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About tight yesr* wo. when I hod mot railroaded ll u Imitf u 1 have MOW, I wntemHorod aa * ninMopr on a
r:,1; %
B. T. and t*. R. H. laat to.eave myself the troubli of pronouncing tbe whole name.
I bad not boon on lb* run wore than & month prerioul to the data, of tbo occurrence of which 1 am going W Ull you. I bad b##n funning on a branch rout* for more than a year, and 1 might have itaid there a good deal longer If I bad not cboeen to take P.xt-n'i place wboa he went«df. You W, two* or three attempt* had been uade to rob tbo expra* c«r, and at lait, at tho end of a. long run. Paxtou w.a found de-d in tho car with a. bullet-bole in hia bead Bat tho aafe wae cioeed twrlit and •ecure, though an attempt had been made to Mow U open, which proved ineffectual. But the *tranW*l|,"everything pawed off* noothly enough for oevaral week*, and I liad become accustomed to tlio route, and made a doxon or ao pleawnt acquaintance*, and I was growing to be pretty w«U contented with my life. I had alinoet begun to think the robbere. whoever they might be. had given np all thought* of ever mating anything iutof my car, and had eougtit another Held for operation.
One day I wa* informed by the agent at R- that
•ome time within a week I ehould have to take charge of about 80,000 dollar* in epecie In it* tranaiLover our road The officer* of tbe erpreaa company bad been advieed of thi* Intended, ihfyuient, In ordqr that they might exerciee redoubled vigilance In view of the great ^iik incurred In the transportation of euch # valuable #ontlgmnenL • ,
ning after my conversation with tbe agent he into bit office and told me tbe tpecie wa* to go over tbe road the next day but one. He produced ah envelope and handed it to me. eaylng at h* did to: "' There, Bill, are your order/direct from the Snperin, •dent, with hik own signature attached. Bead them ■e'ully, and obey them to tbe letter, for a little mie->ve might canto a great lot< to tbe company, and coet you your poiition."
"I'ball do my duty to the very letter," I replied. •' I am tare yon mean to do to." eaid tbe agent, " but cannottt too careful. Some of tie memltrt of tbe light lingered profteeton are emtrt at lightning. The plant they can't devite ain't worth thinking of, and they are at fertile In expediente ae the evil on* himeolf. 1 thought I'd juit put you on your guard In a friendly way
Thero wai a tllgbt sound at the door. If tbe depot, bad'nt been deserted by e cry one exoept ut two, and Itch engine had'nt been put up at the end of the 'here we could hear it* inceeaant puffing, I don't t we could have heard the sound at all. But we oticed It at once, an4 at I looked out of the office beyond, I taw & man (lauding
m-ev. Bedbridce
Wart En I. Dock*.

