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Tra Bbioiitox Railwat Coxpaxt.—Thii Company I* reported to be about to nin fresh capital. The StAtut* that tho outlay will not roach two millions, mod will bo spread orer four or flva years.
Imwicii Dock.—Tho Ipswich Dock Commissioner* baTo accfptcd tho tender of Messrs. Loo and Sou for tho construction of a new lock entrance at Ipswich Dock. Tho amount of tho tender thus accepted, u £47,000.
New Wateiu.oo Statioj*. — Early on Monday morning tho new Waterloo Station of the London and South-W estern Railway, ere, ted for the accommods-Uon of the main line suburban traffic, was opened for public traffic. , .
Anr.iTal or to* Eurxxas or AcsTuiA'a Hoasra. —Her Imperial Majesty intend* leaving Vienna the first week in January, with the intention of spending the hunting season in Ireland. Several horses, the
?» A J'tnoxxa.-Th. Horn, Sccrrf.iT hu MB withe release, four months before the termina-«B of hu sciitoiice, of Dr. Baxter Laitgley, who was
A Poucam^r Cuauuan op BouxxaT.—At tho
JOT*Y sentenced to six months* Imprisonment with bard labour, for stealing two overcoats belonging to two* brother constables. The prisoner w«s "obbe ®usi>cns100 for drunkenness at the time of the
Baton; Bapwa, A conn? or Scomnn. —On Saturday morning last, between eight and nine o'clock,\ a raBwy aomdent occurred at Greenock. The English train, dus at 7.60, ran into tho train leaving Glasgow at 7.46. One passenger carrisgp was smashed, and
"evmalpwaengereabghtlylnlurrd. Thecauaaoftke
aoadeut ie due to tho EngBsh tub, which should hava paased More tho Glasgow train, being behind
Lrcnrar Sxntzxcx ?*turdg afternoon last
SYaacxs. — There were W British'and foreign *!«•> "• "ttaponding period of tut yar.
nn^'11 '"(Mxyr^—The movement for the re-cstablishment of the punishment of death in Swiusr-land is, owing to tho continuous increase of henry enmm, gammgground thsaa. Deputy Frealer has Stat/the aheliUen of Section W o! the Federal Constitution, by which *hanunuhment of death waa dona away with.
A181list jTbials • ax OdXssa.—a correspondent eays that a court-martial will sit this week at Odessa upon 20 soldiers, who are charged with revolutionary tendencies and disturbances perpetrated on the Wth month. It is expected that the trial will be followed by that of a batch of the 310 Nihilists now tn prison atOdessa.
Shocking Apfaie or G&aeoow.—Archibald McLaren, hammerman, Albert-street, Goran, was on Tuesday oouveyed to Glasgow Infirmary suffering from fearful injuriee .to the chest and head, said to hare been indicted with a sheath knife by his eldest son, John, a SMunan, in a drunken brawl. Death is likely to
Alakkixo Firb nr a Baxk.—On Tuesday morning the Leamington branch of Lloyd's Bank was found to be on fire. The Volunteer. Fire Brigade was soon at work, and «gtinguishod the flames after about £1,000 worth of ddf&ige had been done. The business of the bank was not stopped, and the bank books and securities hare escaped injury.
A Cauista 8tatiox ix to« PACinc.—It is stated that negotiations are in progress between the Moscow Cruiser Committee and the Russian Government for acquiring a portion of the Admiralty wharfage at Vladiroetock for the use of the Moscow cruisers. As soon as the arrangements are complete the Moscow tommittee will jpstituto a regular steamboat service between Odessa and Yladivostock.
Fatal lex Accidbwt.—Late on Monday night a man named Frederick Norton, of Marsh Gate, Don-rester, while standing by the side of the River Dun Lock, drawing a pail of water, accidentally overbalanced himself, and, falling into the river, broke tha ke, and disappeared under IL Though got out within a fow minutes, life was too far gone for re-cover?. Bo leaves a wife and alx or seven children.
Thb Dcxb op Edmbuboh.—It is stated that there is no foundation whatever.for the statement which appeared In the TTwn of December 12th, copied from the At* IWr* FWf of November 28th, profeesing to give a report of an interview which tho representative of the latter newspaper had with his Royal Highn,
