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LamkJ.T. fmak*. #. H J.M. 6ok*.y.a,d
~ rugier. r.tor*. v » i

■ Ml
hart onion to arrett the prisoner on thin thSW aome — b#* be could not. be fonud.~Th* prt«ooer dealt with by On heaeh, bnt dented ateslln.
the lamp —Mr. Bupt. lire try tald defendant had nerer Wn
i called bark, end h
— bar eleihot „R. MTItueia Nad a roml.lorable deal of
were not alwaya "Uh her. hut would be If they could I
aKi&a % ■
with lier. She nerer got tbe * mount sb,
**•!&•_ 8k* never gave ap the elothes.
----In; muting that Un Crmbtrco bad aent ber.
•r while staying with her a<
been rr.bbed of 14a 8d.,{ Hp w
withdraw tbe expression* to...., ,„*wcmww. >uu ioiu would 4n5rb|m°D®7 W4*du« w hlta no Joulit Mr. Bennlng
--------charged by PC. Blma with being e
itll an ♦acort arrlvrd to take
laraato oX theroorhouic','
IgerMwm, llbwy dey.-tefeadanl*****M*%dhb»
. 1S*.^ua! b&lM .of w^'heM J tW
Andithoues on Tueilay afterr,.^,,,. the b„,,«
to appoint the cliairman fo\r tliil 'mnernrng 'jW,| n.e deputy-chairman, two omHW^kW Oitf member: It th*"
RaHing^ A. (kor*n. A. Hadlmn. H, end'KT
Parker; Aldermen Dnwson. Emanuel. Aalatt, P*6ei Iter, Bnrtlett, Lomer, Newman,-and MeCalmnm; Com, cillonr Phippard, J. f>. BerfeM. O. Lnmrley. T. Cleve-land. H. Dunloo, J.P R. Driver, J. Whitchurch, IV. Purler J.P., J. F. . Lo Fenvra. J.P., P. Warren, 0. Dnnlop, J. P., J. J. Johns, B. Bancs, T. Dartnoll, and 8. 8. Pearce.
Ann Wlltablre . _________
-------- At the wme Uwr, and flood
month. »eo.—Ur. I'ctflor: AC —
Alderman Lamb: ^o. certainly
letter from the Board of Trade re-to be observed with
The Clerk read
•pectin* the regulation* that __________.___,
regard to thia Aot, which was left In the hands of tint
Did not know that ___________________
Dbcnkabdi. -
been couTlru-d orer
1 OOell alid Eliza Pollard »
thay wore each aent to hard labour fer »I day, DrU.IK AND IhCAPaHLK.— Kranlt Cnl.nn .
for almllar offcucc
^oharpd by P.C. 8hmrp with being t._. " ---------o*cto«lc (
and Ineapabln. In--------------
Sunday nlgtit —TUe officer found aoine ____________.
dcfcudant Hume, but he refuted to go. ami abu.ed
■f of defuad-
; and tboeaae waa dla-
ment.'threo adjourned ci down for hraHng.

Wng alxtj-alx new pUfnu. ..
and foar default
i method In which the ln»tal-the additional loan* granted.
haying regard
i nothing but a

r what In t happen agnln.—Fined 1
> Daixo Ajiusivi i
—Fined ia and
- Jamea Colea. a roui
atealini* rarloua artlrlca from the ehop. Tallied U £l 3a 6d. ~rterWther|ajt *fJ0 r""l,,,ner ,1»d kw= In hla employ aa a iatuniay evening, about tlx o'clock. wUnut "went to hla
and found mark*, aa If aomo lu«trument had been used to prize Hope,,. Then, were mlao aomo apllntera Inalde the drawer and had the appearance of having been vory recently done. On prlaonar reluming frona hla tea. wltne«a
i rofuaed, telling thorn to a,
turn out hla pock, . ..............
half m dozen cambric baaUkarchlafm. aad a pair of bracae.
Mr. Clark'*, 18. Hlgh-atroot. a"^ --------- —'------
turn out hla pocketa. He did to lng papcra and a betting book.

