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tooMiii purs* out The lady friend had loft when he tookhia pane oat to pay for " ~
plainant)had been charged and
Devon oxen, where he oomea off with only the ouUide lonour* of a high commendation. Him Royal High, icas also exhibiU in two Soathdown fhuam, and -btain* commendation in each dam, bat he fails to
offered—£2,900—and the favour with which thd ahou is regarded by stockowners, haa induced a tht IsrgA
entry to be made in every department, and the hall, winch ia now far too small, although occupied one and a-ualf acrea, ia filled to overflowing, and many in-tending exhibit*** of meddwrr, Ac, "have l*mi refused through want of apace. The total number of ontn** (d cattle, ahssp, and pig* thia yaar la W , aa against 246 last yeax. Still, thia ia a great fulling off as compared with 1876, when the totals run up to 375. In the galleriea there waa a remarkably fine ahow of corn, roots, and potatoes. In the class for fat oxen (fross-bred), Lord Ixirat's Black Simon took the first i.rize; alao the Elkington Challenge Cup. val*a £105, Messrs. Gibbs* prize of £105, and a special prize of £50 for the best animal in the cross-bred classes. In the
jaeasSCSSSSWE tS&SBmm&e
tarn heifers, Mr. E. Hubbard Loand, Lowestoft, took The first,prize, and an extra piixeof £100 for the bmt shorthorn. In the clams for Deron oxen or steers, Mr. V. Kidney, Bickley Farm, Milrerton, Somerset, took the first prize and an extra prize of 50 gainers, for the )est Deron. In the class for polled, oxen or steer* fkotch hreed*), Mr. W. MSkmb, Tillyfour, A bar. leen, took the first prize, and an extra prize of £50 lor tho best Scot. In the class for cows or heifers of '"I ageth* prism was laken by th* Rev. R. B. Xennard, Marnhull, Blandford; alao an extra prize of £25 given by Lord Chesham (the prerident) for tho best^exhibitor. In the class for loughom cows or 'heifers, Mr. R. Hall, Thulston, Derby, took the first —* -* »tra prize of %0 guineas, for the beat In tho aheep (jaascs Lord .Wslsingham
S -I- .L_
At the Marlborough-streel Police-court on 6atar.
Walter Juris, a iocksy, residing at 7, Suffolk-place, was charged before Mr. Newton with assaulting Mr. George Prince, horse trainer, of Patoham, Sussex. Mr. 8. B. Abrams appeared for tho prosecution. The complainant said he had been dining the prdrioua ereninr, with a friend named wgao*, at Che Criterion, and while speaking to him InPiccadiUy, the prisoner, without saying • word, •truck him in tht eye. Police-constable Peppercll, 105 C{ stated that ha saw three men, the complainant, the prisoner, and another person, wrangling together, and the complainant charged the prisoner with assaulting him. The priaoner said he waa in the Criterion, whero Mr. "\Vilaon assaulted him, and he retaliated by striking Mr.Wilson, who was in the complainant's company. ' "The manager turned them all out. Ho did not touch the complainant until tho latter struck him. 'lhey had all been drinking together. Mr. James Manning, of 17, Oxendon-street, said he was in the Criterion, when he heard a disturbance, and saw Wilson, Jar vis, and Prince fighting, and tho manager turned the three out. lie saw Wilson bit Jarvis, and Prince hit J arris, and Jurvis hit them back. Wilson got into a cab and went awav, and Jarris was given into custody. The complainant said he had not spoken to the prisoner up to the time ho was struck. Mr. Newton fined the prisoner 40s..! or a month's imprisonment in default.
On Saturday last Dr. Danford Thomas held an inqiiest at her Majesty's prison, Coldbatb-fields, on tho body of William Harding, aged 32, a blacksmith, of Iver, Bucks. On October 29 docoaeod was in the parish of Bodfont trying to sell some apples, and waa taken to Staines and charged by a police-constable with unlawful possesion. " Ho was sentenced by the Bench to one month's imprisonment, and brought to London and placed in tho misdemeanour ward, which is supplied with iron bodstcads "and mattresses. On November 11 the brother went to tho presiding magistrate and stated that deceased warn ill and subject to fits. On tho 13th Sir J. Gibbon wrote to tho prison authorities stating the fact, and precautions were taken. On the 23rd ho was removed to tho convalescent ward, hilo there appeared to be in a state of stupor.
f three sheep in the
A correspondent writing from ChandbaBy to aa Indus paper gives some particulara a* a man-eating alligator" the rivers of Orism are infested with slligutoo, and every now and then one of these crm-ture* acquire* a reputation aa a man-eater, and ia than hbnted down. Early hat week Information waa brought to Mr. Chapman, inspector of polico at Chandbally, that a man had been carried off. It appear* tha poor feRo* waa lying* hla boat with hla feat hanging over the aide, whan tha alligator made a map at h* feet, puBed Mm Into th* watar, and made On receiving thl: report Mr. Chapman manned hla boat and act off to tha Damrah rivar, ihmo mile* from Chandbally, In pursuit. After aeveral hour*' MnA Uia "fyer w*. creaslag tho rivar. and waa allowed to gam tha oppori«o bank. After crawling up th& baak, it proooedad to maka a meal off hia victim, and whilst w engaged, waa, by a lucky ahot, killed on tho spot. The inspector had it cut open, and there ware fonnd In Ita atoomeh 26 paira of bra** ankleta and bangle*, weighing no lose than 14 **cre. There were also two sets of gold e-trrinj-s, and a number of too-
nog*. It i**uppo**d thl* alligator must have devoured four women, five children, and an unknown number of perewi* who wore no jewellery. Mr' Chapman deaervta credit for his promptness."

