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Fine* the yur 1W. when * Hamburgh ChemUt. named Hr.nJt, di'c«»ered Phosphorus, it Us Mn more - or lesrtwrrl In -medtciwr*rol uh«enev»r played «nj-
rial eflecU in Xaural**. It baa now been discoreied tint in small doses, in conjunction with Quinine, it may almost be considered a specific in all aSeQtiona of tfie
v tfWetion* B^rsti*-* want'xtf fbespborus of the brain and nerve ceulres, and to cure them is to re Introduce the deficient property.
\J ■ PIIOROS PI 1,1,8 hare been invented to acconj plUh this end. and there are now many thousands who can testify to the success that hat attended tbl» mode of. trratmeni in Neuralgia. Ague, Sciatica. Prostration, St. Vitus' Dance, Nervous i'ebility, Impotence. Skin l)iscn»ei, and all diseasss a riling from impure.blood, and liarinR »s symptoms weakness and debility.
-*- PnilAe* ktid eurWt^s '
tSViwidHjonj of 1
cttSr Sold by
Chemist*. - Agent in Southampton—U. Dowman
L hernial, 180. High
Produce appetite and a healthy digestion Renew the itrei gtb.
Kenormia the failing power.
Remove eensati ni cf fatigue.
Produce sensations of exhilaration.
Cause no after depression.
OBDE.N'S QUININE AND PHOSPHORUS P(LI.S / Increase the capacity for mental and phyaical exertion.
Produce chterfulness. I
Give a coolness and dexterity to the mind.
Confer freshness, originality, and energy on^U>e
Vitalise, purify, and enrich the blood.
Regulate (he supply of blood to diseased nerres. Nourish diseased spinal nerres.
A01 as a general tonic.
Invigorate the whole system.
Are the best tonic.
Afford a ready mode of gaining strength. Arc pre-eminent as a means of gaining appetite. ParticuUrly useful to delicate females.
Powerfully assist the digestive organs.
Throw off germs of all diseases ; and Thoroughly recruit the general bodily health.
_______and the vegntive; when the former
the latter, from over brain work, mental anxiety, lose of rest, violent shocks, fast living, overtaxing the po«crs, or from any of the causes combined under Hie head of " excesses ..r indiscretions of youth," then the subject loses strength and energy, becomes thin and pallid, thil lesst thing sen exertion, he become* nervous and irritable. ami. without the disease is checked, consumption or a lumiie asjluui Is frequently the end.
In nil stages of these affections, the predominant character is deficiency, or wasting of Phosphorus from
tccieJ in the urine of those so suffering. The want is supplied by tiro Vise of
riOBDB&'8 QUININE AND Pdbs. w puoans piLLR.
As they act as a tonic In virtue of their capacity for supplying ,tbe nerve matter with compounds, the want of which attends on the morbid condition they remedy. It i known by experiment that a course,of these Pills renovate the failing power, confer freshnen. originality, ' mental processes and thoroughly
— A fluid combination #*"THra .
I.iver, particularly when •rising from slight By gently stimulating action of the Liver, and slightly -oM»*MW-Ut*-Btia^la^ihe heavy drovrry sensations^of fulness, often headache, pain beneath the shoulders, it the chest after eatiag. unpleasant taste in the mouth, and other-indication* of dyspepsia are removed. Taraxacum and PonoptiYU-iN is much safer than Calonsel or Bin* Pill for removing the bile. Prepared by J. PKPPBR, W,^'otleuhemU'*rMomd.^4WyW. wbw*|mms most be «nt the kbfL Boitles, and 4s 6d aatjh. Sold by all Chemists.—Agent in Southampton 01 Dowman. Chemist. 160, High-street. _______I___
rid Share Broker.
(■licensor to Ms
every desoription, transacted in tne
remedy for Skin Diseases. The most inveterate obstinate Kruj.tlons and Pimples are fuluhied by Sulpholine, and a clear, healthy skin developed. Those complaining of tender, reddened, and irritable skins, or affected by the sun. rough winds, kc , and even sufferers from Constitutional Skin Diseases,will derive great benefit a;id comlort by using Sulpholine Lotion,' which has powerful conserving and salutary action, remove* the effect of constant perspiration, and m#intains the cuticle in a free, healthy, condition. liottlck, 2*9d each. Sold by all Chemists. — Agent in Southampton—G. DowituWt t>emist. 160. High-street._
PASTE.—By using this delicious Aromatic Dcn-tifrlcpi.tho enamel of the teeth becomes white, *ound.