THE AGRICULTURAL LABOT'KERS. At the Canterbury County Court on Monday thirteen ejectment summonses against agricultural labourers
Kimber, solicitor to the Commons Protection Association. Mr. Kimber said the defendants, acting under his advice, would offer no defence, as praetically there
the summonses should stand adjourned until next
Court, b%wU**fme the judge hoped belter relatione
would exist between the farmers and men, and that
there would he no newmty for the ordere to be mode.
The aamamght eoma ^000 agriculturtl khourere
yeembledm the theatre at Gmtarbury to hold another
demonstration in favour of the men on strike. Mr. Simmons, the secretary of the Union, mid ho had that day arranged with Mr. Julio. Togel, the agent general for &ow Zealand, to send out 600 of the Aantmh labourer* to that country. He hoped, how. ever, it would not be necessary to send away those V =* "tended, with the* consent, to dropooe that the dispute should ho settled "by arbitration. Subsequent speakers also urged this course, and the meeting eeemed ganereBy to approve of IL
At the Middlesex Sessions on Monday, Alfred Clements was indicted for embezzling Is, 6d. and other sums, the moneys of John Chandler and others, his masters, and falsifying certain paper* with intent to defraud. Ite priaoner pleaded guilty 16 the mla-demeanour. Mr. Montagu WOllama preeeeuted; Mr. Warner Sleigh appeared for the prisoner. The pre-eecaton are propnafore of the Wiltshire Brewery I the Hackney-road, and the prisoner was in thei service, and it wss his duty to deliver beer to customei and receive the money for IL According to the cms for the proaecutioo, it appeared that the prisoner de livered beer to five persons, from which he received the money and gave receipts for the same, but instead ----------------------------" goi»!Wt
A peculiar point was before the President of the Probate and Divorce Division on Tuesday, in the suit of Edwards r. Edwards, which was the wife's petition for dissolution of marriage on the grounds of infidelity and cruelty. Mr. Archibald Curne, who appeared for the petitioner, moved for directions as to mode of trial, praying for a special jury. Dr. Tristram, who represented the respondent; stated that both the petitioner and respondent were married in England while under age, and having a French domicile; and this marriage by the Code Napoleon upon decided cases was not voidable, but Absolutely void. Tho question, therefore, whether there had been any marriage which could he dissolved by the Court must first be decided, ss, if there had not been, much expense in procuring foreign witnesses would be avoided. The President thereupon stated that while this legal inquiry was progressing, and perhaps slowly going step by step to tho House of. larde, the witnesses to the facta in the c-iso might become scattered, and only obtainable at a greater expense then that above alMed to, and that he should thenforo eeparate the Inquiry of law from that of fact, and while giving every faciKty for the former to be brought on for hearing, he should allow the latter to take its ordinary course in the epecml jury lia, and finally he directed that the issues as to mfidehty and cruelty should be tried by a special snd thst of tho legality of the marriage before
mg atHawkesbunr Colliery, Warwickshire, was fined I the Duke of Edinburgh at Halifax. No euch Inter- ! aandeoeme«e,fwgroeecrneltytooneof.theponlee new took piece, and no conversation of the kind used in the pit. It transpired that the animal be- "tated occurred.
rath* awkward while at work, whereupon tb*
tongue, and b? ^ ™"- Th« <*»>• -
^ i Bckxixo.—The City
to the brewery, he only handed him in_____ „
ablo for a barrel of porter, instead of a barrel of_____
for which he had been paid. Mr. Werner Weigh, for the defence, said the prisoner had been for 15 years in the service of the prosecutors, that he had hitherto borne an irreproachable character, and that the amount with which be wss charged with embezzling was very small indeed. _ Such being the facts, he asked for the merciful consideration of tho Court. The prosecutor gave the pHeoner a voqr high fherarter for integrity.

