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____ from £8 to 00.—Apply on the premlies.
A LADY, well known as m.clever Teacher, REQUIRES ADDITIONAL PURIL3 Urn
A YOUNG MAN Aeeomtommd to collwt'
renU de*ire* further EMPLOYMENT asoonec-
__mying M B.8.,oromuedw tutor.—Gcbdwcudly
—"Alpha"—OkmOffice Southampton.
Photographer.—Very liberal commission,—None need apply unlsss prepared to pay','a deposit ol 12* 5d for mmmmana.—Add^eee. Manner ofVthe London Portrait Company, 158 Strana, London; W.C. .
SPENCER £>d SON. Prinlin, SUUon.r., So. (Poll OEce, BL Marretreet), 63.Eenth;Irent,9eo " N.B.—All the Local Newtpapcr* supplied.
... iwPbmTANt'I
T\/I"0NEY i8 continued to be advanced nt thfe jtl SOUTH afiEEOLAND LOAM Co.'mOPPIOE9, *. ALEIOM PLACE.' HIOH'STREET,
On thvsims advantageous term* u heretofore.
LOANS > granted irom £& to £500.
Stride** secrecy and promptitudi obsorved.
\ . ^"""cf^BEMiBTER. Manager.
be* to recommend this ss a pare Sherry aw) a.
BOPEBIOBWIBB, atMaperdoc '
light Claret*, pure Bordeaux Wipe, which wijlkeqp
W. HIGH^TEBET fmext dm* to the Poet4»mcm), EOUTHAMBTON.
for every description of STEAM and OTHER IHINERT. , .
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Ship*' Jack*. Hay and Wool Preeeee. Cape Wagon'Jacks,
kc., Hydraulic and otnbr Patent Punching Bear*. THE SPECIAL BTEAM PUMp, ^Toblo Acting Geared Pump*, with or without
o 15 feet long.
All the ipcclslltle* of Messrs. T AN GYE BROS, either
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METEES FOR COLD OR HOT WATER. Estimate* given for Steam Boiler* mod Tank*.
RESPECTFULLY solicit orders it
Shamm, Barkabd and Banor, BoitOjt and Paul,4c

20*20 Me 24 124. %


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feet, at price* proportioned to the
the folk win, 8PZCLAL°R^u'J
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HENRY Builders' Ironmongery WEIGHT A Co.
Where may be had '
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the fiovihampti ry additiona

The Southampton Observer Snfl Wiurtiester &m1.