nalnod in a state 1 . on tha following ; , and tho evidence | of death was opined a verdict of I
On Saturday last Mr. Pkyn* hdd an Inqueat at Ouy'a Hospital cunocmlng the death of Berber Hall Clarkaon, aged II, the aon of a gentleman living at Cedar House, Park-road, Hampton-wick. Tho evi-dmco went to ahow that on Wednoaday, tha 37th ult at(half-paat ton In tha morning, the uncle of tha deceased, a young man named Spink, Mt hia homa, Cromer Houw, Putney, to have a dav'a ahooting at Hampton-wKk; On examining tha gun, which had edical I *** *** *** yaara; ha found that tha nippla
waa coreoded. To rectify It ha took the barrel frem tho stock, and placed tho nipplo end into the kitchen
—---------------------------fire to soften the corrosion. When the metal was red
A HEARTLESS SWINDLE AT SHEFFIELD. hot he took It from the lire and poured aome watar
On the 26th ho
sent into the infirmary, whore ho r of stupor until his death at one a.i day. The diet appeared to bo amp of Dr. Smiles showed that tho reus
Death from Natural Cuu j»-a, addin on that the deceased rcceivi ,tion while in the prison.

roll, and gaye icsterfield, i
He traded In ! ■rcro under tho i nploying their ! a ago that he | iut that ho had boon advised He went to visit some friends shortly afterwards a letter | n In Sheffield, stating that by • ved the writer would bo fur
_ they ware kadad.
ed a verdict of Accidental Death, 0- pare should have been taken by
enough. A. letter has subsequently been rom him In New York, whither he has gone, wiwm Jie whole of the money belonging to the club. The proceeds of the club this year have amounted to over 36300, which would have been drawn out at Christmas by tho depositors.
without first a The jury ret adding that :
On Saturday last Dr. Hardwicko held an inquest, at the Baldtsccd S*"*; Edgware, on the body of a female child, which expired in. the Hvndon Union Work-hoiiae. On the 10th ulL the decraaod waa found deserted in tho public highway at Iiendon, and taken to tho workhouse, where it ultimately expired from the effects of pneumonia and other diseases, the result of, and fullowiug tha e^ioeure to, tho aavere weather.
iml the babe was well wmppod up, being