arried men, 26 married women, 112 single
•«««• « o» ■» liTT — uty coroner held an marnca men, io married women, 112 single men, 71 --■


120k iiut. Verdict, AcciJcoUl Dclh.
- h, rn shed at the Imek of the
.e, life being eatmcL Only a short timeeinoe the
_.-%%% irsastss! ^ •»> • *-*
■ tin Amluicav avii Cakapjax Food Scrptr.— wo wae a peroeptible decrease In the amount of .ztnean fresh meat landed at Liverpool last week , n eompared with the previous que, while the .. /aim of hve stock were, characterised by the eamo
var*. four stemnere reached the Mereey with freeh
-at boxes of poultry from Canada. During last
b.% tia a

' a fortnight ago, ilv th«l hu died

.., ,L passed, and it wOl he
imder the coasderalion of the Associated Chambere of
gtahhsh au express letter eervlce in the United Kmgdom, such express letter scrvice to he based on tho principle that ordinary letters, upon having a
gW^tothejmrtwe u, whom such letter *ay have Baamcs Commo* aT Sm,—At 3.30 om Sunday
men jumped aboard
^e steamer, but
On the Ben Led! potting In at Fal-■
threat or faucee a eolution of hydrochloric acid, aboot the strength of strong vinegar. I have treated , ase eueeesfully, eo far, with the aboee rem, Croup is instantly relieved with the acid sol, Apply it to the throat with a brush or sponge, c it as a gargle."
A Ban Fatalitt.—A distressing occurrence nlace at Penssnce on Monday. A tradesman n Richards, living at Dock Villa, who wa from typhoid fever, and delirious, reee fn before daybreak, daring the temporary abs nurse, and walked over the quay into tho hat where his body was found twelr« hnnw «f,Ar. His wife died of a similar fever o,
and he is the seventh of his fs during the year.
EnnmMLmnmaT av a Ctaaa.—At GuOdhaB o: Tuesday, lowle GuMy, 10, Garden-street, Kentish, town, clerk, formerly in the employ of the East London Waterworks Company, was charged on re-mand before Mr Robert W/ Cardeu and Alderman Knight with embezzling various sums of money be-lougreg to hie employers, to the amount of aboot 436 in the whole. Evidence was given as to character, and in the end the prisoner was sentenced to four months' imprisonment.
^lTicrr—At a meeting of the City Com-mission of Sewere, held at Guildhall on Tooeddy, Mr. Richard Cox, the chairman, presiding, a report warn brought up frdft the Streets Committee upon a letter of the Gas Light and Coke Company, offering to con-tinue the suppy of gas to the public lampe In the City of London dunng next year on the same terms as at present, IS*, for the cleaning, lighting, and repairing of aachordwa^ lamp, and 2*. 3d. for each
areolar lamp, m addition to the gas consumed, which is at the same rate as that charged to the public. The committee stated that In their opinion it wasadvisah^ for the present to continue the arrangements on the existing basis. The report was carried.
Fatal Flam tx Dculix.—On Tuesday morning, the house No. 99, Lower Dorset-street, Dublin, occu-Mod by a eolicitor named Patrick Joeeph Hlclrie. was w occupant of tho
house was Mr. Hickie, who lived rather au eccentric life, aud who it is believed had fallen asleep at the parlour fire. It is supposed that, when the parlour fioor guve way, his body fell to the kitchen fioor, whore it was foond in a cinder, the remains presented a shoolnng spectacle, and, from the position of the skull, the only part of the body which retained any-thing like its onglual shape, it would appear that the unfortunate man must have fallen on his face.
Mixers.—a delegate
nod that tho
a letter from Mr. M. Al &issTMP.. Jh^tlp^LZd aympathy with the men, and hoped they would eoon be rmnstated at the old scale of pay. The chairman ssid it.was oafair for the compaay to reduce the wagee of men doing the hardest and most hazardous work, and earning from 17s. to 24a weekly. He did not at preeent see the necessity for the reduction, but thought when the occasion to reduce working expenses did anes the comnany ought to begin with eome of its higbly-salarled offimals and gradually work down to the lower renkt Many people had an imprewou that railway porters made a large income from " tips" by passengers. Perlmps passengers' porters did get few penre occaswusUy. 1 his did not, however, appl to the great number of goods porters, shuntars, an others, of whose hard work and bad poy the publi know nothing. Several speakere, some frem oth* companies, addre#*l the meeting. The tone w, most modorate, but It was resolved that every fai - should be used to prevent the proposed re
Pblico^ourt on Monday, Mr. Cook, the bchool Board supenutendent of the Chelsea divi-ssoe, had a batah of sumomusee tube hesrd before Mr. T^o^rych. Many of the dsfsndanta, who had defied tho School Board and persistently refused to ' send their diildren to school, were mulcted in suWautial penaltire, or ordered to send thair children to schools (selected by themaelrre) on nain of further ponish-men*. A woman named Sullivan, of Queen's-garden, Brempton, appeared for her husband to answer the charee of not having sent her daughter, Elisabeth, l}> to school; the girl was shown to be lament-ably deficit In education, and although the only diild, was kept at home to scrub floors and do the household'work. The woman's strong Irish accent was qmto unintelligible, and Mr Woolryth suggested au interereter should be engaged. "He however 8ned the husband 3d. and costs ps.). She left the frent of tho dock msking a noise of a most discordant cha-yr _Woolrych ordered her to be brought id-costs, remarking that
defendant, in a speech of great length, said he opposed
n 11 fnnv*i«nt)nnmMM 11 Hn a
m «i»» ! v.. w:_ -ui- -jr.. -# .1 - retained
I should reqi