tbe note, Mra. Sterenaoo. .......... ... .
that plaintiff
----In.taltnenta aa before agreed upon. 1
' ' " Duke-atreet. y.
vaa another ad-d for plaintiff.
titled to Judgement far the a
L K*kt C'Aas —Caroline Kerry, of li
Judgement for £14a4d.
when a little girl waa hui
took prUoncrdown atalra and ahowed him the money, but prlaonor aald he knew
Witneta then Went to hla lodgtnga. 15, _ _ ________
In bla box found the artklca produced, with u. exception •f ono On hla return to the atatlon he told prlaoner what lie had found, and he repllod that he would admit ateallhg .—„ « --**---'•It* h and kerchief*.—

1 hanl-worklng i
. on account ef hla aged
bard labour.
SMMicmCiiAmoc or OmrAixea Ooonm o*nma FALm: rmrrwcu —Alfred Amlih. Owcrlbed a* a win* mmbami. of Sholjng Common, waa again brought up on reoaand,
valai-d at £*»», i ______
. wluo mercliauta, of Londoi _ . ... . .r ^ rfore. for the proeecnUon.—M.. John \V IiIUj, auctioneer. AUoru-bar. aald ho knew the prl-•ener at the bar. and had had ono tranaactloa with him. that waa on the Mb of January la«L when he had a aale by auction —Mr. Klllby hero aakod Mr. Whl'e If he had got hi. book*. —Mr. White: Ko, 1 have not.—Mr. Klllby Then you mutt go and fetch them ; and at the aame Urn. he might mrntlou that he had given Mr Baundera nolle* to pmluro hla hooka, but ho now underatood ho had not mt them, and bf lhw*b: b# abould go and fctcb thag^— Mr. Guy, who watched the eaae for Mr. Baundora. aald Mr. 8aundcr« had not been aubpoenead to produce hla hooka, which were In the hand* of hi* solicitor, at there waa a dUaolutlon of partnerahlp, and that w*a thv rcaaon the* could not be produced.-A long dlacna*lon took place, and Itwaa arranged. 1n order that Mr. Saundrr* might obtain hla booka, that the ca»o ahould bo adjourned till Monday next, for that pnrpoae.—After two other wltnetae* had been ex 1. Mr. White returnod. and aald on the 8th January
hi aold by au«Uon. a qnanUty of wine, of different deacrtp U*#a. aa marked 1m catakyma. nmooatle* to fw w la*d. which amount he paid to Mr. JSmlth. on the loth of Jan. —Mr. Superintendent Dreary laid prltoner waa brought to the atatlon on a warrant, en the ?th of February, »nd 1 hla excla* llcenae and a'ocrtlfl-
among hla ^apora hej«
•trengtb W. Another aale. ou October 3lat to Mr. S-otom! Of the Morning 6tar. Mar*b-l*n*. *lx gallon* and a half of
wav ;s
a ilea. He found three permit? had been torn out. and t'ie»e wore rol»*lng. He waa frequently by prt*oner'« pkro mfiar he rommenrcd bmloeM, but he nenr aw any trad,, any going on. Tho place waa alway* cloned during the day. prlanprr going there afUr dark, aud trupka wore often ouiafdo after darlt—.CrO**-cxamlncd; He had no In-formation a* to the mlwlng paper*. Ho had kept obief-
yation on the prlaoner alnce *" — ......-
I>av1dL'e depoard to arfMtlng _ .
February, on tbe warrant produced, ai
' valley HebaAaf" -------
On (ellfng prtSSt *" beard aoraetllu - -" way. Heaald tbe „ ______
lit" Inatant. '• ' . . ,
tola f&lhur
father, and bad no, pal 0*tober U»t, Tba parlVh ______
but they could mot flod IL fiellerlDg prUomerl
Plaintiff went to tee wh
alleged, defendant atruck . _________
the effect of tbo aatault
however, proved tliat plaintiff . - . - ed the defendant a hair from he turning round auddanly. cauacd her to fall.