Alrotford. Wint

wai nil over hie awkwa'dneet I threw hie face down to an exprewion i, and came boldly forward to I * through which the .tgint alvr
i might have witl, pei lie wat a very fair appe* lag rty, though be might In
h beta'-'- »---*• •• .|PPV?nt,,"..>b<>ul "• &ack. lira py*Mu K a uiga oat, "o migui nave pateed very well for one oi tbo cloth If hit note bad'nt been jutt a trifle luminott. The oihor peculiarity I noticed about the man wai tb»*. ha had a queer eort of a red-looking eye. - It appeared fixed and ttaring, and at be oime nearer 1 conch tied II waa glatt. It wat to etranu't and unnatural in it. tx^reuion that I tbongbt 1 thould know it if I abould *,# it peering at me over the wall of China. ,
" I* there atmall pack*;, her fir loa o 0. Vi iked, in a bu»in.„ like w»y, in ana wet
occupant. He Waa » young man. with a full face and (-quart feature*. Hit oheaka were not woken, and he had a decidedly freeh appearance for a young man who bad beam dead nearly two day*, I thought.
Replacing the bd. I paaeed away to the other coffin. Here a new and etartling turpnte met ma. The aand who had made armngement* for teanapnrtatlon of Ibelr remaltt. and bow here in thia coffin, a ad to all ap-pearancit dead! Then 1 remembered that the dead tlrangtr aald tliat bit deoeated brother rcaambled him rery cloeely. But two brother* are not apt to have red eyea I tJnch a c at thi* wae beyend the pale of reaeoneble probabUity.
While I gaxed at the corpee. the other eye opened a little, and 1 waa euro that It waa locking at me! I waa re that there wa* fraud here, bnt to ebow that I had
replaced the lid of the coffin, and took to think the matter over.
I remembered ray eon vrrtation with the expiree xgeui which we feured had been overheard by the clerical lohktug ttrangar, and could only come to the condu tion that the whole thing wat a deliberate plan t ' gain pot»et*fon of the 80,1)00 dollar denying that the ma
In my charge. Thei
with the red eye waa alive. , _ __________
other man wae al«o. Kneeling down. I placed my ear cloae to the'jtide of the coffin, and c-uld hear him breathe quite diatinetly I tern-inhered that it wa* the iiit-auoii of the attendant who had hoarded the train, ta enter the ear at Ued«ood, ot:rn«ibIy fur the purpott of teeing the b-dlre, and 1 could not doubt that the three men intended to attack me after the train bad pulled out from the atatlon, and rob the ear before our arrival at the next atop ping place. There wat but one nation between ut and Kedwnod. and I knew we would b* there in ten minutet more.
I had no time for hesitation. In an inttani I had decided on ray clan of action. At quickly aa poatible I piled several heavy b-ixet of merchandise on tbe top of the eoffint, and then I knew I wat tafe Scarcely waa thi* accnmptUed whea we ran into the station.
I immediately found two or three Flrtl,
oach wat tretired. He was hlghlv In.

dWurbed oh i no go. He ■»* hahdeuffed In lea. d marched out on the platform, ter to te ure the two qnoudan e taken greatly at a disadvantage
dead men. They wi
and Were deprived oi an me power io rerntt aimot before they became aware how their nlcq little achemi terminated. All three had been well armed. '
Bound and guarded, the three mitcreantt were taker to Kedwood and lodg»l In the county jaiL
Before 1 left I took a look at them through thi grated door of theeell. When I~paid ray ie«pectt t< tlfV man with the red eye he trailed a little and re marted patronitingly • J
"You're a pretty »harp young raac? It takes a middling keen b<»y to outwit ut."
" Permit pe to tympathize with you ii at tbe lu*# of your dear biother. jutt a 1
of tht Princea« Alice. Grand Duche#* of Hssse D« ■tadt. Tli* Mayor (J. B. Thoma*. Esq.), prwided. there wore pre*tnt— Mr Sheriff Driver ; Aldermen Dawson. Atlatt, W. H. Newman. Emanu*l, J.P., and Umer; Councillor* J. Bishop. J. Whitchurch, Q. P. Perkini, J P.J E. Le Peuvro, J. P., P. H. Candy. G. Lungley. O. Dunlop. J.P., J. O. Parmenter. H. Abraham. W. Cooper, J Miller. T. Dartnall, and W. H. Rogers, J.P. roT« or w»dol«xc« to iibr uutsrr.
Tlis Mayor said It bad been his melancholy duty tc together for what purpos* thsy wsrs awi


High Street, oppoalte ths Audit Honae.
Poit Offiwa, If • * " ......
eep'iou ot waM letter* at 7 t
ana o.i.j P,m. .->o pottage lump* are atrvan anal On Siind^fUiexo la only one de'.very by letv oommencinp at 7 a.m. j and letter i are delirec
■«l lottor* received np to haU-an-hour tho lotter-boz or office.
Omlow-rood, Now "
Carlton-placo ... 14. <
Bailway Term!nm If-.lOa
Queer !" eaid the ......
bave come yetterday. Have y
Aod after thlt abrupt interrogation tl e stranger alood quite motionless. Eyeing the agent Intently for as
both answered No."
The man took one out of hie pocket, eprea linz It before u«, put on* of his sleqder foreaurfers upu following paragraph :
" Patal AociDa.iT.—Till, afternoon at two named reipecttvely Henry Van Scoter and C. H. Grlgg*. were at work chopping timber In the pineries noar Scranton, a tree foil upon them, killing Van Scoter in. stantly, and inflicting injuries upon the person of Grigg'e from which he died In less -than an hour. They were
residents of O-, and it is underttood that their
maina will be taken to that place for burial."
" Henry Van Scoter w a my only brother—my t brother — who reaambl.d me very much Indeed, and Charley Griggs wat my sister's husband. It's a sad blow • a sad blow I I don't know bow my poor ait ter will bear it. It't about thit aad affair that I came litre chiefly.
I wan't to tend tbe two bodies through to O- by ex
prott Thnreday by tho 11.40 train. What will be '