" the repeated penal ti____
tho law should be changed.
that Mr. Bright's opinion/*?
the question were bemfdehat*d\p the. Hi Commons, but lie (MryCooke) had only to carry out the Act, and he could pot go beyond its four corners, iho defendant said hekad also written to Mr. Gladstone, who had replied lhat he had already expressed his opinion on the subject of prosecution for non-vamanatiou; Mr. Gladstone ftrthur said, " I feel I cannot undertake to adviseWou in the difficulties under which you are placed. I hive neither tho professional pthe particular subject which i two principal elements of —-y—•*» »c* u a guide." The defendant also read a notice sent from the Local Government Board to boards of guardians as to the necessity of not continually proceeding against persons who from con-"emsnUoas motives refeeed to hava their children vaccinated. Mr. Cooke observed that that order did not affect him. If the guardians decided to take proceedings against persons who came before him he must be governed entirely by the Act, and in this case, which had been proved, ho would make an order for tho child to be vaccinated, and would allow 25a. costs to the parish. ;
herein the light hoa. gentleman aid that by him li-th. offici oI the hi it
-------^ .
great value if he again took instructions from the testator f»"« oodml, a^d forwarded them to the head 0*60 at Harrewgate k, be acted aeon. Tbs»win to which th* waa acodmU was really/t^he Knaresboreoghomre, but in ignorance of its exisRnco the wiU of 1865 was
Substantially, tho two wills of 1365 and 1871 were identical, a small beqndst of about £100 being with-drawn in the latter from the eldest son and two other children. Tho widow was. appointed executrix, and the will was daly'admitted, to probata shortly after the' testators death, and has been acted upon up to tho present time; the mistake having been fully explained to the apparent satisfaction of all parties. From some unaccountable cause the eldest son now comes forward mdeasbnr to eet aside tbe oodkB on the ground d isoundoess of mind when executing it. ick, Q.C., and Dr. Tristram appeared

ego, snd violer
penalty instead of 3s., rem band had evidently got having to live with such a < laughing heartily.
Th" Bohert Todd, of Bishop's Waannooth,
ho died on the 1st of February in the present year,
...ade his last will on the 8th of January, which was so unexpected in its provisions as to be the subject of
a PAW. euiL The mot, that of Hendmon r. Todd,
IT* n the Pre&ate Division on the I3th InsL appeared for the plaintiff, who -» lesntee. end Mr. M'Uiymcnt (with
"iUl ! -Hichboth thoee
for the defendant upon whot________ . w
plaintiff was not represented by counsel but by his solicit** only, who applied for a postponement prior to tho hearing without supporting his application by affidavit. Th# application was refused, ami on tho proof of the above tacts the court* at once pronounced for the will and codicil, with cwata against the plaintiff.