A DBPATEn.— In tho Speculativo most distinguished part; and its i forget tha brilliant display
| dreeeod i I woollen

n debase; the subtlety of hu___________„
ipliuarj' livclinus* of his fancy—a fur control, and used always for the purpoi ncnt, or arriving %y a short rout I well remember a sketch in C6 of the Russian empire bavin dwelt upon as proving i
•Black, white, and grey plaid, with yellow . , d black stripes. A feeding bottlo was strung rtadinesa round ita neck. Since th* death of daccaaed apeciw been mada by tho mctiopolitun polico

mustered in colossal body i it viewed with bcth's element horrible to eo Stygian^erry.
fancy, the campansoum in more uAiixpccted thi
d jm
v u do^potisn
aa rendered tho Siberia jniplato than the pas Tho picture of Buss
j of aiding tho at th* conclu-which the ro-; been largely I blued, and th, utince, and tho i Manslaughter i :h* Empreaa ; waa xetumed. might be ad- |
Kovciing tho pmaon guilty of de-ing tho deceased, and the police iperation of tho Press for giving pub-

M on Sunday, on tho Mim of which sunk ii

and Y*stoni

isprnded hla ntt» option rr,.-rJing th, obey tb* mttructio
lloctcd upon the

speaker, for i^ropreeentativi
$ of Lt>rJ llrougkaat.
Finoch Curries.—Tho exposure of tho weaknesses with which certain sightseers are afilictod may not ap-ar at first sight to fall within the province of cntific journalism ; but when the** weaknesses refer scientific matters, we plead perfect justification, and therefore tako tho present opportunity of entering a very strong protest against the propensity exhibited by many fisitors to the International Exhibition to touch everything within—and even beyond—thoir reach. Our frequent vuits to the Exhibition nflord us ample opportunity of observing this thoughtless and vulgar habit. We have mecn it indulged in by many, who, from their appcamnco, might be judged capable of knowing bottan Moreover, tho notice to visitors not to touch the exhibits are both numerous and legible; but notwithstanding these, tho dolicato sheets of wool as they are worked off the carding engines,' the products of other mmcbinee, tho machines themselves, and the picture*, are all aubjoct [to an amount of finger criticiam which ia painful to witness.* Tho long strip from Kairbarn's tard-mnking machine haa been subject in the earn* way to digital investigation on the part of the inquisitive—not the inquiring mindrrtAd, as a result, much of it Is damaged. Now this propensity for fingering—which, with a certain class, co-exists with that* of cutting their names at every available |*>int—requires to, and should be, checked ; and the only way to do that would be to mak* itponiehahle aa a case of wilful damage to property. Bat aa thia course would probably be difficult * iccompliahmcnt, we can only leave lu repression to viguanoe of the police and others for-that purpose dnted, and to the aenso-if they possess any—of "Uft'tti bop*, thoughtleas offenders in this re*p#cL la presumable, that pi* education of finger-entics his |k& much neglected in Aa matter of reading, for tb*. @*w***galnat touching are distinct enough.
, . , . Twenty per-
suns wcio uruwnod, including four ;*a*engera.
Eovitiax Finance.—Tho monthly statement of tha Egyptian Public Debt shows that £104.000 has been encashed for tho service of tho Unified Debt since the 1st November last, £56,000 on account of short loans, and £60,000 for tho Privileged Debt.
The North Stapiouuhiiihr LoconoYxrm Woaxa. —For tho first time sinco the North Staffordshire low-WOtlv* works at Stoke-on-Trent have been in existence tho measure of shortening tho hours of working haa been resorted to. On Saturday last the works wore closed, and notice has been issued that work will be stopped every Saturday until trade revives. This step aflects about 1,500 workmen.
Kickino x Doo to Death.—On Monday morning, at Rotherham Police-court, James Braitbwaite, farmer, Denaby, was fined £/» and com$m for cruelty, to a sheep dog. He ordered it to fetch&ino cattle up, and when it did not do so he tied it to trailing and deliberately kicked it twenty orthirty times, when it died. Colonel1 St. lager, the chafrmanAsaid tho defendant was an inhuman blackguard, not|fk to be a farmer.
Russia and China.—VANcorrespondent says that,-in conscquence of the r4jUa perpctnited oh Russian territory by Chlneee nomads, Ae frontier guards along the border from the district of Biyiskjin the