' t he cbargee will be 25 dollar

Tbe etranger only but
tho reply. Then bo wi _______
during which time he appeared
" The bidlea will be here Than " I hope you will make all arrati delay. 1 guess my package won' Ths agent aetured him there he mightdependon having tl with the greatest possible expedition. Tho man bowed again politely ; them he a "Is the telegraph office near? I mu sorrowful nsws to'my poor sitter,|l euppoee anything but a pleaaant duly."
ilemnly in recognition of ot for a minute or two, > be atruggling with

£'. '5%, ,°STr.
catay SuTonred Lev*age wldch may safe nt m»ny heavy
d^o «,r t tllla. It i« hj tbo jadl-iOM u*e of »»ch article* dttt th*s a constitution may be gradually built up ontlll
W fu W" kX&'wSyta
*h*tevor there it a woak point. We may oa-
not v-a>»d. Aik your O.ietaUt tor •• Tax Uxxtcav
£e'fi::s«<-, o*arTW)«r«. ar 3« &t pre botHe.
TaarjMiud Asthmatid afloc-
ti»*. tiae ihat the word* " Browa'i
with a pollto " thank yoi .... ....____
walked out of the office, and in'a couple of uiinutea thi sound 9f bit footttepe died way in the distance.
" A queer tort of a chap," said I.
"A little odd " answered the agent.
" I wonder If be heard ut talking about tho specie !" he queried.
- Yes," said I, for I'm sure he was littcaing L) our Ulli when I drst saw him."
" Are you certain of it f" tbe agent asked eagerly.
" Well, no," I replied, not altogether certain beyond miitake, but it looked mightily like it, I can tell you."
" (Suppose you go to tbe telegraph office, and tee wbal kind of a message ho ssnds," suggested the agent.
No sooner said thin dons, I hastened to tbe telegraph office, and as I went ia the man came out. He did nt seem to recognize mo. at least he did'nt look at mo, and I thought it prudent not to notice him.
** Did that preacher looking follow send a meatage tc O;—?" I atked of the operator, when 1 had gone in and closed tho door after me.
" Yea. "Why do you atk f
"0h, only out of curioetty'" I replied.
" Wat it anything of Importance ? The man eaid that bit brother and brotber-in law woro both killed thty
Tbo operator took tho copy of the metiage from the Ale on tlio table and laid it,before me. It w»atddr?aaed
to Mrs C. H. Grigga, O'-, and aigned'Itaao G. Kan
Scoter, It road— . T • J J\
'• Henry and Chariot ar* both daad. They will/be aent homo Thuraday." . 1 U "
Everything teemed oomiitent, and any doubt I had
" JWg "
I walked Along that Thursday would ba -----------
day with mo. with me, with two corpse* and 80,000 dollara in epeoia hi The money was depoaitaJ In ths car an hour before the time for tho train to leive Thursday morning It wat securely locked in two strong, iron-bound chests, and when they were stowed away In the large safs, and the heavy doors roads fast, I (bought everything fixed. A few mlnutoa before we pulled out two wagons passed by tho oar, one of them containing two coffins and tbe other six men, who were evidently acting aa pall-bearera. I looked around for. tho bereaved brother srith the peculiar eye. but be waa nowhere to be aeon. I thought it wa* a little etrange that ha abould ba abeent at tuch a time, and I forgot all about It In a moment.
The collina were placed In one end cf the car, and after It bad been arranged that one of the neiOhoutd cdme into the car and take a look at the bodice what we arrived at Btdwood, ha shook bands with the others aod entered ona of the new coaches.' As the doors cioeed on him the boll* rang and wat went steaming away. .
I was pretty busy for an hour o* more.nad ws Lad passed thr«« or four stations before I had time to *tt
Council prttenl. He thought they
ate by passing unanimously and without ditctikfiou tin resolution which had been drawn up, and which h< would propoae. The reigning family of thlt country wen at pretenl under the greateet grief, and the Corpora I lot had met together to expreta their deepest sympathy with them in their alhiction, and by eo doing hoped mitiiate in ooroo manner the our row they htd to bei It was now seventeen year* sines ths Royal Family sustained their first great lota in tht deat* of the Prince Contort, and now they had lost one of the chief ornaments of their fsroily circle. Tbe late Priocete Alice waa li, everr reepect a thorough woman, and when her father lay ill and dying, teventeen years ego, the ten-derly nursed him. On Innumerable occationt the had thown bor kindneeo of heart, and be wa* tort the members of ths Council present would approve of his calling thsra together to exprees their heartfelt sympathy with Her Msjeity and tho Royal Family in their grtat eorro*. and. In the Itrmtof the resolution, '• pray that Almighty God would give them itrength and —•- -----tain a weight nf grief which
rota of ontioienc*'
To Her. Moat Grartous Majesty the Queen.
May It phase your Majesty —We, tbe Mayor, Aldermen.
Splw C6^ilL^M^bs|^L^\ZpeeJlLy^rmLw
your Majesty our slncew and heartfelt eymptthy sud condolence on the heavy affliction which bat fallen on yoor MaJ«ety aad tba other members of the Royal * smlly. by the larpented death of your Maleaty's beloved daughter, her Royal High neat Ike Grand Duehees of Darmstadt, the Trlnoest All** of Great Britain and Ireland.
In common with the retl nf tbe people of the Brlllth Empire the Inhabitants of Southampton deeply deplore the loaa of so excellent a I'rinees*. a lady who In all the relations of life eel
rief which was so largely shared by Her a." He then propoaed,tho following