u«did mandee^watib cast pomps
dairy requisites.
*e®^fr,VAantTT or auxrioax (
Th« announcement that building operation* are contemplated on at least two more eetatoa adjacent to the to#n remind, a, very dgnlgemntly of ho* rmpdl#;the urban element la extehding lUelf *&* *he eonhtry In t^e vleiniiy of Southampton; From one poiqt of .new, these continued aggreaaions of the bnildera on the woode and deld» are aatWaclory enongb, «a (hey dembnelrate the Inerea^ng e%ten#loh 'klil prod, penly oC onr town. On the other hand, perhmpa tho*e—and they are many—who, although com-pelleftereelde In tho dty, Tove country mght, and monrnb, and prefer green acldemndtreee to Xrpetual hHekm and mortar, cannot help re-gretting the time when Southampton, if lesa ex tenaive, waa certainly a good deal pleaaanter. Then her auburba did not extend quite ao far, and then jt.did nbt require the poweAon of nn-u*ual pcdcitrian powera to take anyone from the Bar-gate into the genuine country. A loaa thkt is certainly only poorly compenaated by the fa-dlitlce lor eterclae onr parkm In thf town aflbrd. The*c, however, it muat be ad mil ted, become every yeaf more and more attractive (partkm. larly the " Watta'" mud " Andrew,' " Parka), and their value me the lung, of the (own i, in-*™*d by every e%t(n#lon of etreet and honae into the country. 80 aleo doe« every Addition to the town northward add t* the value of our beautiful Common, am a place of exercise and re-creatlon. It I, mo* elncerely to te hoped that the ratepayer, will allow no tampering with that, and, however apeciou, the pretences may be, will insist on ita being preferred, in its present eomdWwm, td mil time. For the Commd*, we dread the landscape gardener nearly as much ai we do the builder. Ofooaree, themanofbricke and mortar ia a deadly enemy; but the,land-cape gardener to weh m plmoc ia m moet dmnge-' friend.
" Th* Paths or Hoirocm and or Snax**."— Thia ia the title of one of Mr. QIadatone'a innumerable article, which appear, in the Nineteenth Century for March. Am he has regularly led hia country through dirty road, and all aorta of •habby waya ; aa he baa done more to injure and humiliate England than any man who ever lived aince Ethel red the Unready, we aincerely hope and believe that whatever he auggeata hia country will act on his advice by the rule of contrary.
Turn came of Education will hardly be advanced If the' public have reason td believe that the powers giren by tha legialaturt are exerciaed to the iniury of Individual, and for no better result than to produce that mere uniformity ao d«mr o@fIal eyea. We lately read in one of the London dailies of two children being brought up before a magiitrate, under the pretence that thev were not being properly edu. eated. It seemed that the parenta preferred (as numbm will to mil time) to Kpd them to mlpri* vate school rather than to one of the monstroui establishments of the Board. The officials ml,
the wheal ia question-^, pretend to
cofffltfei of'threw gi»e a cuuiplete denial. Wheu the Actm were 'paawjd feck proceedings aa the above were certainly -ftdvir contemplated. If
Acts becAm'e lm*,mnd were accrptcdAy the pUblli .aa supplyiag a machinery. wher^r education •hould reach thoae who were unable or unwilling to obtain it folr their children tbemaelvea. Certainly it was never auppoaed—certainly never profeaaed by their supporters—that they were to create a monopoly of primary education, and that all other schoola were to bo treated, as trea-pansers and interlopers.
A recent debate in the Town'Council will, we think, have drawn the attention of the tate-paper's to the Inadequacy-&tb use the mildest phrase—of the 'present system of auditing the Corporation accounts. Geptlemen intimately acquainted with the syitem as it stands, described It on that occasion as a perfect farce; and cer* talnly no guarantee, ai it sbohld" be, for the due rceeipt and expenditure of the very considerable sums that paw through the municipal exchequer. The audit by the officials of the Loeal Government Board of the Incorporation accounts seems a very different mqttr, mod a Very*considerable (il not always pleaaant) check' upon the expenditure of the sums collected aa poor-rate. We cannot help believing that an extension of the #ytem to ^e account,'of the' ComormOoh, of citlc mod borough*, wobld..oa the whole,Very beneficial, mod in no way interfere with local self, government in its mora useful aspect*. In time
lyeimpect wmt «uA mltelmdoti WH tertmhly be hMogbtmbont, mllbbugh h wlll pQmilbltTeqalrm some .sharp experience yet to educate the ratepayers to s due sense of ita adviaabilitjv 1
Turn.publication /of the Byssian termi of.pmmce «ve--a new significance to Prince .Bismarck's LAtm qumtmtion, posas*a*,".i-m*d m
most complete negative to mil thfnom^oM the M*d*Mve Wked fihoat tnod^itionj
Greedy mud opprewiv; me.fmr ms,Turkey is con-cemed. at more than one-point thia " peace " di-rtctly threatens the interests of other powers.
annexation ot European Turkey, it is.hard to *ee J10W much more exacting Itnssia'eonld possibly 'hlVebcch; Simultaneohsly with this news csme •the intelligence thmt.the Austrian goyerrrfeht' would ask a vote of credit Jbr five million* sterling from their parliament. So another power besides Kdglmud war enter the Confkrence (when It .meets) with "'shotted guns." All that was predicted at the commencement has come to pass.. The defeat of Turkey will add enormously to the wealth; the power, and the resource* df Ra*«ia, and In (he end mdst seriously threaten Ouf own intcrcsla. The shadow of Russia already falls on Egypt—her hand mil moon be on India.
Wa, somctim* slope called attention to the horrid famina which is desolating Northern China, and cruelly punishing some 70 millions of people. Drought his now been experienced three-years In succession, and the result is wide-spread misery of the most sppalling description. The poorer clasiss of Chinese, as is wellipown, bitually consume many things we hold as offal and carrion—a significant proof of bow small mrether Mspurcem ml the bemtof tjme^ 'Now, however, misery is so extreme that even offal faile them. The very grass and leaves are eaten for food, and the soil itself is said to be consumed. Posjiibly this refers to an attempt to sustain life on some sort 0/ unctuous clay, such as is eaten—or said to be eaten—by some tribes of Indians In South America; Children are sold ipto slavery — eften, no doubt, as the readiest wmy of geuing iciod for. them—mod born icr mnd darker stories are hinted at. Englisfbeneto-lence has been appealed to, and will not be invoked in vain. Gloomy aa are the aspects of the times, and many and heavy a* are the calls upon England's purse, she will yet find something to spare towards the prevention of horrors so terrible as those which afflict theee unfortunate Chinese.
In all the turmoil of the Eastern War, Mr. Bclater Booth", measure a, to County Govefn-ment has received but little attention even from those most concerned in the matter. The measure itself is of that quiet tentative character which his distinguished so much of the working legislation of the present administration. In itself it is no doubt a useful arid practical measure, well calculated to supply that machinery the modern system of state intervention into so much of the work of lrfe'demaads. Our only objection to it is the (ear that, in. Liberal hanp*, it may h* made the excuse aud the means of extending to the counties the system'of- local administration that," in our opinion, sadly needs reform in the corporate towns. For we, do note this, th*l whereas, in,the administration qf thecouhty, nomy is the rule, and good iwork the result, the towns— certainly in more lbail one of them in this county—we have a very lavish ex • penditure, with very fcxpr rc^iilts. indeed..
Leo 13th. has followed Piu* 9th much quicker than w.a generally expected, and the rapid election ha* at onee faUified a good many prediction*, and probably prevented much of what the Americana know a* " Gerrymandering." It ia a long generation ,lao* the election of a Tope, and the event ha* therefore all the attraction of novelty even fur Prateatant ejea. a» a role the Holy Fathere follow each other In much more rapid luceeaiion. Piu* 9th'a predecewor waa the filth Pope who had ruled in the 46 yeara the pi had aeen In the 18th century there were .
and In the 17th eleven Pontiff* filled the chi... 16th there weft no leas than aerenteen, includi who died a few day* after.their election. Thu* be *^en that the average of these Pontifical year*,"whereaa the late Pop 1
eight Popes
lea* than thirty-er

