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*,i "ixflsn '(i.(MY\'Yi^~h'n'\y jimt^ITD/JV ay/ ■!■■•'<,woT'»i// u'njoa arrr SOUTHAMPTON OBSERYEB ANiy WINCHESTER NEWS-SATURDAY FBBMTAirr 16
to- the UK. M.8. Plorenoe arrived thereon Wed*
jgfEjr trausa u
Tk? l° ehergahlo bore for the time specified.
telegram had been received at Rut London to tho ORcct 11,at the pttMnxirt and mailt had arrival safely
at C.pc-town.
Axl Saihts* Church Clock.—For *om$ time past the cl-ck at All Saints Ohurcli baa not struck oat the hour*, we believe, In enm*^n#ne# of tb, bell being
> pleased to bear that the

8otTTH4iiPtOli Law DsBtTfffO Sosictt.—A mealing
of thle society was bald____...
•traat, Mr. Pop* In the chair........y...
that an additional> secretary be appointed. Mr. Kelly aaoordad the motion, which was carried unani-mooilv. On the proposition of Mr. A. W. Pearts, seconded by Mr. P. H. Oaody, Mr. Lamport was uoani-mou«ly elected such honorary secretary. Mr. Pope pro-peeed "That in the opinion of tbia meeting it is desirable that general euhjecta be debated by this eoclety, and that it la not doeirable that the subjects for dehat* ehould be entirely legal or jurisprudential ". Mr.Lem-
introduce a general .uhject for discussion at the #msg|ng meeting. Mr.Baskett seconded the amendment, which, mfwr earn* fwther dlwneeion. mtm #wrkd ws.
i follows " With the facts as JwkIM (L.B.,8. Q.B.) would
affirmative. It was
given during the evening, receive I, gave an able and'earnest addreu' C0.r-,I*"T
London, accompanied by a demand for either the re. the defendants had by their negligence destroyed their
anco with an application by Mr. Turner, Mr. Justice Lopei gave judgment in accordance with the verdict
vilayots," an eastern and a western. The capital of . a*5* r^WM ** k" Bt T,rnoT». «nd ^at of the western at 8ofia. Two map engravings giva us rough-re,narka-
were prepared at .the Austrian and RumUb embassies,
... — drawn with Itrict accur,ay. and the name* are, nstaiices. inrnrrorllv inanrf(it " Tl.«,. I.------

presented a bill on the subject. ° '

The building, a moat handsome one. waa huflt by Messrs Brinton and Bone, of Marsh-lne, and stands on a plot of land on the woe* side of Lowor Bast-street, oppo«ite the Deanery wall, recently known aa " Bullsn's yard," and frequently occupied by Itinerant exhibitors. to the annoyance of the neighbourhood. It has a commanding elevation, the materials used being white bricks, sparingly relieved by stone and red bricks. The lower ?i. i' divided into three eompartmsnta by brick rusticated and moulded pilasters, the centre bay being occupied by the entrance doorway, over which there is a glass fanlight, having a fac simile of the Company's seal embossed thereon. The side compartments hate each a "*ht eegment beaded window, with iron ornamental central columns, embossed gla* to the lower
between the trusses.
The entrance from 8t Mary's-street Is into a small
driuk intoxicants
persons had said to him that they should have thought that he was the last man who would have beeome a teetotaller after taking the chair at Licensed Victuallers dinner; but hs had told them to try it, and he had now friends all around him joining the ranks (cheers) He was delighted to know that that hall had been erectedVor the working men of the town, woo would come there and enjoy themselves in a rational ~ (applau.c) Having thanked Messrs. Btinton
(Ctnlinued from pag* 3).
vestibule, gtnng'access by folding spring doors into "The }nd Bone tot their kindness in Invlrinfc him that _ Cwoa Boom, which k WL hy 9WL, amd I4f*. high. A I '"*» ^ p,opwL„ .. T&, Mayor ^
1% i , . 0PP?,il#«nd l**ds fnto a small refreshment P*^** of Southampton."—Thla was briefly responded
a kindred nature.
■gfe'gsSSESS Sftaaa
Ml'? th.?ir °"n jwlcea.
mm mmt

M? *"* room: hav# he#n prepared (a reoeiw
™b^r?«?d d,d° lhe lower part of the (args

