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before Lords Ju*tices*Bi
tho case of MuJliner r. Florence .
plaintiff, fho well-known LeAnlngAm carriagemaku «««.
STOBB5gBS fe®BE®8®S»
Lord U3»ght th„t tho'dobf;
iveralitcms, to one debt, and
though mado np of _
hw pfopo^ diRlms oonld ha sell Ihetn.and bj
jereona. ihb only other question ,waa a* to.Jtko f fv
'-• ■ .......
'SltOCKI.N'O TRAMWAY AOTDKST:" Fgckhaniy * Tho- 0 vide nee «]
With the hotel____,____
defence-had boon maintained doned, it must hkvo failed. • 1_ conwrrod. ThwiudgmcrAwaa

mmd to .tii. a 4e«.j!bludseon, »hioh ho kScpj in Jh» house for piotmfib*,'ma finding himselr attacked
encounter took plseo i. «owod with, Mood,: which
mmch at the h*nda of Plan* that he*ae unable to do kkewiae, and .waa nearly falling n victim to tho bladgeon. Him ccmpaniona, having mkoed Mm, re-turned to the home, «*d after admlmlateringto Pariah a blow on the head whbhtaddarod hlb aeneelaaa, Miey dragged A or commb'awayWgot ifioan off. After lomo timo tho cries' of ' Parish 'attrnotod
the attention of the polkcman on tho hcnL Pur: suit ww mad* In the direction which !the men had taken, hat the; wold not ho found. In ranaackiug U* :hon*thnyjns^aged to necuro g* tn"1honey, hut thoy doubtlcas expected to get a much larger
failed to stop the car.^hjch pamaodover the.doccasqd'a' hody. OmMmngr remwed 4o Bt. Thooa*a*o Hoepltal ^.7*'. (("#d that the deceased had sustained aarioua. mWnal ^juneo, fr#M^_efbctm of,which ha died Within an hour. 8e»«rnL witnesses. doposed that the driver could not poaaibly prevent the accident, and *ba* ha hutad^fter tho occurrence. The car w*# M k pawed ovor the deceased, who
the defendant riW
u ^.ai,nKBlar,.c*"6 wme under the notice of tho Bristol Guardianj of the Poor. The chairman stated ttat-ai mingle woman naked Scores, 70 rears of age, had been removed to the workhouse, and in her 1 ©dg-/JUga had. bean found cheeta loaded with money so tightly-packed m separate small parcels thit it took two days to unfold them and count the money. One of the reOeving offietes Tiavfntf hald- his attention called .to.thaJconcfation lof-. the Old woman,, who,lodged in -Milk-street, St. Paul^a,. found her in such a oad state 1 deemed, it his duty to have her jempyed. to tha workhouse, haVirigprdvfeusIr Inn! het efamined by^m medical man. H* iortnhkWy took the precaution of locking, the door of hqr,ropm, to whi(A, he returned after.ha had .plaood tho-old Jaay in tho 'workhouse. The morn he found i" • «'•>••• —■>---
r trunks, threo of
lh» reliorinj h,l Vtftm
jmored'to lh« OOera. St. Peter', Ilw
w9*^109^ e'lthainon«Jy,'Ws«i^^-Alverandcoppcr,
niWii«- i ditd tho. marriage did I net take placi
ACTIOX&ygB BREACH qp MfOM^pE. A «etlUem *a*) been, meemted MHiament
forth that mnrpw ,i* (he natural imdf. hanouribk profeeemn m Wdatha majontr of wooienlmainlnin themeclvee by tha diedmrge of the conjugal eociaL and domestic dutiee wknch appertain to,the position of a wife; that tho entranco on this profession comes to a woman through an offer or promise of mar- / riago; that the acooptanco of such offer or promise debars tho woman from forming other ties, and tho breaking or non.performance of such promiso hinders h# from obtaining an ^hAHWhmant In life, inasmuch a woman who ha# gfvpn h* pkml* and affectiohg to on* man cdHnot tranefer the^ to another without griwous kee; not:uwUymany f* » majn^nance, while mamagn i, Mganbd as the^nopar and usual means through which women obtain » mam. tenanco; therefore a broach of pro mil
>ma Woaitatad at tha Urn*, and ha* b*
.Ulion^ roturfl'cd a verdict of AccidenUl Death.