Srovince of Tomsk) to tho caravan centre of Kiacht* ave been considerably strengtbonwlX In tome places, and notably in the case of tho regionjof Meonousinsk, where tho configuration of tho~"frentier renders it difficult to defend, the Russians have advanced their outposts, and are now cantoned on Chinese territory: At tho town of Irkutsk two pieces of ordnance have arrived from Ekatereuburg, and are to bo mounted on a battery under course of construction on the banks of the river Angara, and some more guns are to bo conveyed thither during the winter. ,
;Explosjos. or a Locomotive Engine.—Whilst an engino was standing ut the bred of a train on tho Great Western Railway at Penzance on Saturday evening last the boiler exploded and sent the dome of the engine 16Q feet into the air. It fell on one of the now express carriages, smashing in the roof and doing other damage. A man was injured by a piece of hnw* mtriking him on the face.
Om**A*Dm* Cmrnnm Axn iw* No&m Poim.—On Monday night Commander Clieyne deliver ed More a largo and enthusiastic audience in Citv Hall, Glasgow, m lector* upon hk yonoawl e%pcdilAn to thelfomh Pole. When the ship had gone as far as possible, he proposed with six sledges to go ever tho ire a long distance, then by means of three balloons lashed to one another, he would try to get to the pole. A!t* making observations he would send bark two of the balloon* and endeavour, with the third, to proceed to an .inhabited pait of Uiisaia. He fct-ld the schetno was * " " * upjiointcd'to asuit him
aa action of Morgan Brown r. Jackmw, —-----
tion to restrain the defendant from infringing -patent granted to Mr. Morgan Brown, aa the recipient of a communication from Professor Graham Bell, who had an invention relating to the telephone Mr. Aston said that he had applied before, and tho matter had stood over from time to time. HavAig called his. lordship's attention to the patent before, there was no necessity now for hi* going into the detaila of the invention. Mr. Davey suggested that the plaintiff only took the patent from February, 1878. Mr. Aston said that on that point he ahould not have much difficulty, because the specification dated back to the date of the grant This was comparatively a recent patent, beiqg in 1876, and we were now in 1878; and if the defendant disputed tho validity of the patent now be could inform his lordship that tho defendant in tho firpt instance raised objections, and then dropped them. Mr. Davey said he was not satisfied of that. Mr. Aston observed that all he would ask now was that t(io Court should direct that the defendant keep an account, and let tho matter stand till the hearing of tho action, which should be taken ss speedily as possible, consistently with the arrangements of the Court. Hia lordship asked Mr. Davey if the defendant was willing to keep; an account. Mr. Davey replied that he waa. Mr. Aston then asked that the trial might be brought on aoon. Hia lordship said it would. Mr. Aston then hoped that tho plaintiff would not be sent away. His lordship said the Lord Chancellor was the only authority that had the power to send the
An accident, fortunately unattended with fatal consequences, but entailing a certain amount of delay to 'f rolling-stock, hsp-.*---train upon
traffic, and soma destrncti,
pened on the 29th to the up-boat
the London, Chatham, and Dover Ilaili _____
nearly a quarter of a mile upon the Dover side of the Bickley Station. The train left Dover &t threo minutes after five o'clock, all being well until arriving at tho plaeo mentioned, when the leading axlo- of tho tender broke inatwo, causing tho brake van next to the engine to atrike the bridge of the South-Eastern Railway Company, which here crosses the line, and throwing five vehicles off the read, without, however, turning any of them over. The.brake van and two first-cbiss carriages whieh followed it were a .good deal damaged, but the injurioa sustained by the pas-acngers were not of * serious character. The guard was slightly injured, and two passenger* (a lady and gentleman) complained of being shaken, but they , were all able to proceed to their homes by a treir which was .despatched about half an hour after thl accident. The down line was chghAfor traffic befort k, and it is expected (Lit the up line will ind four o'clock in th* afternoon. iuo train was fitted with tho automatic WMUughoga* bake, which probably bed aom* good affect In Sffimglng it to a etaiektiU in *nch m a&urt time without more serious damage.
l>e clear bctw
The Pcnang paper* which have just arrived contain additional pu: titulars with respect to the murder of Captain Lloyd, the superintendent of tho Diudingo in the Straits Settlements, and tho murderous attack on bis wife and Mrs. Innea, the wife of tlio acting superintendent of Lower Perak. Early on the morning "5 %6th October, a party of Ch
Captain Lloyd's hoi

