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TTJTANNTED, in a high mod dry situali. - Ttnarwn *■----Aitaw-a B.. l
Bit' Offlee-of
Oven. With or without shop. 8ituated In the _____street, Southampton.— AddrMt "A," office of this
HOOPER AND A8HBY, Boa&hmrnpkm,
hmw te Wmd m own «* POMMADOO E8 (blue). Sixes 24 x 12. 22 x 12,22 x 11, and 30 x 10. Other sisee and colour* In stock.
American Wharf, December, 1878.
Medical Work (bowing sufferers how they may be curat! without the aid of Quacks. Fraa on receipt of
JLl DEBILITY —A gentleman, hating tried In ▼aln every advertised remedy, has discovered a slmpl, means of aelf-eure. He will be happy to forward thi particulars to any aufferer on receipt of a stamped anc directed envelope.—Address J. T. Skwbll, Esq. Mayville, Hammeramith, London.
BUXBBBS the ILLHSTBATBD PAPERS it C. BAYNLR'S Newspaper and Stationery Warehouse, ii ddtnan rtkuct
Note the Address—8, Portlabd-strbkt.
"D ESPEOTFUpLY solicit orders in the
JLl) ensuing season Tor
With several Important Improvements. The "CLIMAX," -AMULO AMBKICAW,' «GBBEN'S SXLBNS MBSSGR," and thoee ky 8hanks, Baunardand Btsnor. Bolton and Paul, Ac.
Single Cylinder, with balance handle. 18% 18 98e
>uble Cylinder, with balance handle. 18:18 80, 20x18 88, Mx20 70, 24x22 80s
Galvanised after made.

Proof against Kabblta, i
„ Harea. Ac. ......I '"
Perfectly Proof against»
: :i
TYING WIRE, 88 pe, Ik. Tor large quantitiea a further reduction a the follcwln* SPECIAL BATES:-
Kvs :
9l« yards, too* yardaAWO yard,
NOTICE.—The above Special Price* being extremely ow, we must reapcctfully intimate that they are com. puted on the baaia of prompt payment, without any eduction whatever. 100 yards delivered carriage free.
CHEESB TUBS, MILK" COOLEBS, MILK WARMERS, and C..RAM TINS, made any six, to order of Large Plate Tin to avoid Sonus. •
IBONMOBGEBS awl PACfOBS Special Prices given for Caah for Wrought and C«t Nails, Screws, Main-water I'ifo and Guttering, Rim and other Leeks, Bolts, Hinges, Open aad Close Fire Reajses, Register Steves, and all kinds of Builder*
Q H B I 8 I M_A S , 1 8 7 8.
puuLS.Hfa^/owSVmfjSSul k
QEBIS T M AS, 1 8 7 8. J. E0B80N,
DUPi??'if.** Eeatlv^8m. 11IOU STREET, SOUTHAMPTON.
■ual LARGE

a una* 0took or pam* cubist was hams.
Q H R I 8 T M A S.; / I 8 7 8.
Pnrvevof to the Royal Mall, P. and O.aod Union t Steam Navigation Companies, will have on sale at
*' exulajtd.
Wholesale Buyer, WTI have a Large Stock to aelect from,
10.000 onaK* DUCK, CAPOSS.
The show will commence on MON DAT, December 16, and continue until SATURDAY, December 31; and the Sale (Wholesale and Retail) will continue until December 24.
HRISTMAS, 1 8'7 8.
Begs to call attention to -the LARGE and WELL-SELECTED STOCK of WINE, SPIRITS, ALES, and STOUT, which be lias always in stock, matured ready for Immediate consumption, at tl^e following price, :— Fine Old Cruated Port ..
Fine Pale or Gold Sherries FineClareta : .,
Floe Champagnes..
lienessey'a Brandies ..
Danville's and Einahanla \
Fine Cognac Fine Old Jamaica Hum..
Best London Q In ..
from i«i to TJa per doi

lAab and Scotch Wblkklo,
Us. Ha, aispert 12a. 13*, lie
BASS and ALLS0PP8 PALE ALKS *nd QUINNBSS'S STOUT, in Ca*k and Bottle.
AQJ£iiT for KINMCH'S CATALAN. ASSORTED CASES, suitable for Chriatmae and Noi Year's Gifts, at 10s, 16*, 25a, and 80a psr ca.e General price list free on application.
BOITLES at the aame rate aa per gallon, tliuaanpplying * ited by tbe notoriously deficient quantity in
the Boiilea

