quelling* of heat, scurvy, blotch** of the •kin, nervou* debility,lot* of blood,&c., &c." QU1N1NB and IRON combined are beyond a doubt, a* *hown b Dr. Thompson, to be the very best medicine we powei for the young, the old, the weak, the pallid, the delicsti . the dyipeptic, and the con»umptiva.—Prepared only by Bbssktt, liigh-itreet, Lsdlmry. In Boxes, 1* l&d and 2* Sd, or' by post for 14-34 *t*tnp*. To be obtained of " Tou.V8 k Co., Dispensing ChemUt*, two door* below 1 8, Upper Proipect place, Southampton.
"\TERVOUS DEBILITY and nil othor.
_L1 Diteaie* requiring Private Treatment, consult
"Tkem iMU be a Setter re
Who devote* hii Debility arising from early errors, which militate agalnit tho happines* of life.
Optn from 10 a.m. till 10 p.m. Sunday*, 9 till 1;
R*.'imuo of " The Warning Voise," DR. BMITD'8 celebrated work, *f which 600,000 copii
Revived Edition.
Sow ready, 152 peg *, by poet to all parts of the world, in envelope, two itamp*.
ting and N*reou* Di**....."" " n 0 ' "
Con*eqa*nce, aiyl Treat:

f SMITH, Dec
1: The Caate*. Symptoi
____f of ccrtain farm*
1 Loss of Nerve Power, r of Medicias, of the Uulvsn
2* M *nd is M. sre sold wholeeali
' -CLAY and 80N8, ~
8ANO^Bamd|0N8,IM,OxferdStraet, Laad,
"\M, OvMx's'RWAn. BaiomvoK, AalViSit whsle*alf ^sUat Medlctae h
!£...... "
7tbV« il h. dw.
u, nJiiin 10AS, lEiaiTO*, •f wkeee all CheieUt* daelreas ef betag eypainted Ag mts shemld apply.
J. JOHNS, ChrasUt*, Bemtkaatptem.

nu.eax.-n* sway wut w.U™
This I* a New Medical Work on the Nature, Trealme r and Cure of Nervou*, Mental, and Physical D*biKty; rlts, Indlgeatlon, IMi •-fne**, Epllepey, Plli Ueadacne, so., rs*ulting from Loas «ii'«i-e rstulU of InternperancejLate Hours, Worry, Brain Toll, kc., which, if neglected, end IU Confirmed Debility Pramsture Decline. Give th$ advie* aod in*truc-1, the rasult'of 80 year*' praclice, by which thou*«nda
____been reetored to health. Hlu*trated. by cS*e*
teetimonial* from grateful patients, with mesne ef 1 u**d in each case
Dr. HBNBY SMITH, 8,Bnrton-creK*ni, London, W.C TAISBA6BS^PaOUU?Aa^TOlmwbirEN. - Private fluids to the Treatment of a claa* ef allmsoU '1 ready, the Thirtieth Thou,and, ^rke On'e ShillWg,
fast*. u&k *4
Diploma (rf

Power. Local Weakmee*
of Country Invalid*, on
send his opinion, with Advice and Instruction*, whleb. It followed.wlll Insure a Cures a Pereooal Interview and expend ve Consul La tionfeee arethu* avoided.
A " Confidential" form of Comepondraoe to 1 the Invalid* In describing their ca*e sent Post Pre*. Dr. H IN BY SMITH, 8, Burton-cre*osn», London, WO.
TTniversal Patronage.
S an *mfk*Mfr6e*eeMral or local ge*aM lake heart and
Im l&e wake of theuemads who aacribe their reetaraWoe hhmUie m*e of Row-owif* Oi>Twmmr asn Piu* istiim In the muiclce or JolnU. goaty palu*. nrurelpe *, cram pa an4.*:awaodlc twltchee depart unrttr the rmrot of the-o nalile remedle*. Uad hp. all kfnda _._.*Qd*. akerm. wee. kerma. easaaeeos laierswaMmi*. are • alckly coeooftej. The reputation Hollowef'* Omtmeat and puis have acquired throughout the habitable 01ol>e ehmild Mm*e every amiclad preom to ^v* them a Wr UW Ware despairing of relief or abandoning hop
Bronchitis, Diphtheria, Sore Throats, Ooughs, and Colds.
a the Vfigueat.