impletcly i
jbbod the hot
Silling out
hatchet and fearfully w< __ ______
her room, and tho i ulfians left her for dead.' Constable beman, who.wn* on gnanl In front W Ckptaln Lluyd'* hun#, mud that on receiving no enwar to hi* imqmi i** as to what might be th* buaimee* of th* Chinamen h* Hied fiv* ahwla at them aa they edmo up tho hiR frem the kmch with lighted toreho*. H* called tho Sereng of the Water Police to turn out and help, but it appears that this oOiccr was paralysed with tear. The Cuincse guarded " - -

to thalddlrict, and Mr. Low, tho Resident ik, has been entrusted by the Government wi task oi investigating the matter..
Some lnt«r**tlng particular* respecting th* working >f tUo Improved inuusirial Dwellings Company have published, showing tho occupations of Uie "" :l"roft*nantswa*%,3W;**p*rut* * stated, W. Tb* daaaiSca.
81 carpcnterennd joineia, 57 labourem, M porter*, 57 clerks, 56 carmen, 43 dremw, 40 botkre, W cabin,* makers, 33 cab-drivc^s, 33 commissioeairca, 30 com-poaitora, 28 waiter*, UG working *nginres*, 24 book-bmdere, 24 kaas finiahere, 24 bak*^*, 33 bootmaker*, 20 butchers, 20 brewers' servants, 20 coachmen, 20 box makers, 16 cheesemonger*' assistant*, 11 engine-drivers, &e. Attention has of late been frequently called to the fact that tho Metropolitan Board of Woiks, as the local authority for cam lying out th* provisions of the Artisans' Dwellings Act, has not, as required by that statute, let or sold a *ingl* plot o! iiud lor tliu reconstruction of dwelling* lu tho place of those which it haa destroyed. ■

An extraordinary gen____
has been held at the office ___ ____
Winchester-sUeet-buiIdings, the Right Hon."Edward P. Bouvcrio in tho chair. Tho report stated the bslant* at credit of revenu* wu* £22,737, ont of which tho directors recommended a dividend at tho tnnum, afid half per

ward tho s
wesson in trado had aff,
r countries, and tho amount of th, atments in Canada had consequently nine 70,000 odd dollars. This aroso i creased/ium having been paid in th,

iid that the general
(Juelxc. ThuJiOtrd w

latcd with tho usual voto o
private, Royal Marines. The foil,
of the services in respect of which this decoration has been conferred :—On the night of tho 27th July, at ten p.m., a lunatic named Field, on his passage home in tho transport ship, Baron Colonsay, of Greenock, broke away from tho sentry In tho sick berth and climbed th* fore topgallant-yard. Men were sent aloft to try and prevent his fulling, but, ' *'

ii tho head. After
e placed
iloft all night calling murder, &c., hi Qvo a.m. on tho 28th. Tho scntiies lo watch him, thou tried to secure him, but he ju_. jverboard. Uwrighty instantly jumped after him, lad, though struck at with u knifo which Field had it liis hand, succeeded in rescuing him. This occurrence rook place in lat. 06 20 N, long. 2 62. W, the shi> joing eight knots, and a fresh breeze blowing.
telegraphed Marquis s
ruou turn Qcebn.—Tho Queen hi the Princess Louise expressing h, it the loyal reception accorded to the
id Marchioness of Lome in Canada. 1IIE UEFENCXS OF THE BALTIC.—It IS stated OO good luthority that during the ensuing winter 120 Krupp runs of heavy calibre will be forwarded from Ea*ei\ to Jronstadt and Sveaborg, to be mounted on the batteries recently constructed there.
Strang* Scian* or a Bride.—a coroner's jury haa returned an open verdict in the case of Harriett ho disappeared the morning after her marriage, aud was afterwards found drowned. No pos-sible motive can be assigned for the extraordinary act, to waa deeply attacuod to her husband, who waa comfortable position. Both were much respected In the village they lived in, and the tragic affair has
Mnul iini*. a