A band of young men are going abfut to the diffe-nt tradospeople in South London, with a fantastic lent founded upon the old custom of g." The plot of the play enacted is id the elocution certainly got of a high a peevailiag tepsa of the day ie tey the object, and the way in 1 follows:—Father

the shareholder

fc. 16, says:—"Tho lerintendent at this
At a general 1
Commercial Bank, held on Sunday,
105 votes to 6 to wind up the bank.
Ihamaaa nr BLAcamoa*.—At least 10,
severe frost has added two thousand lab______
artisans to the stock of unemployed. The n relieved by the Board of Goanlmns in mono bnd has been doubled. Steps have been tal open soup kitchens, or otherwise afford sucrour.
Muaoaa or A* Excus**** re Caxra.—A R« Megram, dated Candia (Crete), D«
Eawern Telegraph Comnany'a an;
place, Mr. William Anderson, ar----------
were hnUy murdered outside the gates of the city on Satorday evening lasL Mr. Andereon was much re-apected and eeteemcd by all claesrs and creeds. He was a awhew of «r James Andmsoo, the managing
&nea to investigate the outrage."
SoastDwca or Eaam Axn Exnosio, AT Paaero*. —On Monday afternoon a portion of Fox-street,
which it was found had burst at this spot, was turned nenced working with their y part of the sunken pave->ng smell of gas, and plied ---rth and stop "
Thomas Charles Brooks, 15 years of age, deecribed as a labourer, was charged on remand, at the Worship-atreet Polloe^ourt 00 Tuesday, with having. In con-cert with othera not in custody, broken into the Board
School, Loadoo-read,Hoss&rton. and atulenth.
5* * *« have been entered by a Window.
Mies TtiBman, teacher at the school, mls^ three pinafbre^two yards of gvy adlco, some kuiUlcg, pins, needles, and other things, among them being t.o quart, of grey p»,c. The police h.«i„s been commnmcetod *.th, Detective Chapman, N divi«on, after inquine,, took the fnwner into cu.tody, « hen
deal* nqmed korblad. in Mornlng-lane, Hackney, andhegave2)d.fbrtheloL Tblsmandenledbuying anything but the calico, which he said he bought by weight, and it was all in strips. The priaouer, ft appeared, was not a good boy, and now afier three *" =bool had been found f<
d that the pi
general defiari Britain, and of Sh
ducod the book, with the leasee containing them torn
and mppyently valid. The testator's daughter being calkd, denied that ahewaeatvariance with her hthor j* PMP*ty wae evl
dently left to the plaintiff in the anticipation that hi would make the test use of it for the testator's family At the conclusion of the case, the Preeident foum that the will had been duly executed, but that the '* ' ' fully justified thi
id declined to c
the defendants had taker

tenced to ten da]
thou to be detained in a
latory for five yea

At the Cork Assizes on Tuesday, Sub-constable Warns was placed on his trial for firing at, and fatally bounding. John Wnetan, near Mitchelstown, on the reening of Novemb* 12. Sob^oustable Greco, who was with the prisoner at the tlmo of the occurrence I P" him the order to Are, was not placed on
,000 factory ^ving ignowd the biA against
fuel. Tho [ ,. 1 waf ^ dtow" hv tho counsel for the pro-
rnd by the Judge that the fact , unuer supenor ordere did not exculpate the priec from the mnsequences of his art. The prisoner his tmurede were returning homo ou the evsnin; the 12th of November from Mitchelstown, where t
had been doing duty at the 6 ________
on the read by some drunken rowdies, who threw mtonee, which struck the police. A short time after-wards one of the assailanta attempted to approach the pohce, apparently for the purpoae of attack. He wa, called upon to aland, and, refusing to comply, th,
following day from hi red were discharged'
purpose <
tho deceased, who died the The jury disagreed, ing to a verdict.