h In a nubile aud ce. and eetcem.
e world of the
laUou to your Majooty under your sad berrartment. and we fervently pray that Almighty God will give your Majesty strength and resignation to sue tain s weight o( grief which It lsrgcly shared la by the whole of your Maleaty'a subjects

______Bloumt Tuost..._______
Sherifl Driver seconded the proposition, and thought ttbo Mayor adopted tbo best course fn caQ ng (ha Council ogstlior to express their sorrow,and b'e believed it would b* gratifying to Her Majesty and seme comfort to bor in her affliction to know how much bar da tighter was beloved by her people.
Mr G. Durlop heartily supported tho proposition, which wa* than unanimously adopted.
. tbb Disrajus ur sovTHAttrrott. The Mayor-said be wished to call Wio/aitentlon of the Council to tbe diktrvst existing through the severe weather hating thrown numbers of persons out of em pl^yment, end should like to know - the viSws of tho Council to See If steps could not be taken for distributing relief to the deserving poor. He bad received a letter from tbe seulor memberjfor Southampton. Sir P. Perkins, stylng the poor ahouid hare their consideration at that season of the year, and enclosing a cheqse for ten guineas, to be distributed aa tbo Mayor thought best among }he deserving poor.
A convocation took place, In which Messrs LeFeuvre. Abrahan., Whitchurch, Lungley. Dartnall, and Parmenter took part, and on the motion of Mr Abraham, seconded by tbe Sheriff, a resolution was passed re-; tbo Major to call a public meeting on tbe