Per Imp Ord.
,. . Hootch mi wj ■ ... mi
atear^s1""; i: : 2% PIGNONM FmiSiSSSr- »
spociaiities in CHEAP WINES, which, although lo „ price, they gnarant« be perfwily pure, and will bea couipariaon with those at much higher prioe, u-
Per Box. Per Set
Ine 6ld ditto CHAMPAGNE
Every description of WINES, SPIRITS, and LIQUKKS, in stock, duty paid, or In our bonded
Public Notices.
Tribute to the late Ex-Mayor. " O'Crimiht JlX»Y JcNK.'b Annual Addreaa, Eight Pull-Page llluitratlons,
MICE 0% MANYT|%rlmJrB%^^%
Albion Buildinga,.Southampton. ■
Tk, ANNUAL BALL *UI he held at the BOYAL
Ticketa—Gentlcman'a.lOt 6vl; Lady's, 7,6d. Tarjrett'a band. Refreshment, by Dartnall. Applications for Tickets to be made to the Ball Committee.
W. R. WOLFF. Hem See.
Perrons willing tn TENDER for Forming ravelling the Roads and Patha at the prupi •raetery. and supplying and fixing poat and fencing, may inapect the apocification and plana at office of Mm W. H. Mitchkll, Architect. 8. Portl treet, Southampton, after Wodnsaday next.
Tendrra to be aent to me endoratd, " Tender athi and Fencing " on or before Monday, the ! net. No plcdga ia given to accept the loweat or
Burton Cottage, Clerk to the Boar
Wools*', December 8. 1878.
Perions willing to TENDER for the ERECTION of Ike CHAPEI* LODGE, aad ENTRANCE GATES
Specifications at the
MITCHELL, Ne. 8, fewlamd Ed id after Wedneaday next.
Tenders to be sent to me before 0 Monday, the 6th day of January ' Tendera for Cemetery Buildings." , The Board, dees not pledge itself
Public Notloea.
position of the Human Foot,? and " Diaeaaes of the Peet, he.," work, which hate received the highest eulogiams frem the beet medical writer*, may be con-suited DAILY from ten (o five, and ,ix to tight in th,
Pee, „ usual, 6a each Cord or Boot. Bunion*, Cal-losltlee and NalU will be charged extra, fee ipeclfied before operating. Parties can be attended at their own aiaiDBNce witbodt xxtba oSabom.
Mr Mlemms operate, oh all DlaMta, of the feet and hands, his great skill and long experience are exhibited In these specialities. In removing bases, of epidermia in th, shape of corns, callositlee, ke, from the feet, be doe, not perform showy operation,, but extirpate, by gentle and certain manlpuhtlon that which Is wok a source 6f sorrow If the amallatt portion remains.' He operates wltb equal certainty and Suceee, upon enlargement of the toe joints, diseased malls, and all diseases of the feet. In all then hi, operation, are painlee* and
Children, however young, as well a, persons of roaturer years, may placf Implicit co6tdence in biaekUfuland painless operations. •
NrSlemm, ha, been favoured with testimonial, from medical and other gentlemen since hi^arrival In Southampton. Amongartbem are the followingr—
From Dr J no. Broater, 7f, Marland-place, Soathaajpton. it Slenima haa r«taava4 two coram from my feet, wilbeot any pain and with complete anoota*, Nov. 23ni, 1878.
From Dr O. Chacsoma*, M»rionJ House, Southampton, Mr Sicmma baa remote-t Several for mrnlf »=d
lateral members af my family wlthdnt the least,pain. I can C^afldently rtc emend him as amoet •ktIluK>per»Uir. Nov. UrU, 1673.
ti>ct»d tererai o'.rn» trom •lighteat pain. Nov. 14th, li
________ JklUfully e-
r feet without Inflicting th<
Frem Jamas OUvef, B«j. M.B.C.8., to.. Oxforl-atoaet,
I have aaweh plwaara ia otril(,ing that! UrSieama has atoit apeedily and wl' host any pa.a extracted a very tender oora froi* my foot. Nov. 15. 1I7».
---------------------------iklllfally ad without
uia lea*t pain a banloa which had gt»en me great jxua at iaterval* far some years.. I hare mnou pleaao.o ia iseo».-mesdinghi*. No*. Mth, 1871.
From Mr Edward Cross, bootmaker, Bernard-street,
From Oapt Andrews. WesWnd, Southampton
fully and with
Ladles' names do not appesr in Mr Siemens'
INfTANTANEOUS CUBE FOR CHILBLAINS, ho. Nr Blemins's Royal Rdwian l/ollom for CbUblains,
Observe the Address.— 8, HIGH STREET. POUTHAMPTON, Above Mrs Plank's, Hairdresser.
The appointed Agent to the Company Is now prepared to give estimate,, supply Increments and mnterkl, and to contract for fixing lines, poits, and wirei required for the purpose, and for keeping and maintaining the same In proper working order. The above house: bf bu.inoes being In telephonic connection with each other, a practical Illustration of the working of thi, method of Initantaneon* communication la ~ "
to all who desire t<
as well as Its utility In
Peraonal Inspection Is invited.
Pniciw Foi.wihdkd ojr Appuoatio». THE COMPANY CAUTIONS all Per,on* Infringing the Patent that immediate proceeding, will be taken