and polished like ivory. It is exceedingly fragrant, and
n. Chemist. )60, High s
&c., .V c.--Delia r's Kstence for Deaf nets has proved an extraordinary remedy. It always relieves, generally cure», and is strongly recommended. Bold in Bottles, Is lAd arid 2* 9d each, by all Chemist*.—Agpnt in Soolh-Aiwpton—G' Dowman, Chemist. 160. Iflgb-Str- '
RESTORER will darken,Grey Hair, and in a few da)* restore completely the Natural colour. The effect is superior to that produced by an Instantaneous dye. and the S-ilphur Restorer doe* not inioro the skin. Sdd in large bottle*. Is61 each, by Chemist* and Hairdressers.— Agent in Southampton—Q. Dowman,Chemist, 180, High-street.__-___
. ...........................J Hair it* proper
colour, is useful for removing scurf, no other application being neewsary to encourage the growth of the new hair. Lockyer'* Restorer has powerful clc*nsing properties, rendering It a desirable Hair Fluid. Large bottles, l«6d. —Agent in Southampton—G. Dowman, Chemist, 160, IilgU-stte*t, |
(eneral bodily health.
P a 08 P n O E D 8 PILLS
The digestive processes, the absorbent powers, Ac.,
d body. In tlieso case* a stimulant
^ PH'/ltl PILLS ah) Invaluable, as they act not
produce appetite and a healthy digestion, and to conduce, subsequently, to the quiet deep of which overwork constantly deprive* those whose occupation is mental.
begin to make Iberosclves felt. The opacity for exertion, both mental and physical, is increased. If the patient hu the do* while hi a state of fatigue, then he feels hi* strength renewed; if while in a *U'o of despondency, he takes a more cheerful view of thing*. A itate of depression dots not ensue, therefor*, whilst acting a* a stimulant they differ from all other stimulant* as they do not leave their distressing aftereffect*.
PHOBUS PILLS may be considered specific In NRU&ALOIA.
The remarkably rapid and lasting effect* of the Pill* in this complaint is perbap* their most striking therapeutical power. Io this, as In that of eome other disease*, they exert a double power; in some instance: merely regulating the blood supply to the affected nerves — In other*,, acting in addition a* a tonic, or nourisbfr of the diseased spinal nerves, or the affected nerve* themselves. Three do*** ssill Invariably cure.
Patients suffering from any disease, no matter under what nVioe," having for its symptoms weakness sod debility, or arising from Impure blood, will be benefited by a courts of Cobden's Quinine and Phosphorus .Pill*, 1 the general direction for taking the Pills Is
daily after the principal meal. Ct.« should be taken- to keep the bowels regular. They arvaltqayi Uuialxii p» a
PBICB-&M mod 4, W.
PHORHS PILLS aVe easv to take, being vety small and perfectly tasteless. They are prepared witfi the greate't car* by duly qualified Chemists, with inv proved m chlnery, and all the modern appliances for producing perfect admixture.
w snd 4s 6d/are sold, wholesale by , LAY SONS, Farringdon Street. 1IOVRNDEN moA BOMB. Cll, Ikad, London. LYNCH and Co., Aldersgate StrieL MATHER, Farrindon Road.
135, Qobin'i road, Beiohtoh,
Alid most wholesale Pateml Medicine hemes.
rtQBuEN's qdinTne And phos-
^ PHOEOS' IMLLfl, 2, M ,d4 4, 6d.(
*3ll! b# by return of poet on receipt
uiltr p V 6d in stamp*, by the , .
BUE8EX DRUG COMPANY, *. QUEEN* BO AD, BEIOATOE, Of whom all Chemists deelrou of being appointed Agent* should sppl '.
J. JOUN8, Cbrnuui Fouthtnpton.
PoWished by HENRY SMITH.
Doctor of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Jena.
Just published. Enlarged edition. 144 pages, crown Sro, Free by post, two stamps in envelope.
This is » New Medical Work on the Nature, Treatment, and Cure of Nervous, Mental, and Physical Debility, Lo»nc**'of Spirits, Indigestion, Dimness of right, Want of Energy. Deafness, Epilepsy, Piles, Premature Decay,
restored to health. Illustruted' by illmonials from grateful patients, with mean* of cut used in each case.
Sixteenth Thousand. Z'01','"I.'IS*.'I" ™^r!" 7d. post free.
work on Physical Education and tl.e Culture of the Healthful snd Iieautiful in Humanity. Subjects:—Physical Educa'.i Laws of Life, How to tender Weak Muscles Strong, Gymnastic*, Prevention of Dkease,.IXjro of Disease. Air, Light, Skin, D el, Bath, Ac., Ac. Gives Instructii i Developing and Htrengthouing the llutnbn Body. H regain Lost Health, resulting from Exhaustion of Ncr*e Power, tbm effect of Overtaxed Energies,
City-Life, Worry. Brain Toil, Intemperance, anj other abuses of the system, how to secure Long Life, and avoid It e InRrmltica of OW. Ago. A*. -
Twenty-fourth Thousand.