January 30th.—After aeveral wUnwie* bad been called ..
ssrsy K: tifsss.'s
•how that the few abllllnga paid by defendant Into Court
certain furniture and effect*, claimed by „uu„
•. Klllby Informed hi* Honour that alnce — ' resolution* had been patted
H arbour-ma*ter to *ee carried o
The Finance Committee^ report waa read by the Clerk, and tad reference to the leate of the Platform House and the annual statement of accounts, the bearie*t item being the law erpen*e», Mwars. Hickman and Bon's general bill of costs being *33& Is lid, and the expenses for obtaining the last Act of Parliament, 1877. £600, making a to al for law expenses of £336 Is lid. r-Mr. Deal moved the Adoption o( th» report, arid It was (ocooded by 3Ir. WUiwhnrcl,.—Mr. Le Feavrs wi»hed to know if ,11 the bondholders had bad outlet eant them tha MdwtWm about to kke plaea la th# due* ?—The Clerk replied that he had written to all of thw on ihe emy*el. bat h#d only reoeirej a faw xapllea, —Mr. Le Fs-tvte also wi«hed to know if any pregren* had bean made roipeqttng the obtaining of the load Required !—The Chairman replied very little, the ttatWr'' heing in abeyance, arid, after a few remarks from Mr-Furber, the rejxjtt wa* tmanimontly adopted.
The Chairman rose, and „ TOTX Or THASKS TO TR« LAT* CHAfBStAK. Mr. Furber. in proDneing a rote of thank* to tbj late ehalrmart, Mr. Abrahim. aald no gentlemam could have taken more Internet In the prosperity of the board than had their late chairman, and he had great pleasure In propoting a rote of thank* to him for his pwt *ery|c«a — Thl* was tecondod by Mr. Barling, and unanimoutly carried —The Chairman said he wa* very mach obliged to them for the compliment. That was not the occasion for along speech; however he might say be felt and took a great interest in the welfare of the Harbour Board, and by their united exertions they bad made the Harbour Board what It now was. Ho again thanked them for the compliment paid him.
a. *L«CT'°* or DMUTr-CHAUUU*.
Mr. Warren rose, and said he had much pleasure In proposing a gentleman to 611 the office of deputy chairman of the board for the ensuing year, and one well qualified-, fill the office—Mr. H. Abraham, (heir late chairman AldermaA Passenger had much plea* seconding tbe proposition, and tru*t*d Mr. Abraham would bo unanimously elected.—Mr. Deal most heartily eeconded the proportion, remarking that he ihould have been
''innwtBfitftttr ' ffiwi.
>•- ''9ATOKIMT. »*n«W K IWil •
. BifLM y ,LT^rmmma — I he \ i„e ,eater corps v In a prcted by Captain and Adjutant Jones. a( i »arket-hou*e, on Monday evening. Thrre w*s a l_. jnhr*?. Nearly twenty reeftrit* hare »fc«.ectfy been
tefss %%%%%&%,% %
cleclt.r After a few impropriate remarks the diffrrent aitidrs were handed to the winners as fbllows.—First fcr the ygbest score the greatest number of times—
4r fbHipa: second, for the best a,verage(67 point*) In aot lets than eight competitions, a timepieee —Sergeant-major Poole; third, for the best score (88 peinta) at any competition, a cruet stand—Sergeant A.
Carter; fourth; for the best individual score at 600 yards a »alv*p—Sergeant B. Flight: fifth, ditto at 600 yards,
* L,Oarter; ditto at 200 y&rda, a cup
—Private W. Carter. The pre*entation,»nd the an Jit Of tho accounts of the shooting club being concluded,
Captifn Budden contented to befome preiident for the enimlng season, the subscription (with the hope ef in.
creating the Dumber of member*) was reduced to 6t.
per annum, and ,aome aiterations were made in the rules, After the appointment of the committee, and the reappointment of Corpbril Lloyd aftd Private Phillip* as Weaamkr and secretary, the britines* con.
eluded .with a vote ef thank* to the ehalnaaa.