CIsrk to the Board. Ion Cottage, Wools ton. December 13.1878._
Dace niter. i8j8, iu furtherance of a Scheme called the
COLkS, and carried unanimously.— .
•" That a Committee.conaiaUng of the under-mentloneh gentlemen (with power to add to their number), be
Coaaolllor Oswald, snd Mr Henry Wm.
C H R I S T M A. S
New Year's Cards
C. RAYNER'S, 21, Bridge Street.
Offers unequi Advertiicm^nls i extra charge.
ADVEHT1SKMKKT8 ihould reach tho Office not late than Tunc* o'clock on Friday Afternoon, for the Firs Edition; and Timet o'clock on Saturday Afternoon
for tho Second Edition. ____
Advertisements should be addressed to the Publishe and Correspondence to the Editor.
The Southampton Obtereer can b# obtained at Messr smitit and Sow'a Railway Bookstall, SoctbajI^to; (Dock) Statio*.
The FlMT emtio!* of tho Southampton Observer \ published every Friday arrbhn00m at FOUR o'clock, and tho 8*ooxd Editio* on saturday An FOUR ofJock. Each Edition contains the li

of going to,pre
Domestic Skrvasts WANTING :.9itwatk
TURK, lines and under ... ... SIXPENCE Situation and employment Wasted, Howes and ^ARTMENTS TO hit may be advertised in thb Southampton Observer THREE lines and *. nndat for ... ... ...» ... ,1
For every additional line
Business and Trade Advertihemests a re inierted contract rates. \Terms may be known 0a application to tho Pdbliaher.
SERVANTS. RSSIDSNOES,or APARTMENTS WANTED, Losr-nnd Found Notices, and other similar Advertisement, of room line, and under nsertad for ... ... ... ... 1 0
The Southampton Observer
#i"I Wincluster yen's.
a poor nani-wnrxing man untie nimselt out-oi-Work in mid.winter, and be end hie femily may mi#.^*h* boo*/ (they, bein« de«ilute of means) all because tbn annual faroe had to be complied with. It wee represented, we are told, to tbe officer who eerred the ■nmninns, how aerioua the jsonacqucnccs would b# to the recipient were he abeem from hie work. He (the officer) we learn, assured the poor man", unlucky wife that all sorts of terrible pains and perialtiee would be incurred if he failed to appear at the Town-hall; and aa tbe humbler clatsee of the more respectable order, hare great fear of offending against the law, they dreaded what to them was locial rtiin if. they failed to comply with the official mandate. If the whole busineM cannot be improved away, some judgement ought to be ahown, that thoee per«pn« selected are not (a, in this case) those who may seriously suffer by obeying.
Tn*T another.'line of railway running into Southampton would be a very valuable acquisition, we do not doubt. At the same time we see very little to make lis sanguine as to i's ipfcdy realisation. Therefore (and 'for other reasons as well) we think the Town would do well to aid the promoters Of the SWndon, Marlborough, and Anuover.line, which will supply a very important, and, at present, tnUsing link in the railway system of lbe country, and offer a tolerably direct route for traffic between here and the north and west. It Vhould be remembered that the Swindon, Marlborough, and Andover line, has passed overall the trouble, of Parliament, has obtained its Bill, and now only wants the money. This, unluckily, is a hard thing lor an enterprise to command now a-day*, when capital has become so scarce, and capitalist* so cautious. We, hew-ever, must do our best, remembering that the line is a sound business enterprise, and (irrespective of the advantages it would confer upon our Port) is decidedly required to ^satisfy the business wants of the districts it passes through. We trust therefore our monied folk will see their way to do some good for the Port, while they secure m sound investment for themselves by taking sha/es in the Swindon, Marlborough, and Andorer Railway.
