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Deuteronomy, chap. aJL» *f
recruits We Gedatal BodWy *H*dK, proper healthy condition of nd Physical Foreea.—Bottlea, *#&* each. Mold by utbampton—G. Domapfil

T&srVtSRm famed
Chemist, 160, Bigh-striet.
t year 1663, when a Hamburgh Cbemiit,
--------dtrdtscovmd Phosphors, 11 has been more
or lew used in medlclp*. W U bee pat* pkxed Wy very Important part till within the last few year*, when the attention of medical men was attracted to It* bsncfl-' clal effect* in Neuralgia. It baa now been discovered
almost be considered* jpeclSo ItL all *H»fltlMjs.of U'» nerves. It is the ^ifc«tfjortbdklM and and the thought giving pd#@r tt> Af BMfin.' All Mrvous affections mean a want of Phosphorus of the brain and nerve centres, and to cure them li to re introduce the deficient property.
PHORU8 PILLS have been Invented to accom plish Ibis end. and there are now many thousands who can testify to the success that has attended this mode of treatment in Neuralgia, Ague, Bciatloa;-Prostration, fit. Vitus Dance, Norvoto' Debility, Impotence, Skin Diseases, and all diseases arising from impure;biood, and having as symptoms weakness and debility.
i appetite and a healthy digestion the strength.
te the failing power.
i sensations of fatigue.
s sensations of exhilaration.
o after depression.
exertlqn. -Produce cheerfulness.
Give a coolness and dexterity to the r Confer freshness, originality, and en
Vitalise, purify, and enrich the blood. Regulate the supply of blood to diseaiet Nourish diseased spinal nerves.
PHORU8 PILL3 Are the best tonic. »
Afford a ready mode of gaining strength. Are pre-eminent as a means of gaining appetite. Particularly useful to delicate females.
Powerfully assist the digestive organs.
Throw off germs of all diseases ; and Thoroughly recruit the general bodily health.
May be described as a
GENERAL TOKYO AND MYIOOBATOR, There are two forces always at work in the body, the nervous and the ve^ative-, when the former overc the latter, from over brain work, mental anxiety, li rest, violent shocks, fast living, overtaxing the po or from any of the c,uses combined under (he he
of youth," then tb* subject ind pallid, the . , • ., *ou»;a)jd. irr> e is checked; consumption
\ -___________________
—A fluid combination for Derangement of the Liver, particularly t237, Tottenham Court-road, London, whose name must be on the labeL Bottles, 2s W and 4s 6d each. Sold by all Chemist*.—Agent in Soiithsifoptoti Gi Chemist, 160, High-street.
W remedy for {Skin Diseases.. The most inveterate obstinate Eruptions and Pimples are subdued by Sulpholine, and a clear, healthy skin developed. Those complaining of tender, reddened, and irritable skins, or
4 by the sun, rough winds, kc. n Constitutional Skin Diseases.wtll den comfort by using Sulnholine Loti
rerfal conserving end salutary actior
mist. 160. Righ s

2s 6d each. (Get Cracroft s).—Agent in Southam —G. Dowman, Chemist. 160, High-street.
-r.— -.......------fnefsbaa prbW
traprdlnary remedy. It always relieves, generally cures, Strongly recoi.imendea. Bold in'Bottles, Is I(d and 2s 9d each, by all Chemlete,—Agent in South-' ~ " i, Cbtwiet,-160. Hsgh-ttrwt.;
f O C K T B R' S ; ■ SDJJPHfrE HAIR'
JU RESTORER wUI darken dray,Ha*r, *ndlm a fa* * ' itural Colour. Thoeflect
—,-----------pletely th,-----
is supsrlor to that produ <1 by am imtantani snd the Sulphur Restorer (Me not injure the ski in large bottles, ls6d each, by Cheml dressers.—Agent in Southampton—G: Dov 160, High-street._' -
I, Chemist,
i useful for rtt. ________________
•urage the growth of thi
RESTORER, while keeping the Hair Ite proi