Aersew aa ardok la defence of U policy of the famous Kepublio of Venice, with which her administrators veiled the trailed of by noreliat* delighted to adorn
of the Edin-
iroceedinK* id by thoae.

feign the patricians of Venice to'ha or, machiatcirean un*crupuloirsne»8.
talea haVe been repeated so Often tha ,c^mf Uw. epmmop places of epitomes,
a* fact* oa every hand—with a* little a* most of the thing* that would be ve
they were true. Yet lifrftera Who has____,
Venetian history (where it should be read)_______ _
archive*, state paper*, official reports and' r*cd»ds, find i* much more commonplace and much more Creditable than tradition would have ua believe. The real Venice wae ju»t a* prudent and julte as bold as we have been taught to believe, but nothing like so cunning nor so cruel am we have ignoxantly fancied.. Doubtless in her atiange story there arelncidenu that Would be better away, but so there are in the annals of every State Berkley and Pomftet could tell stories as horrid and ai weird aa the tale of ought that ever waa done in the Queen Oily of the Adriatic. To merely mention the BaitiUe of St Am tola, ia to recall a hundred memories oftyranily and cruelty. Kven sober Holland has more than ene dreadful blot *n her otherwise moaibonourable history. Germany haa no hiatory before Bismarck, but mo chTonielea of the petty atatea he qruahed into union have strange memories of the abuse of power by her thousand petty tyrants. Even his own Prussia has in the story of Trenskinot, the most creditable Incident In the history of that Frederick tyhom Gcr-many Wide as great.
Otoe-'of- the most remarkable, phenomena; of history