Tm-Ltri DOWAtixa Udt RoDwar —On the 120 h iltimo dted the Dowager I.*dy Itodney, at the ripe old age of 8? years. She wna.away fr ,m home at the time,
havmi been rilrylng ateriesof ti*iU among her relative!
k*wt*bor habit every alternate wfht&r. • For a thort time jlrevioue to the 20th ahe had been atjvlnf at the reaidenoeof her nephew, Mr. Baldwin Bastard ofKitley South Dtvon. With^the exception of a alight cold; the wa* in h« usua) health and xpirii* whea^he retired to reat on the night before her de~|» i'f5
Admiral Lord Rodney. For upward* of onk hufidred *ndMy ywth#0ld AlreefordeMatw haw hew potM.ttion of that fsrailr. A few year* ago so...
pertfen of the land was sold, but the house, which, with
Won,m to to b. burled. .nJ Frid., lit. ...
Ho-kUoim ^ fttrt'""' °CUTi" ■»a Si.
mucli surprised had not Mr Abraham been The retolution '
and tho Chain
be had done during the time he occupied tho chair. wraont wMdwt In^c^ty'
WlneketUr. and tbl* took place on Tuesday. .t %
^?rd.t.ho-°pport°''ICy °f a publla ex Great
linute* of the la«
, - ---ur mm iwnnKh/"' • — •'
Robin*), and aigned.
' ,, - T"* cnm*:ciL woRK, WDBaiDcm. ^ The Deputy-Clerk (ubmitted the annual report of Mr
SiSS %%
Ridges, and Mr. Moses Harrit, Captain Buehan tug. getting that at the medical officer could not detect anything injurious to health tbe fumetfrotn tbe manufactory ihould be iubmitted to analysi*, while Mr. King eom-plained that the nui*ance bad caused illness in hi* hou**. at did Mr. Ridge*.—The Deputy-Clerk laid be had looked through the report of Mr. Dayman, and could see no other alhwion to the matter than this:—"It I* believed that tbe destruction of fetid effluvia within the walla of afaetory cap,be a* easily accompli*hod as the contamp-tion of tiuokeln a chimney (laughter) ; and it i* probable that the Legiilaturo will before long compel ev*rf manufacturer of articloa of commerce from rafu** material where hit operation! are attended with the eicape of ttinking gate*, to employ tho regular meant of consuming iuch*n»ei"(renewed laughter).—Mr. Fletcher laid.a gentleman who lived oppotite Mr. Dayman'* h*d com* plained.of tbe ttink, and said if itwn continued helbould be compelled to give up hi* house.—Captain Be*t thought they Cbould get the opinion of «qme other medloa! Officer. — Mr. Crew said at the last meeting he described thit a* a great nuisance, and the letters they bad beard read that day confirmed what he hnd said. He wa* diniag at Red-bridge on Monday night, and a lady *ald that whannver the fumes from the factory were wafted acrot* to her house It not only made her ill but other peopU a* well They oould not eat; thtre wa* a painful teniation in the tbont, and the crop* in tbe neighbourhood ware being dcttroyed through iL *aw Colonel Hall in the train the other day and (poke to him about it, and ha rather
i\f SliOiiAND DM BOOKS, With or
.AX Invalid* who (Offer from Wthma. conmimption, debility, n*rvoutnea*. diseaaee of tho heart, liven dropsy, am yHwa ** try t&# eOkaoj qf tW RmMiL Paocxas. thetuccossof which |m tctrifled to by many Clergy-mon, medical men and other*. Five minutes practical common eense advice on the treatment of dj*pep*ia, neuralgia, fits, rbeomatUm. un*tr',n* nerve*. w*akne*e, exhatution, waatlag, Ac., with diet rules, lnttrucflon* for aalf-eura, and the restoration of health and riUHty, will
London. When tho nerroa* system la oXbttutad and tbe —d lnorea*aa the narrow power.