Price Is, crown 8vo, cloth gilt, illustrated With engravings os: wood ; fr#* by po*l, 13 sUtpp*.
WOMAN : Her Duties, Kolations, and Position. Subjects treated : Girlhood, Maiden-hood, Courtship, JIarriago, Motherhood, Female Educa-tion, Female Health. Female Hygiene, Domestic Medicine, Woman-as a Wife, Woman a* a Mother, &c.. Ac. It is a treatise on subjects of vital importance to Woman.
Sent direct from the Author on receipt of tlm amount In stamp*.
Address, HENRY SMITH, 8, Burton Crescent, W.C.

QldN .DISEASES, EM**iod,, Blotrhe*,
kZ/ Ulcerated Ho re Legs. Old Sorts. Glandular Swellings, C nceroui Ulcersr-Sppts; Plmplw, Pwtul*^ Bolh. Cwhwdp,.BImK»orm*. Scald
coloratic ia of the Skin. Humours and Diseases of the Skin of whatever name or natnre, arvliterally esrtle'l out of the system in a short timo by tlie one of this world-f*med Medicine.
i_ Cleanse the vitiated Wood whenever you And it* impurities bursting through the skin in pimples, eruptions, or sore*; cleanse it when you tint! It nlist-tjcted and sluggish in the veins; fcltknso It whsn It is fduL and your feelings will tell you' when. Ke#p A* ,W*od puro, mod th* boolth of tlis system will follow,
As this mixture'is pleasant to the taste, »'nd warranted free from anything injuriooi most delicate —'—i.-.i— » ' '
Pl-pprletor so|i(
hit Its valne.
JUXTURE is sold in Bottles, 2s (Sd caoh, .and In Crses, containing six times the quantity, 1&» •ath, sufficient to effect a permanent eme in' the greet majority of long standing cases,, oy all Chsiuists and Putent Medicine Vendors throughout tha United Kingdom and the World, or sent, te any address on receipt of 30 or 182 stamps, by the,Proprietor.
F. J, CLARSU, Chemist. Ap*thecaries'Hall, . LIXCOLN.
Wholesale : All Patent Medicine Houses.
Low** Dmmr: 140 OXFORD 8TEEET.
wd0lk3ali aorsts —
Barclay and Son*, London, mad all Wholesale Houses.
Sold by Chipperfield, Johns, G. Dowman. Wbnleeale Chemist, 160, High street, Austen, Randall and Son. P. O. Collins (late Palk), J. Bienvenu, W. Burcb, W. Thnmas, If,3, High street, and J. T. Ruble. 19, Bernard street, C. Troake, Chemist, 69, Oxford-street.
Royal Horse Guards. •agelSsajs.—" Two j-air* of boots lined with fur i
l It is a* well to t
whon I administered io Mm'il'o
sl|o taken: and for pbjsic— with wnion it is a* wei subpU d when travedlne ia cut-of-the-way places quiuiu", and Cockli>'s Pills, the latt«r a most invaluable medians, and one which I have nsed on the natives of Central Africa with the greatest possible success. In fact.
illous effect* produced npon the miod and body of
.....?as i»p-rrion* to all native mtdicioes,
ioMmflsa .
COCEZ^B'B PILLS will devtr fsd* from ay mem«ry; ana a iriend of mine, who. puAiea through the tam^^fstrlcl many nlouths aflcrwar>l». Ii.formed n.o that my Earn" as a ' medicine man' had i->t ,tle.l
oua. b#t thatlh*mssv*llna#cui*waa*v*mlh*mat&i*«uf
Conversation in the haxaar." .
A Good Family Medicine Chest
with a prudent use, has saved many a life ; snd yet we think I he idea minHt b* improved up**, anc to a ih'-r- simple form. Tak» iom» good cm pound,
Oaily and Weekly Shir« Llstt; *nd ghter's Railway InUlllgencer, filed for reference and Information afforded of tb* Latest Prices of British
• CianW bottlvs, with orysia suppers. Others might bo COCKLE'S HLL8,
SECURITY of Advertisement* gaarantoed.
O Upwards ol Sixty Priva-'ePosting Stations, where
Western Shore
Orchard Lame
Do. "Victoria* Albert-
Clarendon Hotel
Krcemantle Hotel Kxeter Inn. Western 8hor* St. Mary s Road
Thrcefiuld Lane Port*wood Hotel
"Bpread Esgle." Kw*. Nor&ZT" o
West Knd Railway Hotel Woolston (J)
Bridge Street Northam Bridge
..... ,mi^s^a',.Ac.