On fiatardsr list, at'Proton Countf PAco-coort, Robert Kcnyon nnd M.rtjn, t«i> other attendant,.
three Weeks sgo on him, and he furnishsd witness with a cM a^dm In.trument, rf.arpb. points about two-feet Ithig. Ho Waa to decoy Kenyon to his bed-room by telhng him that the doctor had onlftvd the bed to he changed; (hen ho w*# rtm him through, ai*l if {w wae not demd, thentoetianghhim, rahhimofilui bepk, ehang# cktkbg #hd proceed to a bridge Aea: tha kylum^^1«mer, and wait for Bailey, who wa a%pectfdfwnTraaton*naca^. Howaeto.ask
Bailey (A let lumTide hack, and when iaihecadnwa |
M, pikh hla body ever the , LatUemanfk of tho bridgd, turn" tho horae-k head do. | Prmton: (hea.Coqp wamto takahlmtofrostonaao* , 10 Mda, wheooa hewaN to depart for London, and i icre eetsail lor Aumtralia, he being a wiilof. HWIn^ ,imed Dr, HoUadd of tha pbL apd showed him tho Vhim Aoy^ which Coap had given him. .The,story tmed #o hombh and "ihere*bio, that tha docfer' attnbntad ^t to mental ahprrmtlon; bpt told JaokkAi W meet Uw. at iW.tima,appointed^ the,brides, and Heat the cluipl.'iin, nsylum doctors, and attrndaiitis to. secret® themselves in the vicinity and watch. At
Harem tha,murdarer,^gfntlamm." , Thoy rufbxT a#t and secured tonp, *ho, after oonsldaniWa.hcaita-Won, oenfeaeed he had ineitcd Jaakeon to mtamLJai* no^ to murder. The brisoncr snw diacharged for mint of corroboration on the charge of inciting tho prisoner to wnmit murder, but. committed Ar trial f*iinciting t# rob.
Komiag ^.the care to the jury on tatalf:,! the
former marnnge, tried td skulk tha engagement alt< gether. He trusted they would give such dam>a to
.fefev44 tf'. ft
'WMl* »S«h »w al,.present beforf;f'J.Iia.. by'tha kng delay wMeh had tmken place, but sh-
r40,Jia wonld wnund thwn that iLwaa only thtfhard cash actually irocomd. during' the fortnight of the mma, #nd conld b#t ha taken to mnrseent thanrogt*
■was entered acoordiitgly.- i. ;I Wr, f
— a< Harry Baneon, tha nntorione convict, ^'baf^ :M.%aghuar Haahtt, at tha Conit o)
4, 18^8, Imdjr Uw namh of Oiw»ga Henry Ycnge, of marriago by ilontagu; laJJeceinber following ho wn» arrested
------ - r-------7 lose which is on.charges of forgory and fraud, and ho is nowundcr-
not usually suffered through a breach of promise by a K@*"g * *ent«noe of 16 years' pbnal servitude. Tho woman to a man; and upon theae gndtlher groundm, ' bankrnpt'a ^tata made an affidavit. In
the fflibonwa pmtthat leave may not he grantcd to ' ^hKhhaeWed thayAebankmptat the tima of his
bring ni a "bill to abolish action! for bteac*-' C oromiea RPPfchcn5ion had upon his p-----" "*
of marriage. j Clydaedale noIca, balnea p(.........