ayne Wood, lly appeared
rather prominently befAr* the public with, his prosecution of the Sister* of Mercy for.beg-ging, has received * communication from the Chancellor of the Duchy of I*neasier, who severely censnre* Mr. Wood for his conduct in the case, and points out hi* want of discretion as a magistrate; and further that, if audi indiscretion should bo displayed at any future time, be will completely remove his name frem th* Commission.
The burden which wm thoughtlessly taken op feast pussy's coat.
ambassador in France, he la said to ha* frequent] passed off cider for a delirious wine upoA the nol.ilitv of that country. It was made subject — • regulation of rale in 1763. A powerful from cider by distillation.-
GnAssnorrxa Invasion.—The ancient the monastery of FuMa and other Gorman tloistcrs, which have been recently —1RA*J -JfwuBsmda Germani*,' giro visitation of grasshoppers in tht ,
in point of dcstructiveness even those prevalent* of late years in America. The grasshopper* appear to have come from the East, and, after having devastated nearly the wholo of France, perished in tho Atlantic. They are" described as having hidden the sun, and a: having eaten everything green on a hundred acres in tho course of *n hour. Spanish monastic archives recount likewise tho appearance of grasshoppers in 873, which appears to be the first record of an invasion by these insects in Europe.
Rvssian Pkovekm.—The wolf asked the goat to dinner, but the goat declined; A fox sleeps, but count* hen* in hia dreams. The wolf change* his hair every year, but remain* a wolf. Dog. why do you bark P To frighten the wolves away. Dog, why do you keep your taR between your leg*? I sm afraid of tho wolf. Love, fire, and a cough, cannot be hid. Mak* friends with a bear, but keep hold of the axe. Everything la bitter to him who has gull in his month. Bread and Salt humble a robber. A full stomach is deaf to instruction. If you hunt two lmres you will catch neither. You may shut the door on the devil, but he will enter by tho window. Preis* not tho crop until it is slacked. It is not ueceasry to plough and sow fools; thoy grow of them stives. Truth is not drowned in water, nor homed In firo. A fool may throw a stone irtto a pond; it may lake seven sagua to poU A onL No bun** are broken by a mother's fist. Whoso bread and who** wit I cat, his praise I ring.
jo*, rm** wo mm Kcww.Pwyg.LML — . curious cliapter In a new history of invention might l>c written apoa tho nareow eacapea gpat dlacevarisa hare had of bang marred and fraatratgJInthrir prectkal indication. When such a chapter is written, otic of the me* Interesting *ccllom* In It wIR b* that which teRa tho story of tho screw-propeller, and of tho :(*k of *bandonmcn& which, on it* &st hlrodoctmn. darkened thohepe* of Ita dnrshtore. It worked wrR tnongh on pan*r, and to *om* eatsnt also in *rtual practice. Still it had a defect which, if not remedied, would hav* b*cn fatal to It* permanent rulao. Th« mtrain of ths-stoni-ahaft destroyed tho to#gbe*t bear-ing*th*loooldb* mada for IL Engineer* were giving up in despair all attempt, to construct besrings that would stand against tho working of the abaft, and tho daring men who had speculated in tho invention were grimly cm tempi* ting bankruptcy, when Jahn Pmn of Greenwich—reccntlv decaserd—stepped forwonl *nd got them out cf all their difficult!©*. lie not only ahowed how "lignum fits*" bearing* would ha ch*mp to mako, but proved that thoy conhl aland the tear and wear of tho stem-shaft without appreciable id In this fashion he may bo said to have

a.—Next to tha diamond comes tho Oriental ■nby, and in former day* it was more pri/cTl than tho jem which haa a genua all to itself. Tho ancients
Beuvcniftb Cellini's tji
fine specimens of the rul ' or alluminous stone.