Psmt poet 6** *m mm* mddrsss om raos n* of cs* pemmy stsmp to prepay postage, or by letter pet """ " ok should b* read by every

How to avoid Disease,
ratro»tls*oa the Laws Go, . _
whioh I* tho cause of all Disease.
Nervousness, Debility, and all tfceir oocoomltant symptoms ciplalr od, aad full Instruoilnns given, for every sufferer, how t» obtain rostorati'-n to health.
'snth "fu fl' * I*N DOT I ON fP "for their preparation and us*. Oontsios special Ho marks oo lihsumaUsm. Rctatioa, Ooot. Neuralgia, Epilopsy, PalpiUtlou ^ &ha Hmrt. nMwm. ImdlmssUom. Lws ^ Bwrw. MemUl and Physical Depression, aad all diseases of the Nervyu* and
p»collar to tho fetasl
Address—Messrs. BARNES and Co., *&, Lon*d».e-square, Bansbury, London, N.
" It can be recommend,d to all class, s ia a resllf valaabl* snd sagfestlve work."-osmI Ca*im*rei«lTua"There Is, throughout ti e book, an air of sincerity, that wins upon the reader."—tni%n*ming sad L'uOdinj Times.
"J-Uber 15th. 18TA .......
•It Is a complete handbook, and If widelv cMoisted msy |»rore a boon to thousands."— Sutrurtan Prsss, October llnh.
J\. MATT Kits of nEALTn, ir;u».n. u h.<> > ***"*■ ■ ' ^ w
B-ivhI H-.rso Guardi.
P'BT 13 s»ys:—"Twi pairs ol boots, lined with fur were also taken; *ud for phy»ic—with which it Is as »ell to b-sttpplhd when irmvelRmy lm*.*.;: plswrn sosde quiring and Cockle's Pills, tho latter a mosi invaluable medicine, and nme which I have used on the natives of Cential Africa with too grw»Usi pos-ible sucooss. In fact, tlie marvellous em cts pr.-duoed upon tho mind nnd body ol »n Arab stflik. who waa impervious to all native modiciuca, when I administered to him flee
fade from my memory ; and a friend of mine.
___, bat timt the marvellous c
conversation in the bazaar."
OCKLE'S Antibilioua Pills
Mar bo had throuuhout tho I
riLia. . ->
Ur. Thompson ssys: "QUININE is quite unrivalW as u tonic. In diseases of debility, in weakened digestion, in drowsiness, loss of appetite, rheumatism, toothache, tic-doloreux, Ac., Ac. IRON — Its strengthening properties are well known, and probably wo have no, aicdicine of the kind so generally useful and applicable In Co|d chills, flushings of best, senrvy. blotches of the skin,nervpQsdebility, loss of blood, Ac.; Afi.'V'QUINIISK and IRON combined are beyond a doubt, as shown by Dr.Thompson, to be the very best medicine wo possess forth* young, the old, the weak, the pallid, the delicate, ih* dyspeptic, mod th* coowmpd**.—Prepared only by Besnitt, High street, Ledbury. In Boxes, la l*d and 2i 9d, or by post for'14-34 stamps. To bo obtaine * ' J. Jon.vs A Co., Dispensing Chemists, two doors b Bar, and 8, Upper Prospect-place, Southampton.
Diseases requiring Private Treatment, consult
0. OXFORD STREET. SOUTHAMPTON, Who devotes his entire attention to all cases of Nervous Debility arising from early errors, which militate against the happiness of life.
inn strictest eohridincs o ^ , CURB GUARANTEED.
Onen from 10 a.m. till 10 p.m. Sundays, 9 till 1;
Is warranted to euro all discharges frqpx the Urinary urgaas, in either sex. acquired or constitutional; Or&vl and Palps in tho Back.—Sold fn boxes, 4s 6d each, by all Chemiits and Patent Medicine Vendor* ; or sent '
Houses. Bold by the following chemists in Southampton;—Johns ana Co., two doors below Bsrgato; O. Dowmtn.-Wholesalo Chemist. 100. High street, Chipper-field, P. O. Collins (late Palk), W. C. Austen. 103, St. Mary's street; W. Burch ; J. T. Rubio, 19, Bernard street and W. Thomas, 153, High street.
Qlonleven Malt Eotabllahod 100 Toara. TWO OALLON8 of this FINE OLD WHISHT (Case and Bottles Included) eent free to any station on receipt of 40*. Trade (appUod. Agent* wanted.