, the forgery, and in addition a vhluabla dhuoond
a Of ^,0*0 in
' Tha rumour which has gained somo publicity that tho Cleopatra Needle haa sustained severe damage in its tranut from Alexandria to this country is contra-dieted. Tho obelisk is as sound as when it left Egypt,
and tha nearest approach to an accident in connection
withltalthwoothavpyagaordneeltaarHvalattha «, .
East India Docks was on Saturday night last, when J oLu,d "" " visitor parched himself on oh* of the """
diamond studs, a gold w__________
£100 in. Dutch, Belgian, and French money. Tho tnWaadalnotdaim the 12,600, hut ha claimed tha xawellery and tha 4100 aa part of tha eetata, and divisible among tha general body bf craditora. Tha trewnry declined, however; to racognlea tho claim, Mid the trustee accordingly hrhught tho oWttar bafora " Mr. Willis appeared for the trustee. Mr. thp Traawry, eaid thmt it, might
bottom and fractured hia nose. The question of tho sito is still unsettled, grant difficulties having been experienced in tho way of tho proposals to erect tho Needle either at Woatminster, Homo. Guards parado "" "" oi-ihe gardema adjoining tho Iham
zaiWkfWoBL. HD.-E3. :
hwameavidmt tk^ t^thZJ%gu^dZ'Lel would soon ha used np, and this lad to thadimeoverr
wuWhawt of aanpljing ana-kaltof tha whole workl. ihu Leguktnre hadiwiecly limited tho depth to which dfaeend for coal, and that'was at 4/XWfaW, eo IhaL tha doA, wMch W waa ffrmly be. liaved Wald ba found as low-aa H,000 fAt, would be llMytntprfached at prearAL The lecturer Iho* ikwmbad in 4o(aU tha phaKges which took placa in tha ^ood balog {mnsfoip^ Jnta ooal, ami wihtad ant' Lat ona great fraldra waa tl^e wcrasw of marsh and wygen and hydrogen da-creased. The predominance of marsh gas, which waa pvm off freelv wherever coal was to ba found made the question of ventilation in our mines a matter of
gre^ importance, becmpe men could aot oontinw to wrkinw, impura atnywphero without dctdment to their health, in somo of the mines it was necssary Li force the para air down to tha end of tha worklnge , fay various means, because of th* opposing foroee from other gamee. In ona mina in South wjm there was a of 200 cubic feet of marsh gas per minute, while the uplift, of coal was.a thousand tons a day.
At this ndint, the continuation of tha lectin----
th# ooWUAig.ioacapifd #ome.A#e,.aadLtho rwalL
Mtkvebaea I: omWs of paokagea, Saoeee was a mngk'WinM: and had be«*in tha habit of going out charing,' and she had evidently deprived herself of iha eommem meoewmriae of Wa JwMl# jioanling up tMe money. It was a deplorable case, but showed what ,1h*,kma^f mougy. would d* Ihaunfortmiate wngad-"
jndthat a.mecoi whb,.ppwfed to be her only t.1,,1
the «-orkWj.. g| ,||W
aad from bir Hoeee IToalaflore, Information as to the
which was the dmin which the war had made, In mmiey, *e*,ahd'pee**baa;WevMy portion,of th*
Jewa of fbe Holy^Aod'oaa obWn aiIyK%kcarl6us
necemanee" 6f We W fanKdb priW: IIA Whis mndden nation of calamities, the poor Jews were reduced
Uie Jewish;armmnnity.,tQ be sent to all the syna.
idy forwarded
situation as if he had been pardoned by tW Crown. To ^e rcply the ,defendant* demqntd. The sctmn hey*ng gone (b tnal Wqra Lord (then 4d#t(te) Blaek-- jury, that learned judge gave judt*-n i the ground that *,-i'
WIT AAD iiHiuuiL
hum without
me^^Wlha''defendsut« _ .....