crgj, beco

strength and thing is an exertion. I , and. without the diJ unstic asylum is frequently the In all stages of these affections, th* predominant er Is deficiency, or wsstlng of Ph'ospborui from the nerve tissues, and this will be shown by the Increased excreticn of Phosphorus compounds, fclwats to be de-tacted ,o th* orine of the** *o suffeHng. 7%h*
lupplied by the use of
As tliey act as a tonic In virtue of their ctpacl supplying lb* nerve matter with compounds, th, of which attends on the morbid condition they remedy. I* l« kmowp be eapaHfieqt that a wore* of ,tb#**^PWi renovate tho failing power, confer freshness, originality, and energy on the menial proceeaee and thoroughly restores the general bodily .health. ,
O B D E N ' 8 ' I Q IT I N I N E
The digaftlve prooeaaoa,'the absorbent powers,Ac., may all be in a healthy oondition.jret, from extra mental or bodily exertion, the patient suffers from a temporary exhaustion of mind and body. In these cases a stimulant is required, and that general!*' resorted to isalcholic. but very unwisely, for when ' ots bare gone off, the patient is generally left r Aan before. It is
in these cases that
PHORU8 PILLS ari invaluable, as they act not as a stimulant oaly, but as a substitute, to some extent, for rest. A couple taken an hour or so before the ce«-■ation of the day's work Is found to remove sensations of fatigue, to glv* d*amee# and dexterity lo tb* mind, lo produce appetite and a healthy digestion,and to conduce, subsequently, to the quiet sleep of which overwork to constantly deprives those whose occupation is mental.
About tho #*cood hoar after,ImoopUon of th* do**, •ensatians of exhilaration begin to make themselves felt. The capacity for exertion, both mental and phyekal, le mcraaead. If *h, patient ha* th* doe* *bU« Sn a state of fatigue, then he feels his strength renewed; if while 10 a stale of despondency, ho takes a more cheerful view of things. A state of depression doti not eiuue, therefore, whilst acting as a stimulant they differ from all other stimulants as they do not leave their distressing after effects.
PUORUS PILL8 may bo considered specific In NEURALGIA.
arkably rapid and lasting effects of th. Pills riklng there-

myaly regulating th* blood eopply to th**Bi —In oUwr*. acting lo addition ae a touk.«
cf the diseased spinal nerves, or the affe
th*mM^M. Thr**do*M,rilHnTaHmWy*«M
Patients suffering from any disease, DO matter under
PRICE—2s Qd and 4e fid.
.D.S«%T5ftSa&2B?5: '
1W. Qonrt K°AD- b«uobtow,
And most wholesale Patent Medicine Leases.
w PHOBU8 PILL6,&Mnod4*«d^
Published by J1ENRY SMITH, Just^ublishod. Enlarged edition. 114 pigei, crown 8vo.
;ThS Is a New Medical Work on the Nature. Treatment,
of Energy, Deafneee, Epilepsy, Piles, " ' " Headache, Irritability, &c., resulting ft
te4timonia!s fro used in etch ca
4 c thommodi
ed (6 health. Illustrated by cases and i grateful patients, with means of cure
_ ----- _ ...k on Physical
tho Cultur* *f th* Healthful and inity. SubjectsPhysical Education, to :end*r Weak Mnede* Strong, _, • ... '5,ti6,n °/ Dh,ease, Car* of Disease. Air,
Light, Skin, Diet, Bath, Ac., Arc. Gives Irtsttnctions for 1*velomog and Strengthening th* Human Body, How to sgam Urns Hwlth, rpuklmg from Exhaustion of Ncrv* ed Energies, Overwork, ranee, and other Long Life, and
Education ___
Laws of Life, I
City-Life. Worry, Brftih Toil, Ini
avoid the Infirmities of Old Age. Ac.
• I Twenty-fourth Thousand.
Price Is, crown 8vo, cloth gilt, illustrated with engravings P<^. I3 Stamp*.
OMAN : Her Dnties, Relations, and Poaitlcn. Subfccta tr*al*d : Girlhood. Maiden-hood, Courtship, Marriage, Motherhood, Female Education. Female Health, Femalo Hygiene, Domestic Medicine, Woman as a Wife, Woman as a Mother, Ac.. Ac. It is a treatise on subjects of vital importance to Woman.
Sant'dlMct fro* th* Antht* on r*o*int of th* amount in stamps.
Address, HENRY SMITH. 8, Burton Crescent, -_'. Londbn. w.O.
O. 8. and SON have the
K of AQrertiMnwnta guaranteed."
Posting Stations, where slve right, both in Town
Marsh RoadfVulca BavoU Valley BL Mary's Bridge forts wood V 111 ago Bwan. KreamanUe Krecmantle Hotel
S*. Mary'*Rcnd Redbrldc*
8L AndmW* Bead MUlbrooh RwW
Orchard Street Tattoo
Cricket Ground West Mud Railway Hotel
ir Inn, Portsarood