v0 W F'u,°> "u» UD "■« quiw willing to them andfihsir medical officer, and Me If some re-.-, could not bo applied to do away with what wasoomplaloed oL He (Mr. Crew) wse aboutio suggest that tha medical officer and a deputation from the Ssnitory Authority •bould go to the pises at Rodhridgs, and tee what could be done.—A committee, c
or continuing hi* underia the good* In the meantime.
Irritation, ladacing cough and affeotlng the voice
c^tWb/Uio aot ofb* tUmpt. inbelled "James Zppe^A Co.,"^<

Tb readneedle - atreet, i

To be obtained throngh ChemUtt generally. "" " generally known thnt th
M diaoaeo germs existing ,
aotkm of Qatnae in dast
a]meat every oonatltutl, _____________________
Mai. g It with a *alW,!e arepaAtlue of I*o&. Thle k & fact
"kom iha Iwt mawtlom I* a trW. will gnd their strength sod rheumatic pal;
37 Tottenham-court-road. Losdoa.
rtOMui,*!—foantx Txktb as.. ^ uu
of tbe U'inid Floriline " aprinkled eu a wet tooth bru«b p,
> Baaant —A few drape
irom an paratite* or imporltlet. harden^ the gnma, prevent* X-Uvor totao,
cnpleiuant odour ,
- - -. . ----- —e pi.iu of cutting teatL t Q*
V*l»abl» Utsoovxar ioa ms Hal*.—If yoer Hair h
The Mayor be;e entered tfie Chamber, and wh, apprUed of 1,1* election a* chairman for the eniuing year, lli* Worthip returned thank* for tit election, and laid he would endeavour to attend to the dutiet of the office it} •atufactory manner.
APPOINTMENT or OOMMrrr«*3. The Finance, Special and General Work*, General urpoae*, *nd Parliamentary Committee* were appoin-ted. On th* Oenaral Purpose* CommlMa* balag pro. po*ed Mr. Cleveland said be begged to retign bit teat on that "ommittee ai it had not been called together for twelve onthi.—Several volcei: Ob, yet, four timet.—"The Clerk being appealed to said the Commlttie had met four timet, two of which Mr. Cleveland had attended. This caused much laughter, Mr. Cleveland alto joining In the mirth.—Mr. Warren thp-ight Mr. Clevland ought to I be allowed to retign teeing that be did not know whether he had attended on the Committee or >t (laughter). Subsequently Mr. Cleveland'! retig-b°n 7" "ccepted' "nd *n°toer gentleman appointed
Mr. Driver, pursuant to notice, moved that In future tender* be advertised for for all material* required for the Harbour and Pier work, such tender* to be for tbe supply of materials for six month* In ex t ensuing. He said this practice had be*n adopted by the Town Goun-oil and had been found to work well.—Alderman Patson-gef tteonded thd- propotition.—.Mr. Deal *aid he oquSI not understand Mr. l)rivei'« motion or what he wa* driving at (laughter), a* the Board wa* under contract for timber at tho present time, and all tbe rott wa* materiil* they could not contract for. He hw no necessity for the motion ; it would only be putting the Board to extra expenfo. He moved that thing* remain s* they are.—Tho Chairman, in anawer to Alderman Passenger, said all the material* were not tendered for a* they comprised a number of small Jtoma.—The Harbour Master, In answer to a question, said about 20 gallons of oil were med monthly.— Alderman McCsl-raont: That Is 220 gallons a year.—A member: It ought to bo contracted for (hear, hear).—Mr. Lungley pointed out that tho pretent contract for iron had been going on for the past two jean, and pons'of them sould till whether they were paying the correct pric* for (hla Iron or nit, and tb*t wa* what Mr Driver meant by hi* motion. He did not too why(thete contrtcU ihoufd be continued from year to year a* wa* the ca*e at present. U# emppoftad tbe propoeiUom of Mr. Drlmr. —Mr. Le Peuvre withed to know what wa* the contract price raid for iron from the lit of January, 1875, up to I8M ? The Clark : Sd par pound, and *A»t bom dip*. 