Wb have b&T favoured with a copy of the " Account of the Income and Expenditure of tbe Southampton Board of Guardians for the jear ending Lady Day, 1878." Frbm it we extract the following items:'—The rates during the year were 3s 2d in the pound, on a rateable value which reached £193.392. This assessment wave a total receipt of £28,J67. The Guardians re-cieved from other sources about £3,000 more, and the balance from Lady-Bay '77 was £3.900, making _a gross total for, the year of £35.240. From this, however, we have to deduct a year's borough rate, £8,023, and the cost of collection, j£G48—altogether, £9.271> This deducted from , £35,240, leaves £25,969 at the disposal of the Guardians. In passing we may observe that out of the borough rate the School-board expenses have to coige. Turning to expenditure, we find the principal amounts are as follows:—In maintenance, £5,245 ; out relief. £5.079; lunatic maintenance, £3.299 ; officers' salaries, £2,145; and that there was a balance at Lady-day this year of £3,931 in favour of the Town. It will be seen that the actual expenditure on the ".poor," was only two-scvyntbs of tbe total amount debited to the Guardians.
Charity Organisation Society.—We recently reported the annual meeting of tbe Southampton branch-of the above, and gave some extracts from its very valuable report. The great length of that document prevented our placing it before our readers in its entirety; and while we admit tbe importance and value of all that appears in it, yet we would respectfully suggest that it would be more likely to receive attention both from the press and tbe public, were its details considerably abbreviated. On reconsidering it we found the following, relating to a very excellent plan for aiding both tbe deserving poor, relieving tbe rates, and giving a guarantee to charitable people that their kindness shall not benefit the unworthy. Says tbe report—
At the end of the year the committee were enabled to commence the establishment of a pension food for deserving old pooplo. The committee bef froqeueoUy the case that many of the d who, in ,pita of old age and ill-health, hi in keeping themselves ont of the workhouse, anil who from their antecedents, would fool it a degradation t. enter its walls, have each of thorn a circle of friend who are in tbe habit of occasionally giving them pre Bents of money. Aa a rule, such gifts will bo made ii ignorance of whit others sro doing, and tho result wil be that their ihc
srving poor. » succeeded
ith of such c
eired and flue

wo persons
disposed tc
threepence, or sixpence, or one shillini would apply to the society, it would unc certain if thore wore any other persons the same case, and would appeal to them to auiat i a small pension. The committee believo that tb< ciety affords special facilities for such combinaiiuui tho small pon,ioua might be paid quarterly, half yo:

sekly to the pci

» good tliar

at irregular intervals.
tnev have hopes that in bringing about the and enlisting the sympaMiy of those who in individual w ' "
es, that they «