Trade Mark,—". Blood Mixtnro.^ ; ■ m THE GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER & RESTORER
SKIN DISEASES, Emptionm, Blotchea,
Bkerat*d Bora L*g*,;Olf'Bo/«*, GkhW* ri3HSw"n,tB«,« C-ncerous Ulcers, Spoia, Pimples, Pustules. Boils, Carbuncles, Ringworms, Scald Heads 8ore Eyes, Erysipelas, UtAf Sourfs, Dis-»lorati( is of the Skin, Humoars and Diseases of tho Skin of whatever name Or nature, are literally
it when yon find It
Keep ^tlie blood pure, and the health of
warranted fre most delicate Proprietor so!
i to give It a trial to
^ MUTURE la *ofd In Bottlw.a,&iMuh, and In th* quantity, lis

throughout or sent to any1 addi otnmp*, by th* Propria
Ba^lay and Son,, London, aad all Whclwal* Dcd*M.
'n, Randall and Son,
Unit*d Klu*Am!and\ho'WoHd!
dp& ff SO^r 133

Chemist, K
K 0.' Colli: , Tbeiwa. 153. High ., dreot. 0. Troako. Ch,
Palk). J. nienwou. W. Burch, Wj
to M». "Na-^KE-TEI^^TBAOEDDfilT.
At the Barnslcy Police-court, Sarah Ell mora, a married woman, has been charged with professing to
tell fortunes. Tho evident* given by three young girl* was very extraordinary. Mary Pendleton said iho wcat^o dejsndant's house on the 18th December
s Investments, '

Qlanlman Knit Zatnbllabod loo Yean. TWO GALLONS of this FINE OLD WHISKY (Caao and BotUes Included) sent free to any station on receipt of 40a. Trade supplied. Agents wanted.
t cards was produced «
Without steel springs, la the mo«t a9*eUv* / support for Hernia yet lnvenlkd; The /,&) truss, from the adaptability of all It* X parts, flU easily and exerts firm pres. /
l that the i i vers at inn In the
A Good Family Medicine Chest
boAu, lined with fur wer
ilio taken; Wd fur phrsio— withal .. „ M
will never fadi
mgh ^e sasse dlstnet many moaths aft^wards edlclne tnan ' hail notdl
a then a theme of
K L B ' S Antibilious Pills
11" 0%bT BE DO X.
proWMk* ar* ^11 known. ^pMkWy'S"Sl'"%
on* d*WAy. low of blood, &c., Ao."" QHIXIKB " — b*,w,J . doubt, a* shown by
Dr. Thompoon. to kTth. w.m,MM* w. pe
2. W. or
A to.. Dispensing Chemists, two doors 8, Upper Pro*p*ct-plac*. Southampton.