19e perewt.—Mr Le Feuvret Then you art paying a con-stdaraM* par cantaga mar* for Iron In 197% than you need, and that Is what, at Mr. Deal *ay*. Mr. Driver bad beer. driving *t, and it required considerable alteration (bear. bear). He trusted the proportion would be c\i-ried.— Alderman Lamer *aid he wat turprited to hear that the Board had entered hto a contract In 1B7# for th* supply of Iron, and tliat that contract had been going on ever since, especially now that Iron Wat to very cheap. He trotted Mr. Driver'e motion would be carried. —Mr. Furber should like to know If the Board had dealt with the tame perton for Iron ever einoe 1575, and was answered in the affirmative, and without any alteration 4n the price. - Mr. Barford wat of opinion that all artlclei above a certain price ehould be tendered far, and that th* contract ihould terminate at the end of 12 months.—Mr. H. Dunlop taid he truited they ihoold never bear again of any member ef that Board going to a timber yard and ordering timber without having first .brought up a lender to that Board. Ho thought all their requirements should be thrown open to the tradesman of the town.-Tbe Chairman read the clause, showing that all .work over £10muit be tendered for.—Mr. Le Feurre : Then why bat it not been carried out T-The Chairman: It hat — Mr. Warren: No.—The Mayor was of opinion that thii referred to works and not material*.—Mr. Deal denied tho assertion of .Mr. H. Dunlop that any order givart for timber without the consent of the Board, who ve all tuch orders.—Tho proportion w mtly adopted, and the Board broke up.
. . - *fl*eketter, and tM* y„
o tlock ta ths afternoon, shortly after ____ „„ .
^ K L%&alL C. L^LbnLan^
««4. H- Loeitwwl,*J7.*Bowd'e*n

(iliiin common sense ad rice to inraliJ*, en tbe self, cur* of tltnirrem iff*etl#ni, debility, and coneuntptlflb. will
strength, and sn*rgy t* the mott thattered '6«? brokia-down conatitutiob with as muth certainty as that watar quenches thirst, and oure* weakntu, rslaxafiaa, sx-
often harass poor sufferer* or*, th* best I yam of lif*. This life-giving tonic unit** with the -blood. Repairing •very aerva and muscle, and has restored baa It h and vigour to thousands, wh* ne* enjoy strong nerves, firmness of flesh, regular appviite, and freshness of com-plextoo- Pric* 2e M, 4* ftd, A Us per bottle, of emy chemUt In th; world, or **nt direct on Tiblipt of
town. Loadoa. The** medicine* ar* na*d all over the ampin ^ Dowman, Chlpperlleld, chsmlatt, gsuth-
XV All tufferer* from any form of this diitreuing complaint ars earnestly invited tb lend to Mr. OOOD-MA.\, at be Cad guarantee them rellsL His remedy has
- ----, been successful in thousands of instaaces, and it i* novr
i. ^Jufd, R. | made known, as a pablio duty, by advsrtising. In every
Blarlt tkn end AsS*°Mlnor." * UsTmmmm2'^!r tb* oauttropbe at Plevna, when Turkey seemed to
. . -----ploy an analytlcalcbemist,
to hear what means Celooel Hall we* prepared to adopt to ismedy what was complained of. and report to th*
board.—The assessment and highway busiest* was then disposed of, and the board adjourned.
A meeting of a numerous lection of the parishionsrs of the parish of Sl Mary Kxtra waa held in the Pre*.