»ojkmen who have ao well discharged their duUea;"
'•Tufflp, Xerlty,
—__ •«.----■ ' •
ing that eziated between __
Wither force, whowss well received, in
pearan™'Ce' Wh°'° haTi"K * light and cheerful ap-
SSJSJiS.?^ ' ,,™"° •'

in eome instances, incorrectly inserted." They, however', Co to show that the eastern vilayet commenced with the *"**"%*,ln" ■* tL« most northern mouth of the Danube, *nd followed it southwards as far as Bourgas. Prom this point it bent south-westerly inland as far as Kirk kilissa, at which point it turned due west, passing
western yilayst coincides with this last line with this iut line from the Danube southward to 8latiixa, whence it curves in a south-westerly direction to Iclitimao, and
t'iii point, by a curve which is convex to the north, it deeply into Macedonia, the most southern point »«ing Kastoria. At lsngth, turning north, it fr'.'„. • the l iadm Mounuins, and thence, through Vran . b, Nisch, and Adlie, reaches the Timok at a few u jin injunction with the Danube, and u to tho we.. 1 '.fid-din. The projected Bulgaria thus includes tho Dobrud-•cha, approaches vary near to Halonic*. and takes in a Urge portion of Macedonia. This Is the " Bulgaria" of the Constantinople Conference.
Tni MaSOSb' Strikk.—This is not expected to last much longer. It is reported that the matter builders do not no* know what to do with the numerous masons wlio have come to London in search of employment, th.t ill the shops are full, and that something like one hundred men are In London or the provinces waiting for. work. When the etrike enda It will be difficult, therefore. to say what will become of the eight hundred men who are and have been for nearly seven months on
1st HANTS Aktillkit Voiu.ftMES. — Battery
undress i band to attend. Promotiana by examination—
url,®*r* •»'^ noo.commiasionod officora for doty—Lieut.
Hxportid Loss or a* Itauar PatOATH. — Intelligence received at Paris on Tureday, from Athens, reports that the Italian frigate Terrible was wrecked last week near the port of tial.-nlca.—Iteuler.
Tin Cunard—We understand that an oiler i l !? r#<:e,red etthe Admiralty from Mr. John Bums, of the Cunard Company, to place at tho disposal of the Department, free of cost, one of the fiaeet vowels of the Line, in order to test the capabilities of these vaaaela for carrying a sufficient armament for aelf.defenoe, or for acting as convoy to msrehant vessels. It Is confl-dentljr believed that twelve rined 6i-pouader guns

way Into the ojjen country, and thus
pointed, war. ,b.olut. o,„ ,b,|r |,A
was lent to. enforce tho sentences of these rolers, who were compared with the other prelates as archbiihop. to
selected to forui patriarchates or primaciee. la the their Arabian home, aad swept aw-y the patriarchate•
°L^, 2 irt r S'iLri-
takw doep rm## *nce. &rthago soon foliowad (ho fat. for preventing their community falling Into a state of
S3s';."fi£f. a, c=
£rrsx.".'s? *_«
.1.5% '°r • "»"•
propose was " Suceeae to the Saint Mary's cocoa rooms Company rather prem.iure. He welcomed with the
' completed, and ha | r fighting.