Just Published, a gratuitous Edition of a New and valuahis Work, entitled,
or, th. OOSMDmmAL PRISSD."
Bent post free to any address on receipt of one pei stamp to prepay postage, or by letter post three stamps.
This Book should be read by every one, young or old dtharmt %ttsa*h** . ,%DWas*.
ATERVODS DEBILITY" anj all other
the happiness of life..
How to regain Health,

......w-.-v—, —-----—------------..lant symploms
ixplained, aad fall Instructions given, for every sufferer, how —----iteratlen to health.
I.V PW/w'^oSflifV^^^ri'TNwIoOTloSs01!^
..a s E&a
"" itary System. _
, a descrlptivs pamphlet on the functions and disorders peculiar to the female sex, by the same Author, entitled,
Barnsbory, London. N.
OoWber 15th, 10T».
betng."—JVsshirs AesrWssr. Deoassher
, Cj / Elastic Stocking's, i if'v' description of Snrjrical April, ^uc*. An experienced Fe
(Lai* BavCyny mi Ot.),
BT. JA3EES" STREET. PALL MALI* B.W. Established 800 Ye**'."'
by leading Physictias la Ckristiasia.
harm! oss,

principally of
from tho
Boxea of 24 Pills, la. lid., of all Chemist*s and by. pout for 15 stamp* of P. Nowbery & Sons, #7, Newgnta Street, London, E.C.
th»i 'defendant, then proceeded to tell witness her fortune, and charged 6d. for the " knowledge." Mr. Kaye asked witness if ahe believed defendant, and mhe replied that of courso sho did. Mr. Kayo: Ton are very simple. The Mayor: I hope you have not acted up to your belief? Afterwards defendant invited witness and her female companions to go to her house on Chrittmaa Day, and to take their chaps with them. The Mayor : Did -j>oo- take your chaps with youf yitneee: No. Wik&e'm AOther once had e " funny dream," and when defendant heard of it sho prophesied that her husband would run away with another woman. Martha Casement, another young girl, said she wentiton defendant's hotuo for a sauce-pun a few wceks-befor® Christmas, when ehe was much abueed by her. Witness had had her. fortune told eeverul timoe by defendant et her hone* by m
the cards. She, too, would he " hleeeed _____,
"plenty of chops." .Sho said ah*L.conld bewitch witnw'0 mother, who wue then eta^iAg h& tow Val^ I^T, end adviaed that a toud he got, and then Slkd with pins, and this would have the effect, *o defendant MgWKl, of wamting Aire. Caesmanl'a eriatenreaw Wipi***', father repWed^y »cnt yib:*** to look f< toad, but she never found one. Defendant alsh wished witness to cut her finger and too nails, to wrap the paringe In u piece of puper; end thro* th* laftar emong the aahetand ehe wopld get a *we*thearL itnees did not do this, hot a companion did. Wit-neee gave the defendant.ham, lea,and sugar, 6c., m rettun for having her fortune told. Sarah Ann Hinchclig*, a aelkete-kokhg, w*U-dre**ed girl, who mid *h* wa* 16 year* cf age, *aid ehe had h*en eeyewl timer to defendant': honee dumng' the last six month*, to have her fortune told. Bhe wee to have plenty of eweethearte, and ehe one day cnt her toe end 8nger mule, *n*pfd th* pmnnga carefully tn a pkc* of paper; and then placcd theba&r Intheaahea. She wae told thatif *he did thl* ehe would got hor future husband that night, who would appear to her while ehe slept. lie didn't, however. Wilncua gave defendant three or four akirts, a chad'e mght-drcs*, and other thing*. The Bench deked witneee if *he thought fwpfooliahftw had.hoen, and ehe answemd " Tee/I Caeement and Pendleton *era then charged with having aaaaulted EUwore, hut the
*aa dismissed. Mr#. Qasement wa* afterward called,"and spoke to- her knowledge of Ellmore1 pmctscea. The Mayor eald that a more remarkahl. and deplorable instance of credulity and fddlefy he lutd never neard In hie liff. It wa* one of the mo# painful caeee that had ever come hefexw tlfe Oonrt, and the practices th* defendant, who wa* an infamoua woman, had indulged in, were culculatfd to deetroy the mo-rality of the whole neighborhood round about. ]Sie moet extreme eentedde which the law provided would be pbeed upon defendant, via., a term of three monthe' imprisonment with hard labour. Defendant's husband waa present in court; and ho aald he wae a miner at Edmund's Main Colliery.
On the 8th insi md^l^ngerford, i

When you ask f or
See that youg'et it, as bad qualities are often substituted.