Tbo Town Clerk read the following letter
London, la. Berkeley-square, aotli December. IMS.
Sir.—I am rrqueated by his Excellency the LlberUn Mlc'stcr to convey through you to bis Worship the Mayor of Southampton the expression of bla heartfelt gratitude for tho courteay extended to him during his stay at Southampton. and I am to avail myself of nils opportunity alto thankfully to acknowledge the great klndnett shown to his Excellency by A. Giles. E*q. M 1'. Uamllton Dunlop, E»q. and the other gentlemen of yoor hoepltable town (especially those of the press) who so generously noticed -his Excellency's psssage through Southampton. ' ---'-----*---- ota which occurred to render his
D. Consul-GeneraL
up for,ths Chriaimas rvceea. cms off on Friday las*.
appeared thor-ughly delighted wtth the sxeellemt enter-tamment jftovld^i far them. In additkm to aocal and instrumsutsl music snd recitationa in character, the
were sustained in a manner that did great credit to all concerned. A capital stage »u erected at one end of the room, and the young gentlemen walked tbe boards ',,na manner, reciting tn
a dear and distinct voice, and showing wonderful rslen • tive memories. Tjis musical selections were rendered in first-claas style, and tbe oomie scenes created considerable amusement. Thw programme as a* fnllnw. and J^Brander*1" ' Th" °*boro® Qusdr1Iles"-C. Elliott Tarwr*""' " Tho Wreek ot the Royal Georgu '-P.
• Nrlghboers"—II. Symouds,
M23, , .
S-ox-Mr W, Blay.
>d. & Sparks, and D. Brown.
Tyrolean Alr"-lllaa Main and H. Spares.
rrologue—by H.
C. Srsaomlaj: Derrick. & Maynt W. El&e*. W. OWa. Turner. W. Parry. Y. Craig. D Brown, and A. Ju
Recitation. - Sheridan's Ride' -Mr G. H. T. Thomas. S.»ocr. ~ Tbe Skipper and bis Boy"—S. Payne. Recitation. - Prophecy nf Capya"—H. Mltard. ^Gt-rwaaj Goaprach mlt Saloem Sobu"—W. Klllott a
Song. - Tie but a little faded flower"—MUtes Mela a
— ...J. Breeder. \
The priffa wore distributed b<
previout to which Mr Methvin delivered a short addreas, and observed that he remembered last year saving that one of the greatest complimtntt
Kid him after the tpeech day waa being able to atttmhl* bit schoolroom the largest audisncs ever gathered in Woolston. and that year, he was pleased to say. was no exception to the ruls. He knew of nothing wSich gave «"re healthy enjoyment than »o affjrd the pleasure he hoped they all felt that evening as the result of thsir labour. I boss spesch d«yt wire not only the delight of the boyt, but It Uught them to face tuchat the prevent, and inaftefdayt wben they
pleasure he felt In se it would prompt tbe was , pleased to say I
and expressed tbe

id he now had i
school. He alto___
it the general good c _____
■ption there bad been no
the list of boys ss they stood in order of u •evsral claatet and they would tee from it that William Elliott ttood at the bead of the tcbool, and hit conduct had been all that he could detiro both in the houte and In tbe tchoolroom :—lit elate English, W. rlllott, 1« ; P. Kptrkt. 2nd. 2/id das* Englitb, E. Patch. In; E. yparxi. 2nd. lit clatt m,thematic*. Stewart, lit; 2nd elass mathematics. Thornpeem. lit; Brown, 2nd. lit class LaUn, Brockal, lit ; F. Termer, 2nd ; Luke. 3rd. French, Brocksl, lit; Derrick. 2nd. Map drawing. Thornai. ltt\Turner. 2nd. LowtrSchool— Hayes, lit; Appleford, 2nd; arithmetic, IL Turner, lit; Aleyei.
Tl'io RevJR. Urqnhsrt then diitributod Ihe prixea, eonmting of uieful and bandiomely bonnd b -oks, giving a few words of enoouraKSinsnt to oach boy as he stepped

WinrUrstrr fitws.
SATURDAY. DsceuBxa 21. 1IT8.
Vot* or C snoLMcm to tb« Qc««*.-The Town Council held a special meeting on Saturday, under the pre-ldency of the Mayor (Capt Moore), to propose and forward an address of condolence and sympathy to the Queen on her bereavement The address adopted and read by the Town Clerk was aa followa :—
To Her Moat Graciona Majeny the Queen.
Wed. detiro to approach your Majeaty with the expreaalou of our deep sympathy, and to otfcr our ateeeve eoudolenee on the great bereavement you have soaulned by the lamented death of your loving daugbler-the Prince,a Alice—a Prineeis endesred^o the nation by the amlllablllty ot her character, her filial and maternal devotion, and hrr many virtues. We fervently pray that God will grant you eonaolatlon and aupport under this heavy trial, and that your life may be spared for many rears to reign over a —.——- —lympatli l#l ng%pcople.
aeal. this list day of Decern*
^Glwu under oi
J com mitt d f
on Monday ------ ---------------— ---
department of the Winchester Railway Station. A pane of glass was smashsd, the saih opened, and an entrance thui effected. Tbo thief. apparenUy with a pocket knife, cut out alongside tbo lock of Mr Tate's drawer, where caih it utually kept, and thereby abetracted about 5s in copper, some stamps, &c. In all about « 6d in value, with which bo got