• v;
Witborrt ateel *prlng*, U the moat effecUve wpport tor Honda yet invented. Hie /O 4) truss, from the adaptability of all It* '
parU, ita easily and wort* Ann pre*- ><\
■ore with niwly-Mgulated soco-y/xY
loots bi.aisb ip' dqi,;'
(LaU Bangmy and Co J,
■ . .; Lo»pojr, aw. XetmhSshed 200 Tear*. . NO CUIU8TMAS OU COMPUttB
OHN .1 (B0cc?!or__to M». ^ Mw„d.
~ Reid, foreman in tho outdoor: telsrrmph it of the Lancashire tad Yorkshire Railway
and living in Sal ford, ha* beenj bronghtop under the Manchester! Improremoot Act, 1 in possession of a larfce quantity of silver
sisting of spoons, forks, Ac., of which ho could not give a matimfactory aocoonL DeWetiva. Serjeant Caminda stated that on the 31st ulL he saw th# prisoner and another man In a mbop at Bhoda-hOL lie wont in and saw the prisoner with a bag in hi* hand containing & quantity of milvar plate. Having heard him offer to sell the property, he told tho pri-eonor who h* *aa and aaked him when h* had got tho plate from. Ho' stated that on the 24th ulL ho and another man, nimed Yonng, were digging in a tunnel.that covered tho railway lino at Kirkdale, near Liverpool, and while removing a telegmph poet they mtruck. their, epadea into the plate produced. He questioned hhn further, asking.him if any other person know he had the silver in his possession.and ho replied that the man who had been digging with him know all about it. He said hi* name was James Young, Erin* at Mary.laneL Wallgmtt_Wigao. A meeeaye waa *«i'it. toAVigmn, and Young's house waa searched and 7G similar pieces of silver-plate were found in his possession. Prisoner had on nim when apprehended C5 piece*, weighing about 120 ounces. The silver boro marks aa If it had been buded some time, but wmae o* ikhadheea recently poHehed. Buperintendent Sharp, of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Company;, aaid the .company had had a report of a quantity of silver plate similar to that produced,
.I.l,. ________ ______
ao«S5ln?rala of I or S per o. ..... ..
. S ir*4i*ae',Mi-'kj km.
^e^^na, ^

A I)tr»etors. bj a islam ot strl« •ooooaj. ba»e Wtaerlo pal*
mrrtl/ flndlng tie plan iiiJw»t *V «eeorttr toi■ lh« arvs
Reoonxstaded by lsailsr PhysiMsms ia Christian!*.
Perfectly harmless, oom-
principally of
from the
Norwegian monntaina. A gradual Cure for Chronic obstructions.
Boxes of 24 Pills, la l*d., of all Chemiste; mnd by poet for IB stamps of F. Nowbc-ry St Sons, #7,3#wgate Street, London, E.C.
Seethatyoug'etit, as bad qualities are often substituted.
Impurity of the Blood.—Enfbeblcd Existence.
r fimily. Mn* a msdidn*
BilionmosE, Loss of Appetite, Heod-aohe, and Lowncss of Spirits.
The** Pills effect a truly wooaod ."vercomo giddiness, tieaUache,
Mothers and Daughters.
If (here I, mme thlm, mem lham amotka, lev which the** Pills are famoes Is I* thdr psnpevtl*^ espedaOy IWr
power of Ckaado;; the blor«1 fn ro all impuritios. n-moviag dan-
Indigestion, Stomach, and Liver Complaints.
Vrnor.i se#Wm* from aar diwirders of tho liver, stnavch. ir ethrrarcani o/diKestioo, stinn|.| '
perrons Debility.
Persons who f**l waalr.-knr.satl nervous, may mil si'iirrd
tte wad* means of exdtln* earntAk «Uoo on lh# Kver, StwnO-Inj accnmulatsd bile, and MfWop at a
Hollorcay't Pills are the best remedy ***** in tha world for the following dueaut:—
Headache j Flan* and Gravel
Lamb*** Tlo-Doloreux
Piles ' Ulcer*
Rheumatism | Vmereal Affection* BetoctJ'io of Urine | Worms of all kind* ' SerifUta, or Kind's , We»kn«e from
_ ,! 2%- —
lUloas Complaints Hctchcs on the Skin Rewel Complaints
aad the smallest Pot of Ointment one ouace.' P»« Mated Ireetlons are affixed to eaah Bo: aad Pot, aW cam he bad la asy lasruK*. even in TnrkUh, Arctic, Ajwdkml 1'srkUn, or QiIim—.
at the aWie* addreas, daily, between lb* fc
ai-rvice of the company,-and travelled in the East l.iniuflhiro'district. Tho prisonerwas remanded. The plxto found in the prisoner's possession consists of 12 tablefofks, 12 tablespoons, 13 dessert forks, 12 dessert 'ipixiiii, two plain and seven chased teaspoons, two CKplwonA, one memt&rd epoon, a nair of sugar tonge, and a large gravy spoon. It is all solid silver. Each piece ie stamped with a crest, composed of a pyramid of laurel leavee,.mnd the mottp, what may."