Both A
Universal Patronage,
bdaes every atneted r«n«= (g ^vs them a Wr Uial Were despairing ot relief or abandoning hop
Bronchitis, Diphtheria, Sore Throats, Coughs, and Colds.
This Ointment wd core, when every other means have railed. It Is a sovereign remedy for a!l derangement* of the throat and cheat Settled couchi or wheezing will be promptly removed by rubbing in the Unguent.
Bad Legs, Bad Breasts.—Old Wounds, Gores, and Ulcers.
It (s sarrritinc howmdeklva *ove.ebev. or wound, deprives the body of strength and unlit* It for th* dalle* of life, and It Hons way's Healing he printed dimctioos,
Gout and Rheumatism.
Vm he cared with the neatest emtakty If Issus qs t the Olmtsaent be weU woeked bio the smiMa,
"hia treatment mast be prrsevrringly followed foraS____,
nd dn|y assisted by powerful dases of Hollo way's Pill*. Theae adfybg aad anothhe remeik* dmsaod the earoems atSsmtlnm e( Q peraosw hahle to, goo*. »elaUoa. or ether painfal ffocUons of th* wuacla, nerves, or joints. /
Piles, Fistulas, and Dropsical Swellings.
This laumipjuaWe Ohtmsat b saramUy renmssssisiAal t# rious n.aWka the^ PiUs should be Uieo to purify the Mood
hich Kir Charles Tempest, Bark, ey lodge, Xorthimptonshire, prayed fox' a from hte wife upon the uaual grounds, wae heard before the Preddont of the Divorce Court and a epccml jury. "I&dJ^lWkp.qbldral (Sir Hardmge Uigard, Q.C,), Dr. Spink*, Q:C., and Dr. Tristram, appeared for the petitioner; fn Doune, Q.C., and Mr. Keogh for the rcepondent, and Sir Henry Jamoa, Q.C., Mr. Inderwick, Q.C., and Mr. B. A. Bavford for the co-ryepondent. Th* petitioner at the time of hi* marriage with Lady Tadp*t„thpn a Miss Conkm, was already a widower with two children. The lady waa 17 year* of age and of good family. The marriage took placo at Warwick Chapel in London in June, 1874. Sir Charles and Lady Tempest went to reeide at Sir Charlea'* country *eat, Aahby Lodge, Xmthamptonahire, afte([ 'heir marriage. In the year 1877 they came to their town hooae tn South-street, yelgputia, for tho eeason, a* usual, and on the 4th ol July the petitioner returned to Asbby Lodge under the Impression that the reepondent would follow on the neat day. Lady Tempest's maid did go down the next day, but without hi ' ~ ' '
waa discovered that on Sir nmptonshire, she had left London for Paris with the wreapondmt, Mr. Ilunwrford, a gdntleman the petitioner recollected having .met as a boy, but not Subsequently. Lady Tempest and Mr. llungerfbrd ware traced to the Hotel Wagram at Pari*, and thence to America, whence she returned aloni autumn. The proprietor of the hotel wa* calk proved that the co-rcepondent and reepondent had stayed there on their joum*y a* man and wife, and there waa no suhsfanlisl defence to the euit the ju: under the direction of the Preeident, found a vardi for the petitioner. There wa* a claim for damagi which was, however, withdrawn from the jury. H lordabip on their Ending pronounced a decree a
tho expiration of ttar Ketone,. The court below
of error U> this court, «nd »gain conducted their o»a
r«*erved. BothMr. DrndlanghandMrtBceantwero
prcaent at Urn mtthf of the emit, and there waa a large attendance of pemmmg Intereeted in learning the result. Lonl Juatice Bramwoll #r*Ldelivered an eh-bontW judgment a* the **6lpr member of the court, and Irnwyig died a number of declsiopa bearing on the law of th* caae, and which he «aM the eomt had alooo to drtetnune, and not the merit*, aald he was of opinion that it was nocomary to have set out in 'ho mdidment the word* rdied upon, aa indecent, lewd. Olthy, and obecena," and that the omiaaltm to do so was fataL Th* judgment of the court balow must, theealore, boaetaaideandbegivenforthadefendants. Lord Justice J3rott took la similar view, and having expreesed hia regret that ench a enbject ehonM hav* been discus**d m thl* court In th* presence of the f*mal* defwdant, added that if the defendant* again committed the offence of publishing much m work, no doubt another proeecutioA would b* matltutcd, and if tho |pdictment w*r# not again defective they would ##verer punkhmenL Lord Justice Wtoo concueed.. The reeulTbf thalr lordship*' d*.
an to the House of Lords.
In (he Court of Exchequer Field c. the Great Northern hoanL Thia waa an Taction pergonal b