ssfe on Sunday night.
Toe DrATn it announced of Mr J. P. Pitt,
Hvsd at Hursley over 60 years was a good fi famous gookmaster, and attended Winchestei upwards of 50 years. Being a land owner, tot always active in parish matters, and for aoroe ye »ra acted aa Chairman of the Board of Guardians. He wat » great mpporter of tht Partoert' Benevolent Society, and. working with Mr Naitli, tba lion aoc, baa rolioed many a deserving object. He was fond of country life, a staunch supporter of fox hunting, and wai tecretary to the Hartley Hunt ever since Colonel Nicoll had ths management till last year, when declining health obliged him to-retire. Deceased leaves many fiiehdi, both rich and poor, to lament bit death, lie wai

widow and a large family l
IcctncxT.—Auguit, 1876. Injuring tha'ipiae and h« ng coageition of the brain. Great waaknea* of t a$oau|ag pala iront the crown of t teeee. So nlief from any remedy more th w«ckt at a time.—'. Dear Sir.—I cannot C
----expreis my gratitude for the benefit I have
ready received from the use ol the Magnc^ca* belt a " T-~i tollr oonrinoed of Its wonderful efflea
it has induced n
Apia* Band. I a

line it with » suitable preparation of Iroa.
_ which weak and ailing persons should-----—
selves. By taking a few dotes regularly before ratals, thui to whom ibe least exertion is a trial, will And their strengt
uily avoided, and could always ensure better Health by
»d Iram W'llo»areom*.Tha graver forms of disss se giving

acoaantas cau my own. aud I do intend, at soju at It is pos-for me to do ao. to piy you another viilt on behalf ot my wife, and get for her tl.e appliances which you reoommend. You know well. Sir, how madly I waa afflicted with that ful malady, " Melancholia " weakness ofsplae. a ths kxlners. heavy depression su the top of ti times elmuet paralysing the brain, earning loot dun now of tight. rmUeee nights, with L Weeps _
desire for society, only for s elusion, aod longing fc of, rather than lingering out much a miserable axial
vt say eamsthlag has wrought a great change. I >ar - light-hearted, ttroager. »lght improv o. better
& ;;r
I have not a rmtou to believe that from ao comfort*r aooihing and life invigorating appllanota m»r yet live a happy life Imtteed of a lingering oeatn. t .
can I do other*lit than urge aud lmploro thoee who, afflicted, ana Uke me have grasped like a drowning at ov«rr straw, to make yet another effort, and graip life ouoy -the Magnectioui- Make what yua like at I If any one wishes to communicate, private, public, or poetal, a message or a line will safflce. I am ml their service.—Yours very grate (uL Bva* Xxioxt, 10, Back land street. Buckland."—[aovr ]
Aomnm m I—To* in Tkxt* **o Baxsra.—A few drops of ths liquid " Plorillue sprinkled oa a wet tooth brush pro.* a pleasant baher, which thoroughly cleanse* tho Teeth from all paraaiusa or ImpuriUee, harden* the gums, prevents
Ch**i*ts a*d Perfumes*. Prepared by henry 0- OiiLor,
Bridge *' BOOTH. PHoe 2a aud la.—C. &AT*n. SI
HHHERE ia scnrcely a disorder of tho bodj, • functional or organic, in which Quinine and Iron coo Id net be adminieterad with good results. For Inter-. and febrile symptntr.-mpare with IL For proatra* . ,tnt or, long lllnees or other ■Hnement, eed*nt«ry oeoupaUona, and any »impoverish the vital fluids aid owder-
ution, Uulniue end I
^ TOMC IS SC&OPULA. . . , /
If porseverd with Quinine and Iron will entirely ben tab the icrofuloo* taint from th* body. The ulcerations and alwcssses, frequently of a painful character, ecmeume* appearing in tbe gl nds of the neck, in other forms as scurvy and obstinate *kin eruptions. Ac., will ultimately yield to its purifying influence.
*- TONIC com bin oo these powerful agents in their highest state of efficiency, is chemically pure, unalterable by keeping or climate, not disagreeable to take, easily portable, alwajr* of a deflaite strength. n------ be taken when aiking for Pspper't Qi
reealL Bottles 4s 8d. lis, and si