Northmc; isdinavia—wer

was a terror over every part of France and Italy—not only in the parti adjacent to the coast, but even far inland. They disputed with the Arabs the r Ae of Gielly, and under the banner of the Emperor of New Rome they guarded tbat very Constantinople oVer •hich Bast and West are even1 now contending. Ages
tfter the Northm

If id 8we(l<

ilodisU, so wstl and fli\_______________________
of the country, made theirfirst appearance in Sooth-cm Saturday evening,' at the Philbarmonio connection with the Southampton Temperance wu,.u. Mr. W. C. VTeetlaVe preeided, but the at ten. dance was very am all. * The Minstrel* comprise M Andre and three daughter*, and a talented family they truly are. The youngest i* only 7 year* of age, «nd the next about 10, and are both little woodare, whether we •peak of their linguistic power* or their acting. They are clever imitators, and one oanbot help admiring them. Much of the music wa* by M. Andre himself, and several piecee were • re-demanded Mi*: Houghton was the accompanist on the piano, M. Andre on the guitar, and Mies Hants sang a couple of songs in very good style. We understand that the Minstrel* Will repeat their entertainment to-morrow (Saturday) evening, at the Polytocnnio Institution, Hanover-buildings, when *ve hope theywill moot with greater emoeeea.
Holt Tatftixr Mutuax iMfaovmf.tT Soctrrr.— At the weekly meeting, held on Friday evening last, in the school room, New.road, the president (the Rev C. Strange) in the chair, Dr. J R. AWndge delivered a most interesting and instructive lecture na "The six days of creation," proving the Biblical n&frative by geology. A. hearty vote of thanks was at the close of the meeting tendered to the doctor for his capital
--- ut 7.30 p-m-for drill. Belts to be_____ _________
optional.—T. A. SaatTOX, Captain.
The Haamooa Board.—The annual meeting of the Southampton Harbour Boerd will take place at the Audit House on Tuesday aext.
Ratspatsrs' Miartso at Sbiblxt.-A meeting of ratepayers was held at the 8blrl«y Hall on Monday evening, to take into consideration a prtfpasal for furmiag a ratepayer*'association. About thirty of the principal inhabitants assembled amougst them being the Rev. Mr. Griffiths, Mum. Mayoes, Clark, Payne. Knight, White, Inder, , Lewi*. Newman, Parkinaon, Fillis,' Dcmmstt. end gpehcer. Mr. Bpsncer owapled the chair and in his opening remarks said he understood there were several grivancei that needed looking Into add remedying, if poe ible. The association waa intended 'to have no political btas wfrat«v»r, but the ratepayers were to form themselves into a body. s# that the' inhabitants might look to' them for advice and protecUon. Mr. Payne a^d he was sausflsd with the general doing* of the Local Board, bat mos* find fault with *b*m for allowing
South Uante Water Company ______ _ _______
em, and aakod Mr. Mayoae, aa a member of tha Be enlighten thrf meeting npoo the subject of the *

de: kings *ko ssyned Uksly to istory. Had Gostavus Adolphlis itless northtru (and Protestant ; been united under his sceptre; 1 the 12th been but a little le

gained no Pultowa, an<
dight have had * very different hiatory. Then therm * Holland, who once treated with Fiance and England in equal terms. In her day she beaded continental Pro. utantitm, and had a little Isss of that mean virtue pru-fence,prevailed might nave still played a great part in Europe. She who defied Philip 2nd when he was lord of half the world—she who held her own against the greatest or French King* Is now but a name, and is very possibly destined soon to become m province of that Germany from whose mountain* her soil is washed down- a muth better reason, by-the.way, for

beard of lately!
1 com*.to Biiuln.. uei* w, indut*^la, a mtrange dtea) jed h.r sons their frttdo a ahais of health and poi
quiaition of
ng a people who value uulln«
n triumph for Lord lie&ooustuld that he i* hy Buglislimen, although well known to be I) clever. Perhaps, however, it ia fortunate
little beyond the penny weekiie or else they would hardly care KnglaniNn the hands of a man by epigrams. Here is the ent Mr. Gladstone possesses. He 1 line in his life, 1
fact is people dot