Bad Legs, Bad Breasts.—Old Wounds, Sores, and Ulcers.
* It I* *ei|*Ula* bowedrkl- a eore.aker. nr woand. deprive Ihe bedy ef itremcthand mmdlahfpr the AWetef Maamdl lUci ol

Gout and Rheumatism.
Wm be cured with the peateet cettalnt* If laren q,
ef the Ointment be well worked Into the eSUcte* amldSysZCsdi
susrsr.............. m
affection* of the mnaclee, mervea, or jolnta.
Piles, nstulas, and Dropsical Swellings.
TM* Incomparahla OWtmeot U eameetly reootnmeedrf to rvStth the Ointment, and PiUa ~*h$uld U in th*
____________________________iduct of the mob
had hkume so threatening that Mr. and Mrs. Glad-stone sought a temporary refuge in the house of Dr. Andrew Clark, whicn they left , a little later in a cab, attended by an eecourt of four mounted amstablee. At the same time as the foregoing events were taking place, another contingent left the Park at Hyde Park corner, and proceeded by Piccadilly and Channg-croas to Downfng'Street, which they completely Blled. On inquiry being made at the house by the leaders of the deputation, it was ascertained that neither" tho Earl of BraconsAeld nor either of his secretaries was at hoi and am nothing more could be done, three cheers w given for his lordship, after which the march was sumad to Trafalgar-square, where the crowd finally dispersed. All the mob had not, however, left the Park, where some rough pushing continued for a con siderabls time; In one of the rushee of th* mob thi Duke of Teck, who was ouictly walking across thi Pork ndar the upper end of tho Be^entine, wa surrdunded and his hat waa knocked off. Gou*e gentlemen near came to his Kerens Hlghness'i elslanco, and with the help of tho nolice and Guardsmen who opportunely approached, he wa aided to leave the Park in safety. The ridiculous character of the attack may be judged from the fact when it became known who the/were assaulting the howls and groans ccasrd, and the Duke departed amidst loud cheots.
theartiWslkg.lmt is that he had bee* 18 months In getting his letters. Sir l(obort W. Garden esked wbu*v*s by his being an impostor. Did they mean to say that he haolkot lost Ms leg f Tte Treasurer *aid they did not, but that ho had applied to th# Jewish Board of Guardians And had been relieved hy them, and that lie had been assisted by the Poitugusso Consul, Mr. Lindo, to go to America. Ills paaeago had been ndld from Liverpool, and be Wail'sent. down there to bo shipped to that country, but he did not
S, and in a fortnight aftofwards he woS foUnd in ndon soliciting awistagce. • Sir Robert W. Garden said that after the efetcmemt made as to the working of the society ho could not see what benefit the public derived from iL It yaa pasy for any 8*n.or six persons, to fubecribo amongst themsidves. to get a murglcisl instrumimt without Iho machina^ * eomety wytl^ a secretary and a stall of oOlcera. A poor woman epplldd ,to him the other day for an liutrument whicli would cope to X2 10s., and when he hoard the trouble Ae would bd put to to.gct it, he gav^ her tho aioney sooner than let her go thmugh tho onlcaL The Treasurer said he believed a case never occurred whero a patient did nothm*ean inetru-mcnt for want of letters. Sir Robert W. Garden said it was one of those socictica as to which he did not understand the benefit thev were to tho public. The Treasurer hoped he woulil very soon understand it. Ho would.send him the last report and balance-sheet, Tho Alderman said he hoped he should, and the dis-
On Saturday morning last it waa discovered that the barge Gabriel, which arrived at Woolwich Arsenal on the previous day with fifty tons of lead for the bullet machines of the Laboratory, had sunk during the night, and that two men who were sleeping on board were, in all probability, drowned. The bargeman made faat to the inner side of the T pier by a head rope, but it seems that they neglected to provide against the danger of " under sleighing," which the uso of a stern ropo might have averted. The men went on board at ten o'clock, and. ae they wero not mmed that they if the barge
got Used underi and; being deep whelmed and sunk befm cry for holp. Their na

the water, she wa# 1
* of the pie
Huntingdon Gaol on the 8th ln*L T namo is Ray, had been committed for mtealing. lie was a bricklayer, and work in the gaol at his timde. lie wa* scaffold doing something to tho the opportunity of clfoc

ng his escape. Ho
the unfortunal iss are James Sharpe, about an yith five children, and
I's-lano, London. Efforts wero immediately ;#ted to raise tho sunken bargo, a largo lighter being placed above it and attaehed by chains passed
when tho water will I

'if __________
the imallMt Pot of CXaUaect one on are. e*ed (Vrectioa* are afflied la each Bo* an) fel la any language, e ea ln_T»rtWi, Ixaiio, I
fcnltn, or Chi 1 —