Dspreenon of spirits from any cause long continued snjures the health greatly, and many suffer in this way for want ef a proper remedy. f t
For tbe low nervous headache, commonly attendaa on depreation, especially If from mental cauees. ths Quinlns yid Iron Tonic will be found noil usiful ; it re-invigorates the entire avatem, and speedily dissipates un-plsaiant ssnsatlons of a melancholic character.
Taken a few minutes before meal time tbo tonic effect on tho coata of tbo stomach ia such that an immediate des%u for eating is created. A" the oaino time th* digwttivs faculty is aroosed. and perform* its functions in elaborating the food, thus preventing the usua' ' treesing lymptomt of flatulence, pain at tbe cheat heartburn, generally known at indigestion.
*- TONIC it *nld by chemists everywhere in bottles 4i &1. in bottles 111, and in stons jars Z%* each. For protection he sure the name, address, and trade mark of the proprietor, John Pepper, 237, Tottenham Court Road. London. It on the label. Any chemist will procure it to order, but do not be prevailed upon to try any other compound.
Sent for Slampe or Post-Office Order.
angements traceable to diiorganisa-

Neuralgia, a name for a hundred phases of suffering, and from which thoossndi are hourly complaining, is literally nervous pain ; and although external remedies rosy for a time allay, they cannot cure. In cases of thia kind Quinine and Iron ia abeolutely necessary ; it acts like a charm, and abundantly proves its influence In controlling and regulating nervous action. If one is sutler-ng from sny malady in ths leeit degree traceable to yelaxation of the nerve*, no tim* should b* lost in takiag Quinine and Iron. The effect will be at once evident, and restoration to health certain.
PEPPEB'S QUIZUSE AND IEON TONIC k eeld by all chemists in bottles, 4s 6d; m

It directly Influences the circulation of tho blood ia a remarkable manner by eliminating all impurities and accumulations that obstruct its free tranimieaion through the veint to the heart. It gives the proper chemical and
F3R EOTTLE. 7*d.
MIXTURE lor CHILDREN baa been ueed with the greatest success, for the limb's reason that It is the aafest and most effectual medicine that can possibly
Tbe queetion. of courae. will be aaked, what iaNviui Baows i MiXTtnti made of ? Wo answer that it is com-poaed of various gums, syrups, and baliamic articlea well known to be uieful in diiperting or " cutting " tbe phlegm, and in ollaying inflaminstion, soothing irritation, and by thsir cooling snd demulcent properties restoring tho little sufferer to health and enjoyment. There is no Latulanum whatever in XORsi Brown's Mixtcbi.
Another qnesticn that will be asked la. What ia Nome "4 Mixtuk* good for! Well, it
bild may hav