tho house
"sober | c"led hy Moaors. llrinton and Bono.
IX-AU>iajfAa PAY.VR OS TO! Tli**RA«c«
- hy W.
JnHugar-house-lane After the tight ...............,.1M
"""""" ^2yy-" f etaw*d.
l»y the prisoner: She never walked .
PHMocutor.-yx: a. mowaat dapmaM and going to prosecutor's room »hn hoHy horn ^o boat .ad _
Ha apprehended the prisoner, and eventually In the
anarchy, and for putting it in against external enemies. They therefore, into a sort of depends___________ IU
everywhere admitted that whoever waa Bishop of Homo wea their Pope, or Pather lu God. The Komaos thought that such a man. in correspondence with many princes, and of great influence throughout the West, would bo able to save them from the ever more threatening |mysU*.,( *h."bw**Tlaut" Thayofamdth. Pop! the temporal government of their eity, and he answering them with any assertion that his kingdom w-"" of this world, accepted It. and became autocrat of
ul(/b« mouaUd in vessels of this class."
to have a reeervo of seamen heW disposable at Malta for drafting to ships as they mav bo required, the Admiral Superintendent has been called upon by the Admiralty to report as to the accommodation that can be afforded at ths Carradine Naval Barracks.
OoRDftjr'i Tkratri or Varirties.—A new com*
psny has made Its appearaaoa at this popular place of amusement, and are drawing together large audiences
10 .iU.U p.,(orm.nt... ............
I ublio Mrrtikoi.—The Town Council will meet at ^ome. The empororallowed the arrangement, and so the Audit House on Wednesday next. The Guardians if",," . ,*n^ Jn 730 the people aaw the affect of *°d 1
------------- - - Ortgory 11 **'** ° k/ the remonstrances of Popo
Lewis pointed oot the inconvanlence of proceeding with soMoure, when there was another Bill on the paper re-
Quay through the numerooa shipping that continue conatantly to arrive, and giving a large amount of employment to men in the neighbourhood, aad causing much money to be circulated throughout the town.
o7 m* ** "d ,0*d eoo'uel«" weU as a gratuity WoMiin'i Halx, Comcrrt and T*A^-Th# annual
SS1«« BmpaM
that would be of aee In future IseWatlon. He therefore moved the rejection of the Bill, and on a division the
object of which was to astaSW; a uniform system of of the principle of the Bill was expreeeed by Mr. Pel to • Select ComalMs*. Mr W. Barttfelot ebeerved thai
he fouu.f bleed''rtg him conveyed to Dr. a.TrravAeHlria™ ■
Winchester Assises for trial.
. i°rif*JNQ. ™ y'g" AlLu...
flght for nothing, and
Oakley and Wat'lng, _________
ww rnhont m th.^r being uki__,_____
—ftsssfis? """
from the chair, and w,H rreponded m. the Chairman be ne
inlVths clergy and ministers, but all e laboured In any way for the service of Christ, as glad that the Workmen's Institute had the —*---- K,,. Canon WLbrrf
movement, stuing tha* tho working man o„«
plained that there was one law for the rich and
### Mssm
Ac., at intervals, the pianoforte being kindly 1,
H.mmand. lite proceedinge wore brought t* m closo at 11 o clock by the singing of the National Anthem — We may mention that the Polytechnic Lodge of Odd-frllowa Intend opening their lodge at these Tuesday evening next
00 h«r w«y t* Bremen'.
___ .,lpu,,a . *lUl paseeiiger» aao
ht% 5^' P—n^. aw
mil log February 31 ■—
1 Southampton, during the s
» W 10 44 | Thursday
i&y: is 7S|5,'S5w -
Wtu.iAK*l7l«CR. Bosldsut Dispenser. MnTHAMPTM BAILOW ROM. 1*™ occupied for the week ending February
From January 1 to February"U. 187&.. %

room for XS. Defendant.. yum u
VAORAitcr.—Jof ■
pl*e* Africa —Mr. T. P. Payne, who rose to pro-poer Uie next toast, was received with loud cheers. He said he waa there that evening as an ex Mayor, an exj. Alderman, an ex-Town Councillor, and—what would
present that evening, and with whom he had been con-nected with in various, soeledes, to know how he
ffZ passenger,, and a tail oargo. After landing her mails. 4. aha owe,e«ed om to Lomdoa.
her of passengers, and a full gsneral oargo.
LetUrs, Ao-. mast be poetod at Southampion before 10.U
II,°n the!Hth Inst. a*l left for Port Bald.
-sssKffii,a;.,y'ss *
musthaveeemethlng; eo he had a ■
,*haWner to^w rU'of thal.oomWnt Hw^wald else, vim, thai when he took *

and went on------
London at 7 a.m. the same day.
lire as? ^'ssx
morning for Alexandria.
bv the name and addrees of the aend.r Bo?^-F8b^ 7, a. 1«, Orosvsnor-gardeno, Lendoa,
d.aght'er0' °°1naaalit*
paay.agodML #
BOm%goS%U** MieM"PUo8' Boutaampton, Mr. a.
»5»'Ka >"'• p"™.
^oddard—jfetnmuy 18^at Berisbury Green,
Kinysland, Booth.
esails, arrived at Bombay on tie XSth'ins ^ ******* BOYAL MAIL (WK8T IMDIA AMD BRAZIL)



SSJ^Ea." w m
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