man who is dull for :spable of close ap
lahd and Russia arc* face to face in the East, t is useless to pretend that they are merely that prevents-or concludes so many differences. But ths possible caure of quarrel lies far deeper t^an this. For the real bone of contention is, jrhieh si;all be dominant in the East T Russia is ambitious of power and terri-tory, and we have no mind to lose the mighty pmnrre our fathers gained for us. The quarr.1 will have to be boldly fought out by us, or else • shall find ourselves cheated again mnd again, we have been before. For some reason or other, it has suited the Liberal. party to deny that Russia's motives are, as we have affirmed, and to ptofess that she i» only guided by the reisone ehe elaborates so dsftly in her state papers; but the verdict of history and experience i| against them in this matter. We have too many evidences, and too close to us/to1 believe thnt the notion of gaining power by conqpeit la anything like so obsolete a notion with our great military neighbours as it in with ourselves. While we have be«popening up-Africa, India, Australia, and Northern America, to the world, thsy have done nothing save arm and drill. Had Russia's aims respectable as her English sdmirers pretend, she bad ample and legitimate spheres in which to acquire power and prosperity of the most substantial kind. The development of her osjrq internal resources,. the opening up of the sources of wealth, which certainly exist within her empire, would have, fairly occupied her for some years to come. Nor can we forget how much is needed to really educate her people i?. '0<$h. a standard of civilisation ms her neighbours .tfrord—to say nothing of Atting them for, mnd endowing them with that liberty the Cxar W mo anxious the Bulgarian* should posseea.
Tb« 8i**da*d of Friday has again to repeat the state-Joent fhat ho treaty of peace between Russia and Turkey has yet hesn signed i and. Indeed, it would seem from the latest telegrams ftonr - Oonstsntinople. and they am very few In number—that the accomplishment ot that
imdt. u tb.
■meenueso they learn, through Berlin, where the situation Is still ngarded as critical, that in Russia the exriUv-weht mgalnst England is increeriog, for whBe the Oolot
ges^lhmo#wmU6oeflh.pmnhW% tkaif*
OwsMe sugMste that the Russians should take;

The Standard ol Thursday was " authorised to at thkt It has been decided to employ Lord Napio; Magdala as Commander-in-Chief of any eapeditiot fbroe that may be sent out in case of war, with Garnet Wolseley ae Chief of the Staff.
question—Mr. Mayo*e s»ld amongst _______________
admit there waa soke blame w be attached to the Beard, foe allowing the South Hants Company to have the power they stv possessed in Shirley. Mr. Armstrong proposed that a ratepayers' association be formed, and it being seconded by Mt Lewi*^after *o»* very practical
be convened bf handbill*. ______ ____________
pointed, consisting of Messrs. Parkinson,' Lewi*, Bunnsy, Newman, Armstrong, and Payne to g*t a handbill published and call a general meeting, to elect tha varieur
Xovat EMom^anoa vmoa 96uTni*rtom.—By a recant steamer from aoutluiiupton a fine Poitou jack donkey waa shipped for Kingston, Jamaica, for mule bwediog purposes, by Mn C. L. Satksrlaod. Coembe, Croydcn. '
r 8octHTY.— Oa Sunday last there Connection with the annirer-thl* Society at the variout _ ..ihlpofthetowoaudnelglk hour hood, vix., Above Bar, Albion. King,field. Northern, and Pear Tree Qr*en Chaploe. and -collections were made
Jn Morfclav
hy the Rev. H. H. Carlisle. L L.B., who w»s supported upon the platform by the He vs. S. B. Stribllng, E J. Boon, and 0. Gregg, Maaars. R. 8. Smith, 8. B. Fryer, S. Roberts, C. Coeens, and C. Cox, and the deputation ffom ihe parent society, via., the Revs. C, WiWams (South Africa), and g. Bice (South India).
Pmoroean TmngONiAL ro Mk. D. B. Mmir