mtatomenta, compIa^ncd,of wcye ^cra^y true. iA rule for a new Lial having beau obtained; 6ame eq to ba argued with the demurrers. The court ^eleW beW' that, npnn the anthAritiiej • it was clear that tW plaintiff's coutcntioiraa to his status, after having
' Wkh regard to the wordav " he is a.conviotcd Mon,** their lordshJrrs'^iffered from tho view taken by Mr, Justice BIm(&hom, who held that thry liiamt only ^ heen oonvictcd of felony. ~ if. tUat was ^Itky nyant, ^ wonldihaw been easy, W'phrasa it •differently, and "a rtan who i# making «"(lcfonv»»
Q.©., nnd Mr.' Bullen nese argwed in eappeft of the
the daemon of the court below, and. dismissed the appeal With c6ats. . | bF«
.. ------*8 ui n iiamnn,
We-heen dually examined before Mr. Ba^as, rlia^H with bemg found .oh the reeidence of thnOonntae of Hoeehuy wUhouW*?f6Iaamk. J$>nl%hereoollected
that the prison or, kqookod at the street, d^pr of'tho
(From -iW/i.)
A Bnoan Hu«t.—1Toitder-hrarM Old Iji.1v : Pone as d give it a able ome and a'sarthrug! Old Ivnly: Almost men *} -7— Pohccman ; Well, my miesu#,You we, diuml ie pioua and prtM/la^ and I ttiuk ^ie d like five to put m the plate on, Sunday 7
Wht ahi» WHanrroa* T—The Horn their amendment on the Addr audi ess of their amendbisat.
Thb Most' Inrtkuctivb or.Pic-ron Books.—If v** maste ** ^ young' learncre, send them to the iy in % 8onl f,,
tub Milliok.—Wanted, a Composer le tutan for Peace, which the bclhgcnaAe

goguea. Sir M. Honk £40. towards the fund. .
Embankment* . Jt'ia .tho.opinion of ji&. Dixon that 1 fn**u*y required an adjournment he seked'Oiat the ono of the best siMs would be on the'Embankment co*** should, be reserved. Mr. Honour thought it was between Charing.cross and Waterloo Bridges, at the ^oasonablo to reserve the cost*, and granted an ad-sumniit of tho river steps, and between the two joumment,lp the 8th of Pebruary.
pedestals, and a'"'dummy" Is now being eroctod j ' *" : -
^ ,2."^:
P" *ypuf#Hon of the Justic^, an order v^y-wg lf#.cluee Umofbr wild fowl in th6 Eastern Division
A**?* convict and toaqi
tLo trustee s affidavit. The jewellery and money eccmed k stand upon a different footing/and ho had hoped that the correspondence—what had taken place —between the Treasury and the trustee would Wo resulted w the court not bdnf troubled with the
Gunday the scene of a frightful
Tho -Birthimffhain IJWisays it may not be gonemlly nown that mu eameaimeut, Bret tried mt Birmingham!' 1 the wayof-empkyiug woman for some parts of th^
the.f^r%on.K%WBtaMW,^?^nW&b empty,.
keahstmcta from ihvoioee foe the ledger
ich shWffAoM ofthTnn'
workr.*:&ohe miMkAnm mwtrately than by,.male derka, tnwr nothing;of U,# gWea whkhh
also displaied. Ihe work Aords excellent employ.
educated girla whoee parents do n*M Wish to amd tho* into thofCnfi ^toriop, and the success lattendiug it promisee to lead *4 hrthea de« vtlepments In the amedireetlopy
DEATH PRO* HYDROPHOBIA. On Saturday last an Id&Wif'la* held at Eineeley,
produced by the bito of a: dog.!' It appeared from the evidence the* on ,the, afteniqon of ,the let DeAmt* W tho deceased was at play "with, toother boys In a meadow w proem's Pmn6,jwhans/aheep dog, which came by. snapped aifWaWa«&t and hit him In the nght hand, cwyog;a mnnlL^nwl. The dog tuboe-quently strayed tn a neighbouring village, whore he bit a man^^o at once shot the animal Themethe* of the boy Wwhedth* atnnd, which soon healed, and
morning w Wrong: conmlaive agony. The jury w turned a verdict of .Death from Hydrophobia.