In Croup or Whooping Cough Ndm« Brows's Mix-tukk ia very effectual, wbilit in Common Ooughi and Coldi, it may bo depended upon not only in tbe way of giving Relief but aa a Cure.
When Infants are Cutting their Teeth Xcus* Bbow.Vs Mixtdhi will be found of ipecia tervice. at it thoroughly coolnhotyittm,allaying the irritation of tbegumi, giving natural rett to tb* Child, and a quiet night to th* parent*. At wt laid before it doea not contain any Laudanum, but la a tirople preparation of valuable drugs. A dote given at night, if the little one it rettleu, feverish, or in anyway out-of sorts, will csuse the Child to wake in
NoRam Baow.i'a Mitxoi and Sov, Chemists, .Maidtt following Cbsmiata, whf bt thia District:—
Southampton : Mr. H. Hunt, St. Mary-streeL Lanb-port : Mr. 0. M. Browu, 219, Lake-road; Mr. Staniwood, Comrosrcial-road; and Mr. W. Hay lea. 21, Arundle-etreoL Sold in Bottles 7Jd, la l.Jd, and 'is 9d
13 SO* HEADY. * U1°5 COLOU*EO SNORiTI.tO!." rT*"
Pro. i P1C„ ,h . .,
Thi* Cbri*tma* Number eentalna A TALK BT MRS J. H_ EIDDELL.
Author of " George Oeith," Kntitled -MICUAKL GABOa»VK-i HARVEST ; -Aad Swrcmm med Tmrnw: h, F & RcwA*D amd
■Die whole is Incloesd in a Coloured Wrapper, and publUbed apart from tho ordinary issue.
Orders received by
Poet free. Is 2*d.
Last Chriitmaa w* announced that we *hould giv<
hole iheet of Bight Page* of Coloured llluttraliont. ~IJ Extra tiuppl.ui.nt and an equal number of Emboldened by the
Kngraving* io Black and Wbii unprecedented sale then attained we a still farther advance, and now beg to eftl owing to the kind support of tb* EngRab feeding.puMi
mted artiste* of tbo day. Also aa eo graved Print,
Tbe Literary portleti of tne Graphic Chriatma* Number for 1878 ia contributed by Mr Jo*:in Mo Cart by, Mr P. W. Robinaon. Mr Dutton Cook, Miea Bramiton, Mitt C J. Rati I ton, Mr ArUiur Locker, Ac.
Note— We take tbii opportunity of acquainting our friend*, who bare all atiittcd our ancerpriee to cooitantly.
that one of tho moot oil----* ""l- " *' " - - "
Mr H. Herkot
Ordtra received by
The Chriitmaa Tree
A New Ytar'a Peal An Adventure among th A Double Cbrietmaa Our Pairy Changeling . A Lullaby and a Larnoni The Sparrow'a Story. .. Where Violet* Blow
Robin Hood. A Play . A Night at Rheinfe.'a . A New.Year'e Song
Sydney Shad holt Mitt Tbacker/
A. R. Hope.
. Sydney Sbadbolt
w Thoee Creaturee Chatter uHlustratwua). By H. U'Hat Catching Plica
», » ll#rt » ol,#u ulow The Pirst Thing I Remember 1 Lost My Balance—and Pell! Tbe Little Oirl Picked Me Up tffln was at the Bottom of the Mischief i the Branch of a Neighbouring Elm llobin Hood (Pive Illustration,)
Hide and Seek PRICE ONE BMILLniO.
Published at the Office^of the " Illuatrated LonJoa
Order* received by
rpo obtEin emw In E mhort time, even when
: —a wihu • or ov year*. The la" ' "* Teaumoniala will be read with intereit
tlae bat your Indian Tincture oet me
r°.U ol the moat ago.king pala.
Tours truly,
Gtutlemoo,—I bavo inffi^2u^r*8

da. You are at liberty to u*e my nam*.
Sole Makers—PARDON k SON, Maidstone. Faudo.i a Indiax Tinctokz I* sold by all Chemist, but if not in stocKany Chemist earn procure it from hia Wholetal* London Hon**; and it i* worth living, „ U yery seldom fail* to give the greatcit relief. "
•OLD B* THE rULLOWDco CUSMUT1 t— . Soctkamftom, Mr. It. Hunt, M. Mary's-atrett
JL Is the title of
THE CHEISTMAS RUBBER Of tho Illustrated "SPORTING AND DRAMATIC NE*&" It contains Porty Pages of Pictures, Talcs, Poems, ke., in an ILLUMINATED WRAP***
Designed by Motk Smitd and Matt. SrmgTfO.
Wdh thW Number le GIVEN A^Y-*
Copy, in Colours. Printed by Leichton Brothers, of a Picture by HmsmY Piooc. entitled '.•FOLLOW MY LEADER" Amonpt/the Illuitratiom of thi* apeeklly ittractivo Number will be found tbe following—
Oora^tt^and Kits** A M*rry*01d Custom
Paaa^ng Bound tbe Living Ao., Ac.
Prom original work* painted for thi* Number by Exhibitor* at the Royal Academy, amongst whom will found the following—
Wileon, J. J*Uieee, H. P. Petberick, and o'.bcrs.
Order* received by
t# be teat.—Sewu-dee. December. SR 18T8.

.. / r .
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