Phippard, and S: s! P*

«w TBtasraiH's SALAav.
" ae "

man tha same amount, and It was not fair to the rat.-amendment fell through.
Alderman Passenger complained of the meagre report that had been; brought up respecting the borough keMurev, M b. themght.the dntlss sfooM have been dsfimed,amd movW as an amsadmennha* the emos, be placed under the Urban Sauitary Authority, and that
ska ■"
, Mr. Banc«'»econded the amendment, and sstd it would
be the meane of saving £90 a year, and sll would be then placed under one bead. . ,
Mr. Cleveland cordially supported the amendment and pointed out a large number of towns that carried on their business with honorary treasurers, and be
kte treasurer.
Mr. Phippard supported the amendment, as did a!*> Mr. Abraham, who said he felt certain that all had been -rranged. and If that ameodmeat was lost he did hope
this Urge
wild not be
Mr. FutW said it was not many months ago. when the Conservative* were not in a majority, that a r.te-collector wae appointed. It was then suggested that the new collector should not have the earns salary as th* old one but it was over-ruled, but not by a Conservative majority (roars of laughter).
Mr. W. Perkins thought It was most unfair ths waythii amendment should come before them, and on the day of the appointment. It evidently meant to carry another person by a Side wind. Ho supported the proposition.
The Sheriff said that he was of opinion that the Whole of their accounts should-be placed in some res-Donaible person's hands, and when the time r*m. h. 'hould be ready to. move thai their banker

lefatigable hon. *< ive Working Mer loclation. with a t<
behalf of ConeerTatiam, aot only in the ward of All Saints, but .< .>rougbout the town. They have already succeeded in raising about £S0 *ith tliat objeot in view, the Right Hon. Russell Gurney. M P,, Lautanant-Colonel Naghtan, M P., .Mr. Coinpto.i. and other prom inent Conservatives being amqng the subscribers. The subscription list will clo*e shortly. Many Conservatives will be glad to avail tbemeelvea of the opportunity tbue afforded them of taatifying their appreciation of Mr. Meldrnm'4 very viJuableiabour* for the advancement of the Coastitutional cease In Southampton.
A PnlL Dowmramm—At 5 o'dkek on Saturday morning Margaret Pitman, aged 52 years, redding at SO Jolir.-etreet, Kingaland-place, fell down*tair* and injured her head. Dr. Archer wa* aent for, and alao Mr. Yelf, relieving officer, and she was taken to the Poorbouae.
Accidxht IX TUB Docks.—On Tuesday morning John Saunders, labourer, of 18, Edward street, fell into one of the graving docks, but be was not seriously injursd, and was removed to the Royal south Hants Infirmary.
^Ow Thursday. Union Steam Ship shares were quoted
Tub L. and S. W. Railway traffic returns for ths week ending the 21th ult. show an increase of 1C9-1, as compared with the oorreeponding week of last year BoyiuaMMon PoLrrmcmaic iMTrrurio*.—On
Wednesday, evening B. J. Maiden. Esq , F.R.G S., gave a most instructive lecture on "The Russo-Turkish War," illustrated with splendid dissolving views. Mr. W, Sims presided, and there was a Urge attendance. Th^,views exhibited, on the screen embraced all those places which have become so famous dmriug the preeeut war, many of them with fins dioramic effects, presenting quite a life-like appearance. The discriptive portion was exceedingly well given, the lecturer's remarks being terse and appropriate, and very pleasantly ran. dered. It is a mattsr of groat regret that a certain class of idle young men will persist in going to these weekly meetings, apparently for the espreee purpose of creating a disturbance, and preventing those who go to gain information from doing so.. As the sight of a policeaian seems to have no effect upon these wrongdoers It would perhaps be well for the committee to adopt some more stringent measures. At any rate the nuisance ought to be stopped.—Next week, the lecture will be by J. J. Pope, Esq., M.R O.S., on " The Luxuries of Life—a glass ol wise, a cop of tea, a pipe of tobacco, and the crnsU"—with experiments.
Southampton Pimlhabmonic Socibty.—On Tuss-day a miscellaneous concert was given by members of the society in the Hartley Hall, the solo vocalist on the Occasion being Miss Fannie Lanham. Ths following programme was gone through in a mannsr which elicited constant and hearty applause from a numerous and fashionable audience:—
1.°°?"^'™ bind my hair" (Haydn).

son 10 and 11
to mourn his loss either this after: A Child Swaj

Overture. "La Canerrntola" (Uosstnl).
Chorus, •• The Prayer," from - Masanlello" (Auber).-fThts waa re-demandwl}.