__________ _ ....... -While two boys were at play in
the lolt of the Abbey Mills. Heading, on thu kh insL, one of them, the son of Mr. George it. Butler, auc-tlonocr, of that town, was mociden^lly suHocatad. It appears that deceased got Into a wheat bin, e(ght feet deep, to hide from his companion, when he was drawn through the wheat by tho shaft feeding tho machine and bulled in the wheat. Ho was extricated within two or three minutes, but life was fouud to be
itbwoval or tub Boutii Pasn^o GiaL.—Tho Berth fasting girl, accompanied by her aunt, has removed from Berth into the infirmary at Abcrystwith, at which institution she Is attended by Dr. Roberta, Gilberts tan, Jones, and T. Harris. Since she has been confined to her bed, and, has according to what is alleged by her relatives, eaten nothing, she has not only grown out of her clothes ahe unci to wear, hut actually increased in weight. The medical gentlemen, howovor, administered to thu "fasting girl" a quantity of milk by force.
Poisoned by Lucifeu Matches.—An Inquest has been held by Dr, Hardwicke, at 23, Chippenham-terrace, Harrow.road, on the body of Amy Cole, aged 1& years. On tho 2nd in*t. the deceased waa loft alone in the *hop with another child three years, of age, when they got a box of " Royal jlunt Pamtlin Matches" from a drawer, aod deceased sneked tho ends of a number of matches before seen by the mother. Deceased became very ill and an emetic was administered, but death took place early the following morning. A verdict in accordance with tho evidence was returned.
A Bravb Act Rswaiided.—At tho weekly meeting of the Hertford borough magistrates a bronze modal of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, England, instituted for tho reward of deeds of gallantry in saving life on .land, wa* presented by the Mayor to George I'atmoio, a youth 19 years of age, belonging to Hertford. who in September last seized and held a dog (which was in a rabid state and had already bitten three persons and several dogs,) until it was killed by the police. Accompanying the medal «u a parchment sotting forth tho reason why tho nlddal had been awarded by the Order.
Fluids ix Plaxito.—Ptofesfof Dewar's lecture at the Roy si Institution wM'axujqod ,with experiment* illustrating the movements of fluids In plants: The contac of two fluids of different surface-tensions leads to mot on. This was illustrated by a drop of alcohol opjpqer. Fragments of camphor droppol | on water.
.war, and the electric currents set up by ---ri
ana the formation of salts wore shown with a very delicate galvanometer. It is not possible to demonstrate the decompositions themselves. Clay electrodes worn used with a portion of a stalk of a cabbage. The effects of different surface tensions, the professor said, de serves more attention than it has received.
r has had a refugees, many of whom while thousands aro suller-and lack of food. 0 Inland Mission at Wap-

itate&thmt tka e%L fatal effect upon tho far have been frosen to death,
insufficient accon Charles Budd, of the Chin
chung, who had recently visited the famine-stri
ince of Shensi, writes a heartrending account of mffeongs ho has witnessed. The morta of the imment to sumdy food and mssistnnno arc, to a nt, nulhhcu by tho dishonesty of tho official*, irusoldby hundreds by their starving parents. In the largo cities of Ilauchung and Pachung risings have occurred among the people, rondoro^ despumto by seeing their wivos and children starving' before their faces, and many other outbreaks aro reported. In Pmchung the people beheaded a mandarin for speculating on their necessities. Tho cold has been unusually throughout tho country for several weeks.
1---~'----ounced that rumours are again
ion in the province of Bmtmuma. been a*de. A garrison Is to be
---mtis considering the
voico in tho affaire
prevalent of disalloc Several arrests have _ established there. Tho G&ram g the people s

Great Finn at Panama.-r-A despatch fro
reports'that three block* of houses have been burnt down, entailing a loss of 600,000 dollars.
Another Jewelleht Roimrnr.—An extensive robbery of jewellery was effected on the 8th Inst, at the seat of Sir Benjamin Brodie, Broom Hall, Bktchworth, Surrey. It* theft being soondascovered the police were on the alert at once, and succeeded in capturing at the Leatherhpad Railway Statipp, three houye after the robbery, a man named Wilson, upon whom air the stolen jewellery was found.
Rehccb at Sea.—The captain and crew of tho American schooner Louisa Birdsall have been brought to Liverpool in the ship Sjohvat, which arrived from Wilmington. The crew of Iho schooner abandoned their vessel at sea, and ware picked up by the Sjohvat. The Louisa Birdsall was a vessel of 36'J ton*, built at Camden, New Jersey, in 1872. She belonged to James River, and was owned by Mes»rs. BirdsaB and Co.
Kxx.auoekbnt or Clapha* Chvbch.—At a meeting of the parishioners of Clapham, in the Common ial-School-room, Wandsworth-road; the Rev. G. Forreator, vicar, presiding, an sxecnUvp .committee has be*o appoinWd to superintend ths'ealargement of St. 1 aul * Church, Clapham. Tho church contains at present 672 sittings, and it is proposed to add 300 sittings. The estimated cost of the enlargement is £3,000, to-
missionors up to the present date are—one clerkship in the Treasury, one in the Colonial Oflice, ono in the Patent Office, one in the Record Office, En^js^«

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