Tho men then picks. After clearing ment they perceived a the pick vigorously to

oe PbBce-conrt on the l«h InsL, aptain of the ship Pari, lying in the Dock, was summoned before Mr. esaalting John Swansoh, an able the high eeae. On the 10th of returning home round the Ckpe ilor, named Cornelius Neulin, and rr quarrelled. The prosecutor Intor-them, and tried to get Neulin awav. is then alleged to hav* come forwaril, the prosecutor,aaid, "If you want to -•-uck him on tho cheek with his down. On regaining his feet >ckcd him down, fell on him, -•ral times. Two of the prosecutor's ■sened by the blows.
At the Thai Charles Hunt, St. Katharine Saunders for ereaiau, while 0 September/whik of Good Hope, a the chief officer ceded between th
box,I'Uboi..__, . fist, and knocked hi:

teeth were stated to have been I< and he had other marks of ill-usag were callod for the defence, but it wi on the day in question the preeerutau

■nded that
ward and _ _____ ____ r_________________
01 tho forecastle, and must have received his injuries tho fall. The defendant "was fined 40s. aud 23s.
if all the enemies of Great In particular. The Amrer ino nint ana muxes his appearance, and after an incoherent jumble, which is presumably Intended for Afghanistanoe, ends by drawing a short curved sword, an action which the " British Army" does not fail to understand, however much the dusky potcn-tata'e epeech may have been lost upon hint. TKey fight, and tbe Ameer fallm, badly wounded of couree, calling loudly for the Doctor, who appears upon the scene, and at once perceives, with the intuitive skill of a practised physiciarf, that nothing will cure his patient but a collection, which ho proceeds to make, ith good
In the Southern Pblice-court on Saturday last. Sarah Phephoe, a woman about 25 years of age, waa charged on remand with having stolen a child. Bachel Stone, sged three yeara. The defendant oonfeeaed that one day in August last she was in Liverpool, and •iw a child that had strayed in tho charge of a polico--k. — 1—» v—.- bring tho child to the station.
n off, and took passage i
•ho asked ht_ She offered to do so, a steamer to Dublin, The Liverpool police with, and the mother

th her the child.
.....**«* communicated
if the little giil has been found
said that sho had a

>ved by I'olic
r, was charged with hogging How prisoner in the Vine-is caso of begging, hai arable John Dix, 263
1 of tbo poli.
that she had a
judgment if called upon. Mrs. Piatt afterwards a
and brooght over to Dublin. Hachel _ Othello-street, Liverpool, deposed that she was tho mother of the child. On August 31 last she went out to play with soma other children, but witness did not see her afterwards until that day. She added that tho girl did not appear to know her now. BridgetSomere, superintendent of tho laundry department, South Union, stated that she know defendant as an inmato of the workhouse. She was an Irish girl, a#d had Dublin about seven years age. She frequently tell, but never did tell it, out on (me occaaren sbeacmdsntaBy admitted that tho little girl she had brought in with her was not her own. witneae then told the master, and the police were communicated with. An order was made to give the pneoner into the custody of Drtactive-ofikev Flta-simons, of the Liverpool police, who holds 4 warrant
for the arrest of the defendant.
kept up by trenchpsnaantry.
In fur key the master of tho hf — '----
preaentat hiaw.....
divisioo of the __^ ^
aad[nmle relatives and frion,
re proloogere of youth are whole
of Iho young ialiko th
7^"" pcacrn, behind threu.
« pervaded by them loao tha qu*tnL " ?"lyontheirdrpurture. T!

wiioiuvi, a vrauwr uiea, navin
duly exoculod his last will In July. ISM. After hi dedth it waa discovered that this will was not among hie papera, and thereupon the qoeatlon of revoostw put forward. The defendants, as legatees, coi
•king of the mills, give a similar notice to IUilwat Accii Iway collisi.