' that,a constable was sent for, and he w&a taktu ' Th*pH"m*waanerin a eoberstafe*
y^mfdhf.Md baen put .%),by othora td callat the ho^e. a On the case being resumed aq officcr from the Destitute baUerm Asylum said ho know the prisoner as. Frederick Howard, and his: knowledge of the pri:
eqnarcaw &rou^il4m^4(h6j^n^nWthat^^
pnsoner had led her. away, telling h«f,Aa wanted her to go on board B-ship, of #hich he said he ssas captain.
ness and othy. pffences, hut not with felony. The Mtaoner aaid *ad. teen on hgnrd the Agamemnon, that he ran away, and. had been, all over the wbrld. Whenever he coiae ashore he fdl-into-iill-hiok by g#aW*#fm*. On thW day he wwt'^ihb qountees's house he foil in with two sailors *ho were previously they tnld him to go,Intb Baron Rothschild S house, as ho had plenty of money, and might give him somo.' Afterwards ho'went into another house by their direc&iep, bqf,he #%[not know it was the Countess of Rosebory'e or. anybody else's hen*. Mr. Balgny lined the pioener MsJ, or si* days. hard labour u^ ^ofault of paj^nf.;
A PRkZ^ CDU^,,CA?5,-', ! l"he action for defamation .brought''by M^de Broglio and M. de Fouitou against the I'ttiu JiepubUjut fwwofar.- fm an article "insinuating thab a^um of l,0lo,,Wf. had hem appl##.k eWWoeerlng par. noeee,,Mme again before the fane epm^mtthe 24th inst. Oh a previous.occasion was postponed at the
loatance^.tk^lst^of Justice, the b&rmdi then drawn Wug that Ute caaowbhld be,#t^pne|d Hqr!the proposed Press Amnesty; but this, conclusion was erronrooyfor the article dlif nob *w4artill af^the
dant did not appear. M. Falatuif appeared for tho plaintiffs, and argued that the pap* must-or ought to ha,ve kndwn at the of ^uldishlng thi article that tliis extra expenditure, not included;ia Iho budget, • was a payment to the Journal Ofiaitl, as shown by a statement which had then been submitted. to' the Chiynbor. M. Thevonin, on behalf fit., the Public Prosecutor, and exercising, aa he explained, his own freedom of judgment, concurred in (bo view that tho plaintiffs' honour was unwarrantably impugned. H 0 rejected the contention /)f . tho defendant during the preliminary investigation, that the article was a mere paraphiaee ef the,deeMb; of the^ budget oommittee G? (^^exppnd^tdre. 'He'rodarked that te question tho legality-of the procedure wiWla different thing to imputing malvorsation. 1 The court con-deqmed (he publlshar of the paper to a'rAonth'm im-prisonmeutftadlOpf, fltio. ' ' * '
female child, -agod for months. According to the evi-
appears that ks he waa crossing over a field, neai W oodhouae-lane, Hendun, op Saturday last, about
l <=*o
eugiuce (afpnr.wheelo^ one), whicn wae auac&ed to train of tmcha, laden wilt permanent way material was proceeding- Arom Bre#mll. now DeAy^ m rew
collision with a powerful si*-wheeled engino, to which also attached a train of gontractors' 'material, and * — proceeding along the mame * "

aged 33 years, and It ia alleged that he'struck kicked her, tendering her in a partial insensible
body of a female child, with its faee in a pool
eo as In b. from the W of March to the^lth of July in each year.