bytenin Schoolroom on Monday evening, for the pur-po*e of selecting candidate* for tho approaching School Board eloetion. There wa* a good attendance, the Rev. &. Urquhart being in the chair, and among**
those present were Colonel Hillyard, hev. C. Sales,
Dr. Macdnnald, Dr. do Chaumont, Msstr*. JuH, R. ,-----------------------aa
Pollock, VT. Bowyer, J. A. Hunt, 8aund*r«, Methv.a, «"* of ildgle or double Rupture, of whaursr n*tur* *?lll,rd, '^- Thoaapsen, W. Luke, OH**, Bray, Eklr*e, extent, in male or female, of any *ge; however bad or W. H. Chapman, Tunitall, Bennett, Davit, Baker, longstanding, it is applicable, effecting a radicalcpr* iu Pierce, D. Brown. *c.—The Chairman said h* had no * 'bort time, without coafinem?at or ineonvenienc*; and It cannot fail to b* appreciated as a b"le**ing, by thoee who hav*he*n St any time Compelled to wear belt*, bandages, trusses, or otb*r galling support*. P*rsons in *ny part of thawerld can bare tbe Remedy sent to them with instructions for use. on feceipt of e*n ebilllng,. by
rasassjr SJ.
town, London. Te*timonlaU—u**d with the content of tbe writers. "My ruptof* has not appeared tine*. I consider it a mlracls to b* cursd after 27 years suffering. John Cork." " My.*ervant wl*be* ms to writs and say that her ruptnr* is quite well. Mrs. Didcot." "I left off support three day* *go. rod* eleven mile* on horeeback all yeiterday, and bar* felt ao pain whatever. J.Hurst, Esq." " My double rapture ha* not been down *ince, thoifrh I walk thirteen mile* every day on duty. J.P." " I am thankful to throw my tru** away, after tullering much fer B years.- C.M."
b*pro*traMattb*fe*tofKae*la.' After _
Ruaala making rapid stride* on thl* eld* and c
. .......... taks stap* to opt
he hoped that In the Conference
li became Imperative t
to a peaceful solution.
Lwt Henry Sootk M.P., acoonded the propoaltlon. ex---------- — ---- qnestloo th.
pratting great pleasure that on this |
iwraan * Tea.—Choice teas at very reasonable prices always to be had In every Town and Tillage, nf
Harniman * Agents. Bolng direct Importer* Measr*.
whether It can ha cured (boa Is a xaall
few h.aro and prevent aU danger. ThU r*4edr C
m^nti!nr tbo'Tono-" '-,h,nk flt V'.*d"Pl°.rd?r w Britain In tbe Kasu WMSOpMm^^LLhMdT'
Colouel Orlmaton atatcd that he held In hi* band, a amiu much laughter
L *&* l*ffo**o*. aad lutervsta of 0
: reeolutlon, i
—. --------said hs had **
deair* to preside that etsning, but the melting being held in th* ichoolroom ef the church ef which he yra* pa*tor he thought it wa* only **emlv that hs should comply with their requests He looked upon the object «*r which they had met aa a very important one, for next to religion hehdd.t^at *ducati*n for their children wa* moit important, and in a matter of thl* kind th*y ought to ^ut out or court sltogrfthrr anythiag of a poll, tioal of *ecle*!a*tie*l aipect, and In their choice of chn-didats* they ihould not iaqulr* wheth*r the etadidate iwa* a churchman or di**enter,, but whether they con-aidered the n*(*on they cho*e wa* fit fer tho office. He tugg**t*d that in the first ia*tanc* they ibould decide what number of nomination* there *hould be, and he entreated that |n their decision they *5„uld put aside all religious, political or eccl**la*tical 'feeling;—It was retolved that out Or the nomination* made tbe meeting should ballot for.four'candidates.—Mr. Melbvsn pro. poted the Rsv. R. Urquhart, who, as his proposer siawd, had b**o a member of a *fhodl Board (ie Scot, land.—Mr. Hunt' secoaded the proportion, ahd 'Mr. Jurd proposed Mr. Hunt, which Mr Chalk seconded; Mr, Giles proposed. Mr Hky, which Mr. Bennett
churchman, Mr. Msthvea, whtehiwas seconded by-Mr. DavidJJio^n ; Mr. Saundar* proposed Mr.. Hooper,
PO*eM*thr*n, 16; Hooper, 16; Chapman, 15; Saunder*, 13; Rev. C. Sales. 9 —Mr. Hunt pro. poaed and Mr. J. R. McLeod *econded that a com-mlttee be formed to promote the election of the candidate* that had been *«lecied.-»Thi» was agreed to, aud a vote of thank* to th* chairman proceeding*. '_
AJ a Pbyaician, who for thirty yean has practUed in Diteatet ef tbe H*ir. hu discovered a POMADE whio will In every case Re*tor* th* Hair in baldaet* from an can**, and produ** wbl*k*rs, mocttaebioe, sysbrows, to, in a month. Fo, general u„, it p werv*, tbo hair pi events lte falling off, obeck* dryne**, and restoros th colour, eradicatet *curf and dandriff, keepe tbe hem
thousands of Mothers in the. Nurisry, to beaunf/ children's hair and prevent baldnes*. *ciirf or any failin* in aftsr life. The Recipe, in plain English, which any" one can prepare for a few pence, will be **nt free by pa** r^osiptofsjx penny stamps and a directed envelops.