They ere bcli'oved to belong to tho Rous family, in
The American papers report the murder of Mrs. Anna Sunn an by Jnmes W. Johnson, with whom she lived at 194, Orchard-street, New York, and tho suicide of Johnson. A son of the woman states that Johnson's real name was James Jacques, and that in IBM he wae pmpoeWr of Jmcqsea' Hotel, fn Chirmgo, tind during that year tha Wurman family took board at the hotel, where his mother first met Jacques or Johnson. Tho boy's father is William Wurman, end ho is a well-known cattle-dealer in Chicago. An itn-proper intimacy sprang up between Jacquee and hie mother, and they finally became so bold that his father noticed the intimacy. This gave rise to frequent quarrels between his father and mother, and finally the latter left Chicago in company with Jacques, who left a wife with so von or eight children in Chicago, the oldest son beme a man about 30 years of age. lie sold the hotel and furniture for 20,000 dole., and took the money with hipt, leaving his family penniless. On arriving in New York, Jacques assumed the name of Johneon. Young Barman emme to Now York eoon after, and did what he could to support his mother. In 1876 she lived with Jacques in Bond-stroet, near Hmadway. When Johnmonwamarreetedforemoggling diamonds, his mother represented herself as his wife, end did all mho could to %et hhn out of tho eciape. After the loss, of the diamonds Johnson became gieatly changed. He wae moroeo and irritable. Ho frequently quarrelled with the boy's mother, and bo-came eo violent at one time thmt young Burmmn caused bis arrest. The murder was committed in a most atroc ious manner, and the man afterwards cut his own
At a meeting of the Camberwell Vestry a report has been brought up from the Dulwfch College Committee with reference to the propoeal made by the governors of tho college to charge the coete in the slanuer muit of " Hume e. Marmhall," recently tried before the Lord Chief Juetico and a epedal jury at Croydon, open tho fnnde .of the charity. The committee stated that having, received the explanation of Messrs. Tumey and btfong, the repreeentativce of the veetry on the board of governor* of Dulwich College, they were of opinion that the payment of the coete of the action by the governor* out of the fnnde of tho college would be an improper application of the fnnde of the charity, end thoy recommended the vestry to protcet against such payment. Mr. Kemp, chainnan of the committee, spoke mtrongly against what he termed tho nropoeed misappropriation of the funds of the charity. Mr. Btrong, J.P., one of the parochial governors, said that the expenso of the whole suit amounted to f 3,000. General Hodgson thought that ae Mr. Mar-shull had made his statements in good faith he ought to be enppoMed. Mr. Tamey, the eecond repreeenla-tivaof the veetrymt the board of governors, announced thmt the Chanty Commissi oners had written to the b*rd of govemon, stating that the couree intended to be pursued wmsillegml. The speaker also stated that Mr. Marshell, tha dewndant in the action, had been a»ked to eend In hie reeignetion by the governors.
The Lord Mayor has had a communication from a society founded in Paris in 1864 for the extension of the use of horsoflcsh as an article of food stating that two of their members, tradesmen of Rheims, were about *o open in London an eetablishment for the preparation and malo of horseflesh as food, and request-uig him lordship'* authority for ymt mtep. They urge that horseflesh will bo an important addition to our food re^oureee, especially to thome of the poor, and they state that horses past working are sold at higher pHcee te butchere than to slaughtererm, and that the mnimalm are treated with the greatest care, it being to the butchers' interest to have them well nourished. The English population, perhape, might be repugnant to the eonmamptkm of horeedesh, but there were suBciett foreigner*, notably Frenchmen, in London to ensoro the success of the now industry. In any
1872, aad 10,019 in 1877. There were now 81 rAffw* open in fan* alone, and many in all the principal town*. %* founder of the mociety i* M. E. Docroix, the principal veterinary surgeon in the army of 1'aris. Tho Loxil ilayor has replied, wishing tho oxpenment a fair trial and the euecs* may deaerve, ami pointing out that no authority or permission is needed to open the establishment in question.