Special Constables.—Every year we note that the form is gone through of swearing in a number of per&ons to act am " special* " in aid of the regular force on an emergency. Tbie is altogether a most unsatisfactory business, aa % number of persons are compelled to attend before the msgistrates at m great inconvenience to themselves, and yet, aa m reserve to tbe " P.C/e ".in the service of tbe Town, these unlneky persons seem to Inspire very little eoofljiMjge la those who would nave to direct their operations. Our attention has b(en particularly called to the matter by m case which eeema one of very oon-alderable hardthlp. We are infbrmed that among thoae ,ummpned on.tbe last pccaaion was m person who, In eonsequence of being abeent during the day at the magiatratea' office, found that his si tuition had been tilled -up when he to work the nest day, aa from the nature of his
Ii* I ' W1 -«-'r, 1«" •». or r'J*!* i * a- r. If, _' ft
to Chariuble perions who havo no case in which they are specially interested, to subscribe to a general pension fund, which will be applied to supplement the special pensions which may fall short. The committee
inbscribed si
lablod to^gr
reek, and they

iro greatly che- red in their work by the gent iconooof Mr. T. Hill, who has given, ami p sontinue to giro, one-tenth of any mm tho inbstribod. As the payments of tho pensio tommence lill after the end ot their flnincial lo not appear in the balance shoe:.
ns did not year, they
On Russian Dissenters.—The following letter (which we extract from Berrow's Worcester Journal) will he found of interest by many of our readers. The remarks of the writer are certainly severe, but certainly not uncalled for. Liberalism is fast becoming a synonym for disloyalty to both Queen and Country:*—
Sir,—Whentho Whig Government of 1710 prosecuted Sachoverell for hi, incendiary preaching. Lord Mohun replied to a remonstrance mads in Sachoverell's favour,
" If these- priest, are to be allowed liberty of
tongue they will preach us all ont of tho country before long." Last Sunday (the last Sunday after.Innitv) is a day popularly known as "Stir op" Sunday, and the occasion «u chosen in at leoat two dissenting '• plaoee of worship " in Worcester on I hat day to have a etir-ap against Government The Rev. -Septimua March (Independent), at Angel-street Chapel, preached agsinst the Afghsn war, which he denounced as onscnptural, immoral,irreligious, and wicked i and condemned the Ministry for entering into it in tbe strongest t-rms. The Kev. John Henshelwood (Presbyterian), at the Scotch Church, in Caatle-atreet, in his prayer, prayed ...............* that the rmnntry m^«lU
torr—nearly all go with Russia" and ,gainst tlieir
enemy ? In 1889, when the Liberal Ministry initiated war with Afghanistan, there w«ee none of those pious iouthings and whtnlng,. Afghanistan wa, regarded as itural prey for the chosen ruler, of India, like the _lttlt# and the Hivite foe the Jew. The Diwenter,
They «ren Invent eionw, for Bbere All—excuae, which • rsr th'-nght of-as for Instance, In the case of the ..t Q>imuIi, wlii»h SliB-s Ali ne*er dreamod
Mohan's remark, these Russian Dissenter, will "preach us all out of onr country before long. " These un-patriotio demonstrations in dissenting pulpits will not be without their effect in the rroreeem stion of the city.