Mr perMnal mjuace, wslam*d in a railway accident. Th* defendant* admitted their liability, but dispuW the aaiount of Injury gustnined by the plaintiff. Mr. Digbv beymour,.Q.C., and Mr. E. Clarke appeared for the plaintiff, and Mr. Meadow* White. Q.C., re. preeented the defendant*. The plaintig was an accountant, who, on the 26th Jan., 1870, waa returning from Newcaatle after having been engaged id winding up th* *&ir* of a company. When the train reached Abbots Iupton a violent collision occurred between it
and*om*coaltmck*whIchw*r*belng*huntcd. While
the paa*cngcr* wero ggtHeating themselve* from the a another train dashed into (hem and caused a ul amount of havoo and confdgiou. The plaintig e^tcd lo hav* been thrown forward* and then backward*, and gndlly remained In a painful position, *ith hs* head and shoulder* januhed between th* *rm md cuihlon* of th* seat opposite. H* only extricated iim*elf afk^ a violent *truggle, and th*y found that he carnage in which hohad been waa bmaen to piece*, ind that ho was underneath a mas* of broken part* of h* eanis*o. Ultimately he waa taken, Inn.half, tunned and very much brnieed condition, to the vatchman'j box, and sent on to London at the earliest opportunity. For aaveml week* h* waa in a very and weakly Condition, and, by the *dvice of nt physician, wa* considered unfit for work until the end of the year. He wa* *till reported to
be liable
more liable . ^_____
considerable expenditure to hemhh. After eyidai agtwdon a

MCRDER AT BROMLEY-BY-BOW. A shocking tragedy has taken place called the Moor** Arm*, Bow.,
that between 9 and 10 o'clock

Bromley. It appears that I
a man named Henry Dean, a _ ^_________
at 25, Arch street, Limehouse-Uelda, was in tho Moor"* Arm*, accompanied by a ndmber of other men. A quarrel took place, in which Dean is said to have accused a man named liobinson of unfair practices in coonaction with *om* betting trahsactlona in which uey had been engaged. Robinson also accuaed Dean
_ . rnd the quarrel at last ran *o high

of th* other

fered bdween the two diaputant*.
after thi* had been don* and the men were apparently quiet they *udd*nly r*n*w*d th*lr quarrel, and then the men Robin*on I* alleged to have pulled a long clasp.knife from hi* pocket, with which he mad* on* or two etab* at Dean. Tha latter screamed out that ho wa* dabbed and fell down, on which Robinaon'at one* ran ofL Bom* of th* other p*r*on* who w*r* In look Dean in a cab to tha London it waa found that he had *uataln*d a —p.. wound In th* lower part of tho abdomen. Jo wa* at once attended to by the house *urg*on, but rom the 0r*t It wa* feared that ha would not recover nd h* died th* neat day. The police war* commu-J' tiy after Dwi wa* removed to Uu.
WUdey, of the K dividen, at nstitution, and took down tho inat* man. Ha *tated that he ^ him, and gav* a
ehold an inquest on Monday at Guy'* ling tho death of Henry Richard*, . a solicitor's clerk. Last Saturday week tha d*cea*ed wa* taken into euatody by th* police on a charge of being drunk and refudng to pay a cab fare, aud locked up at the Qirter atroct Polw*-*taUon. Inapsvtor Brwulbridge, P dividon, said he