t aimer (the poison, ,
country and In Franca. Mr. lum Mi, or seven dayf ImnrieoneaenL *be m*pMtreta ^ enabling him to " Christmay Day.
vxarooL.—There are loud
. , . , rtnhlng the hind wheels, the bona
boltod, and oommg into contact withavan loaded with furniture, overturned it, causing considerable damage. In this accident tho forecarriago of the cab became detached, and tho horse, pursuing its wild career, upset

ly slack, but the statistic* of firm the report that tho
. . . _— ------- The last statistics of
tho parish of Liverpool, the area of which includes

— p-^^3
which would

out that such autWpa-ig the amount of wagee _ •«ot of 10 pre oeed. JnriuL
is ho had foreseen, lane anon made their Bought admittance. : could not bo aoen. ! rent to his bed-side. !
tch of the English vncxetera, nnucr toe captaincy of Lord Harria, against 10 playcre of South Australia, was HnLdied on that day. and rorulted In the victory of the English Eleven by four wickcta.
DaATM or S« W. TAmoLav.—The death la an-nounced of Sir WiUiam Yardlev, of IWluw Park, Tnnbmdge, KemL The deeeased warn Chief Jmtico of BoWkay from 1350 W 1850. He ww W years of 'fully cuntasted 1300, and

« IWcc mlk ' -- .....
Cotheridge Court. _____ , ^
---- Berkeley's. The )fr. Berkcloy who at the data
Bolton, I uf tho Battle of Woereater was a stout royalist, and went, to help tho fsll{ng fortunes of his Hng. It manced that he had t^O pmbald horecs. which were exaitly Lke euch other. Ho made one of thcao horse hie charter, and rede him to the fight. When Cremwtll had gained him "crowning merits." Mr.
Berkeley ewped to Cuthcridpe as best he might; and planning a very akilful re*, loft hla exhausted charger at one of the fannhouaea not far from tho Court. Hr
then betook himself......
troop of crep-heudcJ anpearenco before 1 Mr. Berkeley waa il But they must eec h "So you wrre fighti
day, were yonF' said the crop-hcuda. "IT' "said I *"*"Pt resaove sor )Ir. Berkeley, faintly and innocently. " Why, I am ^°v° ^ m to rcstori lick, and forced to keep .my bod." "All very fine," , ™ndlastkk. .w^pw,
smd tho crop-heads, "but you were there, my dear I °"nn8 the past week. M/. MacCollstill _
rir, for you redo a piebald charger, and were very although Mr. Tooth haa
conspicuous." "It could not have been mo," assorted M**aed, Mr. MacColl holds the bishop's lit the sick man, "for, though I cortalnly do ride a pie- | Wdhrr, who h nominated to
bald charger when I am tn health, yet he has ...............
been out of the stable aB day. If you doubt my ycu had better go to tho atable and aatimfy yonr^
Anvinlinirlv Ihn Ami '---->- -----• -
x.—St. James's, Hatcham, 11 Sunday, when some un-a the sacristy at tho close ion, it is stated, with an kar fittings. The nolic* er. It is also stated that illegally removed
"thly like a ahaqi knife, dot l«nr uwaamantoyou; buthatemakL*

n Raw ally mahoa a fool of him^lf b, - gmnghto Boma madsj.^nla-companies that art itical --------------------------
Accordingly the (top-heads went _ rtabk, and there, of couree. found piebald %, perfectly freji. u,d eridently not from Woiceitcr. 00 they concluded that they had mWiken their man and left the #ck man to get well and laugh over hia successful rvu.
, 4 or Chznxsx Jrencx.—" I see abunga
mghte. Turnmg a comer on Saturday, I mw two men atrugghng, and became aware that one nmn had
pnB off hi. head with a Kg knife, lie managed tSii
the living, has not vet beer
ar p.... c____
> Messrs. Benjai
rroan.—An alarming fire igouthepremlaeobeloog.
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