cautiously refrained from adding hi, name to the " Afghan Committee," and hisinoonndmUMpporters ■re diing their bed lo UUderraine tbe chance of re. election of the only man they can have aoy prospect of returning In the Liberal iptervet. Like tbe pig that weut the awimming. race/ Woroestsr Liberalism i, cutting its own throat,-Jours, Ac.,
Nov, #8.1878.
A ,pedal oorrwpondeAt at Raws! Pindi telegraph, that the Ameer i, reported to have Mnt a high d d relative to Dakka with a communication to Maj
tbout stipnlati
It appears fi night in tho H
conditions of any kind
eek has been
disUnctly promised
Cabal, although ,b
O.t Thuwhr, Southampton Street Tramway shares were quoted at 9 1818.
Ok Thursday, P and O. Share, were quoted at
O.t ^Thursday. Union Steam Ship shares were quoted
The new Waterloo Station is announce 1 to he opened for traffic on saonday next.
The dividend in the Holy .Trinity Working Men', Total Abstinence Yearly Benefit Society for 'he nine month, it has been in existence amount, to 15s 8J for each full member.
THE L. and S. W Railway traffio returns for the ^reek ending the 9th Inst. ,bow an increaae of £1070, aa compared with the corresponding week of last ?*ar.
Holt Trinity Mutual I«rRov«»isirr Society.— On Friday evening; Mr W. Tomlin in the chair, the Rev C. M. Owen gave a very interesting lecture on " Grecian Literature." .
Brmgrnr Accidrkt.—This (Friday) morning, as Mr A. Barlow's dray was passing down Bridge-street, the horse, in consequence of the slippery state of the road, fell, and all tlie harness had to be removal before the animal could, beag^ia got on to ite legs. No.damage
Tiie People's Illustrated Almanack, tide Uble,{ and local intelligencer, printed and publiabed by Foster and,Roud.—This usefal little work is now published, and will be foand < xtremtlr useful, both as an almanack and for the local information embodied In its pagea.
PaiecEss Alice.—''PheQneenhs, received a telegram stating that the Princess Alice has passed a quieUr night, and that the fever wa, decreasing, but that the left gland was more swollen.
The St Mary's Kxtra Burial Board advertise for tender, for th*, erection of tho chapelt lodge, and entrance gates at the New Cemetery.
The ninth lecture in connection with the Philosophical and Musical Socie'y wa, delivered in the Kell Memnriil School, on Ihureday evening by Mr Fahrig, on " Spiritualism." Tbe chair wa, taken by tbe Rev
Corns.—Wo would draw the attention of thoae snftir-ing from thess very troublesome obstacles to locomotion to Mr F. D. Slemma's advertisement in another column. Judging from the number of testimoniala from mod leal gentlemen and others he has receivsi wo can havo no hesitation in placing this gentleman at the head of chiropodists.
Ncdian Blaceixo.—Are our read' rs acquainted with this the most lustrous of preparations for giving a polish to boots aud shoes? If they aro ignorant ofita itly recommend thi
■rial. We bar

electric light si Wednesday e*

n use. The polish, produced ssible, far exo^ed, the results y common blockings. Indeed, abian Blacking and tho com. a the differenco between the
Polytbchn ag the lect' unristmaa was Drought to a mo with a vocal and instrum order given by the ''Oremoi head Family, eight brotbi and musical abilitli

a-cessful termination ocert of a very high cal Doion"—(Green-sisters). Tho vocal s were displayed
appeared during the" eve We hope thi,
they appeared to bo quite various kind,. They also ig in different national cos-

-------- ith the Polytechnic
chairman, and tho Hartley Hall fullest ex ent.
Hospital Scndai fund,- as appointed i
Mayor (J. B. Thomas, Esq), Major Ger
r Fond.—The apportio