Bnurkt Arricu nre* a Wnrm.—On Bomday after-^."7rZ^2"""^"f**tendedbythehiedieal, warning,#n4lhe«nglla,
Cambermll, qnarrelkd witbhia fife, *lary %uqd,
__, ,, a. - ,------•>.— precipitated in a retro-
grade direction for a distance of upwards of a mho by
other men wa, 10 Udly injared that it'«u found
lipl ggaass^
carried .«» *Ubu.^_ ^ tad
mtirely frosen over. On looking round, he saw the footprints of a "woban's boots, which had
Andrew said that he had n$ doubt but. jthat death was due from exposure to oold; in fact, that the deceased
lent unknown.
T«. Will.,,,,, o, ]x,xno» Bkidos.—At a .jedal Kmerson-street, under the presidency of Mr. T. W. ^iuallt.U U d""'i "i PM«»WJoa
. . - -----ind back. The huiband
| haa been approhended, and wa: removed to Cirter. street Police-station, Walworth-road.
A Ma* Boiled to Dbatu ul a Disthxb*t.—On Saturday last an inquost was hold at. the Morgi
from the lofts, and on their way they crossed the top^thecopnsn, wh*ehth"*l*d*ll heem«audoned
wi~.< 11........*jt(mp«»t»l» ot IMdepees.
l'°ff» e® 1 Uie sufferer was re-
• A verdict of' Accidental Death was
in«thh-BssL The mother stated that __ ... deoaaaW and anethar of her children

*f'««ing to bed, whan W their
dismissed hka. —• coasoqarat on tha bums. Verdict, Accidental]
Th* Jaw,
o*tlfe British'
fdWtmf'^hkhth., Jewish


or the Jewish community

opposite the old poA of Cenimgo, 22 mileo from Chi-
board, and that order had been executes steamer strbek twice heavily. A hep*y sea h*. and earned away the hurricane deck/and washed
h*h qu*rt*maa#e« at the wkd^wrboard. whilst
w«pLdTw 'Z%%e%k%%^5T
number 110 peMona, .W**Jk*L :%K:fEennedy, , aalocn paaaenger who was saved, waa IB hours In tha water. His young wife was lost; V Afaothor woma reached the shore after holding On-'to a life-buoy fc 25 hour*. Tho Atacama sank in from seven to ton fathomaof wator. A
tnal trip of the (mflint., and whieiviW.bewrs« damp', Te W:»ppnt«w>os#s«ss
wWr^uItodintod-th. ffhjJKi^wa^tQ Socretary had teen oalled K, . diffionlty which.had
Paacamots Aomost. Tirana #kr**.—. The sanitary oommittee
to^^to-^teSS" wo,"J "ot
.Mum! Amatoora!
their course. ^
wduld be twinging a censor.

poacher-you ttll-mo why Adam and Eva woe driwn «qf qf PdruEsor —Bright PupU — "Becauae they, wouldn't,go out of their owm aceord." 11 .... -
Kju. bid.lady was admiring the, beautiful picture wiled "Saved/U-" It la ^0. wondor," the aald, "that tho poor ohild-fainted aftk pulling that great dog out of fiie water.'* • v ... «".3 0
wmrniy' ** That'll be all righ^
A ociontMo friend. , who &u boon reading, with gMmtpallcnte,anediamative Ueatiaucothe-velocilm of light," says that ho now .knows how it is that lui gas bills run up eoTapidly. . .
"la Mk. gnarley at home P—" Hey air."—" Do yon know whore he ia gene to P"—* Letmoaco—ah—f saw him waahing himself (Orday; he must have bam Invitedto hpbty." ' ' -. (W"'""A^*hcoght war a hanpy one, when, eft* tnBlmgiLa^yBa^eley tlx: ^s^daa blooming aa tha apaing, ha ramembered tba Maspn was anything bat m bright ono, and added, " I wish the spring would look hkeyounrndyahf^"
A,contemporary thinks it ia unkind to ridicule thorn items in tho paporaabout.ocntepariar- T*----"
, failed^-odt particularly, who haa
,*^"t^=w^^«ay«M%^Whaanoteucceoded. At Hi Liverpool A wizea, Thomas Lennon, 13 vears ! #*"==** ho two aidea to aperfcct bargain. 8* old, haa'been indicted for tho wilful murder o*f his thought a juaticdjWho waa recently invited to resign, father, at IdvorpoOL The deceaaed waa a deck I "YgV ^xnmnqlcation la received,
labourer, 49 years of ago, and lived with hia wifo and I rwgriatiod, ;Wll meet the approbation
the prisoner in a cellar, in Barmonth-street. On tho ^ ChanccllorJ It dooo not meet mino.