Song^The Spinning Wheel" (Wsgnen-Ladlee" Ma^rijai. "Down In a Dow'ry Vale." 1W1 (VssU>-

* Oh, who will o'er the Downs

so of self-destruction occurred bet'
dock on Thursday night, the man ne .
need from hi* body. The facte of this sad *t pear to be these Thomas Hnrdmg, aged 31,
engineer io the employ of the L and S.W.R. ( and residing at 80, Bevois-sHeet, was lately I from his duties, but for what Cause h»s not transpired. This seems to have preyed on lus mind considerably, It being noticed by the railway officials and Others In tht I Immediate neighbourhood of his residence, and during Thmieday hl# wife took a raMr from his k*od, but not for a moment, suspected that he Contemplated self-destruction. . Every time a knock came to the door be seemed frightened, and wanted to know If it was the police. Hording and bis Wife retired to the bed mom shortly before 11 o'clock on Thursday, night. Hurding said he wanted to go down stairs for a short time, and did so. He bad not been down stairs bdt a few seconds whea his wife heard a gurgling noise, and on running down stairs she found deceased's head half cut off with a razor. Assistance was Immediately procured, and Dr. Bencraft sent for; but death must have been almoet in-ased leave* a wife and three children An inquest will be held On the body >n or early on Saturday morning. DW1HO A Pi.*.—A child, nine years oi age, name a uenry Roberta, residing in Millbank-street, while sitting at breakfast on Wednesday morning swallowed a pin, which caused great p1st llAS-ra AaTtLLBHT VoLuBTBsas.—Battery Orders. —Week ending 9th March, 1878.—Monday and Thursday, at 7.30, p.Ok, special drills for recruits. Wednesday and Friday, gun, repository, and squad drill, at 7.30. N.B.
Monday at 730; 2. every oarbtns mnd anerd u. be re-tumcd into store on or before Friday next. Officers and non-commissioned officers for duties, Lieot. K. K. S. Sbutts, Sergeant H. Estsrford, Corporal C. Marchanc, and Bombardier A G. Young.—B. Bamcm, CapL Com-m*n'ant, 1st Hants Artillsry Voluntesrs.
St. Joseph's (Romai* Catholic) Chubch, South AMPTO.f.— On Sunday morning last a special service was held at the above church, on account of ths election cf a new Pope. Father Mount, the priest, in place of the usual sermon, took the most thrilling incidsnt of the moment to all the faithful of the Roman Catholic Church, the Coronation of the new Pontiff, and said— " My dear brethren, we have passed through a time of great sorrow oocaaioned by the loss of our lata Pontiff; but our sorrow was quickly dissipated by the news of the election of another, vis., Leo XIII. Loo XIII was sleeted about mid-dsy on Wodneeday, end it was known here in Southampton the same evening. He hss assumed the nsms of Leo, the meaning of Leo, is Lion, ths ' Lion of Judah.' It u of course necessary that a now Pape should be crowned ss aariy as possible after the election, and I belie*- ,K« <*—«•--» •-
after. I will try and d,
ss I possibly can, from what I hat.-------
He surrounded by lus Cardinals, robes himself^ goee to ■
Council.and ha' and placed In a sengsr would m (Mr., Hamper) w Mr. Oswald i and if Aldermai

thoroughly •______
lound position, and if Alderman ! >dify his ameadment te that effect old support It.
freed with what the Sheriff had i : would so modify hia am«

r they should be doing a
hevceuld aave £100 a >od day's work for the
Alderman Aslatt though they should have one mai 3 give the whole of bis services to that particular dutv s that they might not be mixed up with the others.
int, stating thai exceedingly wsl

Mr. Warren said i
ajority and had the r.......
oney they did not do so.
Mr. H. Dunlop said they cook done well without paving for it. It
ke political capital about saving the ratepayers'm t he did n jt altogether agrre wlib that practice. If re to appoint a man, 8ret fix the salary and th. point tin

i«n by a aide a lot
le salary and then ap-i the other aids did, try

the give him.