Saturday with 88 landed in specially
■Tbe Wilson Line it Southampton mt noon on id 60 sheep, all bhipped and ry fine conoition. 'ibis lot of aqfmal, was ilected for the Christmas markets iu tbii
in preached by the Rev A. Bradley at All Saiuts Church, on the death of the ex.Mayor, has keen printed by special request, and is published by Mr Shailund, who also announces.tho rendineo* of the sermon on tho same occasion preached by tho Lev J' A. Whitlock at Uoly Rood Church.
At a sale of shares in the Capital and Counties Bank at Salisbury on Tuesday, by Messrs Marsh, Dawes, and Dear, the highest prico realised was £35 7s 81, the lowest (one lot ouly) £'3ll2sCd, tho average selling price being about £311"
...________ ... .. i—Corps orders for
suing week. — Monday and Wednesday, ent drill; aswmbly, Friday. Deo 20tb. die of prizes at tho Carlton Hall, it 8 o'clock. T will parade at head-quaiters, on Monday oveni o'clock; full dress, band to attend.—H. Philip J Captain-Commanding.
Moke Troops roa the Cape—18 officers, sergeants, 15-sergoaots, 24 corporals, 10 drutnn 631 privates of tbe 2nd BatUliou 4th (Kin, llovrl) Regiment arrived hero by special t« day (Friday) from Aldorshot, and embarked
rvlhvlni the local poor. |n mUof Which Mrs Pre.ton, • l«n«li. His llsv J, U'Arcy pft
wa deservellr
CM-., d.

show cause ag.inst a rule obtained for prohibition with reference to a removal of an attachment upon certain money in tbe hand, of th. Sun Fire Office, which they were to pay over to defendant. The rule was moved and obtained upon two grounds—first that an action at the emit of plaintiffs had previously been taken iu the Queens Bench. »nd, secondlv, that the oause of action did not An* within the jurwdictioo of the Mayor s court in London The action was brought in 18 5. Mr. Lawrence i, a resident of Southampton. The money in the hands of the otfloaof the Sun Company amounts to Mr Turner argued tho oaM in .support of his motion to make tbe role absolute, and the oourt decided that the rule for prohibition must be made absolute on the ground that the whole oause of action did not arise in London.
SraKKT Accm8nt.—On Monday morning Stephen Tayl r. Aged 80 jeers, e labourer, 2, Bell's buildmgq Cbapel-strect, fell from a loft at Mr Lomcr's corn store in tbe High ,treet, a distance of 25 feet. He waa taken to tbe Royal South Hant, Infirmary where it was found he was not seriously injured.—The same afternoon CImriee Munlder, aged 40 years, an inter-preter, fell from the cfcay side^in .the docks into the the steam lug Recovery, and wais rather reriou,ly. in-jared. He wrs taken to the Infirmary.
Tnc DodnLk Part or tkr Totrso Ladie's Journal, which concludes the fifteenth and begins the sixteenth volume of this useful snd excellent publication, Is on our tsble. Its general contents are of the same high class as usual, and its special feature, t

I n ailditl m to tlie,e la lnclud-d i Marriott's dance music, a supplement'nf vnuTna Latest 'Addition to tub Rot.vl Mail Company's Fleet.—'Th, screw steamship Vasco de Gam a, purchased by the Royal Mail Company for their new Direct Rlwr Plate Line to be rs.named the Trent, arrived at Southampton on Saturday morning from London. She Is a si.tor ship to the pione-r of the new line, the Tamar (formerly the Vancouver), which left Southampton on the 27th ult for Buenos Ay res aud the

been alive lie would acaroely have disputed the claim of the Rev Frederick Beadon, vicar of Stoneham, Hampshire, to oentonarain honours He would have found in any clenoal directory that the Rev gentlemsn took his degroe at Trinity College. Oxford; in the year 1 00, mearl, 79 year, If Sir Genvge wnold not have he. Iiov.-d tho hip ismal certificate he wouldsnrely havo bo-heved tho Umversity reoord. and evon going upon that the Vioar of North Stoneham must be over a hundred years of age. Tbe year of his birth is gi,en as 1777, twelvo years before the outbreak of the French Rovolulion More than ,eye«tyy#,raa«o Mr Beadon wm. prebend in Compton Buliop. Well, Cathedral,and in 1811 ho was appointed resident canon. In the urn's year he was pre-itoJ to tho living of North Stoneham' where bo hr«

trlier days
one lofty to«er alone itll hi* own hand worthy Lourdea for the Black It was in ihla spacious ilk their laziness