Mr. Humphreys held an inquest on Saturday list at the Flint llonso, Hyde-road, Hoxton, on tho "body of Caroline Jane Wardog, aged three months, the daughter of a chairmaker, living at 11, Wickhnm-atrret, lloxton. Carolina Waning, the mother, stated that *he went to bed with deceased between twelve and on# on thp early morning of Thumday, mud on awakening at half-past three o'clock she found tho infantdrad by her mid*. Charlotte Norman, the landlady, said that tho family had resided in her house for ono year and 10 month*. Beth wete addicted to drink, ampeclnlly tho wife. This wmm the mecond child that had been found dead in bed under the mamoeircumstancee. Dr. Cockerton stated that deceased w** brought to hia kurgery dead, tho emus* being engoomtlon. iTweonmer remarked that two children being eMfocatad, after the landlady'* evidence, Ipoked very *u*piclou*; but there wae no evidence to prove intentional foul play. The parent* were not of *ober habit*. Tho jury, after consulting twether, returned a verdict that d#cea*ed died from suffocation in bed, but under what chvum-*tanc#* there was mo evidence to show.
who*e information th* prisonsr was arrssted ^at he was a war*heuM porter out of
and the 00 gentleman had alwai about him, and that
Exi-losio.h or Dvkajiite.—Tho inquiry into the rnamito srploeioa at Cmerminela Qumrry, Llanheri*, hen two men worn killed, waa concluded on Saturday last.' It was shown that ona of the men was tempering dynamite balls with his hand when the disaster occurred, and the jury, in returning a vptdict of Ac-cidental Death, recommended that proper appliance* for tempering the dynamito should be obtained, and their use stringently insisted upon.
Killio bt a Cab.—An inquest was held on Satur-day l*at at BL Ge*go'* Ho*pital, on th* body of Michael Duggan, *ged M year*, a *tone mwyer, who un over and killed by a hansom cab, a few davs in Lnpus-street, Fimlico. If appeared from tho evidence. of the son, who was also verv seriously injured, that ho and his father were crossing tho road, when suddenly a cob, driven on tho w—— *ido of tho road, spproachod at a very fast rate, knocked them both down before they could get o

,ness if he knew any one who wanted a job \v;
fan who %v*d by himself, and he *s&*d whether he woald go. Wtne** mid, " WsU uncertam, I might have to go to work ia the Jj
ing. Prmouersaidthewayhegottoknow^ 4he gentlemen was selling him a trap over (!?
; that h*mold & to himfm f40e.f/
three hmndred pounds *ach. Witness asked h , ; h* meant to do iL H*mIdhe*houldgoupmg,i^ at the door, and whea he opened the dour h*V" put hie foot ineide, knock hi* down, gag k „ ti*him up. Witness *aid "All right; th*:,!'/: the way." He took witnees to th* street ** out th* hou*e where the gentleman lived, & way hack to town h* *howed him a revolv nam* *aid, "You dmi't intend to hurt him,, Ho asid, " No, if he doosnt show anv rex:
make a noiso; hut if he doe*, the old men wil C *tand hi* chance, for I don't *tand at thges. ; V been thinking the best war for u* to dp it r * me to write a note and tnto it, and when to th* door 1*11 put my foot between the d,, the post so thmt he cannot shut it, and brought a not* and want an an*wer to it. S* he'll ask me in, and I shall ask you ^e coa»r .while he is writing an answer to the Mete y^u Ul looking round at the pictures, and then"*i„{
through the hou*o. Witness
the wmbetanee of the different conv*___
police, and when the Unal arrangements for.