qight of the 15th' December the deceased and his were drunk, and a quarrel took place between them, which ended in tho woman being turned out of doors. Somo time afterwards the prisoner, who waa also in drink, came up the street, and seeing his mother sitting on the steps ho entered tho cellar, and was heard by one of the neighbours to ask his father why he had called his mother a bad name. Hp waa also seen to tako up a knife. Nothing waa known of *bat passed let ween tho father and son, but some time] afterwards the deceased was found lying dead under tho table stabbed to the heart, and the prisoner waa sitting on a chair aaleep, and when awakened ho said he bored nothing of what, had found the prisoner tcnce was deferred!'
what, had happmyd.The jury ' guilty of . manslaughter. Sen-
Although a general duln6sa provides all tho manufacturing departments of tha Royal Axsenal, tho workmen of the Royal Laboratory engaged in tha construction of submarine mines'and the. dcctrical apparatus connected therewith are exceedingly busy, a portion of them working day and night to complete tho orders oh hand-. These xroa cylinders, eommioaly called torpedoes, have been produced in thousands, and sent to various stations at home and abroad, to, be sunk with charges of £600 and £1,000 of gun cotton, for tho
sent from tho Royal laboratory of the Royal Carriage Department for tube*'of the pattern used in, discharges the Whitehead totpedo.
'hue patients may lodge till their homes ywww In proper sanitary condition. The medical officer reported that there wore 26 fever patients in tho
chawod.: .
• Thb Rslsasbo F*xtak Piuao**as.—A Castlebar
boys were shot in^d
A Cockney conducted two ladiso to an obaorratoaw w sco an cdipM qf tha %c=. They were too late, tho eclipse was over, and tho ladies were disappointed.
0h- exclaimed our hero, M don't fret! I know tha astronwaerweli . He ia a voqrpolito man, and Tm sure will begin again."
A man who married a widow haa i - vented a dovioe k«r# her «ff " efnaUy" pmiaing her iormer hual*nd. ^ hmovor aha begina to doaennton hia noble qualiWa* 'this mgemoua Ho. 2 merely aaya. " Poor dear man! how I wish ha hadn't died r and the lady immediately Uinkaqf acmethingelaototalknbouL
The most accommodating man wo ever saw was he who waa captain of a steamship, which plied betwenn Sow tork end Pert Rovml dunng tho w*r. One dw a sddier lest hia cap oveAoard, and wont to tho captam about it fho old gentleman said it waa impossible ta akmthfvoa^W reoov* %. ha kindly offered W make a laarkon the rail where it went overboard, tad get* wuen they *me bac^-Vswvk*, Afsr. ' ^hdf(dlowinguMUmc@ prove that a ratentlm memory is not invariably of the best sort:—A vouag man, nineteen yaaw «d Ag^ a few daya ago, aolicileda favour of a person m opulent cireumstanccs. Tha maawer waa, "Hoi yon bar* nothing to aapect from
An Arueriran lawyer, fncently'. had aa a client a mam accused of murder, and the principal witness in hia
got the tnal postnonod,, than brought a suit for divore* black in the face with
[•ohocimiatreas waa taking l_W. echolare, at the cora-aaked a littlo w' "

—r--'r-^You needn't put pap'a
A justice of the peace refused to fine aman foriaaa-ing a girl against her will, becauae, when.the lass came
afad. pjrj ne^dant found n .lay cava with a email ,WK%aM^iwWW*h^^w h» sa. tla okl
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