\ divided, i

----,« .. --»d there voted for the
int, 15 — Messrs. Pearce, John*. Cleveland. Lin-ford, Weston, Oswald; Banns, Rogers. Bartlett, Phippard, Abraham, Jones, Le Feuvre. W. H. Newman, snger ; against it, 22-Mesirs. Harper, Warren, W. Perkins, Whitchurch, Parmenter, Lungley,

McCalmont, and the Mayor. The Sheriff then moved as Bco be abolialied altogether
t was informed by the be done, as the office if Parliament. The Sheriff then be adjourned until Wsdne*d»y
created by Act
*d that the subj..........
. for the purpose of appointing a-----------
lug the amount of. hi* salary.
A long and animated discussion followed, after which the Council divided, and there voted for the amendment, 16, vit., Messrs. Harper, Pearce, Johns, Cleveland, Lin-" Bartlett, Phip-
. Oswald, Banc*
nard, 0. P. Perkins, Abrahat Newman. Against It 20-Messrs. Warreo, Wbrb . Perkins. Whltcharch, Rarmenter, Lmngley, B. Newm Cooper, Barfoed, Lomer, Dawson. Mlllsr, Le Feut A-latt, G. Dunlop, H. Dunlop, Driv*r, MoOalmi

would withdraw hi* orig of Mr. Miller. Mr. Cleveland then c
er the election.
ger seconded the amendment, and on it, only 9 voting for it and 29 against mt being lost Mr. Banco proposed
seconded by Alderman Passenger and

e the time is limited to 8 days what takes place aa nearly ind in history.
Mr. W. Furber was proceeding to propose & gentleman to fill the office of treasurer for the borough, when the Mayor rose and said he had just received a letter from Mr. J. J. Burnett, withdrawing his candidature for the office of treasurer of the borough.
Mr. Furber continued. The gentleman ho had to propose was Mr. D. R. Meldmm for the office of treasurer for the borough.
Mr. Le Feuvre here sharply rose to a point of order, snd raid no application bad been made by that gentleman for ihe o(9ce of treasmrer; but the Town ,',rai that the Council could elect who they plea«oJ.
propriate remark*.
1 PMsenger expressed his ui
>nt seconded the propositior
just made, which be said was like < them, and hoped there were gen
mid not lend tbemselve
on the Cburoh of God but the Church fsllsth en him
sprung npc
the Conservative* v.—
higb>banded a proposal.
% Shed* pvopceed Mr. JelBcc qualified to fill the office of treasurer.
Mr. G. Perkins seconded the election of Mr. Jellicoe.
Messrs. Oswald, Jooss, Phippard. Cleveland, Paasen g*r, Abraham. LePsuvrs, snd Alderman Newman supported the election of Mr. Jellicoe. snd Mr. Psunenter supported Mr. Meldmm.
The Council divided, snd there voted for Mr. Jellicoe, 17— Messrs. Harper, Pearce. Johns, Clsvslaod, Linford, Westen, Oswald, Banco, Roger*. Bartlett, 0. Perkins, Abraham, Jones. Le Feuvre. Driver. W. H. Newman, and Passenger. For Mr. Meld rum. 18—Messrs. Warren, W. Per kin a, Parmenter, Lungley, R. Newman, Cooper, Barford, Lomer. Dawson, Millsr. Aslstt, G. Dunlop, H. Dunlop, Emanusl. McCalmont. Furber, and tho Mayor ; neuter — Mr. Whitchurch.—It therefore became a Upsed motion.—Mr. Pearce moved, and Mr. Le Keuvre seconded, theadjoarnmsnt of the Council—Mr. Abraham moved, as an amendment, that Mr. falvsy be elected Treasurer, and thia wa* seconded by Alderman Jones, but It being understood thst both Mr. Jsllicoo and Mr. Msldram were eligible for slsctlon at the next meetihg of the Council, Mr. Abraham withdrew his amendtaeoi, and the Council adjourned tUl Wednesday n*xL
Tn, Rotal S-sow of Terminus terrace, Seuthamptco, sut ot
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