iwns, while a diamond of liko lj 100. The two moat important rubies aver known In Enrep* wcr^ brought to England In 1873. On* w** a daik coloured atons,jcu*hiwiah*pc,
weighing 37 carats; tho other a blunt drop shape of 47 1-16 camts, Mr. Strcetor-thinks that th* London market would never have seen these truly royal gems hut for tho poverty of the Burmese Government; and adda an Intsrestsng .cconnt of ths estimation In which rubies are held In the distant land of tho while elephant. The sale of the two rubies caused such excitement that a military guard had to recoit the pereon* who conveyed tho predoo* packct to th* vessel. No regalia in Europe contains two such rubies. Tho smaller wua *old *brdad for (10,000; th* larger also found a purchaser, but Mr. Streot*r doe* not teR us at What price. The great ruby of the Kings of Burmah * mid to bo a* largo ** a pigeon'* Caiko, EorrT.—One of tho greatest charms of this ewmopWltan eky I* it* dr**t Rfs: It m thoroughly Oritnlal in character. It is a moving panorama of all nationalities, creeds, languages, and costumes, with a strong prepondmunco of tho Oriontal aud sem|. barbarou* *l*m*nL It I* m nmpetual carnival, which defies description. Th* Boulevard* qf I\ria, Regent Street (Lmdon), and Broadway (Now York), cannot compare with it. You may enjoy tho spectacle quietly sitting on tfio veranda of Shephoaid's Hotel, —4 still better in tho old town, especially tho Muskcc.
•ith gaily-dressed mm and »c«iuu wuuivu, wuier-carriors, pedlars of all kinds of w*re*, hrey ing donkey*, growling c*m*k, barking dog*, horses and carriages —all jostling against each other in endless confusion. In Muskoo the " ' dense that it seems impossible to get thro noise so loud that you cannot hear youi Every carriage ia preceded by ono oi clear tho way. Tho ^ s or rugs, for kn pulpit or reading-desk; but there seat*. lu entering a mosquo you may but must tako off your ah,
Slippers or sandal* of straw the entrance of tho mosqure, and muk (* psid for. seldom *c*n in tli* mo*que#. The Ki