ile he twitted his retain
•ping tbe fire alight, thi ____
d" Eapagne. wrrkd a donkey kodlly, Of woo«l it bore, from the e-nrtyard up -

ajjptox.—His the Liberiun signified his intention to pay a visit b i, ths Mayor (J. B. Thomas, Esq) has sellcuey and suite, and the members of n, to a dejeuner at tho S-utb-Western 1

that the h-aru present a vi McCalmont and family, on McCalm nt, J.P., ex-Msyi board; tho Dcputy-ohairmai shii'ful the Mayor be appoin
if the Southampton Harbour sduy nrxt, to transact the iness:—Th Deputy-chniru

nd General Works Cor
:hat tho Wor-in the pi ce of Mr A. port from tho Special i account for foundation wiih Messrs Bull for construction of foundation walls, Ac; lo s?al tho conveyance of tho watersido. Ao. property, and the covenant for production ot deeds relating thereto.
All Saints Election.—The eloction for a member of the Town Council, in the room of the lale A. L. McCalmont, Esq , took place today (Friday), but from the appearance of the sheets, and the few voters seen at the polling booths, a tamer election oould not possibly pabs were employed on tbe Couservsfivo side, but ou that of tbe Liberal,. If one might ventnra an ion the numbers that cat
should be sufficient toe , __________________
didste by two ta one. The touting of the votee will commence at 6 o^clock, and in all probability will fe made public before 8 o clock.
1st Hants Ahtillkrt VoLrwtEEns. — Battery orders, for week ending December 21,1878 —Monday id Weduesdsy at 7 30 pm, gun drill.—Monday, at selediop —r»-" *•-" -
up in the Cot
7.30 p.m., selection of prizes at the Drill-hall.—Thu„ day, the member, of the corpa to attend at the Drill, h ill. In full uniform tor presentation of prizes by the worshipful the Mayor. Tho band to attend, foil uniform, undress caps.—E Bance, Captain Commandant.
Cambbii oe Local Examinations.—'The total en>ry for tbi, year;, Cambridge local examination, which take place next week, at 04 centres for boys and 82 for girl,, number 8,435, an increase of tG4 ou last year', numbers Neatly half this increase is furnished by tbe junior boys section. There ere 170 more junior girls, 112 more senior girl,, and 40 more senior bov& 3.8 boy, offer in political economy, but only 163 girla.
More Tbacm»o* Wasted-Tho Council of the Central Aasomated Cbapiliers of Agrf
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The French General", portion wn, eho^ 1 wm, conwmmaw .kill Upon no Una Unglish develop s successful attack. At illy repute-d, failure tasd to have slapped
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and cried. '
lade by the Enal.ah

losltlons had been ________
a small but devoted banu—the Ini
,C°'on#'. Colborne, afterward.

St MARY a Cosservati
monthly meeting of this ______
Kings!and Tavern, on Wedncsda)
(Mr C.S. Sutton) and signed.

1 the Hon. Secie

A^L McCal

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imely death, this
scted with the association has
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named Madder er. and living i ■ tlio Bow-strc
8» years of age, descibed as an interprc Aldgrte, was on Thursday charged at____________
fPMtee, m aooordanca with the
ual practice.
MuRDEa—On Thursday morning a
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o^ctock thlr (Priday)^afU.„.
Pont.—Shortly before two s Wr and Mrs Lowe, try handsome cream-re»t, It Is supposed, pony suddenly
he slippery state of tbe roe to fall nearly thrown^Mr and Mr, Loi
-TRMr.T?.' 'ffiS'm™™
TermlnuMerrace, and wa, the smallest in point of
_ . -----------------. . "umber, we have witnessed for many years past. Tbe
. — Weneeday resolved to reprereut to the Science and ' 5 J?ny al» meagre In tho extreme, no
Ar4Department the importance of instructing scieure , th® numerous shows that have been
maaters studying at the Govern'usnt schools in the prin- ' fu fa 'h* "•'Khbourhood during tho last lew days. Tho

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