"""* *" " terrace, Haverstock-
-£A. upwards of tasaty-six yssrs in London pra baa published a work showing tbe true cams* of Nsrvocs, Mental, and Physical Debility, lown*,* of tpirit*. indi-gmtion. want of energy, premature decline, kc., with tb* mean* of cure ; wber*by the following maladies are •peedily aad permanently removed and vigorous health restorsd. Every form and variety of debility, spsrmatorr-
Km■ latlititfltl nf I.... «,________X

Wzsrwaan Ho."—On ths coast, and at no great listanco from flideford, there has sprung upcf late years small watormg-placo, to which has been given, the iaroe of Charles Lingslo/'s book—'* Wsstward Ho." -t has at least the advantages of a wide sea-vie#, of a long reach of sand, and of a very pore and bracing-air. The brood green flat of Worthsm Burrows'affords am pi* epo<;e for tbe performance* of a golf club, and the curious febjbl* liidge, lifting itself likea natural" duns " between Ih* Borrows and th* ssd. forms a breakwater which has given rise to mncb ingenious speculation. This ridge, sbont fifty feet wide and twsnty feet high, extvnds for abant two miles in a straight' lins, and is singularly uaiform and oompsct. It is formsd entirsly of pebbles, varaing in diameUrfrom half an inch ta a yard, all of *hwhkav#.omrtpmlj be*m dialodg*d from cliff* to thrweatwaM, and are carried by th* action of the tea a* far as "Northern- Strand, bey*nd which th* rapid rivers. Taw and Tor ridge, prevent them from travelling. Proceeding along the coast, and still keeping within lb* dth* pielurwqu* attraction* of tk* pleo* ar* added' thai* oft^lm*ly b^ which open*in £pmtjra¥d th* » "
forogreund ; snd aorot* tbe - bay-lie* Lnudv, cksngipg
■ iflt all Ik. flikifinrv linlit. tliit iwun nmmr iftn
paired light and memory, indication, and bodily p.-atration of the whole sy*tem. The meet important'fact that th*** alarming complaint*, may be easily removed ia clearly demonatrated, and tbe entirely new and uniformly auccestful treatment as followed oat by tbe author fully explained, by which all sufftrer* are enabled to *nra thomwlr** pwfwtly, at tb* kaet pwmW* cost.
advice gi an, which has perfectly restored them
r b**n b*6r$ t&* Pmbllo
-----------, ------, -—rs, acd the rapid sale from
tho commeaoti-r-t, and the *UH lncrea*ing demand by the Public la on, of t&e beet gusranteee bathe Karroos and Debilitited. 1 hv%Kands. ia every anhere of life, with oue
ARE jkmmmnd* to be worth
Dizxlnen aid ptowalDe**, CoU Cbill*. TfuShlng* tif Heat. Lnes of Appetite. Bhortneee of Breath, Ooellvsae**, Hcurvy

aland unrivalled; and

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s!®?* In a short tluio be removed.
fpWk era requeued to moth* that the
"^^^.all Drarglsts and Patent Medicine Dealer* In the __
tayyad P. .u-AAA.. ■ _
Tsaaut," la,—O. Kayaor,

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