cs or put on slipper-, aro always provided at
ind them to pray, and s

medan philosophers doubt whether#tol................
Yet they are necessary for the sensual bliss of paradise, where the humblest believer is allowed eighty Umnsand alare* snd atventy.two wivas, beside* tbo* h* had in thi* We, If ho choo*c* to hop them. l"ho niou* Mohamm*d*n I* wry devout, and peiferm* hia devotions five times a day.
•Uo to throw ot[ th, joko. At one of tl.o theatres of Venice, on a certain evening, a magnificent
prorioa, erci,]ns. She tremllir.6Ij Uut iho !ud Jono only u .ho all..;, di.i when rath leantilnl tnhutc, .,ro gtrtn hot. "Very wcU," Bid tho Austrian chief; V hereafter, whm a honqaot ia thrown to yon thoa pohliely, yon will trampl. n,«, it with your foot. .Do you undcratandP" £he said aha nndoratood, and aho waa niffoted to depart. She went to aome of her fnenda and told thorn what had hap-
(From PhmA.)
r.rr*RAi—Mercer: Stocking*, misaP Yes. mim. Wlwt number, mi**, do you—» Matter-of-fact Young ^gj^Why^two, of course! Do you think I've got
Advice to the G*a Companies (assise girem than taken) eprepss of the Electric Light—" Don't be put
TnPun vko Sncrnxn " P*ac* wmt Honoc*." — Policeman Robinson, I when • he showed *nch pluck in arresting (So BLckheath burglar.
Ox* Cowtort to Lat Hold Or—We are going to war by the Koorum Pa**! A bettor road than tho EiHum—st all event*.
stock Exchanor. — Holloa, Charh*! What'* the matter ? Training for a race?— No, Tom. Racing for a train!
Th» Hakh-bxasrd Baaan. — Sympathising by atandera (about an unfortunate man who\haa been •• knocked down and stunned by the trail/. Poor man! Tako him to the station—. Injured One (re-«v**^).—TM""*oth'"Wb*fWhatfor. thenf , If aw ve dune ony harm to y'or engine, aw s willin' topayfor't:
PnonAma._Iay* cn th. Incorn* tax. 9b Stafford Northcoto * expected work *omowhere about April next
A retrograde movement by M. OamhsUa in Four-two-time. .
■gain sir?—Visitor: Oh, I'm *ure to come down •gain directly I'm ill.—L.U.K.: Ope we shall see ycr soon, then, air.—(Th* old gentleman thought her moatmnkind.)
(From /wfy.)
LEGAL Qrmmr.—Nome ono want* to know if the " 2/tyA Court of Justice is situated at the top of the law Courts Tower!
On Damoerols Orocnd.—Archie: Auntie, what's a torpedo?—Auntie: Something that blow* something up, my love.—Archie: Then are you a torpedo, auntio ?—Auntie: No, my dear. Why ?—Archie: Because I heard undo tolling pa you wore alwav* blowing him up.
Most A Mian. — Clerk: Single ?—Mrs. Coobiddy
(only married a fortnight ago): What do you---
Ccntoca!—It is a fact, very generally known, that the warmed thlngl*/%**.
__ (From Funny FoUti.)
W MAT N EXT ? — At the farewell dinner to the Foreign Commissioners by the Exhibition Director, h* "as "presented with a splendid work of art which fytrtd ** fA* talU*.'" A Baboage calculating-machine,
b Cp ^ICB r0R A Soverxion."—A week at Bucking-
/xormer Example or rut Prxvailino Coioierciax. D>txr^ X*T BatOnr.—The old lady has been-trying barn to understand the acienco of eloctric-lighting; but even now she cannot find out whether the " voltai? ere" is anything liko tho one Noah built.
A Cockney who longed to hold the plaogh and go m on nature generally, tried It last aummar, but ha* nowcomebacktothocity.and**,*.«Oh.yea. I like to hold the plough; but I nrefsr to do It lu my mwn —---ly-cnair, with my family dus-
: manufacture of remly-made clothing.'' wa* Ihe .«v a queer *et to spend your time in if what is already made," said the
tho mannfactui traveller. ^
so m for a heap of money," i* footman. On the first occasion tlf capable of criticising, she re-
when she foil
narked, "Thomas, I'm surprised ^^Klm.thatiu year &L la footur, always hi
A tsecher in one of tho school* In Belmont had up class of four and flvo-yeare-olds, and was trying to -ie* of the day of the week. Aftor
practising them awhile, she__________________
'^Wbat day is this i" " Washing day," waa the quick
"Doctor, what *h*H I do to k**p frem hurting mv no** when aalasp F" asked a loag-do*cd aldomt&fKf his physician, intending the question to be a very funny one. "I think, gravely replied the doctor, "that — should have a few hinges made in it, so as to fold
up like a two-foot rule when During Ihe war *n Iri*h peassntTwho wa* pc*ted with e mu*k*t on duty, and had wandered a little out of his position, wa* *coo*t*d by an oUlcor with - Wha: are ypu h*» "Faith your hmnour," said Pst. with hia sceuatonmd gria of good humour. " thev told ino I am here for a century."
" Martha, my dear." arid a loving hu*hund to hi, *pouae,whowaaa*veril year* hia junior, "what d, von wy to moving to the far Weatr—"Oh, I'm d-hghtod with th. Idea! Yea recollect whea Mr. Mwgaa morod out thare he waa aa poor as wo mre; and In throe yvara he died, leaving hi* widow worth a hundred thousand dollar*"
A correspondent of a contemporary has eoplcd thi Mtowiug epitaph, td be wen im the churchyards: Malaga L " Hero lies Juan Perrez, who was a good
fatnar.agood *nu,*Ld agood hu*hend. Nuto.—Ik, not mi*toke him for his younger brother, who bear;
nnth and lif,-.
ouriog to explain tho warm -f lore in the heart of man. s the elementary principle
my b* ae*n by tho fact ' ' iiig^youn^ coupln

on tho coldest n _ _ _
will be aU aglow In a room la bsrbelor would fresco to death."
The editor of a Southern journal remarks (bat ono of Lnarlv* l.tade* novel* has * frentispi^ro respect-
wbscrvw that the titlo-nage mak** th* request, "Put comjdv' l" " ^ace*' ™"ch inclined to
Aa Wored-from woman rerenlly got la tb* sum* nta her eloped hu*hand ami hi* eloped with. ' fco' entirely happy in the poii
f the advocates of the Communist
prisoners, is #lao a phyi........ ........ wtD
sborUy aftw a condemuation, one of the audience ,md tea nmghbour. "CLmtcn$oua might bar* *avod
woolda t have him break la upon hi* habit* 0k* that,
adventure which ha had already found to be so disaa-^No," said the philosopher, elevating hi*
A little five-year-old was being instructed in moral*
maHUifoltladr. -that".
*.< • - • ■ -r
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