were made, Deteetive Bmjea&t Black snd ih* oUcem were in conoealmenL Witnmm mttih*-*oner at twenty minute* pa* Ave, end thrv had a glass of ale. Prisoner mid, " I've kronih; of them thing*," and at th* mme time pelkd -life-preeerver. Witness said, "All right; ha?. , . got the revolver with you as well ?" (io said, ( ay^ I alway* carry thaL I was down hear n ,
0 clock to-day to And out th* name of th* red addrem* the letter to. I *aw him come to the dw, call two little girlain. Ifhehaeectcompnr*! we go we must nut It off tiB Monday night.?' \V ne** mplkd, " He ha* got no cumpany: eooe* : gone in mince I have been here. Dw't you think had better go and do the jobf" li* said; W the *ooner the better." Witnem said, "AH ,igh thar* ia nobody about, let u* go." We wed mm the back of the hnn*e. mp Jmkeman'm Wslk, *nl can round to the front. M*on*r mid, " I have h, *omo *trap* to strap hi* l*g*. I want you the door nnd give kim thi* note." \fltue "No, you'll he better able to address him ^ shall, and I had rather you did." Prisoner iri
" AB righ% I don't care how it is; let'mga the ready." He pulled the Ufo-premerver i^ut and put in him right hand jacket pocket, and maid " Come
1 have got :t all ready now." Prisoner went to doorandkioo ed. There warn no answer, and with said, " Knock louder." Prisoner knocked times, whan B ack and two constables who hid b^ concealed just inside tho door of the nes rushed out and seized he prisoner, who at fin *ome violent i*ei*tance, out wa* overpowered by o@o*r*, who forced him into the house neat u where he was s« arched by Black, who found upon
a life-preserver and a six-barrel revolver loaded " chamber*. A large number of cartridges« found upon 1 im, and a letter addressed Pbncia, E*q., 88, Cl*vedou-road." The letter ported to be fiom a gentleman named Jmmem W: wa* dated Frm-viBm, Mo*oley-road, and mtat the writer having to give up *tabling occupi him in the Dalsall-heath-read, wished to know Poncia would be opposed to let the stabling to his house. The letter further requested Mr. to send a wi itten answer by bearer. Upon being mido, it was ascertained that there was a place m* P*m-villa, Mo*eley-rcad, and no man living in the road of the name given, borative evidence having been given, her was committed for trial at the 8***loni charge*—attempting to break into th* dwi Mr. Fonda, and inciting another man to o
Vice-chancellor Malin* has heard a caUon by Mr. Brimtowe, Q.O., for the ment of a receiver of the prodla of certaia, hotel* in Cecil-itreet, Btrand, and TaviKock Covent-gard*n, th* fact* being the following defendant, Mr. Townmnd, who was formerly monger"* amiatant in th* Btrand, in Msy, became n suitor for tho hand of a Mrs. Wa'-us, nrietreaa of the two **tabli*hment* mention*], May, 1875, was married to her. Mrs. Wt had been married in 1854 to a Mr. A. O. Wi who *eem* to have wanted health, and to bn out to Ceylon. It wa* itated, however, A* Wmtmon wa* *tiB living at th* time of ha **oond marriage, and only died in Februs?. In October, 1877, the lady died, and Mr. I' took out administration, jgr*. Comwell, *i*
*tated that proceeding* had alao been the -Probate Court. His Lordship appoint! terim recoiver to protect the property.
Bior » a R*roa*ato*t.—Thirteen gill' f in the Doncastor Iteformatory have been -to from three days to four months' imprif- ::' riotous conduct. Some money wa* missed, it the girl* were in bed a search was mad* the money and some valentines found. It mimsing these broke oat in open rebellion. " thuni smashed window*, other* defied the i while ten of them left tho place in a body.
Tm* FALuocTH R*cma'* RaT*.—Amt r ha* been received from the rector"* London giving goal notice that unlea* th* rate is : signed ly the mayor and aldermen, a m*n i bo applied for. A meeting of the coma:::' afterwyd* held, and the offer of the rector: : a net income of f1,200 was rejected, bu: miUee agreed to *uggmt 1300, and it waa that th* rector"* rate of I*. 4d. in the ; overdue, should not be signed for colloctio:
DoumL* Munnma m Loiaaica.—The I ' young woman, reepectmbly dreamed, ha* bee:: -at Singland, Limerick, in a manure i" woman appears to have been buried in hn The body of a female child was found in place. The medical evidence given at IL went to show that the child died from the three fracture's on the skull, and the woman : fracture of tho skull. The bodies were w ' nised. Tho jury found a verdict of Muni-home person or poreon* unknown. A e:. Cnamen ha* been arrested and charged with II He wa* on* of the men who dug th*m op.
OrMMO Of a N*W RatLwaY.—A new way between Green wick and Maze-hill * >• tho Imt inst., putting tie former place in munioativn withUruveemmd, Chatham. M > diitiicts in North and Mid-Kent. The veigc* from the old one noar.JDoptford Ct-thence carried along a descending gridt • arrive*at London-*treet, which it pa. • London-street the line is carried forward ' • half a mil* in length, which passes und.' Naval School*. At the end of the tunnel carried ou to the Maze-hill Station. Th«- i the line from Mame-hlll to Charlton and / where a junction i* formed with the Xwth h -ha* been4»pan*d for *om* time.
Aaorama. Cama AOAasr D* MoaoAX.-Th ton Estate Colliery Company have oHtai"1'1 ' junction against John Do Morgan, Mr. " othera to restrain them from pulling up a Wie plaintiffs, on HunsU-t Moor, near L*** ] ' Inciting other persons to commit similar *c , Master of the Roll* said that if tho ' like this. HpUoway Goal would not be l*TP*( Ho was not going to commit the people who
wlvo*. On a former oceadon be „
rps: & **
and members of the local committee.
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