mt to th* ccll to
'clock witni

c* if Hoe eased des____
th* 9oo* In a pool of
to find bail, and found hie blood from a gun shot wound in tho hi* dde wa* a *ix-chainb*rcd revolver, four of which had recently been discharged. Medical aid wa* got, and dcceaecd removed to th* ho*nilaL It waa not the rule to eearch in case* of dmnkenne** unlcs* th*re waa rcaaon for *uspicIon. Mis* Alice Hud*on, to whom doceaeed was engaged, said ahe had noticed a change in deceased'* manner fur the last nine month*; he had appeared dulL On Friday lad h* told her ho ehould shoot himself, and she expostulated with him and threatened to teU hia friend*, but he *aid that would make no difference, ho wa* bound to do it. There had been a dilfcronc* between them. D*-cea*cd had complained of pain* In th* head. The nHct of Suicide whilgt of Uheouhd

Hospital, whor
hospital, and I
* proceeded to th*

who ha* absconded.
A Confpronco hm been held at tho City Temple upon Uioquc«tion a. to how tho "unchurched mm" Muld bo raoro effectually reached, and upon tho ques-
Both th* Ointment and Pill* th/mld ba vtcd in fig following complaint*

tion of special reli
Bhafte*lmrypMi%d. M^a o^l*.
*ng "crdary of the movement, explained the obket of
id that th«so services had their

the Conf«
origin in the fat urged the Confe Important made favour of the tin tha beet manna: __
and ho believed a vast amount fromthmn. R*v. R.C. Billin, Rev. Dr. Parker, Dr. Mai and others also addressed

ight of thi----
Aubrey Pdce *poke In which he thought wa* our neglected rlaaaee; f gocd had resulted
nated by a vote of thank*
TRAGIC AFFAIR NEAR ESHER. A Kingdon correspondent telegraph*On Monday evonmgJohn Monday, aged W, gam*kqeper to Lord boky, Ruxloy Lodg*, Olaygat*, went Into th* yard of hia lordahip'* premise*, and aaked Thomaa Lawrence, a labourer, if he had *een Mr. Macklnlay, tho gardener, eaying that h* had an account to *dtl* with him. Mackinlay wag in an outhoug* and heard wh*& was said. Ho came out, when Monday presented a gun and fired at him. The charge entered the right thigh of Mackinlay, who ran away, aud when about twenty yani* oil Monday Bred th* *ccond barrel, th* mhot* entering th* gardener'* b*ad and hand*. Edwin JcBerieg, another labourer, wrenched th* gun from Monday and releaaod him. Th* gamekeeper immo-diatdjr wont to his house and returned with thre
How their bnuna out. He took on*
the rnnrxl* In hi* mouth, Hred, and blew tKe to^of hi* head off. Dr. Izod, Esher, who wa* called to attend Mdckinlay, elate* that ho doe* not th*
Krdener'* wound* dangorou*. Mackinlgy aay* he ow* no rea*on for th* attempt to tako hi* llf*.
A SILVER STATE CARRIAGE. A Calcutta paper aay. It ha* rarely eeen anything

moulding*, ironwork, aprings, wheels and pole are covered with massive ailver plates, while tho splashboard and wing* are literally solid plates of the precious metal, the whole enriched with leaves of lotus newer* and pepul leaves, also of silver richly chased and heavily gilt, while on the centre of the armorial bear-
mge th. Maharajah. The interior i* glt*d In the most luxurious manner with cushions and hanging*
*o,000 tolana weight

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